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Intuitive FSM Software to delight your Field workforce & Customers!!

Want to streamline & mobilize retail field services? Obviously, who wouldn't want to!!

A field service technician is responsible for everything from installation to maintenance of a structure, where businesses need an effective way to manage field services like FSM Software. Talygen provides enterprise-grade field service management retail software to assist technicians in this process.

It is a cloud-based software that streamlines your retail business ability to meet customer needs and enhance field workforce productivity. It facilitates many state-of-the-art functionalities like a mobile-first approach that results in smooth communication and data availability anywhere and anytime you want. Talygen’s FSM solution enables field managers to track their field technician's live location that helps them to assign their nearby tickets on cloud platforms smartly. As a result, retail field businesses can accomplish maximum work orders by saving a lot of time and driving high productivity and ROI.

With the help of FSM software for retail, retail businesses can simplify and modernize field operations and get beneficial results in return. A 360º dashboard can provide a crystal clear view of your entire retail business, from pending orders to improved areas. By using this software, field managers can stay updated with every detail and activity performed on different work orders.

Well, it's time to quit the time-consuming manual service process and opt for Talygen’s cloud-based FSM software to satisfy your customers.

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Core Functionalities of Talygen’s FSM Software

Pro-active Mobile-first Approach Pro-active Mobile-first Approach

Smart Video Tracking Smart Video Tracking

Automated Scheduling & Dispatching Automated Scheduling & Dispatching

Superior Heat Map Locator Superior Heat Map Locator

Improved Communication Improved Communication

Time-saving Platform Time-saving Platform

Economical Nature Economical Nature

Escalated Work Productivity Escalated Work Productivity

Simplify Field Operations Simplify Field Operations

Eliminate Manual Paperwork Eliminate Manual Paperwork

Cloud Data Storage Cloud Data Storage

Improved Customer Experience Improved Customer Experience

Tech Tracking

Track your locators live

Talygen lets you track your locators' live location and shows the estimated time of their arrival on site. You can also assign tickets based on their location using this particular feature.

Ticket Activity Tracking

Track any activity with a timestamp

The field service management module in Talygen lets you keep track of every activity conducted on the ticket. The activity log enables you to track users who worked on the ticket and what changes have been made to it. This module is presented in a timeline format that lets you see the changes done throughout an active ticket.

Work Order Management

Managing work orders for seamless service

Our FSM application registers and plans every service order, understands the issue, and automatically schedules the best technician for the task with the right equipment. After a job is received and assigned, the technician can update the work order. The supervisor can track the progress of work orders by the specific technician.

Connected Digital Workflows

Know your customers

With customer data like address, contact details, and service history available on mobile devices, Field service technicians can arrive on-site with all the necessary information to complete the task. It eliminates the need to search for crucial information or repeatedly ask customers to explain their issues. Everything the service technicians need is available via a mobile app right at their fingertips!

Job Scheduling And Dispatching

Modernize field service with dynamic scheduling

Stay on top of your schedule at all times. Our FSM application is powered by artificial intelligence that assesses variables in seconds. Information like customer location, work order, service technician availability, inventory, and more, can determine the best possible appointment in real-time.

Simplify field work orders and increase your retail productivity!