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The traditional teaching-learning setup is not enough to get the most out of education in the digital age. Modernized Edtech is experiencing rapid growth. Therefore, project management software brought a way to grasp the advanced Edtech solutions to meet students' requirements.

Talygen’s Project Management Software is a set of advanced tools that lets the schools run smoothly and effectively. It is a cloud-based software solution that connects teachers and students globally. It consists of numerous features, from tracking time to maintaining reports. You can say it is software that lets educational institutes grow faster without consuming much effort and time.

The project management software has impressive functionalities like screenshot tracking and time tracking, increasing your school’s productivity. It reduces the time consumed in manual recordings and keeps an eye on everyone's daily activities.

The best thing is that Education Project Management software is easily accessible anytime and on any device. In today's pandemic-affected surroundings, it can prove highly beneficial for learning institutes to maintain their continuity and other practices without facing any hassle. It allows you to serve your students and manage staff from the comfort of your home.

After having such innovative functionality in your educational system, there are higher chances of increased student enrolment ratio that directly increase your ROI.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to build a growth-oriented educational hub that streamlines the best learning experience for students?

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Core Functionalities of Education Project Management Software

Task Automation Task Automation

Maintain Project Timesheets Maintain Project Timesheets

Accurate Time Tracking Accurate Time Tracking

Mobile-friendly approach Mobile-friendly approach

Rich Data visualization with Gantt Chart Rich Data visualization with Gantt Chart

Parent-Teacher Collaboration Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Screenshot tracking Screenshot tracking

Bulk Entries Bulk Entries

Cloud Document Storage Cloud Document Storage

Maintain Virtual Classrooms Maintain Virtual Classrooms

Track Activity Progress Track Activity Progress

Instant Message Board Instant Message Board

Project Reports Project Reports