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Talygen, an all-in-one Project Management Software can empower your creative and marketing agency with feature-rich functionalities. The software has an expansive range of built-in features to centralize all required tools on a single platform. From Improving communication, and visibility to accelerating real-time results, our best Marketing Project Management Software stays best-in-class for all-sized organizations.

The software facilitates real-time project monitoring that helps you keep a check on its progress quickly with a user-centric interface. It lets you update the project status and oversee progress with a few clicks. Moreover, the Kanban View, Quick View, and Gantt chart allow you to get a bird's eye view of multiple projects on a single screen and increase your operational efficiency.

With Talygen’s Campaign Management in Project Management software, marketing agencies can enhance their accountability by saving time and maintaining consistency across campaigns with centralized and automation technology. The software allows you to maintain To-do List and set a calendar that cut-down silos between resources and maintain a smooth work culture.

Talygen’s Project Management Software also supports 3rd party integration to help you cater the best customer experience to your potential clients and grow. If you want to drive your marketing agency forward and accelerate your creative programs, Talygen's Best Marketing Project Management Software would be your best pick.

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Key Highlights of Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies

Seamless Time TrackingSeamless Time Tracking

Campaign ManagementCampaign Management

Strategic Project PlanningStrategic Project Planning

Automated WorkflowsAutomated Workflows

Real-time Reports & AnalyticsReal-time Reports & Analytics

Optimum Resource AllocationOptimum Resource Allocation

Track Project Status & ProgressTrack Project Status & Progress

Customized TemplatesCustomized Templates

Manage Gantt Charts ViewManage Gantt Charts View

Smart DashboardSmart Dashboard

Set Expense LimitsSet Expense Limits

Create Work Diary & To-do listCreate Work Diary & To-do list

360-Degree View of Project Status

Get detailed insights and keep track of all Project Status in a single dashboard. Users can easily track project progress by accessing the entire data and its real-time updates. Talygen’s well-designed and flexible UI ensures you view and present the project data the way you want.

Strategic Projects Planning

Now, No more misinterpretation and misalignment with Talygen’s Strategic Project Planning. It ensures effective planning of your project activities across different markets, portfolios, and brands. It helps keep everyone informed on what needs action and what is happening right now.

Smart Dashboard

Talygen intuitive dashboard provides a clear view of all your projects on a single screen. The software aggregates data from various points and presents it on a single screen, saving your team a lot of time and effort. In addition, the dashboard has a flexible interface that allows users quickly understand and access every detail with few clicks.

Automatic Task Management

Talygen Task Management supports different work styles, so your workforce can easily collaborate and work however they want. It provides access to Gantt Charts, Quick View, Kanban Boards, and others. Under these workstyles, users can adjust deadlines, high priorities, and task assignments to all team members from one screen.

Project Time Tracking

Talygen Project Time Tracking allows users to track time and manage the hectic project workflows. The software helps you measure project progress and employee productivity and get actionable insights through automated Reports. It allows managers to manage time among employees and get the best utilization for ROI-driven results.

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