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Promotes Convenient & Flexible SchedulesCloud-based Appointment Management Time optimization of Physician with Patients Provides on-time Reminders & follow-upEffective Course Scheduling User-friendly access to Slots selectionEliminates Record duplication

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Talygen’s Online Appointment System – Improve Patient Engagement & Experience with you!

Quality Care is the top noticeable factor when patients choose a healthcare facility, where flexible & more accessible experience has also become crucial. This is where an effective & efficient online appointment scheduler has worked well for better patient experience & management.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for a more convenient & secure way to reach things has increased amongst customers. Talygen’s appointment scheduler software met the customer expectations & simplified healthcare practices by decreasing no-shows that highly impact the healthcare operations revenue.

Talygen offers a world-class online appointment scheduling system that effectively manages physicians’ appointments and makes it easier for patients to book appointments. It facilitates slots selection functionality that allows patients to quickly identify vacant slots or book appointments as per their convenient time-frames.

Talygen’s online appointment system featured several high-tech features that can simplify & upscale your healthcare operations:

  • Ease of Set-up & Use
    Implementation of Talygen’s online appointment scheduler software is easy to set up & use, ensuring a convenient experience for its users.
  • Seamless Service Slots Availability
    Talygen allows its users to create and choose time slots at their convenience. Several slots are developed for specific time-frame amongst users can pick & schedule their appointments.
  • Digital Payment Methods
    Talygen facilitates digital payment methods for seamless transactions via multiple payment gateways. It promotes cashless transactions through secure payment gateways and a more straightforward way to get paid by their customers.

Talygen, a next-gen software, has set high standards for healthcare online appointment schedulers. It is software that improves the ease and convenience for both patients and physicians. Most importantly, it saves a lot of time & modernizes healthcare practices.

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Key Highlights of Online Appointment Scheduler

Facilitates with External Link Appointments Facilitates with External Link Appointments

Optimize Recurring Schedules Optimize Recurring Schedules

Effective Course Scheduling Effective Course Scheduling

Integrates with Digital Payment Methods Integrates with Digital Payment Methods

Slots Selection availability Slots Selection availability

Boost-up Patient Engagement Boost-up Patient Engagement

Flexible scheduling access for physicians & team Flexible scheduling access for physicians & team

Effective Data collection method Effective Data collection method

Cost-effective software Cost-effective software

Proactive Support Service Proactive Support Service

Streamline smooth healthcare Operations Streamline smooth healthcare Operations

Quick & scalable appointment calendar Quick & scalable appointment calendar


Schedule Services for Appointments

Users can create services and set time slots to provide services for their Customers. Different services can be created to meet the requirements of the User. A User can create an unlimited number of services.

Recurring Service

Schedule Recurring Services

User can also schedule recurring services within Talygen's appointment calendar app. These recurring services are repeated based on a set time interval. This allows you to manage recurring services very seamlessly.

Service Slots

Seamlessly create Slots for Services

The online appointment calendar allows Users to create time slots for providing a service to their Customers. Time slots can be set for a specific time interval. These can be split into multiple Appointments, so that a Client can review and choose the best time for services to be completed.

Schedule Courses

Schedule Courses of your Clients

Talygen can also be used to schedule courses for Users and Customers. A course is a combination of services available to your Clients.

Online Payment Methods

Secured Online Payment Methods

Talygen's appointment calendar tool offers integration with multiple online payment gateways. It provides a seamless and secure payment experience by allowing Users to get paid by their Clients. This quick and easy system generates an instant receipt for the Customer.

Select Slots

Allow Customers Schedule an Appointment during Available Times

Users can create specified time slots for Appointments. The Client can then choose from available time slots to schedule an Appointment. Time slots can be created for any time interval on a specific day. In this fashion, Users can easily schedule Appointment with their Clients.

Manage Customer Appointment List

Seamlessly Mange the Appointment List

Users can seamlessly create the list of Customers with whom they have scheduled meetings. They can then easily update and manage these records.

Streamline healthcare Practices & Render Quality Care