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Utilize Maximum time & work systematically with Talygen's Time tracking Software for Freelancers

Every freelancer wants to work in an organized schedule to reap productive hours. However, it is cumbersome when you have no record of your productive hours or an incomplete operational analysis.

Imagine you have settled your surroundings with your favorite music and required stuff to experience productive working hours but forgot to track your productive hours. To avoid this situation, Talygen provides you with a cloud-based time tracking software for freelancers that will work for you.

Talygen’s time tracker for freelancers facilities automated reports that help you understand what time is consumed in large or small projects. A freelancer can efficiently calculate their productive hours and create invoices on the perfect estimation in reports.

Now, all such tasks are performed under the Talygen’s all-in-one solution, which saves you a lot of time and mitigates risks.

The deal becomes even better when freelancers get all these high-tech functions cost-effectively from a renowned platform like Talygen.

Yes, you are right!

Talygen provides you with the tracking functions mentioned above without breaking the bank. It is a platform that not only reduces your work burden and increases productivity but helps freelancers to build a credible client relationship by managing all things with official records under Talygen.

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Functions of Talygen Time Tracking Software

Automated Timesheet Management Automated Timesheet Management

Flexible Tracking anywhere on any device Flexible Tracking anywhere on any device

Manual time tracking Manual time tracking

Time Tracking as per different time zones Time Tracking as per different time zones

Official ReportsOfficial Reports

Flag all Sensitive Entries Flag all Sensitive Entries

Bulk Time Entry Management Bulk Time Entry Management

Capture Idle time Capture Idle time

Pause/Resume time as per working hours Pause/Resume time as per working hours

Accurate Productivity Analyzer Accurate Productivity Analyzer

Offline time tracking Offline time tracking

Generate accurate Invoices Generate accurate Invoices

Keep a Track on your Work Productivity with Talygen’s Time Tracking for Freelancers

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