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Top-notch Education CRM Software to drive Higher Engagement & ROI

Like every industry, the education industry also leans towards competition. Therefore, most institutions have begun to adopt Education CRM for Higher Education to scale the competition.

Education CRM software is specially built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that aids educational institutes to drive higher student enrollments and boost ROI. It helps to attract, retain, and satisfy students.

An Education CRM Software has proven beneficial for almost all institutions that decided to adopt it. It has proved a powerful tool that leverages valuable customer details and builds a strong relationship.

Let's continue detailing the features of Talygen’s CRM Software Education!

  • Education CRM Software facilitates a Lead Management system that drives higher student enrolments from a variety of sources. It centralizes and effectively manages leads to nail all opportunities. Talygen’s CRM software Education helps users convert the prospective customer into a client.
  • CRM Software Higher Education Industry comes with campaign management functionality to upscale the ROI of your institution. Talygen's CRM Software allows you to set up data-driven, logical, and progressive marketing campaigns for your institute instead of making assumptions.
  • Education CRM Software provides you with detailed Reports and Analytics that help you make instant and informed decisions for your institution. It offers a clear view of every detail on a single dashboard with configurable data.

Having such advanced CRM Software Education functionalities would indeed prove a beneficial boon for any educational institute. If you want to reiterate the benefits of Education CRM Software,

Talygen will be a practical choice for your institutions. Apart from mentioned features,

Talygen's CRM Software Education contributes every feature to strengthen your customer relationship.Sign up today

Key Highlights Of Talygen’s CRM Software Education

Effective Lead Management SystemEffective Lead Management System

Quality Leads FlowQuality Leads Flow

ReNotification AlertsReNotification Alerts

100% Secure result-driven campaign management100% Secure Result-driven Campaign Management

Quick Email er managementQuick Email Management

Leverage in-depth Client DetailsLeverage in-depth Client Details

State-of-the-art DashboardState-of-the-art Dashboard

Reports & Analytics Dashlets Reports & Analytics Dashlets

Proactive Sales trackingProactive Sales tracking

Lead Management

Simple Process of Managing Your Leads

Once the leads are collected, it is essential to manage them and follow up until they qualify to prospective customers or to a client in TALYGEN system. Talygen offers efficient Customer Relationship Management Software that allows users to efficiently manage leads. Users can create, edit and manage leads followed by export and import of leads. With Timeline, users can view the log and activities done with respect to the lead with time. They can add notes and attachments related to leads and send them to the other users or clients via emails.

CRM Advanced Dashboard

High-End Dashboard Presentation

Talygen offers an advanced CRM dashboard that showcases and enables high-end views of accounts, leads, activities and, contacts. Users can effortlessly manage the dashboard by adding multiple widgets as per their business requirements.

Account Management

Full-Proof Access of Users

Every organization has an account which includes the company's address, number of employees and other essential details. Talygen's intuitive CRM software Education helps users to associate this account with contacts (persons) within the company and other potentials (business opportunities) during pre-sales funnels. Timeline shows the activities done on accounts. Listing screen shows the details of different added products. Users can also add notes, attachments and share them with others as per the requirements.

Campaign Management

Tracking of Campaigns

Talygen's CRM System has a Campaign Management that enables users to plan and keep track of the campaigns. This includes campaign planning, preparing the mailing list etc. Campaign Management helps in planning, execution and campaign monitoring in an organized way.

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