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Online Event Management Solution for Corporations

In today's times, things change rapidly, and we must keep pace with the technology around us. We spend a significant part of our time in front of the screen and do most of our work on a computer or similar device.

Online Event Management Software can be used to manage events online easily. Talygen offers a comprehensive Event Management Software solution that can be integrated with third-party applications.

With Talygen, you can create and manage recurring team events. The Screen Management feature allows you to keep track of all the activities related to the event as it progresses. Events can be organized by day, week, month, and time.

If you want an online event management solution for corporate events, Talygen may be the right choice. The software offers a simple solution to integrate with 3rd party software and manage events through customization.

Talygen offers a comprehensive event management software solution that allows you to create, attract and retain customers using their online event registration software. The tool is used by many companies worldwide and helps them get more registrations at lower costs.

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Core Highlights of Talygen’s Event Management Software

Smart Event Registration Smart Event Registration

Maintain Attendee Engagement Maintain Attendee Engagement

Maintain Employee Calendar Maintain Employee Calendar

Effective Venue Management Effective Venue Management

Flexible Event Calendar Flexible Event Calendar

Secure Event Project Tracker Secure Event Project Tracker

Gantt Chart Event Visualization Gantt Chart Event Visualization

Instant Send Event Invites Instant Send Event Invites

Effective Sales Tracking Effective Sales Tracking

Customizable Events Agenda Customizable Events Agenda

Robust Event Promotion Robust Event Promotion

Social Media Integration Social Media Integration

Venue Management

Manage Different Venues in Different Locations

Event organizers and administrators can create multiple venues for the exact location or various platforms for different places. You can also set up the venue's layout in a customized format with the help of an effective event management system. These layouts will help you set up your establishment and enable the attendees to have a clear view of their seats.

Team Events

Create Events for Your Team

Talygen’s Event Management Solution allows Users to create Events for their Team and other Employees. While creating an Event, Users can select the Employee for whom they are making the Event. They can also invite other Users to participate in the newly created Events.

Recurring Events

Create Events in a Recurring Mode

Talygen's Event Management Software Module allows Users to create recurring events on daily, weekly, monthly and annually. A single Event to be made for specified day or a time repetition, which is a great time-saving feature.

Send Event Invites

Invite Team Members and Clients for Events

Talygen's Event Management Project Solution allows Users to check the availability of both Team Members and Clients. After reviewing their availability, Users can send invites to the Team members and Clients for Events. They can also send invites to invitees who are unavailable to be notified of the Event.

Event Management with Gantt Chart

Graphical Representation of Events

Talygen's Event Management Module is integrated with Gantt Chart. If you add tasks through Gantt Chart, they will reflect on the Event Calendar. Accordingly, administrators can allocate tasks or send invitations to Users.

Google Events

Integrated with the Google Calendar

Talygen offers Google Calendar integration with the Event Management system. It allows Users to share Events under Google Event Management in their Talygen account.


Streamline the budget of the event

Build outline items for all expenditures and assign them to categories for easy tracking- track estimated and actual costs for a more detailed picture. Share budget details with staff, vendors, suppliers, and clients via our Web-based event budgeting software tool so everyone can see budgets in real-time.

Attendee List

An integrated view of your attendees

Talygen Event Management System gives you a real-time view of your Attendee List as well as the status of their registration. You can also access all of your attendee details, modify their roster and add new attendees. Provide your approval to the attendees who sign up for the event, giving you control and allowing you to take control.

Promoting Event

Social Media Integration

Talygen Event Management Module integrates multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Promoting your event on social media is made easy with Talygen. All the changes made within your Talygen event will be automatically updated on the social media platform.

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