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Modernize your Construction Operations with Field Service Management Software!

In the current age, businesses are highly evolving & Field service construction companies are no different. With increasing customer expectations for energy-efficient buildings and sustainable premises, contractors constantly struggle to meet their needs.

FSM software was created to help meet these needs. FSM software systems have assisted construction organizations by simplifying and modernizing their field operations in varied manners. From mobile-first approach to automated job scheduling, FSM Software for construction businesses provides a worldwide consolidated view to manage the complete field service operations.

Highlights of Talygen’s FSM Software for Construction Industry

Mobile-first IntegrationMobile-first Integration

Work order managementWork Order Management

Equipment ManagementEquipment Management

Field Technician Tracking Field Technician Tracking

Ticket Tracking Ticket Tracking

Video Tracking Video Tracking

Cloud data managementCloud Data Management

Quick Job Scheduling & DispatchingQuick Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Cut-down field Construction Expenses Cut-down Field Construction Expenses

Asset Tracking with Confidence!

Asset Tracking allows field contractors to know where your inventory goes and utilizing it. With increasing demand, it is obvious to lose track of inventory, where Talygen lets you keep updated with every detail of your inventory. A complete overview is easily accessible on Talygen’s FSM mobile app.

Seamless Technology Integration

Talygen’s FSM Software integrates high-performing technologies, including a mobile-first approach, an advanced dashboard, and influential tech tracking to help field contractors. By having a mobile approach, and advanced dashboard, field contractors can stay updated on every activity performed on tickets. Moreover, ticket tracking lets the field contractors track the live location of the assigned field technician to ensure productivity and work efficiency.

Work Order Management

With the complete customization, smooth configurable scheduling, and dispatching, Talygen’s FSM Software allow contractors to easily organize field processes. Talygen’s FSM software is integrated with GPS routing, video tracking, heat maps, and zone management that ensures effective work order management.

Additionally, Talygen’s FSM Software provides several features for construction firms to create efficient and budget-friendly projects.
So, why are you performing long and hassle-filled construction processes in today’s evolving environment? Explore Talygen’s automated FSM Software features and implement them in your construction firm today.

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