Talygen - Tailor your Scheduling Process With Automated Resource Scheduler Software

Bulk projects create extreme pressure for businesses to manage their most vital asset – human resources. Resource managing directors need a holistic solution to help them improve resource utilization, strategic resource planning, cost optimization, and forecasting.

Talygen provides a comprehensive solution to achieve optimal resource utilization. Talygen is the top business management automation solution with resource planning and scheduling software that uses intuitive technology to simplify resource scheduling. It is cloud-based software with capabilities that can be customized to your business needs, covering your spectrum of capacity and resource demand, planning, allocation, analytics, and more.

Talygen allows you to forecast resource demand and plan for availability months ahead of time. It ensures flawless workload and resource management at all times. Moreover, Talygen is a user-friendly platform that allows you to schedule resources easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

Apart from resource scheduling, Talygen also gives businesses tools to keep resources productive. Users can keep an eye on how much time individual team members are spending on specific tasks. This helps leaders estimate the actual working hours of resources and discover their strengths and improvement areas. With this intuitive resource scheduling tool, users can also utilize a smart dashboard to get a clear picture of the entire workforce and projects on a single screen. The dashboard includes various viewing modes, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, etc. In turn, managers can save a great deal of time and contribute to other core operations.

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Key Highlights of Resource Scheduling Software

Enhance expense reporting Real-time resource configurability

quick expense evaluation & approval Drag-and-drop scheduling

Multi-level approval workflows Gantt chart accessibility

upload bulk expenses Visual planning

anytime & anywhere tracking Resource forecasting

automated expense alerts Graphical data presentation

simply upload in-bulk expenses Smart customized dashboard

expense reimbursement Manage time-off requests

online expense reportingSchedule on an hourly or daily basis

seamless mobile-compatibilityHigh workload alerts

generate automated timesheetsSimple task rescheduling

overdue expense alerts Shift-wise scheduling

Avoid Bottlenecks With Smart Scheduling

Using resource scheduler software, businesses can get clear visibility of their entire workforce. The software keeps them informed of understaffing or overworking of employees. Managers will get automated alerts when the software identifies underworked or overworked resources and are able to make instant adjustments to resource planning. The web-based software provides real-time insights into every resource that allow managers to easily find and schedule resources based on availability and skill set. As a result, businesses can avoid bottlenecks and resource conflicts. The software simplifies resource and task management as all information is readily available and manageable with just a few simple clicks.

Streamline Scheduling With Real-Time Availability

Resource planning and scheduling software features functionality that ensures better resource scheduling. The software provides a clear picture of work days, planned hours, holidays, and availability. The software has tools to provide you with the real-time status of every resource. Based on this information, you can analyze their current work status and set accurate parameters to schedule with precision and ease. Talygen provides you with a user-friendly and intuitive interface where managers can alter resource schedules using drag-and-drop. The software ensures accuracy in scheduling as managers are updated with the real-time availability of every resource.

Centralize Your People and Projects on a Single Screen

Talygen’s resource scheduling software features a customizable dashboard that provides a clear picture of the entire workforce and all project statuses on a single screen. The solution has proven to be a great time-saver for managers, allowing them to focus on other core operations. With Talygen’s resource scheduling software, you do not need to open multiple tabs to manually retrieve details. A smart centralized dashboard keeps you connected with the entire workforce through a single screen. The dashboard streamlines communication and enables quick information retrieval, which makes sending email updates to every team member a thing of the past.

Future-Ready Resource Planning and Forecasting

Resource planning and scheduling software features advanced planning and forecasting tools to perform detailed resource management with precision. The software provides a quick and centralized view of the entire workforce on a single screen. Managers can view skills, weaknesses, availability, and days off to assign the right resource for the right job. Furthermore, the software allows managers to perform accurate forecasting that keeps business functioning smoothly in today's unpredictable marketplace. Using resource forecasting functionalities, managers can schedule resources ahead of time and assign backups for future projects. This keeps resource capacity balanced and prevents projects from suffering when any resource takes unplanned time off or any unforeseen incident occurs.

Effective Workload Management

Workload management is one of the most important requirements of any business because ineffective workload management can lead to conflicts, chaos, and delays. With resource scheduling software, it becomes easier for managers to identify resources with too much or too little on their plate. Based on that information, managers can quickly make changes and reallocate resources to keep every employee productive. Managers can view data such as every resource’s availability, bookings, assigned tasks, and more on a single screen. As a result, businesses can reduce the risk of repetitive tasks, overlapping schedules, confusion, and so on. The software allows you to forecast your resources with actionable insights to maintain a healthy balance between the existing capacity and demand.

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