Track your employees from anywhere using Talygen’s Time Tracker

Talygen designed its reputed time tracking software with the aim to empower business administrators. It is the ultimate business intelligence tool that helps you manage your employees, projects, clients and payments from a single platform. Using Talygen's time tracking software you can easily track your employees from your desktop. It is also very convenient to get an overview of the whole business and analyze specific tasks of particular projects.This makes it very easy for the administrators to micromanage employees or projects individually without wasting time. No matter which system you use, Talygen time tracker is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can create accounts for each employee and they can log in and out of projects using Talygen&'s web, desktop or smartphone app for iPhones or Android, thereby keeping you updated at all times. It offers immense flexibility in that it allows you to log time entries, segregate non-billable tasks from billable ones and even log online or offline tasks at any time.

It enables administrators and managers to access any logged information and allows them to quickly overview performances of projects and employees. They can monitor the company’s affairs and intervene promptly wherever necessary on a daily basis. It supports background tracking as well, so if you use your computer for other work, the Talygen time tracker will quietly carry on its job unnoticed. All your data is kept safe, synced and backed up on Talygen’s server.

Talygen time tracker allows you to give your clients access to their own control panel from where they can watch over the progress of their respective project. From here, they can also communicate with your employees and share files with them.Indeed Talygen time tracker is a great asset for any company or professional who charges for service by-the-hour. So if you want to experience how Talygen Time Tracker can raise productivity of your business, register for a free trial now.