Empower your small business’s field service teams with Talygen’s Field service management software.

Customer experience is what every company prioritizes to reflect a lasting impression and successfully satisfy their maximum potential audience. This is where reliable field service management software comes in handy.

Field service management software is a cloud-based solution designed to simplify scheduling processes. It is a valuable tool for small-scale businesses to manage their field operations and scale better. As we know, small-scale businesses typically manage their field teams and operations manually. A traditional spreadsheet or pen-and-paper approach is still running in several organizations.

Talygen provides a feature-rich field service management software designed for all-sized businesses. The software can bridge the productivity gap that businesses are facing with a traditional approach. The modern field service management software allows you to keep track of all whereabouts and effectively maintain work order management. Smart scheduling, on-site capture videos, and technician location tracking are accessible under one roof. Field service businesses can use these intuitive functions to record project results and enhance productivity growth.

If you want to automate and modernize your field service management operations, Talygen is the best option.

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Key Highlights of Talygen’s Field Service Management Software

Enhance expense reportingSmart scheduling and dispatching

quick expense evaluation & approval Work order management

Multi-level approval workflows On-site video capturing

upload bulk expenses Real-time ticket activity tracking

anytime & anywhere tracking Live location tracking

automated expense alerts Capture on-site videos

simply upload in-bulk expensesSLA

expense reimbursement Heat map guidance

online expense reporting Merge Issues

seamless mobile-compatibility 811 call center integration

generate automated timesheets Mobile-first approach

overdue expense alerts Reporting and analytics

Smart Scheduling and Dispatching

FSM software provides real-time scheduling and dispatch capabilities to optimize the allocation of field technicians. The software helps to manage appointment scheduling, job scheduling, and automatic dispatch of technicians based on proximity and availability. This feature ensures that the right technician is dispatched to the right job at the right time. Using strategic scheduling, businesses ensure faster service resolution that contributes to a better customer experience.

Mobile Accessibility

Field technicians need access to real-time information while on the job. FSM software provides a mobile app or web-based portal that allows technicians to view schedules, access job information, update job status, and communicate with the office. It helps technicians to keep every detail at their fingertips. This feature provides technicians with the information they need to complete jobs efficiently and effectively, improving customer service and reducing downtime.

Technician Job Tracking

FSM software provides a complete job tracking system to manage the progress of field jobs from start to finish. This feature allows organizations to track job status, assign technicians, and access real-time job updates from the field. With job tracking, organizations can monitor the progress of jobs, identify potential problems, and act to resolve them before they become major issues.

Inventory Management

FSM software provides a centralized inventory management system to track and manage the inventory of parts and supplies used by field technicians. This feature helps organizations optimize their inventory, reducing the risk of stock shortages and ensuring that technicians have the necessary parts to complete jobs. It also allows organizations to track stock levels, reorder parts, and manage vendor relationships.

Real-Time Reporting

FSM software provides real-time reporting capabilities to track key metrics such as productivity, customer satisfaction, job completion times, and inventory usage. This feature allows organizations to make data-driven decisions to improve the efficiency of their field service operations. With real-time reporting, organizations can monitor the performance of their field service operations, identify areas for improvement, and act to address them.

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