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State-of-the-art Online Time Tracker for Enhancing Time Management

Automation and automated business management tools have made a place for themselves in workforces from different industries, all across the world. Also, the rise of the work from home and remote work culture has made automated employee management and monitoring very crucial for any type of business organization.

Talygen’s advanced and automated online time tracker empowers managers and admins to track working hours for multiple employees without any hassle. It is designed and developed for seamless integration with any kind or type of project or business organization in the world.

One of the best time tracking software available for enhancing time management, Talygen’s Cloud based time tracking software is also equipped with top-notch auditing and reporting capabilities that allow admins and managers to track multiple tasks, employees, and projects at the same time.

With features like Automated Timesheet System and Auto Time Zone Detection, Talygen’s Cloud Based Time Tracking Software empowers managers to seamlessly monitor employees from any part of the world with a lot of ease. Also, integrated features like Bulk Time Entries and Manual Time Tracking help employees to enhance their personal productivity with self-performance monitoring and time tracking.

From accessing in-depth and detailed logged time entries to evaluating performances for multiple employees, Talygen’s Project Time Tracking Software helps you in enhancing your organization’s performance and employee management practices.

With other integrated functionalities like Time Based Invoice Generation, Screenshots, Time Tracking on the Go, Approval Rules, and Calendar View for Time Tracking, Talygen has offered a comprehensive solution for any possible employee and time management complexity.

Major Features of Talygen's Cloud Based Time Tracking Software

Intuitive Timesheets

Pause/Resume Feature

Detailed Reports

Offline Time Tracking

Time Tracking on the Go

Virtual Users

Flag Track Entry

Time Spent on a Project

Report Project Progress

Activity Logs

Bulk Time Entry

Set Approval Rules

Manual Time Tracking

Measuring Employee Performance

Comparing Planned Costs and Actual Cost