Seamless & Accurate Asset Management Solution

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State-of-the-art Asset Management Software for Boosting Productivity & ROI

A global leader in business automation, Talygen, offers an easy to use & highly-advanced Asset Management Software for all kinds and sizes of organizations around the world. The software is designed with the goal of empowering organizations to save time, money, and efforts in tracking and managing assets.

Talygen’s Asset Management Software allows organizations to easily manage tangible and non-tangible items in a centralized and easy to access environment. The software allows users to secure cloud backups of each and every detail related to all the assets in possession effortlessly. Be it any electronic device or a furniture product, managing assets doesn’t get easier than this.

The all-inclusive Asset Management Software empowers users to easily deploy, operate, maintain, and even dispose-off assets and items, without halting the on-going workflow.

Asset tracking functionalities integrated, such as RFID Tracking, Parent-Child Item Hierarchy, Efficient Item Barcodes, Life Cycle Management, Mobile Scanning, and Item Reports empower managers and admins to easily track and keep a check on the status of various assets an organization possesses.

Talygen’s Asset Management Software is a comprehensive solution for any kind of asset management related hassle. Whether you want an intuitive asset tracker or a powerful asset life cycle manager, Talygen’s Asset Management Software offers an all-in-one integrated solution for boosting your productivity and enhancing your asset management.

Some of the top features of Talygen’s Asset Management Software include

Cloud Storage IntegrationCloud Storage Integration

Assets Life Cycle Management Assets Life Cycle Management

Calibration, Audit and Image CapturingCalibration, Audit and Image Capturing

Minimum Time to Raise A Requisition Minimum Time to Raise A Requisition

Depreciation Management Depreciation Management

View Pending Requisitions View Pending Requisitions

Track Tangible and Intangible Assets Track Tangible and Intangible Assets

Mobile Scanning Mobile Scanning

Time Saving Time Saving

Faster and Easier Faster and Easier

Asset Catalogue Asset Catalogue