Plan your Financial Future with Talygen's Expense Tracker & Increase ROI

Processing and creating multiple invoices with assured accuracy is possible with Talygen. It is a comprehensive business expense software that ensures increased efficiency by automating expenses and reducing costs. The online expense tracker by Talygen provides a future-proof solution to keep your budgeting on track.

The business accounts management is far beyond your imagination. For accurate calculations of the expenses, Talygen is the cloud-based and automatic expense tracking application with the latest features.

In today's age of smartphones, business management on mobile has become the newest trend. Talygen's online expense tracking offers great advantages to small, medium, and large businesses without digging a hole in the pocket. The centralized management of expenses provides the convenience of monitoring, tracking, and recording all the data at one location. The searchable storage makes it easier to get expense details for any project anytime anywhere.

Expense reporting is one of the features that every business wishes to have in expense tracker app. The customized reporting allows the teams to stress-free track the expenses for countless projects, corporate trips, accommodations, and more. The real-time reporting in Talygen is a powerful alternative to paper-based receipts. Moreover, it saves time and money by recording and analyzing the business expenditures.

Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling are not the only functions the system performs. When it comes to expense management, then Talygen offers a comprehensive package of services including tracking expensing, gathering factual numbers, creating more than one receipt in less than a second, and a lot more.

Top Features of Talygen's Expense Tracking Software

Desktop & Mobile Compatible Expense Tracker

Uploading & Attaching Receipt to Expense Entry

Customized Expense Reporting & Analytics

Easy Submission of Multiple Expenses Online

Flexibility to Set Expense Limit On Daily Basis

Real-Time Expense Approval System

Expense Timesheet Management

Instant Overdue Expense Alerts