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One Versatile Application for Managing Employees Time

These days' businesses use e-technology to communicate like we have e-bills, e-solutions, email, etc. to assist in performing our everyday tasks. The latest addition which almost all firms big or small have incorporated in their infrastructure is time tracking tool. With Time Tracking tool, businesses can now use a single application to collect, process, and manage time and labor for their global workforce. By tracking scores of teams, organizations can achieve efficiency and gain greater control over their projects and important issues such as billing and payroll.

We all know time tracking tools can help us save valuable time, which we can then apply toward more important processes, but the challenge is finding an exceptional one to suit your needs. Small businesses need to track employee goals at a price they can afford. Online time tracking management is a big business, and for good reason – Talygen has made it far easier for companies and organizations to collaborate and manage projects and staff. Talygen is a time tracking tool that concentrates on the features most important for businesses that need to bill clients by the hour. This tool allows employees to create separate entries for different clients and identify which project they are working on at any point of time. One great thing about Talygen is that all the information that is recorded is captured live. Team members can manually enter the time they spent on a specific project or web application or use a desktop application. All tracked hours on the desktop application are automatically synced with the web application. Talygen will keep track of how much time you have logged, as well as how much is still available to you.

Another strong point of talygen is timeline and its calendar-based screen shot features – they're superb. It is easy to navigate through information on a specific month, day, or week. When you have to evaluate an employee's progress, the platform automatically compiles a report based on employee's time spent on various tasks. Project Managers can then easily create cross-project reports with breakdown by user, project and categories. These can be exported in PDF and sent to the different project entities for invoicing purposes. Give Talygen a shot and see how it might be able to help with other business processes.