Linux Desktop Application

How do I download the Talygen Application for Linux?

Click on the DOWNLOAD button. It will open a popup window from where you can save the .jar file of the application on your hard drive.


Log in as the administrator of your computer.

Temporarily disable your anti-virus software until the application is fully installed.

Make sure the time/date settings on your computer are correct.

Download when your Internet connection is strong and stable.

Close any unnecessary programs.

If you experience any problems downloading or installing the Talygen Application, please contact us.

Download 32 bit
How do I Install the Talygen Application for Linux?

First you need to download and install Java to use our Linux application.Click here to download java.

For best results: Login as Admin, temporarily turn off anti-virus software until you have fully installed Java..

Download the Talygen application, which includes a .zip file. Save the file where you will easily find it like your desktop or download folder. Unzip the file at same location.

Click on Talygen_linux folder and go to Jar file.

Open your Terminal and go to Talygen_Linux folder, using this command: "cd ./Talygen_Linux"

Run this command "java -jar Talygen.jar" full path of your jar file.

And Press Enter Key.
If you encounter any problems with the installation process, please contact us.

The prerequisites for offline mode Linux Application

The Linux application is computer specific. The User has to take care that he/she must be on personal computer not on shared computers to enforce security of his/her data.

Time limit for ''tracking offline entries in days'' can be set from configuration settings under screen shot functionality module.

Sync button will not be shown to the user when offline tracking is disabled.

If a user changes password from web then he/she must synchronize once.

Overlap functionality will not work for Linux desktop app in offline mode.

User has to log-in to the Linux desktop app once with internet connection, after that he/she can shift over the offline mode.

Help button is disabled in offline mode.

Whenever user login first time he/she have to sync the data first in order to synchronize with the web.

Do not sync data while entry is running as it will hamper the user''s data.

The Future time entries will be deleted while synchronizing time entries in Linux desktop application.

In order to track time in ''Offline mode'', users have to enable ''Offline Tracking'' from User wise Configuration setting.

Free trail, Paid link, help link and forgot password do not work in offline mode.

Pause/Resume button disabled in offline mode.

Please keep in mind that you are having only one connection instance on your system at a time while using desktop app in offline mode.

On a particular system, multiple users can track time in offline mode but at least once user has to log-in with internet connection.