Performance Review

360° Evaluation of an Employee’s Performance


Performance Review

Talygen offers an enhanced solution for Performance Management Systems. The Performance Review module is used to monitor and evaluate the performance of Employees in a Company. The system automates and streamlines the complete review process. Talygen places Users at the technological fronts for crucial HR and Managerial functions. The Performance Review system enables Users to incorporate feedback, goals, and skills into the process. The system allows Managers to effectively gauge the records of the Employees’ work performances from their initial hire date to the present.

Reviewers Chain Sequence

Create Multiple Reviewers in a Chain Sequence

Talygen’s Performance Review module enables Users to add multiple Reviewers in an approval chain sequence. The Reviewer’s chain sequence allows the evaluation to pass through multiple levels for input and review. Company Admins can add Reviewers to the chain and set a sequential order for evaluation.

Customizable Review Templates

Create Customizable Performance Review Templates

Talygen's Performance Review system allows a Company Admin to create customizable review templates for Employee reviews. Admins can create multiple review templates and save them for later use. They can customize the visibility of certain sections and add star ratings for answers.

Review Questionnaire

Custom Create Reviewing Questionnaire

Company Admins can create reviewing questionnaires. Admins can have different questions for Employees and save them to the question bank. To create a separate questionnaire for every Employee, an Admin/Manager can add questions from the question bank.

View Progress of Review

See the Progress of a Performance Review

Talygen allows Users to view the progress in their Performance Review. They can view the number of Reviewers who have reviewed their performance as well as the percentage assigned for each review.

Complete Overview

Enables Users to View the Review

The Performance Review module enables Users to view a complete overview of their Performance Review process. They can view important details such as the review type, former review list, review ratings by different Managers, and the percentage of progress made over a specific period of time.

Identify Strengths

Identifying Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

The Performance Review process enables Reviewers and Employees to identify strengths and weaknesses. It allows Managers to recognize the dedicated Employees who are working the hardest. With this, Employees can be rewarded for their hard work.

Reports and Reviews

View Reports and Reviews

The Reports section enables Users to view multiple Employee specific reports and reviews. They can view the feedback given by the Reviewer and provide appraisals accordingly.

Eliminate Paperwork

Entirely Environmental Friendly

Talygen is designed to reduce the amount of paperwork needed, making a business more environmentally friendly. The automated system uses different fields to gather the necessary information. Users are also able to add notes to the Performance Review to be viewed by authorized personnel.

Features of Performance Review
  • Identifying Strength And Weakness
  • Feedback
  • Training Feedbacks
  • Notes, Skills And Goals
  • Add Multiple Reviewers
  • Improves Communication
  • Skills And Review Templates
  • Customizable Reviewing Questionnaire
  • Privacy Settings
  • Individual Feedbacks
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Star Rating For Answers
  • View Reports And Reviews
  • Automated Review Template
  • Full Customization Capabilities
  • Report Overview
  • Maintaining Records
  • Non Sequential Review
  • Multiple Level Reviewing
  • Reviewers Chain Sequence

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