Message Boards and Socializing

Enhancing Connections and Communications
between your Teams and Clients


Message Boards and Socializing

Two of Talygen’s most powerful modules are the Message Board and User Live Chat. Both of these modules enhance the communication between Clients and Employees of a Company.

The Message Board broadcasts messages within the Company and eliminates any possible communication gaps. It allows Users to custom create messages and send them only to the targeted Users. It also allows Clients to interact directly with you and your Team.

Talygen's Live Chat, or Socialize module, is one of the most popular features in Talygen. It encourages streamlined communication between multiple parties. Users can share files, documents, images, and screenshots. In addition, the message is automatically saved in the database, providing a full view of the communication history within the chat window. There is no need to use an external (and unsecure) chat platform. Everything is done seamlessly inside Talygen

Message Globally

Effortlessly Broadcast Messages throughout the Organization

Talygen simplifies the communication process, it allow Users to broadcast message globally throughout a Company. Messages can also be sent based on any selected criteria, such as all Users, Department, or an individual User, thereby making it easier for Users to keep a track of communication.

Instant Messaging

Connect and Collaborate with Instant Messages

Talygen provides a built in Live Chat module for Instant Messaging and connecting with the Team and Clients. A User can easily send messages and attachments to another User or Client. A full communication history can also be viewed.

Messages by Project

Seamlessly Send Messages by Project

Talygen offers an out of the box Message Board for Users. Users can send messages in regards to a specific Project. The message related to the Project will only be delivered to those Users who are associated with that Project.

Group Chat

Connect and Collaborate with your Team and Clients in a Group

The Talygen application includes a Live Chat module that allows the owner of a chat to add multiple Users to the group chat. This allows Teams to share conversations with a number of Users at once. Users can easily interact within the group and view the chat log history.

Access Logs

Easily Retrieve Archived Chat Conversations

The Instant Messaging module records all of the chat conversations and they can be retrieved anytime. Users can easily access all their message logs. These logs provide access to vital communications between your Employees and your Clients.

Message Translation

Messages Translated Leaving no Communication Gap

Talygen's Message Board helps removes any communication gaps by translating messages to the end User’s preferred language. Message sent by Company admins are automatically translated into the chosen language of the User. This allows the User to simply read and respond to the messages, without having to translate them first.

User Friendly Interface

Renders User-friendly Experience

Talygen's Live Chat, or Socialize module, and Message Board modules offers a very User- friendly interface. This User-friendly interface makes it easy for the Users to communicate with Clients and Team members.

Communication Booster

Enhances Quality of Communication between Users and Clients

Talygen allows its Users to connect and collaborate with other Users and Clients. The seamless communication increases transparency and accountability on a Project.

Features of Message Board and Live chat
  • Send messages Project wise
  • Live chat
  • Share Documents
  • Instant Messaging
  • Effortless Navigation
  • Comments on Message
  • Personalized Communication
  • View Logs
  • Private and Secure
  • Document Sharing
  • Global Message Board
  • Maintain a Message Thread
  • Online/Offline Auto Status Update
  • Group Chat
  • Multiple User Chat
  • Message Translator
  • User Friendly Interface
  • View Communication History

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