Android Project Management Application


Talygen – Business Management Automation is now available on android platform with many advanced features. Along with its time tracking which was available earlier, now it comes with features like project management, CRM (Customer Relation Management), HR (Leave Management), ticketing system and expense tracker. It has a very easy to use interface, saves time and allows you to manage your business from your Android smart phones. The android project management app works with the Talygen SaaS / Cloud / web application.

What is new in version 4.5.0?

  • Talygen is now available in 12 new languages namely English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Dutch and Russian.
  • It is designed to help users through each and every aspect of their business. Key focus has been to make the app more and more user-friendly and help functioning of one’s business easier each day.
  • All the glitches that one faces in maintaining records/ fighting discrepancies/ creating new prospects are sorted in this version. It can help in clear storage and retrieval, ticketing and scheduling, tracking expenses and so on.
  • The version has features like expense tracker and CRM. Billable as well as non-billable tasks can be tracked.
  • There are options for shifts, breaks, priority and channel, status, department, user and so on in the company set up.
  • Individuals from various different sections of the company such as SEO QA, PhP, and statistics and so on can be tracked. You can view holidays and calendar, check history and make plans accordingly.
  • Tickets can be raised regarding any issues that the employees may be facing. Users can create folders and save data easily in the cloud storage system which is safer and easier to use than before. The synchronization with different languages is more efficient and understandable.
  • The CRM contains options such as prospects, leads, opportunities and communication. Basically this version allows more customization for the benefit of the customers, and aims at making day to day tasks easy and approachable for them.
  • Managing your business was never simpler; this version will guide you through the step by step process of assigning, reporting and management of tasks on a day to day basis.

What you need to get started?

Download the Talygen android Business Management Automation application; create a free account within your android app or at our website and login into the app to get started.

Create projects, clients from android application or optionally you can login to web app after creating an account, and add advanced project data, which can be used for specific project and task based time tracking in the app.

Various people who need to charge clients by the hour, manage employee leave, holidays, tickets, leads, etc use Talygen. Whether it's an IT company, photographers, lawyers, doctors, contractors or freelancers basically anyone who charges by the hour, use Talygen.

Data is stored online in a cloud server so whatever functionality you use from your android app is always safe, and by using the web app you can export various types of reports including billability reports in PDF or Excel formats. Using these reports you can charge your clients for hours spent on their work.

As Talygen Android Business Management Automation application is cloud based even if your android is not with you, all your data will be safe online. You just need to download Talygen Business Management Automation android application on your android device, sign in using your account details and voila your data will be back and you can track time.

Talygen allows you to keep track of your employees. If you are running a company you can create Talygen accounts for your employees. If they move offsite they can keep track of their time using the web app or android to punch in and punch out of a project. You can see real time updates of your employees through the web app, and bill your employee's time to your clients.