Best Productivity Suite Software

Users can manage all aspects of their business with Talygen’s productivity suite software.

  • Gantt Chart View
  • Automatic Expense Tracking
  • Flexible Time & Work Tracking
  • Customized Job Board
  • Cloud-Based Management
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
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Features of Productivity Suite

Project Dashboard

  • 360° overview of a project's status, insights, and data points
  • Aggregate data from all significant project touchpoints
  • View in a single interface
  • Set expense limit
  • User can clone projects
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To-Do List

  • Sort the tasks listed according to your priorities
  • Tasks are viewed in Kanban and card views
  • Summary of the week is displayed in the selected view
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Project Card View

  • Visual presentation of projects and tasks
  • Color code project and tasks
  • Can change status in just one click
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Expense Report

  • Quickly enter expenses for projects and trips
  • Send expenses for approval and get reimbursed by management
  • Upload receipts as attachments
  • Seamlessly submit expense reports online
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Expense Overdue

  • Ensure approvals are done in a timely manner
  • Managers can define the timeline for expenses
  • Managers will be notified when an expense is overdue
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Multiple Expense Reports

  • Upload expenses in bulk
  • Import Excel files for expenses
  • Send expenses for approval via appropriate approval chain
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Automated Timesheet System

  • Easy-to-use Time Tracker
  • Enter time entries on timesheets
  • Entries can be approved or rejected by management
  • Managers can enter time entries for a team member
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Flexible Time Tracker

  • Track time anywhere with Talygen’s mobile app
  • Multiple time entry options
  • Manual time entries
  • Mobile app is available for Android and iOS
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Track Time Without An Internet Connection

  • Time entries and screenshots can be entered offline
  • Entries will be uploaded once user is online again
  • Offline entries are easy to synchronize and upload
  • Available on desktop application
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Effortless Hiring Process

  • Applicants can upload their resumes and other documents
  • Hiring team can then view the documents on the job board
  • Schedule interviews through applicant tracking system
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Customize Job Board

  • Create job templates with external links
  • Design your Job Board Layout
  • Customize headers, footers, and messages
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Create New Job Postings

  • Create requisitions for job postings
  • Managers can approve job postings
  • Once a post is approved, it goes live on the website
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Add Approvers in a Group

  • Create single and multiple approval structures
  • Create various levels for the approval system
  • Multiple users can be added to a single group
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Assign Provisional Right in a User's Absence

  • Users can be assigned to take on other users’ duties
  • Designate reason for other user’s absence
  • Easy access to teh account of absent user
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Unified Communications Increase Productivity

  • Call users from any device
  • Instantly jump from a voice call to a video call
  • Text colleagues or clients notes while on a call
  • Communicate with other users from a single device
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Video Call

  • Face-to-Face Communication
  • Accommodates long-distance calls
  • Handles complex subject matters
  • Host webinars
  • Screen-Sharing Capabilities
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Seamlessly Send Instant Messages by Project

  • Message Board for Users
  • Send instant messages to other users
  • Sort messages by project
  • Select who the message will go to
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Appointment Scheduling

  • Schedule Services for Appointments
  • Seamlessly Create Slots for Services
  • Integrates With Online Payment Methods
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I have deployed Talygen tools on all my stores. It is the best thing I’ve found for automating my business processes. The other project management software providers usually fall short of one crucial tool or the other, but Talygen has got everything that I needed.

- Rebecca Andrews


Talygen provided us with the ability to track employee progress, schedule events, manage resources, and so much more. We started using Talygen in 2019, and ever since, we have been able to meet our sales targets. Since 2019, our annual sales have increased by 32%.

- Steven Mize


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, half of my team could not work. Talygen helped us streamline event planning, performance review, billing & invoicing, etc., and we were good to go. We were able to cut costs and boost sales due to Talygen.

- Sophie Cruize

CEO & Founder

Talygen provides the best productivity suite programming software that is user-friendly and easy to use. Our productivity suite is a complete set of tools & applications, including Project Management, Communication, Approval systems, HR Management, Time Tracking, etc. Our online productivity suite software allows small to large businesses to automate their workflow. Talygen’s cloud-based & top productivity suite software for sale improves business productivity and efficiency.

Features of Productivity Software Suite

  • Track Attendance
  • Approval System
  • Induction Documents
  • Skill Report
  • Leave Details
  • Message Board
  • Company Holiday
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Feedback Questionnaire
  • Customizable Leave Types
  • Policies
  • Accruals and carryovers
  • Create Goals
  • Event Calendar
  • Set Break Time
  • External Job Boards
  • Passport Information
  • Manage Working Weeks
  • Bonus Leave and Leave Deduction
  • Resignation
  • Leave Types
  • Manage Leave
  • Custom Columns
  • Accrual Leave Type
  • Setup Individual Goals
  • Set Working Day For A User

By implementing productivity suite software, you can improve data security, boost operational flexibility, and more. Talygen’s productivity software suite delivers bespoke services by combining multiple applications into one interface. The best and most reliable cloud solutions are offered to businesses for centralized data management.

Talygen’s Productivity suite programming software is best for many reasons as it improves:

  • Efficiency
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Talent Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Resource Scheduling