Screenshot Tracker

Talygen offers a unique automatic screenshot tracker. This automatic screen capture solution allows organizations to track a project's progress using an employee work tracker that tracks employees’ work in real time.

Users can view and track daily work logs. The online time tracking software with screenshots provides details like keystrokes and mouse clicks for a specified time frame in an employee's workday. With the support of this advanced screenshot tracker, project managers and clients can view the work of onsite or offsite employees daily.

Desktop Application

  • Monitor employees’ work in real time
  • Available as desktop app for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Desktop application can be used for time tracking with screenshots
Kanban View

Application Tracking System

  • Application tracking system keeps track of applications users have opened
  • Displays list of applications users are using and time spent on them
  • Algorithm constantly monitors machine usage to send live data to Talygen
  • Manager can view exact percentage of applications running on a user’s system
Gantt Chart

Activity Tracking

  • Keep track of end-user activity
  • Screenshot time tracking software data are randomly captured at each interval
  • Keyboard strokes tracker captures data
  • Managers can view all details of their teams
Road Map

Daily Work Log

  • Managers can view automated screen capturing data for a specific employee
  • Managers can view the daily work log for a specific employee
  • Company admins and project managers can view data from the time tracker with screenshots
  • Managers can evaluate actual work completed with the employee work tracker
ToDo List

View Screenshots for a Specific User

  • View data from online tracking with screenshots for a specific project or user
  • Admins can take a number of screenshots automatically for a specific project
  • Screenshots can be taken for a specific user
Screenshots Project And User Wise

Webcam Capture

  • Record users’ movements via time tracking with webcam
  • All the data recorded from the camera is stored in the cloud
  • Continually expand your storage
Webcam Capture

Set Screenshot Time Intervals

  • Screenshot time tracking software can configure the intervals for which screenshots are captured
  • Set custom time intervals for screenshots
  • Screenshots can also be captured randomly
Time Track

Record Screen Video On Cloud

  • Time tracking for remote teams allows managers to record user’s screens
  • Desired screen resolution and location for screenshots can be set up
  • Users can specify the interval duration in which videos will be taken
Record Screen Video on Cloud


  • Automatic screenshot tracker tool allows multiple screens to be used
  • Users with multiple monitors can select the screen they want for screenshots
  • Users can enable the multi-screen functionality
Activity Tracking

Stealth Mode

  • Automated screen capturing can be done in stealth mode
  • In stealth mode, users are not notified of when screenshots are taken
  • Preview mode is disabled in stealth mode

Automatic Synchronization

  • Automatic screenshot tracker tool includes automatic synchronization
  • Set time intervals for screenshots
  • Screenshots will autosynchronize to the work diary at the same time each day
Automatic Synchronization

Discard Irrelevant Screenshots

  • Irrelevant screenshots can be deleted after being captured
  • Countdown to capture is shown on the user’s screen
  • Irrelelvant screenshots can be deleted from the work log
Discard Irrelevant Screenshot

Features of Screenshots

  • Limit Screens Captured In An Hour
  • Configure Screenshot Intervals
  • Track Daily Work Log
  • Activity Logger
  • Application Tracking System
  • Set Screen Resolution
  • Capture Work Efficiency
  • Discard Irrelevant Screenshots
  • Capture Project And User Wise
  • Configure Count Down For Capturing
  • Multi-Screen
  • Activity Tracking
  • Audit Daily Work Dairy
  • Stealth Mode Screenshots
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Time Track Description Popup
  • Configure Time Track Description Popup Timing
  • Set Random Screenshot Interval
  • Selective Use
  • Desktop Applications
  • Employee Work Tracker
  • Better Insight And Control