Asset Management

Companies can save time and money with Talygen's state-of-the-art Asset Management software. Users can monitor and manage tangible and intangible items with the asset tracking system. Users can also deploy, operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of items cost-effectively.

Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Detailed overview of all physical and digital assets
  • Manage assets of any type, size, or quantity
  • Easily track costly items
RFID Item Tracking

Improve Individual Supervision

  • Track items across multiple locations with GPS
  • See who is currently using an item
  • View maintenance costs

Manage Assets On the Go

  • Scan item barcodes with mobile app
  • View asset inventory from anywhere
  • Identify items without contacting end-users

Efficient Record Keeping

  • Generate unique barcodes for each asset
  • Upload items to the system by scanning barcodes
  • Easily search for items through barcodes

Seamless Transfer

  • Simple transfer of items to other users
  • Create containers for different product categories
  • Sort assets into containers

Parent-Child Items

  • Create parent-child relationships for item sets
  • Keep track of all related assets

Comprehensive Data Management

  • Reports display when items are missing and where they were last located
  • Find items through date used/timestamps
  • View requisition dates and rotation details

Effortlessly Manage Item Rotation Cycle

  • Track when items are registered
  • Get notified when assignment period has expired
  • Simple renew process for assets

Easy Deployment to Make Smarter Decisions

  • Track digital assets
  • Define items by Network Discovery, Automated Inventory, and many other categories

Enhanced Visibility with Item Tracking

  • Get alerts on items’ conditions and calibration schedules
  • Ensure that items are with the correct user by scanning item labels
  • System acknowledges item ownership

Real-Time Depreciation Management

  • Advanced depreciation runs reports
  • Track depreciation rates
  • View an asset’s purchase cost, acquisition date, depreciation method, useful life, and salvage value

Features of Comprehensive Asset Management

  • Track Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Time Saving
  • Faster and Easier
  • Limit Requisitions
  • View Pending Requisitions
  • Minimum Time To Raise A Requisition
  • Asset Barcodes
  • Asset Requisition
  • Cloud storage Integration
  • Assets Life Cycle Management
  • Asset Rotation Cycle Management
  • Asset Catalogue
  • View Asset details
  • Requisition Checkout Time
  • Calibration, Audit And Image Capturing
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Self-Checkout
  • Depreciation Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Deployment Property
  • Rotation Cycle
  • RFID Item Tracking