Comprehensive Asset Management

Seamless. Accurate. Cost Effective.

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Effortless Management
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Asset Management

Companies can save time and money with Talygen's state-of-the-art Asset Management software. Users can monitor and manage tangible and intangible items with the asset tracking system. Users can also deploy, operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of items cost-effectively.

Features of Comprehensive Asset Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Detailed overview of all physical and digital assets
  • Manage assets of any type, size, or quantity
  • Easily track costly items
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RFID Item Tracking

Improve Individual Supervision

  • Track items across multiple locations with GPS
  • See who is currently using an item
  • View maintenance costs
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Manage Assets On the Go

  • Scan item barcodes with mobile app
  • View asset inventory from anywhere
  • Identify items without contacting end-users
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Efficient Record Keeping

  • Generate unique barcodes for each asset
  • Upload items to the system by scanning barcodes
  • Easily search for items through barcodes
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Seamless Transfer

  • Simple transfer of items to other users
  • Create containers for different product categories
  • Sort assets into containers
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Parent-Child Items

  • Create parent-child relationships for item sets
  • Keep track of all related assets
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Comprehensive Data Management

  • Reports display when items are missing and where they were last located
  • Find items through date used/timestamps
  • View requisition dates and rotation details
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Effortlessly Manage Item Rotation Cycle

  • Track when items are registered
  • Get notified when assignment period has expired
  • Simple renew process for assets
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Easy Deployment to Make Smarter Decisions

  • Track digital assets
  • Define items by Network Discovery, Automated Inventory, and many other categories
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Enhanced Visibility with Item Tracking

  • Get alerts on items’ conditions and calibration schedules
  • Ensure that items are with the correct user by scanning item labels
  • System acknowledges item ownership
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Real-Time Depreciation Management

  • Advanced depreciation runs reports
  • Track depreciation rates
  • View an asset’s purchase cost, acquisition date, depreciation method, useful life, and salvage value
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I have deployed Talygen tools on all my stores. It is the best thing I’ve found for automating my business processes. The other project management software providers usually fall short of one crucial tool or the other, but Talygen has got everything that I needed.

- Rebecca Andrews


Talygen provided us with the ability to track employee progress, schedule events, manage resources, and so much more. We started using Talygen in 2019, and ever since, we have been able to meet our sales targets. Since 2019, our annual sales have increased by 32%.

- Steven Mize


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, half of my team could not work. Talygen helped us streamline event planning, performance review, billing & invoicing, etc., and we were good to go. We were able to cut costs and boost sales due to Talygen.

- Sophie Cruize

CEO & Founder

Comprehensive Asset Management

  • Track Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Time Saving
  • Faster and Easier
  • Limit Requisitions
  • View Pending Requisitions
  • Minimum Time To Raise A Requisition
  • Asset Barcodes
  • Asset Requisition
  • Cloud storage Integration
  • Assets Life Cycle Management
  • Asset Rotation Cycle Management
  • Asset Catalogue
  • View Asset details
  • Requisition Checkout Time
  • Calibration, Audit And Image Capturing
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Self-Checkout
  • Depreciation Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Deployment Property
  • Rotation Cycle
  • RFID Item Tracking