Simplify Your Customer Relationship Management

Harness the power of Talygen’s easy-to-use CRM. Effortlessly manage prospects, leads, and clients in one place. Advanced features such as automated invoices, documents, and real-time analytics come together to drive your sales through the roof.

Increase Visibility With Customizable Dashboards

  • View Accounts, Leads, Activities, and Contacts from One Location
  • Add Important Widgets to Dashboards
  • Manage user visibility
Increase visibility with customizable dashboards

Reduce IT Complexity & Cost

  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Boost Employee Morale
  • Simple product - no complex training required
Reduce IT complexity & cost

Client Login Access

  • Close communication gaps between clients and users
  • Clients can review the project updates
Client Login Access

Grow Your Relationships

  • Create, Edit, and Manage Leads Efficiently
  • Update Lead Statuses with Detailed Notes
  • Share Lead Documents with Clients and Co-Workers
Grow your relationships

All Communication Tools Combined

  • Seamless Integration with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo
  • Email Critical Updates Directly From Talygen
  • Message Clients From Anywhere
All Communication Tools Combined

Lead Management

  • Track and Manage Leads
  • Keep Track of Updates
  • Improve Budget Spend Decisions
Lead Listing

Build a Process for Sales

  • Integrate Offline Sales Processes
  • Set Procedures in Place for Sales Representatives
Build a Process for Sales

Monitor Deal Stages, Optimize Sales

  • View Lead to Conversion Journeys
  • Create Custom Stages to Track Deal Progress
Monitor Deal Stages, Optimize sales

Private & Secure

  • Secure The Best Leads
  • Communicate Through Preferred Channels Safely
Private & Secure

Manage Views

  • View Lists of Lead Details
  • Set Custom Views Based on Needs
  • Assign Individual Rights to View, Edit, or Delete
Manage Views

Effective Collaboration

  • Assign Multiple Owners to Leads
  • Replace Lead Owners
  • Upload Notes to Lead Status
Effective Collaboration

Features of Customer Relationship Management

  • Track Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, And Clients
  • Convert Leads Into Projects
  • Notes
  • Track Sales
  • Manage Contacts
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Follow Ups/Reminders
  • Create Additional Contacts
  • Web And Mobile Applications
  • Products
  • Bulk Emails
  • Associate Clients
  • Import Leads In Bulk
  • Client Communication
  • Store And Share Documents
  • Information Related To The Client
  • Quotations
  • Email Templates
  • Maintain Contracts
  • Supports Sales Team
  • Create Additional Owners
  • Custom Columns And Report