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  • Mouse Clicks, Keystrokes, And Automated Screenshot Capturing
  • Applications/Website Usage Monitoring
  • Desktop Activity Tracking in Stealth Mode
  • User-wise and Group Analysis for Feedback

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Capture Employee Activity and Silently Maintain Workforce Productivity

Talygen offers an enterprise-level activity-tracking application that silently tracks your employees' real-time activity. The silent activity tracker software starts automatically and runs in the background to capture screenshots of in-use websites/applications and other actions like keystrokes and mouse usage on the user's desktop. With our Silent Activity Tracking Application, you can understand application usage trends across individual users and departments, track progress, and measure success over different time frames.

  • Scalable Pricing Options to Fit Your Business Needs
  • Quick Setup and Ease to Use Simplifies Workflow
  • Flexible and Customizable Screen Recording App
  • Personalized Productivity Insights Enhance Resource Management
Stealth mode

Productivity Metrics

  • It simplifies measuring the intensity and frequency of productive activities to the ratio of completed tasks to total time expended.
  • The data is recorded considering interruptions, distractions, and time spent on non-work-related activities.
  • Get valuable feedback on concentration levels and potential productivity inhibitors.
  • Customizable dashboard empowers users to effortlessly monitor their employee activities
Stealth mode

Silent Tracking

  • Talygen's silent application will run in the background to monitor users' activities on their desktops.
  • Automated screen capturing can be enabled or disabled for a user.
  • Users are not notified or alerted when screenshots are taken.
  • Screenshot previews are disabled in the silent tracking app.
activity tracking

Activity Tracking

  • Captures all desktop activities, including app and website usage and time spent on each application.
  • Provides an overview of how employees are spending their time at work.
  • Tracks idle time if employees are not working during official work hours.
  • Allows managers to identify productivity gaps and refine work allocation to increase efficiency.
application tracking

Application/Website Tracking System

  • Keeps track of applications/websites that users have opened.
  • Displays employees' list of applications/websites and time spent on them.
  • Customizable dashboard empowers users to effortlessly monitor their activities, conveniently offering a comprehensive view of essential information on a single page.
  • The algorithm constantly monitors machine usage to send live data to Talygen.
  • Admins can view the exact percentage of applications/websites running on a user's system.

Keystroke And Mouse Clicks Logging

  • Track keyboard and mouse activity to gauge overall employee engagement.
  • dentify repetitive tasks through keystroke patterns.
  • Capturing keystrokes and mouse clicks can ensure data entry accuracy.
  • Targeted training can be provided, boosting employee skill sets.
Video Call

Record Screen Video On Cloud

  • Team activity tracker software allows admins to record a user's screens as a video.
  • Desired screen resolution and location for screenshots can be set up.
  • Setup time intervals for video captures.
  • Helps managers identify the source of any errors or mistakes.
Time Track

Reporting And Analysis

  • Provides detailed reports on employee activity with customizable time groupings (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Allows managers to track and estimate actual employee productivity over time.
  • Export detailed reports in Excel or PDF for easy analysis and team discussions.
  • Helps managers identify patterns and trends in employee behavior.
Document Storage

Manage Remote Work Employees

  • Tracks the amount of time employees spend on different activities.
  • Helps managers identify how long it takes to complete certain tasks and identify areas for improvement.
  • Allows managers to monitor and manage employee workloads.

Features Of Silent Activity Tracking Application

  • Stealth Mode Activity Tracking
  • Configure Screenshot Intervals
  • Track Real-time
  • Activity Log
  • Application/Website Tracking System
  • Better Insight and Control
  • Set Screen Resolution
  • Keystrokes and Mouse click Tracking
  • Capture Work Efficiency
  • Discard Irrelevant Screenshots
  • Activity Tracking
  • Audit Daily Activities
  • Stealth Mode Screenshots
  • Set Random Screenshot Interval/li>

Silently Track and Record Actual Employee Productivity with Talygen