Manage Tasks With Ease

Talygen offers an enterprise-level Project Management System. The software helps you complete projects on time while staying on budget. Talygen’s integrated suite of services allows businesses to manage all of their workflows effortlessly.

See Progress with Kanban View

  • Visualize All Projects
  • View Task/Project Statuses
  • Read Summaries Through Quick View
Kanban View

Intuitive Gantt Chart

  • Manage Charts From A Single Screen
  • Create and Edit Teams
  • View Details, Edit Projects, and Sync Progress
Gantt Chart

Time Managing Road Map

  • Observe Project Timeline
  • Multi - Project Progress View
  • Manage Project Phases, Stages, and Milestones
Road Map

Track Time for a Specific Task

  • Access the Timer Directly From Cards
  • Track Time for Each Task
  • Ensures Accurate Billing
ToDo List

Resource Utilization

  • Oversee Employees and Tasks
  • Stay Within Budget By Adding Rates
  • Efficiently Allocate Company Resources
Check time availability

Collaborate Effectively With All Stakeholders

  • Team Collaboration on a Shared Platform
  • Bridge Communication Silos
  • Make Updates in Real Time
Video Call

Track Each Minute

  • Effective Time Tracking Across Time Zones
  • Simple Timer to Accurately Track Time Spent On Each Task
  • Keeps the Project Within Budget
Time Track

What You Need- When You Need It

  • Document Storage for Team Collaboration
  • Access Files Instantly
  • Attach Files To Project Tasks
Document Storage

Manage Employee Productivity

  • Set Accurate Hourly Targets
  • Track Real-Time Productivity
  • Manage Reduced Work Hours and Exceptions
  • Up-To-The-Minute Data on Work Progress, Hours, and Costs
Activity Tracking

Pull Projects From CRM

  • Turn Leads Into Sales
  • Tie Projects To Leads

Features of Online Project Management Tools

  • Import/ Export Bulk Projects
  • Virtual User
  • Work Diary
  • Cloud Storage
  • Message Board
  • Set Expense Limit
  • Socialize/Online Chat
  • Setup Phases And Stages
  • Website, Desktop And, Mobile Applications
  • Time Tracker
  • Client Login
  • Project Report
  • Bulk Time Entry
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Project Request Feature
  • Gantt Chart And Road Map
  • Project Wise Configuration Setting
  • Timesheets
  • Activity Log
  • Clone Projects
  • Flag Track Entry
  • Track Project Progress
  • Global Task For Projects
  • Activity Tracker/Screenshots