Appointment Calendar

Talygen's appointment scheduling system makes scheduling and managing appointments more efficient. It uses a simple calendar view that plans and manages all scheduled meetings. The scheduler creates customized web pages, which clients can use to schedule appointments online. Users receive notifications every time a client makes an appointment.

Manage Customer Appointment List

  • Create a list of clients with scheduled appointments
  • These lists can easily be updated and managed

Integrate With Online Payment Methods

  • Integrates with multiple online payment gateways
  • Instantly generates receipts
  • Seamless and secure payment experience

Allow Clients to Accept Appointments with External Links

  • External links can be modified and customized
  • External links can be sent to clients or coworkers
  • Clients can schedule and accept appointments through external link

Schedule Services for Appointments

  • Create services and set time slots for customers
  • Create different services for user requirements
  • Create an unlimited amount of services

Schedule Recurring Services

  • Schedule recurring services in the system
  • Recurring services are repeated on a set time interval

Seamlessly Create Slots for Services

  • Create time slots for appointments
  • Time slots can be set for specific time interval
  • Clients can choose from multiple appointment times

Schedule Courses for Clients

  • Courses are combinations of services for customers
  • Use Talygen to schedule courses

Allow Customers to Schedule Appointments

  • Specific time slots can be created for appointments
  • Time slots can be created for any time interval on any day
  • Clients can choose from available time slots

Features of Appointment Calendar Module

  • Define And Schedule Services
  • Client Login
  • Recurring Services
  • Create External Link
  • Data Security On Cloud
  • Set Slots For Scheduled Services
  • Calendar View
  • Easy Setup System
  • Manage External Links
  • Quick And Cost Effective
  • Multiple Online Payment Methods
  • Schedule Courses
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Manage Customer List
  • Appointment Management