Transform Ticketing

Transform your ticketing process by reducing service disruptions, creating SLAs, and managing a ticket’s life cycle. Talygen’s ticketing solution can improve your technicians’ productivity!

Customizable Display

  • View display ticket statuses via the widgets on the home screen.
  • View the number of tickets under each status
Customizable Display

Increase Productivity with Automation

  • Eliminate manual work and increase productivity
  • Automatically notify users
  • Send tickets for approval
  • Categorize, assign, and close tickets
Increase Productivity with Automation

Better Resolution Time with SLA

  • Set up rules for when every ticket needs to be replied to and solved
  • Automatic reminders can be escalated to agents and managers
Better Resolution Time with SLA

Save Time with Canned Replies

  • Save time by creating and sending canned replies.
  • Format the color, style, and font for different responses
  • Access from the ticket reply page
Save Time with Canned Replies

Unlock Collaboration

  • Two or more tickets can be merged into one ticket
  • The new ticket will serve as the primary ticket, with the rest being closed
  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Communicate through unified communications
Unlock Collaboration

Clear View of Service Desk

  • Dashboards can be customized to fit the service desk’s needs.
  • Widgets can be added and removed to the dashboard as needed.
Have a Clear View of Your Service Desk

Streamlined Ticket Escalation

  • Streamlined ticket escalation process helps large companies with their ticketing process
  • Parameters assist in the ticket escalation process
  • Specific types of tickets can be assigned to specific agents
Streamlined Ticket Escalation

Compliant Transfer of Tickets

  • Users can transfer tickets to different agents or departments.
  • Tickets can be transferred from the drop-down menu.
Compliant Transfer of Tickets

Improve Business Productivity

  • Customers can provide feedback on agents’ ticket resolving abilities.
  • Automated feedback forms help determine agent productivity.
  • Feedback also helps the organization improve its products and services.
Improve Business Productivity

Document Corrective Action

  • Once an agent has resolved a ticket, they can document the corrective action.
  • The information explains why the ticket was sent and how it was resolved.
  • Also, the document contains a thread of communications between the agent and the customer.
Change Management

Issue Management

  • Keep records of sent tickets
  • View a ticket’s activity log by clicking on “ticket history”
  • Ticket history shows updates and notifications
Issue Management

Simplify Ticketing

  • Manage and view tickets from any device
  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android
Simplify Ticketing

Increased Agent Efficiency

  • Schedule automated follow-up tasks for open tickets
  • Send reminders to users
  • Ensure that every ticket is resolved and closed
Increased Agent Efficiency

Features of Online Ticketing System

  • Unique Ticket Number
  • Merge Tickets
  • Split Ticket
  • Setup Feedback for Tickets
  • User Availability
  • Create Tickets on Behalf
  • SLA Timer
  • Configurable SLA
  • Ticket Transfer
  • Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities
  • Configure Upload Size
  • Add Notes
  • Send Attachments
  • Provide Conclusions
  • View Unassigned Tickets
  • Define Head Of Department
  • Ticket Notification for Administrator
  • Ticket Log
  • Desktop and Mobile Application
  • Track Multiple Tickets
  • Set Ticket Priority
  • Client Ticket Management
  • Ticket Claims
  • Department Specific Tickets
  • Draft a Response
  • Multiple BI Reports
  • Closed and Lock Tickets
  • Setup Lock Duration
  • Ticket Follow Ups