Advanced Field Service Management

Talygen offers an advanced, feature-rich Field Service Management (FSM) software system for businesses of all sizes. Our FSM software helps prepare, plan, fix, document, and invoice all your field service activities through a single pane of glass. It tracks different field operations and helps to boost service activities by registering the service calls, completing the work orders on time, and managing your invoices effectively.

All-In-One Software

  • Compatible with On-Field Tools
  • View Schedules and Receive Dispatches on the Mobile App
  • Update Work Order Statuses
Mobile-First Approach

Real-Time Data Transfer

  • Data Consolidation Across Numerous Devices
  • Access Data Updated Real-Time
Real-Time Data Transfer

360° Dashboard & Performance Analytics

  • Analyze Performance Data of Employed Systems
  • Track and Improve Work Efficiency
360° Dashboard & Performance Analytics

Invoicing and Time Tracking Integration

  • Integrated Invoicing and Payments
  • Automate Recurring Tasks
  • Access Time Clock on Computers, Tablets, or Smartphones
Time Tracking Integration

Capture Video On Site

  • Record On-Site Work Videos
  • Capture GPX Data to Track Locations
Video Tracking

Intelligent Agent Assignment

  • Automatic Ticket Assignment to Agents by Work Location
  • Manual Ticket Reassignment
Intelligent Assignment


  • Set Response Time and Resolve Time alerts
  • Align SLAs and Contracts with Service Operations

Advanced Zone Management

  • Set Multiple Zones in Various Modes
  • Mark Regions by Creating Polygons
  • Import Region Polygons Using GeoJSON Files
Zone Management

Heat Map Guide

  • Show Tickets Raised Within Locator Range
  • Color-Coded to Indicate Priority Leve
  • Choose Transportation Mediums
  • Calculate Locator ETA
Heat Map

Live Locator Tracking

  • Track Locators' Live Location and ETA
  • Assign Tickets by Location
Tech Tracking

Ticket Activity Tracking

  • Track All Actions Taken on a Ticket
  • Track Changes Made by Particular Users
Ticket Activity Tracking

Seamless Work Order Management

  • Register and Plans Service Orders
  • Automatically Schedule Technicians
  • Update Work Orders
  • Track Work Order Progress
Work Order Management

Connected Digital Workflows

  • Access to Customer Background Information Including Address, Contact, and Service History
  • Eliminate Information Search
  • Streamline Task Requirements, Technician Communication, and Service Provided
Digital Workflow

Dynamic Scheduling And Dispatching

  • Assess Several Variables Instantly
  • Review and Determine the Best Appointment Solution in Real-Time
Job Scheduling And Dispatching

Merge Issues

  • Merge two or more Tickets into one

811 Call Center Integration

  • Integrate with Over 50 Call Centers Across USA
  • Receive Tickets Directly Into Talygen
  • Tickets Routed Automatically to Locators
  • Generate and Send Response Codes for Tickets
811 Call Centre

Features of Mobile Field Service Management

  • Work order management
  • Centralized customer portal
  • Mobile-first Approach
  • Merge Tickets
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Route Planning and GPS Integration
  • Inventory management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Real time data transfer