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  • Quickly Improve Conversion Rates
  • Full Integration
  • Improve Customer Retention
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Simplify Your Customer Relationship Management

Harness the power of Talygen’s easy-to-use CRM. Effortlessly manage prospects, leads, and clients in one place. Advanced features such as automated invoices, documents, and real-time analytics come together to drive your sales through the roof.

Features of CRM

Increase Visibility With Customizable Dashboards

  • View Accounts, Leads, Activities, and Contacts from One Location
  • Add Important Widgets to Dashboards
  • Manage user visibility
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Increase visibility with customizable dashboards

Reduce IT Complexity & Cost

  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Boost Employee Morale
  • Simple product - no complex training required
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Reduce IT complexity & cost

Client Login Access

  • Close communication gaps between clients and users
  • Clients can review the project updates
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Client Login Access

Grow Your Relationships

  • Create, Edit, and Manage Leads Efficiently
  • Update Lead Statuses with Detailed Notes
  • Share Lead Documents with Clients and Co-Workers
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Grow your relationships

All Communication Tools Combined

  • Seamless Integration with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo
  • Email Critical Updates Directly From Talygen
  • Message Clients From Anywhere
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All Communication Tools Combined

Lead Management

  • Track and Manage Leads
  • Keep Track of Updates
  • Improve Budget Spend Decisions
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Lead Management

Build a Process for Sales

  • Integrate Offline Sales Processes
  • Set Procedures in Place for Sales Representatives
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Build a Process for Sales

Monitor Deal Stages, Optimize Sales

  • View Lead to Conversion Journeys
  • Create Custom Stages to Track Deal Progress
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Monitor Deal Stages, Optimize sales

Private & Secure

  • Secure The Best Leads
  • Communicate Through Preferred Channels Safely
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Private & Secure

Manage Views

  • View Lists of Lead Details
  • Set Custom Views Based on Needs
  • Assign Individual Rights to View, Edit, or Delete
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Manage Views

Effective Collaboration

  • Assign Multiple Owners to Leads
  • Replace Lead Owners
  • Upload Notes to Lead Status
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Effective Collaboration


I have deployed Talygen tools on all my stores. It is the best thing I’ve found for automating my business processes. The other project management software providers usually fall short of one crucial tool or the other, but Talygen has got everything that I needed.

- Rebecca Andrews


Talygen provided us with the ability to track employee progress, schedule events, manage resources, and so much more. We started using Talygen in 2019, and ever since, we have been able to meet our sales targets. Since 2019, our annual sales have increased by 32%.

- Steven Mize


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, half of my team could not work. Talygen helped us streamline event planning, performance review, billing & invoicing, etc., and we were good to go. We were able to cut costs and boost sales due to Talygen.

- Sophie Cruize

CEO & Founder

Features of Customer Relationship Management

  • Track Prospects, Leads, Opportunities, And Clients
  • Convert Leads Into Projects
  • Notes
  • Track Sales
  • Manage Contacts
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Follow Ups/Reminders
  • Create Additional Contacts
  • Web And Mobile Applications
  • Products
  • Bulk Emails
  • Associate Clients
  • Import Leads In Bulk
  • Client Communication
  • Store And Share Documents
  • Information Related To The Client
  • Quotations
  • Email Templates
  • Maintain Contracts
  • Supports Sales Team
  • Create Additional Owners
  • Custom Columns And Report