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Why Talygen Appeals to Startup and Big Businesses

Taking on project management can be both exciting and intimidating and can serve as great learning experiences. At the same time, you have to keep the project moving forward, or risk missed deadlines and burnout. Time is the most valuable thing you have. It can not be saved and can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value.

If your employees work remotely, rather than in an office, the task can become almost impossible. Whether you're working remotely or with a team, tracking the time for your project will help you maintain consistency throughout. Most of the time, delay in project execution results from improper planning in terms of duration of activities and faulty tracking of project time. This can results in over 50% additional spending on the cost of the project. A Time tracking tool can help you stay organized and productive, whether you're working individually or as a team.

Talygen is a time tracking application that is simple to use and off-site workers can also use it to clock their time. It allows you to have project records that are easily accessible, with time and attendance information on your off-site workers, whenever you need the information. You can sign in from any computer that has Internet access and view or print the time and attendance information that you need to check the project progress.

Talygen provides a convenient interface that anyone can use. Time sheets can be entered in a detailed way including the start and stop time. These hours can be assigned to specific projects, clients, or tasks. Once an employee has completed a time sheet, he or she then specifies that the time sheet is complete. The employee's manager also then has an opportunity to approve or reject the employee's time entries. Budget tracking is also included to control how many billable and non billable hours can be assigned to a particular task or project. Budget overruns, incomplete time sheets, and upcoming evaluation dates can be easily tracked through the system.

Talygen's feature set is exhaustive. It can help you to keep track of your employee's projects and to keep track of their hours worked, average start times and more. Writing out these hours by hand on time sheets is sure to drive you crazy when they're working on more than two projects at the same time. This can be simplified by using a time tracking software tool. Keeping track of the time they spend on every project is the best way to ensure that you get paid for the work you perform.

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