Comprehensive Ticketing Solution



Talygen offers an advanced, comprehensive and automated Ticketing solution. It allows Support Agents to receive process and respond to the submitted Tickets. The Ticket management system enables an Organization to create their own Ticketing system to keep track of all issues. The Ticketing module can be used internally or with Customers who may have a Support issue. Regardless of whether a user is using web application or mobile app, they can use Talygen's advanced functionality to create and manage Support Tickets.

Save Tickets as Draft

Save a Ticket as a Draft Submit it Later

Talygen's Online Ticketing system helps Users to save a Ticket as a draft while its being created. It allows Users to recheck and finalize the details of the Ticket and then submit it. This feature makes it easy for the Users to switch between tasks without losing their data.

Assign Tickets

Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities

Project Managers can assign Ticket resolving responsibilities to team members of different Departments. The responsibilities can be configured at any time to meet the needs of an Organization.

Client Tickets

All Clients can Submit Tickets

With Talygen's support Ticket system, clients get an integrated solution to manage and submit their Support Tickets. This allows them to view status of Tickets, see a list of all open Tickets, review history of a Ticket, and much more.

Track Issues

Seamlessly Keep a Record of All Issues

Talygen allows Users and Clients to submit a Ticket to a specific Department within a Company. Users can then keep a track of a Ticket as the assigned Team works on resolving the issue.


Define Root Cause and Corrective Action on a Ticket

Talygen offers a state-of-the-art ticketing solution. Ticket can be easily resolved and corrective action can be taken and documented. The resolution of Ticket contains information related to the reason for which Ticket was opened and the corrective action taken. It also displays entire conversation about conclusion in a thread.

Ticket Locking Duration

Configure the Ticket Locking Time

Project Managers can set a Ticket locking duration. This allows Users to reopen a closed Ticket if the resolution is deemed unsatisfactory. However, a Ticket can only reopen if the time duration set by the managers has not been exceeded.

Ticket History

View Ticket History in Threads

Talygen's Ticketing software keeps a record of each time a Ticket is updated by anyone. The complete activity log of a Ticket is available in the Ticket history. This functionality also shows any updates and notifications that occurred with each Ticket update.

Features of Ticketing
  • Authorize Ticket Resolving Capabilities
  • Configure Size Of File Uploads
  • Add Notes
  • Transfer Tickets
  • Send Attachments
  • Send Messages On The Tickets
  • Define Conclusions
  • View Unassigned Tickets
  • Define Head Of Department
  • Enable New Ticket Notification To Admin
  • View Ticket History In A Thread
  • Desktop And Phone Application
  • Track Issues
  • Reply On Tickets
  • Priorities The Ticket
  • Ticketing For Clients
  • Receive Claims On Tickets
  • Department Specific Tickets
  • Transfer Ticket Form One Department To Another
  • Check The Approved Tickets
  • Save Tickets As Draft
  • View Reports
  • Support Tickets
  • Set Ticket Locking Duration
  • Configure Ticket Updates
  • Set Follow Ups And Reminder
  • A Unique Number For Every Ticket

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