Employee Management

Reviewing and tracking employee's tasks and progress is made simple with Talygen's easy to use employee time management software. Remote employee management gets a boost with employee task tracking software which has inbuilt screenshot and activity tracking which includes tracking of keystrokes and mouse clicks. By utilizing our turnkey services, you'll never have to manually inquire your employees about their work performances. Business Owners and Company admin's can now easily review reports from our easy to use dashboard section from the online portal located on the top navigation under our reports tab. Easy to use and hassle-free, we make it easy to look at your employee's tasks and internal operations on a daily basis with one simple, yet customizable solution. Additionally, as a company administrator you can choose when you want to review and customize reports by clients, employee performance, profitability and project status reports.


Key Features

Track Projects

Talygen helps you in employee task tracking and the projects that are being worked on by employees. The time tracking along with the screenshot feature helps managers to better understand the actual work being done. Users can track project or trip expense as well with Talygen.

Full Information

You can have a quick view of all the information related to an employee. You can quickly see their start date, the date of their last activity, the projects that they are working on, their attendance and much more.


With features like the real time work log, Talygen employee management software proves to be one of the best time keeping software available to monitor the work of your employees. The approval feature really helps managers to understand all aspects of their business and gives them more control of the overall output and workforce management.