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Employee Monitoring to Optimize Workforce Productivity

  • Track Work Productivity
  • Automated Screen Capture
  • Generate Detailed Productivity Reports
  • GPS Enabled Location Tracking
  • Track Mouse Clicks, Keystrokes, and Activity
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Managing Remote Workforces Is Easier with Talygen

Even as pandemic restrictions have eased, remote work is here to stay. Talygen’s employee monitoring solution is the best fit for businesses with remote or hybrid environments that need to organize teams, schedule projects, improve productivity, and increase their bottom line. Talygen offers employee monitoring software that integrates the best practices for managing remote teams and helps you track all aspects of your company.

Centralized Dashboard for Monitoring

Talygen provides an employee monitoring solution that facilitates tracking employees' productive hours from a single screen. It is a one-stop web-based application that provides a detailed view of all the projects with deadlines and streamlines resource scheduling to ensure on-time deliverables. The easy-to-use remote monitoring tool simplifies tracking remote staff, organizing tasks, storing and sharing multiple files, and more, all in a centralized dashboard. The software ensures full control over the teams to track active and idle time and fosters work-from-home accountability.

Remote Team Collaboration Tool

With Talygen in place, organizations can invest less and get more. The virtual team management tool enables managers to have seamless communication with the teams at the far location through messages, video conferencing, or voice calls. The intuitive and feature-rich communication tool by Talygen helps build interactive experience with teams and clients as well. Talygen's unified communication platform empowers teams to stay connected with their clients and co-workers in different time zones.

With Talygen, You Can Have It All

Talygen’s staff monitoring software delivers a complete suite of remote employee management solutions. All industries, regardless of their size and type, can benefit from remote team monitoring features such as:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Powerful Reports Generation
  • Effortless Performance Evaluation
  • Effortless Tracking On The Go
  • State-of-the-Art Monitoring
  • Cross-Platform Deployment

Built-In Time Tracker

Better time management is the key to making remote work a success. Talygen's scalable and comprehensive-time tracker keeps remote teams focused on the work that matters, prioritizes tasks and projects, and automates the workflow. The real-time activity tracker helps managers monitor the employees working from home and improves accountability. Every minute's activities are automatically recorded within the system. Additionally, the screenshot and time tracking feature adds more transparency and provides proof of every employee's productivity. Talygen offers a faster and smarter solution to track employees.

Best Productivity Tool

The employee monitoring solutions in Talygen's time-tracking software give remote workers a big picture of their productivity. The employee monitoring system tracks remote desktops and helps increase employees' productivity. The productivity analysis by Talygen encompasses the details like actual time spent on each app or website, tasks assigned, completed, pending tasks, etc. With Talygen's work from home software, you can generate productivity statistics that inform employees about their flaws and low productivity status.

Deliver Projects On Time

Talygen made project management hassle-free by taking the pain out of managing simple to complex projects. Managing your remote workforce and keeping everyone on the same page with Talygen is hassle-free. The time logged on each project is tracked, and the project progress is monitored in real-time. The automatic project scheduling within Talygen lessens the burden of managing projects by setting up the priority levels. The timesheet integrations help build a database of all the projects or tasks to offer insights into time usage and project status.

Cloud Storage & Sharing

With highly secured data storage capability, Talygen helps maintain entire business information in a centralized location. The remote workers are provided access to limited data to prevent data loss and theft. You can manage everything over the internet anytime from anywhere, from data storage to file or document sharing. Talygen's Software-as-a-Service platform automatically syncs data to the cloud for quick and easy access.

Make Remote Working Easy

Remote work is here to stay. Therefore, every business must have Talygen’s work-from-home software. Our WFH software is designed to empower organizations to create productive working environments when their employees are working from anywhere. With no limitations, Talygen is the best-in-class solution for managing remote employees. In today's modern times, Talygen's reliable, trusted, and highly secured time tracking and employee monitoring tool is truly a game-changer.

Powerful Features of Employee Monitoring Software

  • Time Tracking & Monitoring
  • Increased Accountability
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Activity Level Percentage Tracking
  • Automatic Screenshot Tracking
  • Service Board for an Overview of Tickets
  • Automated Timesheets
  • Track Website and App Usage
  • Unlimited Time Entries
  • Remote Workforce Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • SMS Alert Notifications
  • Virtual Staff Meetings
  • Stealth Mode Monitoring
  • Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing
  • Robust Reporting
  • Built-In Ticketing System
  • Hierarchal System
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Project-Based Messages
  • Asset Location Tracking
  • Asset Management System
  • Direct/Group Chat
  • Effective Event Management
  • Set Random Screenshot Interval
  • Lead and Deal Tracking
  • File Attachments to Messages


Rebecca Andrews


I have deployed Talygen tools on all my stores. It is the best thing I’ve found for automating my business processes. The other project management software providers usually fall short of one crucial tool or the other, but Talygen has got everything that I needed.

Steven Mize


Talygen provided us with the ability to track employee progress, schedule events, manage resources, and so much more. We started using Talygen in 2019, and ever since, we have been able to meet our sales targets. Since 2019, our annual sales have increased by 32%.

Sophie Cruize

CEO & Founder

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, half of my team could not work. Talygen helped us streamline event planning, performance review, billing & invoicing, etc., and we were good to go. We were able to cut costs and boost sales due to Talygen.