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Track your time effectively with Talygen - Online Time Tracking Software

Talygen helps you and your staff track time in an effective manner and perform different functions from one core application. It takes no time to set Talygen up on a system and you can start tracking time instantly with this online time tracking software. Besides all the things, Talygen provides you with extensive graphical reports thereby helping you determine the correct resource allocation of your company or office. Try Talygen today and give a boost to your business productivity.

This time tracking software can be used by freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams from varied fields. Talygen is the most recommended tool for companies and individuals who want to track, bill and utilize their time effectively.

Requirements for using Talygen

Talygen is a time tracking software which runs online so to use it you just require an internet connection and any latest version of a web browser. Moreover, you don′t need to install anything for running talygen on your workstations. Besides, Talygen comes with a 24/7 support assistance which makes it more reliable and dependable to use.

Get a paid version of Talygen today and start monitoring your team′s productivity on the go!