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Talygen - An Online Time Tracking Tool for Your Business

What is Talygen?

It is an online time tracking tool that has been especially designed and developed to track the time spent on variety of activities in an organization, like employee time clock, employee overtime, sick time, time spent on a particular task/project, etc. It is one of the best online time tracking tools available in the market. The software synchronizes immaculately with a cloud-based time tracking application, thereby providing an accurate timekeeping solution. It is one of the best methods to track projects, subprojects, employees, attendance, overtime, and numerous other things.

Key Features of Talygen

Easy to Install - It is extremely easy to install and does not require any specialist to do so. Unlike other time tracking software solutions, one does not need to go through lengthy menus, but just needs to download the application and go through an easy registration process.

Easy to Use - Unlike other time tracking tools available in the market, Talygen is very easy to use. It can also be used via desktop, an iPhone, iPad, or any Android smartphone. This online time tracking tool also gives employees the freedom to register from anywhere, anytime.

Easily Customizable - Whether it is a large organization, a medium-sized enterprise, or a start-up concern, Talygen is suitable for each and any size of business. It is easily customizable and can produce desired reports in matter of seconds and clicks.

Precise - It is absolutely accurate and foolproof. Whether it is about tracking employees, their payroll, attendance, overtime, sick time, or anything else - the online time tracking tool does it perfectly. It is also one of the best methods to track projects and subprojects.

Versatile - The online software can be used with any kind of business. Its ease of use across different businesses makes it truly versatile. It has enabled many businesses to focus on projects, employee productivity, etc. All in all, it is a great time tracking solution for any kind of business.

Data Backup and Other Options - This online tracker not only provides timekeeping solutions, but also keeps a backup of all the data related to employees, attendance, projects, subprojects, etc. In addition to this, it also gives you the option to export all the data into easy spreadsheet formats, like CSV, Microsoft Excel, etc. It is capable of generating error-free reports within minutes.

A Complete Solution

In addition to being useful in tracking employee time, attendance, overtime, sick time, etc., it is highly beneficial for businesses doing project-related work. It is also extremely beneficial for businesses that outsource their work as projects. Generating client invoices is just a click away with this web-based time tracking software solution, and that too with complete transparency. It is highly beneficial for project managers who have to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

All in all, Talygen is the best time tracking solution for any business that wants to keep a track of all its projects, employees, and clients. The online timekeeping solution lets businesses save a lot on valuable resources like time and money.

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