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Mobile and Desktop Time Tracking Solutions from Talygen

Talygen, one of the best time tracking software solutions available in the market, can be accessed via your smartphones now. The makers of this timekeeping software have developed an app for Android and iPhone users. While the Android time tracking app can be installed easily in your Android smartphone, the iPhone and iPad users can track each and everything using Talygen′s iPhone time tracking app. For those who do not have access to either of the technologies do not have to be sad, for there is always a desktop time tracking version available for them.

Indeed, it is one of the best time tracking software solutions in the market. By developing the Android time tracking app, iPhone time tracking app, and the desktop time tracking version of this tracking tool, the app-makers have increased its scope and usage to manifold. Apps are the present and future of the mobile devices, and all the timekeeping and similar other things in future will be done while on the move. The developers, by developing Android time tracking app, iPhone time tracking app, and the desktop time tracking version have made sure that the product does not get left behind in any vertical, for Android and iphone form the base of smartphones in present and in future.

Below are some benefits of using mobile time tracking solutions like Android time tracking app and iPhone time tracking app.

Remote Accessibility to -

o Employees - Employees can register their in/out time, overtime, training time, and lot of other activities utilizing their Android or iPhone time tracking app.

o Employers - Employers/entrepreneurs can track each and every project-related and employee-related detail using their iPhone or Android time tracking app.

o Project Managers - The app is particularly useful for project managers who have to manage multiple projects and subprojects simultaneously. It might seem easier initially, but the process becomes confusing and cumbersome when one starts keeping a track of subprojects. Using Talygen′s mobile apps for iPhone and Android, project managers can have access to information relating to their projects, subprojects, contractors, clients, etc. very easily.

o HR Personnel - Using their Android and iOS smartphones, HR personnel can see attendance, overtime, and every other detail of each and every employee. These apps enable the personnel to have all the information at hand.

Other Benefits of Using Talygen

Easy Installation - This timekeeping software solution installs very easily in your mobile device and/or desktop. You need not be an expert in installing software or go through confusing menus to install it. It is easy, quick, and instant.

Easy Usability - It is extremely easy to use - whether on desktop or mobile. Timekeeping and project tracking is not a problem anymore.

Accurate - It is highly precise and completely foolproof. You can have exact details about your employees′ attendance, overtime, training time, sick time, projects, subprojects, and many other things utilizing this tool.

Using this tracking tool via your mobile devices makes sure you stay informed and not miss on anything that matters.

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