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Benefits of Online Time Tracking Software

Is time tracking of employees a headache for you? Don't worry; automating your company's time tracking system comes with numerous benefits with high efficiency and great savings.

Time tracking means tracing of the time that you spent on particular tasks and projects for your clients. Online time tracking software automatically captures time and provides you options to view, accommodate/modify and report time. It helps you to create your project plans, run reports and manage time sheets. It also tells you how much of your project has been completed on time and how much is yet to be done. It gives you an accurate status of each project task, against your planned target list and the total time and money spent to date. With the help of this you can keep an eye on the status of your project at any time.

You can use online time tracking software for various functions as tracking your schedule, resources, tracking attendance, changes and issues. Online time tracking improves the team's productivity by giving regular project information, spent hours, billable hours or for non-billable hours. It virtually reduces the employee ideal time.

If you have a small organization with less space, you can allow your employees to work from home and can easily track their working hours online and keep real time tabs on who is working on which task and what they are doing, where they are spending their major and minor chunks of time. It is also beneficial for international organizations which have branches in different time zones, allowing managers to track work being done at a far away location.

Online time tracking software lets you retrieve the data anytime as it is stored online and can be accessed on any computer/mobile device having an internet connection. With this facility it reduces your paper work as you do not need to take printouts and carry them around. For senior supervisors, time tracking software acts as a timetable of each employee.

Talygen is an online time tracking software that free's up resource's time so they can concentrate more on work and less managing and tracking time. It gives you all the above mentioned benefits and also keeps your project's scope and budget under control.