Resource Scheduling

Effortlessly Manage Employee
Work Schedule


Resource Scheduling

An Organized and well managed Workforce is the key to managing Projects and deadlines. Talygen offers a comprehensive Resource Scheduling Solution to seamlessly schedule work for Employees and manage them in the most productive manner. The module allows Company Admins to assign Tasks to their Team easily. It provides various features and functionalities which can easily scale upwards as your scheduling requirements grow. The system empowers Users with more control and flexibility than any other software on the market. The system works like an Employee database software that maintains all the information related to your Employees, while keeping all of the data on the Cloud.

Check Time Availability

Review Resource Availability

Talygen’s Resource Scheduler is a flexible and configurable module that can be used by Business Managers to assign and schedule an Employee’s work. Managers can easily check the availability of Users and assign Tasks accordingly for their available time.

Set Off Days as Work Days

Schedule Work for Off Days

Talygen’s Resource Scheduler is built to increase the work productivity of Employees by scheduling an Employee’s Tasks. The system allows for the scheduling of work on a normal off day to meet the needs of an Organization. This allows for urgent Tasks to be assigned to meet short deadlines.

Graphical Representation: Easy to Understand

Presenting Data More Effectively

The graphical representation of Talygen’s Resource Scheduler makes it easier to understand and interpret the data. It makes the process of scheduling Tasks simple and meaningful.

Schedule Resources

Seamlessly Assign Tasks to Resources

Talygen enables Managers to schedule Employees work ahead of time. It ensures the effective distribution of work across all available resources. This allows Company Admins to use their resources in the most effective and productive way possible.

Directly Reschedule

Easily Drag Scheduled Time to Reschedule

Project Managers can increase the time period for working on a Project by simply dragging the assigned Resource Task Bar for an Employee. This way the Manager can directly increase the time limit without going through the entire process of assigning and saving a Task.

Alternative Screen to Assign Task

Alternative Screen to Directly Assign Tasks to the Employees

Talygen also offers an alternative screen from where Managers can assign Tasks directly to Employees. The assigned Task for a Project can be set for a specific day or for a date interval with the specific hours to be worked.

Per day or Hourly Basis

Schedule on Per Day or Hourly Basis

The Talygen application enables Managers to schedule work for Users for a specific time frame, or for the certain hours in a day. It is built to match User requirements to assign Tasks on a per day or hourly basis.


Signals an Employee is Over Scheduled

Talygen’s Resource Scheduler has been designed to look after all of your Business’s needs. In the event an Employee is over scheduled, the Manager will be notified.

Directly Assign Task

One Screen for Assigning Tasks to all Resources

The Resource Scheduler allows a Manager to assign Tasks and Projects to a number of Users. The Manager can check the availability and assign Tasks to all the resources of a Company from a single screen.

Features of Resource Scheduling
  • Schedule Multiple Resources/ Users At A Time
  • Schedule Shift Wise
  • Drag To Reschedule
  • Zoom In And Zoom Out
  • Graphical Representation
  • Schedule In Days Or Weeks
  • Schedule Resources On Projects & Tasks
  • Schedule In Detail
  • Add/Assign A Task
  • Check Time Availability
  • Email Notification For Task
  • Schedule For Specific Hours
  • Alternative Screen To Assign Task
  • Set Off Days Working
  • Plan A Work Schedule
  • Highlight Overburdened
  • Schedule On Per Day Basis