Project Management Software

By utilizing Talygen's turnkey services, you can easily manage all of your projects and tasks in one convenient solution. Web based project or task time tracker can benefit your business by offering the following tools:

Key Features

Management of Projects

The users can view the listing of all the projects and can control the projects from the listing. The user can compare the estimated hours to the actual hours tracked for the project.

Keep Track Of All the Projects

The user can view the details of the projects, can see the hours tracked on a particular project and can also view the files uploaded for a project.


Different team members of a project can easily communicate with each other through Talygen. The online Project Management tool helps in keeping track of the communication between the users. The users can also share files and documents related to a project.



  1. Monitor start and end dates more effectively.
  2. Review screenshots to ensure productivity.
  3. Interact with the team using message board.
  4. Upload and store documents in secure and safe cloud storage.
  5. Manage Milestones to help you track project progress.
  6. Review, export and print spreadsheets, PDF's and other project reports.

Talygen's web based Project Management Software helps in planning; organizing and managing the users involved in a project and create estimates. Projects contain the overview, Messages, Task, Milestone, Files and Team involved and complete history is maintained.



  • Overview information on how long tasks will take to complete.
  • Historical information on how a project has progressed.
  • Optimum utilization of available resource.
  • Cost Maintenance.
  • Offers instant communication.
  • Create milestones and generate Invoices against them.

See Where the Day Went

Talygen's online project management software offers business owners or company admin's the ability to see what exactly team members are doing at any given point in the day. This allows companies to have instant feedback of what is going on internally within the company. Clients can also send reports to colleagues to ensure their business is running seamlessly.

Task Lists

Talygen has created an innovative project management service that ensures projects are completed on the dedicated deadline by dividing the overall project into niche manageable tasks. The Task list allows you to group multiple tasks within a single project.