Talygen iPhone Application

Talygen is an iPhone Business Management App which allow you to keep track of your billable time, manage relationships with customers via CRM tool, and track expenses via expense tracker, manage leaves via HRM and raise Tickets through ticketing system. It has an easy-to-use interface which saves your time and allows you to work on different modules with an ease. The iPhone app works with the Talygen SaaS/Cloud/web application.

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What is new in version 4.3.0?

It is designed to help users through each and every aspect of their business. The key focus of the application has been to make the app more user-friendly and help managing one’s business easier.

Managing business had never been this much easier but this new version guides you through the step-by-step process of assigning, reporting and managing tasks on daily basis.

All the glitches that one faces in maintaining records/ fighting discrepancies/ creating new prospects are sorted in this version. It can help in clearing storage and retrieval, ticketing and scheduling, tracking expenses and so on.

There are options for shifts, breaks, priorities, channel, status, departments, users and so on in the company set up.

Various details related to the employees from different sections of the company such as SEO, QA, PHP, Statistics etc. can be tracked. You can view holidays, calendar, check history and schedule plans accordingly.

This new version has features like expense tracker and CRM; the Billable and as non-billable tasks can also be tracked through application.

What you need to get started?

Download the Talygen iPhone time tracking application and login into the app to get started.

Optionally you can login to web app and add project data, which can be used for specific project and task based time tracking in the app.

People who charge clients on hourly basis, manage leaves of their employees, holidays, tickets, leads etc. use Talygen for their business needs. We cater clients from different domains such as IT companies, photographers, lawyers, doctors, contractors or freelancers etc.

The data is stored online in a cloud server so whatever functionality you use from your android app, it is always safe. By using the web app you can export various types of reports including billability reports in PDF or Excel formats and can charge your clients accordingly.

Talygen Android Business Management Automation is a cloud based application which assures the security and safety of your online data. You just need to download Talygen Business Management Automation Android application on your android device, sign in using your account details and your data is back & you can track time easily.

Talygen allows you to keep track of your employees. If you are running a company, you can create Talygen accounts for your employees. If they move offsite, you can keep track of their time using the web app or Android to punch in/out of a project. You can see real time updates of your employees through the web app and can bill your employee’s time to your clients.