Client Portal

Increase Transparency and
Accountability with Clients


Client Portal

Smooth and transparent communications between an Organization and its Clients is a key factor for the successful completion of a Project. Keeping this in mind, Talygen has designed a Client Portal System that boosts communication and improves the sharing of digital files, services, and information with Clients. We offer a unique Client Login feature, which provides access to the Control Panel for Clients, allowing them to seamlessly track their Project’s progress. It also enables Company Admins to interact with their Team and Clients via a Message Board and share documents, files, and reports. Talygen also offers a huge suite of powerful modules to seamlessly manage Clients.

Associate Clients with a Project

Allow Your Clients to Seamlessly Monitor Their Project's Progress

Talygen’s Client Portal increases transparency and accountability within the Organization. Company Admins and Project Managers can simply associate a Client with a specific Project. It allows Clients to access and monitor the progress of a Project using additional modules within Talygen.

Monitor Work Progress

Let Your Clients See What’s Happening

Talygen offers a Client Login feature that provides access to Projects being worked on and allows Clients to effortlessly track its progress. Clients can easily monitor the Project with the help of modules such as Time Tracking, Activity Tracker, Client Portals, Reports, and much more.

File Dashboard with Cloud Storage Access

A Distinctive File Dashboard with Complete Data Security Storage on The Cloud

Talygen provides a File Dashboard with storage access on the Cloud. Users can upload and then share a document with their Client or Team on the Project. The system is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and other file systems, so Users can upload a file and view it later.

Time and Expense Approval

For Smooth Evaluation and Simple Approval of Time and Expense Entries

Talygen offers the latest Enterprise-level approval system. Clients can monitor work and time entries of the Users on their Projects, they can send the work back for correction, and reject or approve it. Expense entries can also be evaluated and approved as needed.

View Invoices

Easily View Invoices for Projects

Talygen offers an intuitive Invoicing System. The system allows Users to create and manage Invoices. Clients can easily view Invoices received for their Projects. They can also analyze the Invoice and make Payments for Projects all from within the Client Portal.


An Automated System to Track and Report Issues

Talygen provides an advanced Ticketing System. Users can create a Ticket for an issue and track the progress of it. A Ticket can be assigned to a specific User within the Company. A Ticket can also be assigned to your Company by your Client who is using the system.

Project Request Feature

Get Repeat Work from Your Clients

Talygen provides a unique Project Request feature that allows Business Managers to receive repeat business from existing Clients. Clients can easily and quickly request a quote for a new Project. The Company can then quickly respond to the quote. If the quote is accepted by the Client then the Project Managers can begin working on it immediately.

View Future Invoices

See Future Invoice and Estimate Upcoming Payments

With Talygen's Invoicing system, Clients can see the expected amount to be paid for future recurring Invoices. They can easily estimate the approximate amount to be paid for Projects, based on the upcoming Invoices.

Features of Client Portal
  • Configurable Status to Manage Leads
  • Integrated with Google Calendar
  • Ticketing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Flag Track Entry
  • Knowledge based Articles
  • Time and Expense Approval
  • View Future Invoice Payment
  • File Dashboard with Cloud Storage
  • Quotations
  • Associate Client
  • View Future Invoice
  • Create Company Holidays
  • Personalized Reply Templates
  • Client Information Management
  • Client’s Availability for the Event
  • View Invoices
  • Activity Tracker
  • Project Request Feature
  • Configure Client Visibility
  • Add Client’s Company locations
  • Associate with multiple Companies