Automatic Screenshot Tracker

Automatic Screenshot Tracker

Keeping track of the employees is very important for any organization. To make the management easy, Talygen provides the feature to capture screenshots along with time tracking. Now clients and project managers can track project progress in real time and keep an eye on their team to ensure productivity. Talygen also provides a special feature which allows Managers to enable/disable screenshots for a particular project, this allows them to control which projects have time tracking with screenshots enabled.

Project Managers/Clients can now see what their onsite or offsite employees are doing on a daily basis. You can provide detail to your clients to validate your work. Talygen's time tracker with automatic screenshots offers you the ability to capture screenshots of users either visibly or invisibly.

Key Features

Work log

The users can view the auto screenshots of the work being done through the use of the desktop applications. Users can view the daily work log on the web application with the screenshots as well as activities performed. Managers can see exactly what the resource was working on. Activity tracking along with keystrokes and mouse clicks are also recorded with Talygen's automatic activity tracker.


The Work log helps in the supervision and monitoring of the resources. The Managers and the clients can view the screenshots of the time tracked by users. This helps managers and clients to have better insight and better control over their projects.

Project and Individual User Screenshots

The screenshots can be viewed by project and by user. This helps in keeping the track of the screenshot of the users in any particular project.



  1. Visibility to PM to check employee activity for a particular project.
  2. Better control by allowing PM to enable/disable automatic screenshot feature for a particular project.
  3. Selective use of screenshot feature to track employee performance.
  4. Client can review screenshots before paying for work.
  5. Screenshots can act as an evidence for the work being performed.
  6. Available only for desktop applications (Windows/Linux/MAC).
  7. Screenshots allow to tide over any billing and payment disputes with clients.
  8. Users have option to discard or delete any irrelevant screenshots.