Asset Management

Seamless, Easier, and more Accurate Asset Management


Asset Management

Tracking and managing Assets is an important Enterprise task that enables Management and security of all Company Assets. Talygen offers a state of art Asset Management solution that saves time, money, and Management headache. The Asset tracking system allows an Organization to monitor and manage tangible and intangible Assets in your network from the planning to the disposal phases. It allows you to deploy, operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of Assets cost effectively. Talygen maintains a secure backup of information on the Cloud regarding all of your Corporate Assets.

Requisition Timeout

Set Timeout Duration for Requisitions

With Talygen’s advanced Asset Management system, Users can add a requisition for an Asset. An optional timeout duration can be configured to meet the Organization’s needs. For example, Users can initially be given ten minutes after which the requisitions will timeout and the User will be required to restart the form.

Track Asset

Seamlessly Track the Life of an Asset

Talygen seamlessly tracks both physical and electronic property, making their Management more efficient, accurate, faster, and easier. It keeps a full record of the entire life cycle of an Asset.

Asset Requisition

Request for a New Asset

Talygen allows for the easy addition of a new Asset. Users can request a new Asset with the Asset requisition module. They can also issue a requisition for an Asset that is assigned to another User.

Pending Requisitions

Track Pending Requisitions

Users can view pending requisitions that have not been assigned to them. Business Managers and Company Admins can view all pending requisitions on a single screen and assign an Asset to the desired User.

Asset Barcodes

Efficiently keep Asset Records with Barcodes

Talygen allows Users to enter Asset barcodes in the system. It keeps a record of the Asset barcodes to eliminate any possibility of human error. User can also search for an Asset using the recorded barcode.

Life Cycle Management

Manage the Entire Life Cycle of an Asset

The Asset tracking module allows Users to manage Assets through its full life cycle. The life cycle Management starts when the Asset is initially received. Requisitions, assigning a new Asset, Asset rotation between Users, date range of assigning Assets, and more are all tracked.

Asset Details

View the Assigned Details of an Asset

Business Managers and Company Admins can view all of the details related to all the Assets for the Company. Authorized Users are able to view details such as Asset Requisitions, Asset Assignment details, Asset Rotation details, and much more.

Manage Rotation Cycle

Effortlessly Manage Asset Rotation Cycle

Talygen seamlessly manages the Asset Rotation cycles. The module tracks Assets from the moment it is registered, through its Rotation cycle among various Users till its disposal stage.

Features of Asset Management Module
  • Track Tangible and Intangible Assets
  • Time Saving
  • Faster and Easier
  • Limit Requisitions
  • View Pending Requisitions
  • Minimum Time To Raise A Requisition
  • Asset Barcodes
  • Asset Requisition
  • Cloud storage Integration
  • Assets Life Cycle Management
  • Asset Rotation Cycle Management
  • Asset Catalogue
  • View Asset details
  • Requisition Checkout Time