Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 11.0 Live May 24th, 2022
Following are the Enhancements for release 11.0:-

1. Project Management
  • Users will be able to delete one or more selected tasks from the task listing screen.
  • Users will be able to add a quote from the quote listing screen.
  • New stage and phase can now be added from the project details screen.
  • Users can view the project's progress based on the time tracked by the assigned team from the project listing screen.
  • The user/ client will get notified whenever an existing quote is about to expire.
  • The project listing screen is now equipped with a manage view dropdown, allowing the user to change the view from the listing screen only.
  • Users will be able to delete templates from the manage template option on the project listing screen.
  • Users will be able to edit the project from the project view mode.
  • Users will be able to pin favorite projects from the project listing screen.
  • Users will be prompted to save their changes if they try and navigate away without saving their changes.
  • Users will be able to search the project/tasks from the project details screen.
  • Talygen has implemented a new personalized dashboard for each user.

2. Timer
  • The percentage of the task completed can be seen while the user is tracking the time for the task.
  • Users will be able to search time entries from the manage time track screen.
  • Users will be able to search in any of the dropdown fields on any listing screen.
  • Users will be able to upload the attachment to the time tracked from the time track manage screen.
  • Users will be able to pin the view of the manage time track screen.
  • Users will be able to clone the last week's timesheet in the timesheet upload screen.
  • Users get the confirm submission prompt upon sending the timesheet for approval.
  • Users will be able to clone the time entries for different users.
  • Users gets an error message if there is an error while uploading for bulk time entry.
  • The shift is not mandatory while uploading data in bulk time entry.
  • We have now increased the frequency of the screenshots taken in an hour for the work diary.
  • Added filters for the user to view the timesheet of the users accordingly.

3. Field Service Management
  • Service appointments for all your utility visits can now be set up using Talygen.
  • Track the assigned and unassigned services using Talygen service appointments.
  • You can view the appointment in the listing as well as the Gantt view.
  • Create and customize the forms and checklist of the users working on the service appointments and tickets.
  • Change the calendar view today, week, and month to view all appointments.
  • Create and manage work types and link CDC codes.
  • Talygen now lets you parse your emails and convert them into tickets that automatically get assigned to the users.
  • One screen to setup different type of ticket source.
  • We now support 27 out of 50 USA states for 811 tickets.

4. Talygen Storefront
  • Implementation of .Net 5 in Talygen Storefront.
  • Now user can choose subscription on annually basis also.
  • Implement new subscription design.

5. Subscription
  • New subscription changes implemented in Talygen application and Talygen website. Users will now be able to purchase Talygen directly from the Talygen website. You can choose a single module or multi-module package.
  • Talygen admin can now set up multiple discount types like coupon code, timely discount, module-based discount, and package discount.
  • The billing date can now be chosen while making the purchase.
  • While adding Package and addon, there is an option "Show on Website". If its value yes then it will show on website else not.
  • There is also an option of free trial, that are configuration based
6. BLE
  • Talygen mobile application for android now supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Devices and provides integration with them.
  • Users can scan and add BLE devices using the mobile application.
  • We have added this feature in Asset Management Module with Beacon Reader.
  • BLE will work with 2 types of user Supervisor and as a Locator.
7. Screenshot
  • Project screenshots can be blurred by enabling the blurred screenshot from the project configuration.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 11.0

#649804 - Project management-->Project listing-->page 3 page of listing-->Select projects and mark as favourite-->it shows that listing project at top of listing on 3 pages only should be on top of page 1.
#650194 - Project management-->Dashboard-->To-do list-->check screenshot, filter to select project is visible but not working. Assigned projects and tasks are not appearing here.
#541725 - Project-->Resource Impact--> after search user is not able to select today's date. After clicking on today's date nothing happens.
#632280 - CRM --> Lead by status report --> Closed and in progress, status does not appear on the bar chart.
#639669 - Company Setup --> Users --> Action button --> Click on induction mail/feedback mail --> It gives validation message of company does not have SMTP credentials.
#639673 - Company Setup --> Users --> After applying role of user (update roles) --> go to user detail --> design issue at role field --> Role field should appear in the box with disabled.
#642052 - Time Tracking --> Login --> Start the time track from the header --> now click on edit icon --> click on update button --> it keeps on loading.
#639222 - Human Resource --> Candidate List --> Add Candidate --> Select CV and then select Job --> Error alert appears.
#641618 - Time Tracking --> Work diary --> select screenshot and make it flag --> Now check in the flagged screenshot screen, it does not appear in that screen.
#632335 - Performance Review --> Provide Review --> Click on report view --> Error message appears on the Report.
#589672 - FSM-->Zone Management-->Click on view-->On the map click on the edit icon to edit polygons. Now there is no option to cancel editing.
#647864 - Company Setup--> Safari --> Manage Tax --> Drop-down appears blank in the web but on mobile devices, 2 options are coming.
#594334 - Training --> Add Training --> Open same training --> Open same training details --> Venue field should not be mentioned if training is online.
#644862 - Ticketing-->Login -->Add New Ticket-->User not able to delete ticket because delete option not available under action button.
#596512 - Event Management-->Dashboard-->As per the approved design, widgets are not visible in my view and in the team view.
#360018 - Asset Management-->Manage Product-->Search by location not working if I select a location from the dropdown and press the search button.
#648600 - Time Tracking-->Timesheet approvals-->Select record and click on reject/approve-->check screenshot, in comment pop up undefined is visible.
#648605 - Time Tracking-->Timesheet approvals-->Select record and click on reject/approve icon-->not working-->after submit it shows error.
#657490 - Ticketing--> Delete Ticket-->shows 500 error.
#147378 - Invoice-->Flag records-->Navigate to the bulk move tab and see the no record(s) it is appearing on the left side of the page.
#147388 - Users--> Edit--> Advance Setting--> Reset and send password functionality is not working.
#147524 - Asset Management-->My Requisition-->When we add requisition, comment field does not contain colon(:).
#182813 - Custom field --> There is no option to add a custom field for users but there is a tab in user for the custom field.
#510281 - CRM--->Sales Order ---> Listing ---> change the status of a record to "Close", and the user is able to delete and edit that record.
#509787 - CRM--->Price book ---> Add ---> Custom field not appearing, only field name appearing.
#652630 - Ticketing-->Ticket Details--> Update ticket --> close a ticket then reopen the ticket, User navigated to the listing screen and validation appeared instead of reopening the ticket.
#652662 - Ticketing-->Ticket Details--> Feedback --> star and objective fields --> if there are two objective fields, make changes in last field, other objective get also changed incorrectly.
#653250 - Ticketing --> Dashboard --> To do list --> Search --> incorrect validation message appearing.
#653966 - User --> Update user --> User Break tab --> Add a skill then navigate to User break tab, reload the page, system navigate the user to Goal tab and shows success message incorrectly.
#642047 - Time Tracking--> Time Track -->Start the timer and then click on pause the timer --> It keeps on loading.
#650809 - Time Tracking--> Timesheet --> Click on save as draft --> It gives a message of "Are you sure you want to send these records for approval?"
#652374 - Time Tracking--> Work Diary --> Click on more on screenshot --> Comment on the screenshot --> Time appears differently as compared to the time zone.
#651640 - FSM--> Chrome--> Field Service Ticket -->Open ticket ---> it does not show Map inside the ticket, Map box map is applied.
#649230 - Time Tracking--> Time Track --> Start the timer and stop the timer after some time --> add attachment option still appears on the screen after stopping the timer.
#648492 - Time Tracking--> Time Track --> Make paused entry --> Now go to listing --> change the start time and click on save --> It gives a success message but it shows old time.
#632634 - Expense --> Expense Report --> Search --> System showing error.
#634074 - Ticketing --> Ticketing Dashboard--> To do list --> View--> Activities --> view ticket conclusion, click eye icon again, system stop showing conclusion.
#580315 - Company Setup--->Search Vendors ---> Open location search dropdown, category dropdown gets closed by itself and after this Expand/collapse all not working correctly.
#582469 - Hiring--> Policy-->Search Filter-->Click on expand collapse button -->not working properly. Arrows are always visible in an upward direction.
#600026 - Expense --> Expense Dashboard --> Expense report --> click on zoom out option of any report --> take the cursor on zoom-in option --> text appears different on both in tooltip.
#587500 - Event Management ---> Event Listing---> Add Event ---> Event Description --->Enter more than allowed character --> Incorrect validation message.
#560967 - Ticketing ---> Dashboard --->To Do List ---> View ---> Reply/ Assign ---> Success message pop up design is not correct.
#632063 - Ticketing -->Ticket Details --> Merge --> user not able to merge the tickets. Nothing happens when user click on submit.
#569522 - Ticketing Dashboard --> Click on zoom out for any widget --> click on any listing (it will disappear) --> now hover the mouse on the pie chart --> it start showing in the listing.
#583987 - Training --> Add Training --> User can enter duration time as 3 min but when a user enters 2 min it gives a validation message of "Duration hours must be between 30 minutes to 10 hours."
#632104 - Communication-->IVR--->It shows Internal Server Error.
#600168 - Performance Review--->Skill ---> Employees should not allow changing their Proficiency with the manager.
#593836 - Hiring--->Job List --->Job details--->Candidate List--->Delete the record---> success message appearing in old design.
#594062 - Doc. Storage-->Dashboard-->Click on add folder-->Manage folder-->User guide-->no information about parent folder field and user department field.
#631951 - Appointment Calendar--> Appointment service-->Add--> Cancel button should be in red colour.
#596134 - Event Management--->Dashboard--->Team view--->now click on my view, the system not switching the records.
#598910 - Ticketing-->Add Ticket--->Select client--->search the client, reset the search now clients not appearing in dropdown.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.2 Live Nov 26th, 2021
Following are the Enhancements for release 10.2:-

1. Wizard
  • User will now get the Wizard icon on the dashboard screen which will help user to create new leads, tickets and users with minimum clicks.

2. Dashboard
  • Users will get the dedicated dashboard for CRM and will be able to see the static view of all leads and To-do-list on the dashboard screen.
  • Uses will get the dedicated dashboard for Event Management along with To-do-list.

3. Sample Data
  • When users will login into the application very first time, they will get the sample data for the various modules like General, Project Management, Assets Management, FSM, Human resources, Event Management and User Management.

4. CRM
  • Task will be added for all pending events in the CRM.
  • You can now convert lead to deal and identify the associated contacts.

5. Expense
  • New Design is implemented for Expense Management.
  • User will now be able to see data in card and Kanban view.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.2

#584707 - Ticketing --> View a ticket --> Claim --> Reject a claim --> It should says claim is rejected similarly what it says what it says when the claim is approved.
#594140 - Expense-->Expense listing--> Expense with approval pending status Checkbox should not be clickable.
#593284 - Web(Windows)---> Hiring(app)---> Job List ---> Add Job ---> select status then click on preview, nothing happens.
#312807 - Appointment Calendar---> Appointment External Link--->UI Issue - design needs to be fixed.
#593306 - Hiring---> Candidate List ---> Status not appearing, system showing only a straight line in status column and if user click on sort button then many columns disappears.
#538823 - CRM-->Lead-->Click on action button-->check screen screenshot the count next to notes not correct also includes private notes of other user.
#570271 - Project-->To do list-->Past Activity-->Timesheet for week already approved by user but still user able to update time tracked entry.
#554144 - Project-->Project Detail-->Virtual user configuration tab-->if default Project manager add virtual user for himself and 'Virtual User Track Only' set as yes then that project also disappear from default project listing.
#582921 - Hiring-->Talent Pool-->Any user can access deleted talent pool edit page and view detail page by just changing the id in url.
#583251 - Hiring-->Talent Pool-->View talent pool detail-->Experience tab -->Check screenshot and fix that following issues:- 1) Duration of experience not visible here (check after both add and edit talent pool). 2) Don't show blank Occupation/T.
#583256 - Hiring-->Talent Pool-->Add/Edit talent pool--> Fix the following issue:- 1) After save entered summary text disappear. 2) Also on talent pool detail summary of experience not visible.
#550570 - Project Management-->Task-->task is not assigned to user but still it is able to edit progress of task.
#589341 - Expense-->Expense listing--> Expense with approval pending status Checkbox should be clickable.
#583998 - Expense--> Bulk Upload -> On Bulk upload page -> Click validate expense list button.-->Full stop should either be removed or must be same for both validations.
#560487 - Ticketing--->Dashboard-->Change Status-->Kanban view, it redirect the user to do list of project. Which is wrong.
#570237 - Project Management-->Project Detail-->Team Tab-->Open page 2-->De-associate any user-->it redirect user to page 1 of listing but still page 2 is selected in pagination. Should redirect user to page 2 of pagination.
#514978 - Event management-->View Event-->Activity and check list tab-->Add/Edit the to-do list -->Synchronization between to-do list here and task list under project detail is not proper. Some fields are visible.
#584349 - Project Management-->To-Do list-->in ticket task, tag is always visible as blank and also there is no way to assign tag to ticket task.
#589008 - Time Tracking-->Project status is cancelled but still it is visible under project field dropdown and user able to track time on it.
#516643 - Event Management-->Event Listing-->in card view-->click on Multiple Event List-->there are many activities for event but here its showing no record found.
#563383 - Company Setup--->User-->Edit User-->Feedback Tab-->select feedback-->click on delete button-->in confirmation pop up click on cancel-->check screenshot, delete button visible as disabled which is wrong.
#587863 - CRM ---> Lead ---> Details ---> Additional owners ---> Login with same additional owner --> Go to product under CRM --> add product --> It keeps on loading.
#585924 - Doc-Storage --> Dashboard --> Select any folder --> Now share file to any user --> Now login with same user --> File does not appears on user file dashboard.
#583241 - Hiring-->Talent pool-->Add/Edit talent pool-->Attach Documents-->Document type-->in dropdown its showing value from other company.
#589268 - FSM-->Ticket Listing-->Quick View-->Attachment-->Add Attachment-->choose disallowed file type and click on Save-->instead of showing validation error, Screen stuck at loading icon.
#578613 - FSM-->Field Service Ticket-->Ticket Detail-->WO-->add incident-->then edit the same added incident, check screenshot it is visible as blank.
#578626 - FSM-->Field Service Ticket-->Ticket Detail-->Map extent-->delete any record-->its showing error.
#553832 - Event Management-->Manage Event-->Team Tab-->Add Team-->In the new pop-up click on Cancel button-->Nothing happens--> Cancel button is not working.
#582454 - Project Management --> Project --> Project details --> Task tab --> Try to delete --> last notes does not removed after successful message and No record found message also appears.
#588778 - FSM-->Ticket Detail-->Work Order Tab-->user able to add work order with same Work order number.
#572135 - Human Resource-->Candidate Profile-->Schedule Interview-->In dark mode check screenshot fix the design.
#570253 - Time Tracking-->Legend not working properly. Time added manually but here it is showing bulk move legend.
#582464 - Project Management --> Project --> Project Details --> Task Tab --> 2 notes are added in the 2nd level of child task but on notes, counting showing 0.
#564558 - Project Management -->Project-->Project detail-->Team member De-Associate from project but still that team member visible under team listing while assign task and user able to assign task to that team member.
#583126 - Event management ---> Activity and Checklist Tab ---> Manage Task ---> Plan End date get disappeared when current date reach to the plan end date.
#550147 - Project Management--->Project Road Map-->After search project, on calendar its not showing all tasks of project but when same project searched with other projects its showing all tasks of that project. Check screenshots.
#562856 - Asset Management --> Manage product --> Add Product --> Add Product with attachment --> Now click on save button --> Nothing happens when user click on save button for 1st time.
#582824 - Event management ---> Activity and Checklist Tab ---> Add Activity ---> After adding activity, start date not appearing.
#328220 - Project--->Project Report--->Entry wise report--->At the bottom side two scroll bar is showing.
#584230 - Event Management ---> Manage Venue ---> Layout ---> Listing ---> Record per page and pagination not working.
#526007 - Appointment Calendar---> Schedule Appointment ---> Service/Course ---> on calendar system should show time with AM/PM.
#583801 - Training --> Side Filter --> Select Training title in search by, in search box enter any training title and try to click on search icon --> search icon is not working.
#583582 - Event Management---> Listing ---> Manage List layout ---> Sortable ---> check boxes are missing.
#576245 - Appointment calendar ---> Appointment Service ---> In which it shows duplicate Add, Active, Inactive, Delete Buttons.
#561477 - Appointment Calendar--->Service ---> After selecting user it still show validation in the user dropdown.
#386489 - Project---> Global task---> Edit task---> user can update the status of task from edit task page, even when "Update Status of Global Tasks" privilege is not giving to user.
#517881 - Performance Review - Performance Review Listing - Goal tab ---> Start and End date are in April but user can enter his progress after the End date also.
#569809 - Dashboard ---> Inbox ---> Notification ---> Add Task/Follow up ---> Notification details are not correct.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.1 Live Oct 18th, 2021
Following are the Enhancements for release 10.1:-

1. Notification
  • All the Talygen inbox notifications can now be viewed on any screen using the header notification icon.
  • The notification icon will also show the count of unread notifications.

2. Universal Dashboard (To-do List)
  • A new universal dashboard has been introduced in Talygen to display the tasks from all the Talygen modules.
  • Users will now be able to track time from the same screen and change the task's status.
  • Task filtration can be done based on the modules.
  • Currently, the feature is available for Project, HR, Expense, and Ticketing. The feature will be rolling out to other modules soon.

3. Module Dashboard
  • Customized views have been given for the user to choose from. Users can see only reports or just the to-do list on the entire screen.
  • Team has been introduced in this update where supervisors can check on their team and their tasks.
  • The project dashboard will allow users to request additional time for their tasks and add messages, notes, and attachments for their project.
  • Users can update their task progress right from the dashboard screen.
  • Ticket notes can be viewed and updated from the ticketing dashboard directly.

4. Multiple Manager
  • Users can be assigned under a secondary manager as well, apart from their regular manager.

5. Document Storage
  • Users can now share rights for the parent as well as the child folder.
  • Rights for a folder can be shared by choosing an appropriate right that is listed below:
    • View: Download and view the files.
    • Edit: Add/Edit and view the files.
    • Owner: Add/Edit/Delete and view the files.

6. Walk Through
  • To enhance the user experience, we have introduced Talygen Walk Through, which will guide you throughout the application. You can see a Walk Through in the below screens.
    • Project Listing
    • Expense Add/Listing/Bulk Upload.
    • Human Resource (Leave list, Add, Leave Type List)
    • Expense Approval.
    • Approval Chain, Group, Add and Rule.
    • CRM (Item Type list, Lead, Deal, Brand, Contact, Contacts, Contract, Product Type, Product).
    • Training list.
    • Leave Management
    • Manual Billing and Add.

7. Sample Data
  • On your first login, you will now be able to see sample data in Project Management, Asset Management, Ticketing, Expense Management, and CRM. The feature will be rolling out to more modules soon.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.1

#331759 - CRM --->Sales Order/ Invoice ---> create a new Sales Order/ Invoice ---> View Sales Order/Invoice --->Sales Order/ Invoice details ---> Click on "Download as PDF" in downloaded PDF it does not shows Shipping and Billing address.
#358162 - Human Resource ---> Leave ---> Apply to Leave ---> Leave slot ---> while applying for leave select the First half and second half, But in listing it shows a Half day in the Mode column which is wrong.
#360108 - Asset Management-->Manage Product-->Add new-->click next to open Deploy product tab-->Click on Add button-->On Deploy products location-wise screen-->show user guide text properly.
#383962 - Human Resource--->Resignation-Listing--->There is No option provided to the user to delete the record.
#526977 - Appointment Calendar---> Schedule Appointment ---> Service not appearing in the calendar but appearing on the external link.
#384125 - CRM--->Lead--->Import Lead --->If the existing Client is "NO" and the existing client name is given in the excel sheet, after import it shows an error message but it does not highlight the field in which the error occurs.
#384470 - Project --->Edit Project ---> Team ---> Member name is clickable but not highlighted. (The same Issue occur various screen of the Talygen).
#384633 - CRM---> Invoice Listing ---> Column name in listing and Field Name in advance search should be same, currently is showing display name in the column which creating confusion.
#385522 - Human Resource--->Candidate Listing-There should be two more filters for the user to filter out specific candidates - "Applied For" and Functional Area/Industry.
#385533 - Human Resource--->Candidate Listing-Action button-Make Offer--->Description text box should be increased in its dimension by default. Lots of empty space is there and the description box text is also email body. User should clearly see it.
#394050 - Human Resurce--->Add candidate ---> We are able to input alphabetic value in the Notes period field and it shows success message which is wrong.
#394993 - CRM---> Quote Listing---> convert Quote to sale order---> Edit sale order ---> Template appears blank.
#399557 - Project ---> No project is assigned to user ---> Bulk time entry screen in the Project dropdown it shows all the project to user.
#406223 - General-->Passport Information-->Add-->Attach File-->Choose file-->Camera-->capture image and save-->always show loading icon and user have to refresh page to cancel loading.
#407299 - Expense--->Bulk upload Expense-->browse file-->Import-->Validate expense list-->Confirm submit-->its showing error "Currency is required" -->But there is no field to select currency and currency is already selected in project.
#509449 - Appointment calender --> counter --> sorting not working.
#509461 - Approval --> Approval rule --> complete breadcrumb should be there.
#509532 - Event Management---> view Event ---> Estimated Time field time picker popup is not available.
#509538 - Event Management ---> view Event --->Email Invitation ---> Click on save button without input any text loader starts loading nothing will happen.
#509552 - General---> Custom Reports ---> Add ---> Add calculated column --->Design of the calculate column is not proper.
#509571 - Time tracking(app)-->Time Sheet-->click on date picker-->check screenshot fix the design. Date picker overlaps field.
#509577 - General---> Passport Information ---> Add Passport ---> In which expiry and issue date picker are not working.
#509669 - CRM-->Campaign-->sorting of listing not working properly after sort listing disappears.
#509754 - CRM ---> CRM dashboard ---> Expand a widget ---> chart/ graph should appear in the center of the section.
#509768 - CRM ---> Product type ---> Manage view ---> Select "all" when adding view, but system showing "only for me" when editing the same.
#509836 - CRM ---> All screen ---> Filters ---> Expand collapse arrows appears in wrong direction.
#509945 - Company Setup--->user-->click on action button-->select reset password--> Check screenshot, text on button not visible.
#509959 - Project--->Project listing-->Manage view-->Add view -->filter section not working.
#509998 - Home--> the inbox should not be in Capital letters.
#510012 - Time Tracking --> Timesheet--> select any date range and click on show timesheet --> on timesheet, add hour --> on add hour popup, after selecting project, description field is not giving validation msg of required field, screenshot for.
#510018 - Time Tracking --> Time Track --> add manually --> after adding manually, all fields should get reset.
#510024 - Time Tracking --> Time Track --> select any project and task, now change the project to "no project", task should be completely removed.
#510081 - Time Tracking --> Time Track --> add event --> now open the same event --> date showing different as showing at the time of adding, screenshot for ref.
#510179 - Project--> Edit--> Go to the edit tab, enter data and click on save, the project rate shown up wrong value.
#510263 - CRM ---> Invoice ---> Details ---> Template ---> Convert sales order into invoice, template not appearing.
#510448 - Time tracking --> Project report --> select any report --> in the project field, select any project then start searching for any project --> improper listing appear.
#510546 - Project--->Project road map--> search by date range-->check screenshot date picker is not working properly. Both from and to date picker is visible at same time and far from corresponding fields.
#511129 - Time tracking --> Bulk time entry --> for normal user, it is showing all projects which is not assigned to that user.
#511594 - CRM ---> Purchase order ---> Add Purchase order ---> Add two products in product summary, now try to delete first product, system showing incorrect validation.
#513592 - Company setup--->Roles-->add/edit roles-->menu is set as left-->timer is running-->click on timer icon-->check screenshot. After that scroll on page not working.
#510442 - Time Tracking --> Project report --> select any report --> in the project field, select any project then start searching for any project and then reset the search field, it reset already selected project also.
#517438 - Doc. Storage ---> Manage User Storage ---> Select all records and try to assign lower value then already assigned, system showing error.
#517819 - Performance Review - Add Review ---> User can not type date with keyboard in the Due date field.
#510581 - Project-->Project road map--> Search project--> check screenshot, design is not proper in week, month and year calendar view tasks are not showing properly on calendar. Should be visible on calendar as per planned dates.
#510970 - Time Tracking --> Audit Rule --> Add --> user and select auditor drop down popup going out of the screen.
#510986 - Time Tracking --> Audit Rule --> there should be validation for the data in the marked fields.
#526995 - Appointment Calendar---> Schedule Appointment ---> Delete schedule service ---> system showing blank success pop up.
#384098 - CRM--->Lead--->import Lead ---> if existing Client is "yes" and existing client name is not given in the excel sheet, after import it shows error message but does not highlight the field in which error occur.
#517416 - Doc. Storage ---> login ---> Client login not working.
#514029 - Event management-->calendar-->add event-->select venue-->Venue Availability-->fix the design, align the availability bar with date rage properly.
#514036 - Event Management--->calendar-->add Event-->1) show View Selected link only if invite member check box checked by user. 2) Don't show Delete button view adding event.
#514078 - Event Management --->calendar-->after editing any event, accept, reject any event it opens the add event pop up.
#514234 - Ticketing ---> My Articles---> Listing ---> Select two articles and click on Clone button ---> Choose category and click on Save icon ---> Nothing happens - Clone functionality is not working.
#517074 - Event Management--->Event detail page -->dashboard tab-->all reports-->Check Screenshot, Middle align the report in both collapse and expand position.
#517081 - Event Management--->Event Detail page-->Budget tab not working. After adding budget it shows success message then page stuck at loader.
#522143 - Roles--> CRM ---> Can View CRM Leads Listing needs to be parent privilege for all the Lead related privileges - Can Add New Lead, Can Delete CRM lead, Can Import Bulk Leads, Can View Lead Details, Can Close Leads, Can Convert Lead.
#526128 - Human Resource ---> Talent Pool - Add - Notice period can be chosen as in decimal if Notice period type is days.
#524112 - Project-->Project Detail-->Task Tab--> Edit task--> task tag not working and click on assign team view also not working.
#518050 - Event management--->Role-->While adding roles for event management-->check screenshot "Can Add Email Invitation" this privilege is visible multiple times.
#526607 - Human Resource---> Talent Pool - Add talent ---> Current Annual Package(CTC) field does not has any character limit.
#524106 - Project--->Project Detail-->Task Tab-->where is no option to Delete task but under import task user can delete any task.
#384104 - CRM--->Lead--->Import Lead ---> If existing Client is "yes" and existing client name is given in the excel sheet, after import it does not shows that name in the Existing client name field.
#526989 - Appointment Calendar---> Schedule Appointment ---> Add Course---> Cancel button should be available.
#526619 - Human Resource ---> Talent Pool - Add talent ---> Phone field and Mobile Number field can be entered as 0000000000.
#526018 - Appointment Calendar ---> Schedule Appointment ---> Add Service/Course ---> user should be allow to schedule for current or future dates only not for past dates.
#510269 - CRM---> Invoice ---> Details ---> Invoice Preview ---> convert sales order into invoice, system not showing data in invoice preview.
#510295 - CRM---> Sales Order / Invoice ---> Details ---> Activities ---> delete, system showing old design success message.
#526983 - Appointment Calendar---> Schedule Appointment ---> Add Service ---> Add service pop up should have cancel button instead of delete.
#526631 - Human Resource ---> Talent Pool - Add Talent ---> Attach Documents section - user can upload file-types which are not allowed.
#510336 - CRM---> Product Type ---> container, add button design is not correct.
#510363 - CRM---> Good Inwards ---> listing ---> Select a record and click on reject, system not updating the record and showing error.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.0.3 Live Aug 30th, 2021
Following are the Enhancements for release 10.0.3:-

1. Project Management
  • Sample data is shown in the project and task listing with predefined hours.
  • New Project Dashboard has been implemented, which lets you keep track of your pending and in-progress tasks.
  • Now users will be able to add notes in Tasks.

2. Ticketing
  • A new ticketing dashboard has been introduced to manage and track your tickets.
  • Sample tickets are shown in the ticketing module as well.
  • Ticket assignment will be setting up tasks automatically once the ticket is assigned to a user.

3. Subscription
  • A new design with a colour theme has been implemented in the Subscription module.

4. CRM
  • Notes and Additional Information section is included in contacts.
  • We have added the option to Add Additional Owners from the lead listing screen.
  • While converting a lead into a deal, the system will automatically pre-fill the deal name in the following format (Example; John Smith 130 height street, Dallas Texas 75001").
  • The lead source column now has a plus button to type in option.
  • Lead Role Title column now has a plus button to type in option.
  • Users can now delete attachments.
  • A new user configuration has been introduced, "Can view all CRM Records", visible to user types. If the value is Yes, then that user will be able to view all CRM data.
  • Introduced the rollback option, which will allow the user to revert the deal to Lead.

5. Expense
  • Now the user will be able to see sample expense records on the expense listing screen.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.0.3

#559867 - Ticketing--->SLA--->Add SLA--->User is able to add same target one after another with same conditions.
#560322 - Ticketing--->Ticket Listing--->Remaining time starts in negative even when response time is set to 1hr and system adding previous date ticket even when user and company time zone is in IST.
#553897 - Dark Mode--->Ticketing--->Dashboard--->No record found message is overlapped.
#551117 - Performance Review-->Performance Review-->Note tab-->Enter 2 comments-->UI mixed up.
#383167 - Human Resource-->Manage Consultant-->Delete Consultant not working.
#559164 - Project-->Project listing-->check screenshot, after sorting it showing duplicate columns.
#561054 - CRM--->Lead Listing--->There should be space in "In Progress".
#543638 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Listing--->Search filter--->After search, expand/collapse buttons appear in wrong direction.
#556750 - Ticketing--->Knowledge Base--->Article--->Clone a article, status of cloned record become draft.
#561061 - CRM--->Deal Details--->reverted deal not showing status.
#559897 - Ticketing--->Service Board--->Sorting is not working on Level column and for other column, sort icon should get changed after sorting.
#543652 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Listing--->Approve/Reject a record---> Approve/Reject button remains active even when there is no record selected.
#551732 - Dark Mode (Mac)-->Project--->Quote--->Add Quote---> Additional information should have gap between boundaries and text.
#556720 - Ticketing--->Knowledge Base--->Manage category--->All user guide pop up showing unnecessary space.
#556729 - Ticketing--->Knowledge Base--->Manage category--->Add--->Name field---> user is able to paste 201 characters in field and allowed characters are 200.
#556762 - Ticketing--->Knowledge Base--->Article--->Select two records of different category, click on clone, save button stops working randomly.
#524966 - Project-->Project Configuration-->Project Task Progress: Based on weightage-->Check screenshot its not working properly.
#539140 - CRM--->Vendors--->Listing--->Click on reset button, expand / collapse button appears in wrong direction.
#560348 - Ticketing--->Ticket Details--->Add Follow up--->enter long text in comment field, system will show validation then delete the text and enter small text and click on save, nothing happens.
#543631 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Listing--->Search filter--->Date filters--->user should not allow to select To date less then From date.
#538072 - CRM--->Campaign--->listing--->after search, expand/ collapse arrow appearing in wrong direction.
#543373 - CRM--->Accounts--->Listing--->Search--->Search by account type and status filter--->Select all--->after search select all should remain checked.
#542814 - CRM--->Accounts--->Partner account--->Details--->Add contact--->User can paste the invalid data in fields and system accepting it.
#543645 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Listing--->Action--->Add comment--->Description field should expand vertically if user enter long text.
#543659 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Approve a record--->Reimburse by, Required validation is not appearing properly, Should appear under the field and should appear complete message.
#285153 - Project Management--->Project listings screen--->Add Project--->In User Guide it doesn't contain information regarding "Tag" drop down Field.
#285580 - Project Management--->click on Action button of particular Project--->Task--->Multiple click on Delete Button its shows multiple alert Message.
#510184 - Time tracking-->Timesheet approval-->view history-->click on back to list-->it takes user to dashboard screen.
#551072 - Asset Management-->Manage Product-->Open any product-->Related information tab-->No bulk change barcode option is available on this screen.
#526342 - Asset Management-->Asset Dashboard-->Title should be properly visible or adjusted in the given space.
#542826 - CRM--->Accounts--->Partner account--->Details--->Contacts--->Enable login--->system enabled login without clicking on save button.
#527460 - Asset Management-->Manage Products-->Action button-->Sub-status-->in filter, only user location is visible but in listing all location products is showing.
#548778 - light mode-->Document storage-->user storage report-->check screenshot, remove grey background from report.
#542720 - CRM--->Accounts---> Partner account--->Add--->User is able to paste invalid data in Zip code, employees, company phone and mobile field.
#561041 - Ticketing--->Ticket Listing--->filter--->Select all should get unchecked, if user remove any option by clicking on cross.
#514504 - Event Management--->Manage Venue-->Venue Listing-->Add layout-->Add layout as rectangular-->click on save button it asked for layout nme-->enter name and save-->success alert should be green.
#543665 - Expense--->Expense Approval--->Listing--->Add comment-->Enter invalid data in title field, system showing validation on description field unnecessarily.
#560336 - Ticketing--->Ticket Listing--->Add Ticket--->SLA--->Ticket should be assigned to user which has been marked default in Group first.
#542696 - CRM--->Accounts--->Partner account--->Add--->System adding same record twice.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.0.2 Live July 26th, 2021
Following are the Enhancements for release 10.0.2:-

1. Implemented Dashboard for multiple modules in Full Menu.
2. Project Management redesigned.
3. Theme Implemented
  • Light
4. Web issues fixed
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.0.2

#531838 - Training--->Training Report--->Search icon should be there.
#540497 - Asset Management--->My Product--->Add checkout request--->It shows all the Location in the location dropdown, it should show only user Location.
#316639 - Document Storage--->File Dashboard---->If user has consumed whole space which has been allocated to him. On uploading more file and click start upload, pop up should appear that no space is available to upload more files.
#516963 - Project management--->Todo List--->Start automatic timer for any task--->it started showing in the header with pause and stop button--->Now pause it from listing --> it is still showing pause button and timer is in pause condition.
#509939 - Time tracking--->Time Track--->Start the Timer, Pause it for some seconds and then start and stop it, --->Go to listing and open the time track,by clicking at + icon, now change the start time--> time track change to zero.
#393860 - Project--->Resource Impact--->If there are No records, then the message should be "No records found". It is "Record's not found" which is incorrect English.
#397719 - Project--->Import Task--->While adding task from task listing enter hours for first parent task, same hours auto enters for other parent tasks. Same issues when user entering hours for child task.
#541789 - Ticketing--->Add Ticket--->After adding ticket it auto assign ticket to random user. Check screenshots all SLA,Ticketing Group are inactive. Also dept. of user is different to whom ticket assigned.
#512088 - Project--->Resource Scheduling--->if added task current status is in progress or pending then that tasks are not visible in task drop down while assigning task.
#524880 - Company Setup--->Roles--->Edit role--->Modules & Privileges listing-->under project -->'Can Update Project Status'--. if privilege not enable still user can update project status.
#540474 - Project--->Resource Impact--->After search design is totally distorted.
#513332 - Ticketing--->Ticket details--->After saving the conclusion, system not showing feedback fields, even when feedback is present for that department.
#541172 - CRM--->Accounts--->View Account--->Contacts tab--->Associate Contact--->Add Contact--->Add Role Title--->Multiple duplicate values can be added.
#514213 - Ticketing--->Open Full Menu and open Ticketing listing--->Now again open Full Menu and open Ticketing module--->Now scroll using laptop mousepad--->The fields of Full Menu scrolls but also with the background Ticketing listing.
#541125 - CRM--->Accounts--->Add Account--->Provider---> Website field value input is correct--->but validation is incorrectly applied--->says its wrong.
#399583 - Project--->Task---> Suppose In Parent Task we have 4 team member, but in Child task we can add different team member or more team member as compare to the parent task team member.
#510495 - Time tracking--->Work Diary--->In the screenshot, open any one, unnecessary arrow key is available.
#528061 - Project--->Resource Scheduling--->When scrolling the dates using the arrow key given above switch user, then it caused alignment issues with the header and the footer.
#527313 - Project--->Resource Impact--->Resource has take a leave for 5 days but the project is getting impacted by 6 days and task by 7 days.
#526310 - Project Management--->Project--->Listing--->When user sees the projects there is no status shown but in account the status is shown.
#543253 - CRM--->Accounts--->Provider account--->Product--->Add product--->Display image logo not appearing correctly system should allow user to choose only image formats.
#531689 - Company Setup--->Safari--->Company Setup--->Venue--->Add layout--->all mandatory fields should show asterisk marks.
#529842 - Human Resource--->Job Post Report--->Left Search--->The Status filter does not has all the values of the Status to search.
#529155 - Human Resource--->Policy--->Add Policy---> Notice Period section and Probation Period section--->The fields are not in same level.
#526680 - Humna Resource--->Talent Pool--->View Talent---> User is not able to open many tabs like Skills and Expertise, Tags and Summary.
#510540 - Project--->Project Road Map--->after search multiple projects or by date range-->calendar for different projects is not proper.
#397671 - Project Management--->Project-->Gantt chart of project-->Edit/add task from ghat chart for project now hrs of assigned team for task is shown increased.
#511350 - Project Management--->task-->drag to increase column width not available in this listing because of that user not able to full assigned task.
#540425 - Project-->project detail-->task tab-->import task-->click on action button of any parent task and select move-->In move pop up select tparent task and click on save-->after clicking save move pop up is still visible.
#543671 - Expense--->Expense Approval ---> Listing ---> Add comment ---> After adding comment user need to reload the page to check correct count of comments.
#543312 - Expense--->Add Expense--->Date field selector is missing ---> User can not save expense because Date field can not be manually populated.
#385682 - Project--->Edit Project---> General Setting ---> Unselect Sat and sun in [Off days in week:] field, now all day are working and click on save ---> Again open General setting it still shows sat and sun is select.
#513625 - Asset Management--->Product Assignment ---> Add Product ---> when we select location it should show Validation message " Product Type ", Product Name" and "Products".
#543355 - CRM--->Accounts--->Listing---> Import accounts/contacts--->Details--->Back to list button navigating user to contact list.
#542883 - CRM--->Accounts--->Partner account--->Details--->Additional addresses--->Edit address--->Pop up heading is incorrect.
#544071 - Expense Report--->Reimbursements--->In this report--->Title column--->Large text used in these columns are not visible on this report and columns can not be resized ---> On hovering, there is nothing shown on tooltip.
#511089 - Time Tracking--->Start the timer from the time track screen, now pause the timer from header from some other screen, and now open some other screen, it is showing pause button, but it is already paused.
#516988 - Time Tracking--->in the activities completed listing , remove the start and end time and click on save button, it gives the validation message of overlaps time entry.
#531417 - Dark Mode--->Billing--->Client Report---> By default, some part of screena appears in white color.
#531426 - Dark Mode--->Doc storage--->add folder---> table name should be clearly visible.
#531465 - Dark Mode--->Company setup--->Venue--->add layout--->Select layout--->pop up appears in white color.
#524085 - Project--->Project detail-->task tab-->add new task-->check screeenshot its not showing user default rate.
#399570 - Project--->Task Assign Notification--->if any user self assign a task , they does not received any notification regarding this task assigning.
#508383 - Asset Management--->Product Assignment--->Design of the unique name / no of product column is not proper when we assign a unique product.
#384855 - Human Resource--->Resignation--->click on view reason icon--->in reson pop-up text format is not same as enter by user while applying resignation.
#513338 - Ticketing--->Ticket details---> Escalate---> User not able to submit the escalation, system showing message "can't saved".
#394031 - Human Resource--->Job--->Job Card view--->Click on the description--->we are not able to read complete description it should show "Read More" button.
#514716 - Ticketing---> Knowledge Base--->Listing--->Left Search--->Open Category filter and choose a category--->Now open pagination drop down and change the no. of records per page count--->Once it is changed, the search is automatically shown.
#543772 - Expense--->Expense--->Listing--->Expense Amount entered in different currency than project is wrongly converted with incorrect rate of conversion.
#530897 - Ticketing---> SLA--->Create SLA and assign to service board --->In the service board - 2 levels with 2 groups--->Raise a ticket matching with SLA--->Login via first resolver and click escalate button on the ticket assigned.
#545236 - Project-->Action-->Gantt Chart--->click on back to list button, it redirects to projet listing page but no project is shown up. When we comes to project listing screen from module it shows 84 projects.
#540419 - Project--->Project Detail--->Task Tab--->Import Task-->click on add more-->its not showing delete option under action button to delete the added task row.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.0.1 Live May 21st, 2021
Following are the Enhancements for release 10.0.1:-

1. Project Management
  • New Project Configuration added named as "Project Task Progress" has three options:
    • Based on Time Track: When this option is selected, task progress is set on the basis of time track and no edit button will be shown under progress.
    • Based on Weightage: When this option is selected, task progress is set based on the weightage. If child task progress is set, then parent task progress is changed automatically.
    • Manually Independent: When this option is selected, task progress is not dependent on others which means that if child task progress is set, then parent task progress is not changed automatically.
  • Below changes are done in Dependency of Parent and Child tasks:
    • Case 1: When user change the status of parent task then a confirmation box will show. If user click on Yes, all the child tasks related to it will also have the same status as Parent Task.
    • Case 2: When user change the status of child task from inactive to active then its parent task status will also change.
2. Unified Communication
  • Calling via PBX can be done. User will be prompted with a pop up for incoming calls.
  • Individual and Group Video Calls can be done.
  • Activity Tab, Chat Message Board and Meeting screen is enhanced.
3. Dark and Colored theme is Implemented.
4. Identity Server Redirection is Fixed.
5. Resource File Changes are implemented.
6. New Design is implemented for Email screen under Integration module.
7. Performance of Client Dropdown is improved.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.0.1

#518351 - Performance Review--->Provide Feedback - Listing--->There is no feedback shown to the user even though a feedback is added.
#399066 - Project--->Notification--->Task Assign Notification is not working only it shows notification of project assigned notification .
#497098 - Safari--->Project--->Resource Impact--->Days appearing in decimal value and system showing 14 digits after decimal.
#497112 - Safari--->Project--->Project details--->Task Tab--->Edit progress--->Percentage tool tip is overlapped.
#517869 - Performance Review--->Provide Feedback-Listing--->Goal tab--->In the comment section, type a long comment and click on Post New Comment--->Hover upon the new comment--->The tooltip shows incomplete info to the user.
#517898 - Performance Review--->Provide Feedback-Listing--->Skill tab--->Click on existing Skill to add proficiency--->Scroll down for the comments already added by user the design of the comment is not proper.
#494976 - Project--->After increasing the task hour project hour also increased, but when the user edits the same project the increased hour are visible but the project rate is still the same.
#495009 - Project--->Project detail page-->Task-->once single user is assigned to any task then there is no way to unassigned all user from that task. Every time its showing validation error.
#283988 - Company Setup--->Client--->Click on the name of Already created client--->Additional Info--->Click on the + icon of process time ---> Design of the time popup is not proper.
#508440 - Asset--->Approval Rule--->Add Approval Rule--->Design of the add approval Rule screen is not proper .
#496082 - Project--->Project detail page-->Task tab-->if user add multiple parent task with same child name task in a single pop up then its showing error "task name already exists".
#496146 - Project-->Project detail page-->task tab-->add attachment for any task-->After success pop up, add attachment pop up still visible.
#508478 - Asset--->Approval Rule--->Add Approval Rule--->Design of the limited duration date picker is not proper.
#508377 - Asset--->Design of the scanned item status screen is not proper.
#496167 - Project--->Project detail page--->Task tab--->import task--->Provide cancel button and back to listing button.
#498010 - Project-->Project detail page-->Task-->Now after increasing the hour of task more than project hour its didn't show any project hour increasing confirmation pop it just increase the task hour but project hour under overview tab is still same.
#398745 - Project--->Edit Project--->Project stage--->Task Hierarchy is also not available in the task dropdown of add stage popup.
#384617 - CRM--->Manage layout--->CRM Sub modules listing--->Instead of "vendor details" and "lead details" it should be only Vendor and Lead.
#384596 - CRM--->Lead Listing--->Manage List Layout---->User guide arrow point at wrong direction first time.
#503924 - Project--->Project detail page--->Task--->Import task--->Global task--->'Project Financial Information' configuration for user is saved as 'No', But there task rate is visible to user in pop up also in global listing screen.
#507038 - Project-->Project detail page-->Task tab-->For child task having child task, click on task hour icon its showing total hour as NAN:NAN.
#507310 - Project--->project detail page--->task tab-->add attachment--->After clicking on upload button it shows success message but pop up is still visible with disabled upload Button.
#333449 - RFID--->Scanned Item Summary--->RFID tag column name should be EPC Tags
#384578 - CRM--->Edit Invoice---> After editing invoice, system shows "invoice generated" instead of invoice successfully updated.
#510463 - Project--->Project detail-->Task tab-->Import task-->After import task Weightage (%) is shown as 100%.and after clicking on save its shows validation error.
#510381 - Project--->Project detail--->Task tab--->If Child task is assigned to user but parent task is not assigned then that assigned task is not visible under users project detail page.
#504346 - Ticketing---> In this listing - Select all records and click on Inactive icon to make status of all records as Inactive and click on Ok --->It is shown to user that status is updated successfully, But some of the records are Still Active.
#504332 - Ticketing--->SLA---> Listing - In this listing, create an SLA and click on Move Down button in Display Order column ---> The SLA is shifted from Order Level 5 to Order Level 17--->Move Down button functionality does not work.
#497069 - Safari--->Project--->Project listing--->Add project/ mange template--->Select the template, selected template is not getting highlighted.
#477504 - Safari --->Project---> Task --> Listing ---> Checkboxes are not aligned.
#472440 - Project ---> Add Task ---> Add two task than delete one task, now click on save, system showing error, and add two task click on save without filling any field, system showing already exist validation.
#468803 - Project---> Tasks ---> Child task hours can not be greater than parent task hours.
#331819 - CRM --->Product Type ---> View item Type ----> Tax tab ---> Country / State / County tax ---> if a particular tax contain multiple records and we delete one records it will delete all the records which are available in a tax .
#504317 - Ticketing ---> SLA ---> In this listing, create an SLA and click on Move Up button in Display Order column ---> Nothing happens - This button does not work.
#504301 - Ticketing--->SLA-Listing-Select All and click on Delete--->User is thrown error-Error has occurred while deleting Ticket Policy SLA. Please retry!--->But when user browses the SLA listing-no SLA is shown with the name.
#433202 - CRM--->Add Contact--->Gender and personal Information fields should show the text properly in toggle button.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 10.0 Live April 07th, 2021
New design has been implemented in Talygen for all the modules.Following are the Enhancements for release 10.0:-

1. Project Management
  • Create parent and child tasks within a project.
  • Assigning responsibilities to employees for projects, tasks, and sub-tasks with the completion date.
  • Setup custom views for project screen.
  • New UI has been implemented in resource scheduling, resource impact, Gantt Chart, and Road Map.
  • Enhanced representation of Parent/Child tasks.
  • A To-do list allows every team member to manage themselves with an easy view to check which task has been assigned to them, completed, or yet to do.
  • New Kanban and Card view has been introduced in Talygen.
  • Quick view is now enabled in Project Management which allows the user to view the project's summary without leaving the listing screen.
  • Multiple statuses of a project can be managed right from the listing screen.
  • The user can make time requisition for existing tasks.
  • Task progress can be updated by the user and verified by the PM.
  • New Project Dashboard has been introduced, which allows the user to add multiple widgets and get a summarized view of the company's Projects.
2. Desktop Application
  • We have implemented cloud storage functionality in our new application. All the screen recording videos generated during the time tracking will be uploaded to the available Cloud storage account (Azure, Google Drive, and Dropbox). Users will be able to see the videos in the work diary on the web app.
  • We have provided To-do List data which is shown under the Project Management module. Users will be able to see the list of Projects according to their status and can update the Project details.
  • In this version, all the details of application that the user has opened while running the desktop application will be captured like the name of the application, keyboard & mouse clicks per minute, and time for which application is opened.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 10.0

#470047 - Ticketing-->Ticket listing-->search any ticket-->Click on action button-->slider overlaps with listing table header.
#507440 - project-->project detail page-->File tab-->for any file click on share button--> if user deletes or move any user from assigned user to available user then click on cancel. again open share pop up moved user still visible under avail.
#504529 - Project-->Project listing-->project import by Pm then that Pm default Pm of that project. But if projects are imported by CA user type then that user is not default Pm of that user.
#493040 - Product Assignment--->we are not able to assign container product from the container screen .
#475320 - project-->project detail page-->add task activity is visible to all user should visible to user whom those task is assign.
#503777 - project-->To do list-->Past activities-->Search filter not working properly.
#267742 - CRM-->Under All module of Action-->View-->Product-->De-associate icon should be changed.
#267755 - CRM-->Action-->view-->Activity-->Schedule Call-->pop up appears then click on save button, Notification schedule field validation message is missing and some of the fields showing wrong validation message.
#268191 - CRM-->Campaign-->View-->Open the Notes tab ,its shows no record found but when user click on add note button and cancel it , listing is getting display.
#268227 - CRM-->Campaign-->Filter-->Apply filter -->No record fount text is missing and if records is not available then pagination is not required.
#268233 - CRM-->Campaign-->Manage Layout-->Layout need to be fixed of check boxes and scrolling functionality is not working properly.
#268255 - CRM-->Campaign-->Add-->After clicking on Calendar option,calendar with keypad get displayed ,which is wrong.
#268262 - CRM-->Campaign-->View-->Spacing between all sub-tabs should be reduced.
#268269 - CRM-->Campaign-->View-->Activities-->Follow up-->After clicking on "Follow Up Schedule Date" calendar option and select the date then calendar should be collapse after selecting.
#268312 - CRM-->Contact-->Reset functionality of filtering is not working.
#268276 - CRM-->Campaign-->View-->Activities-->Follow up-->Listing is not visible on mobile device.
#475990 - CRM --->CRM Report -->Lead Detail -->Click on search -->download as a PDF for the search result -->complete detail in not visible in the pdf.
#500694 - billing(cloudnew)-->billing rule-->click on action button-->check screenshot, fix the design.(same issue in all listing).
#469468 - Ticketing-->Ticket detail-->reply-->related article-->add article in description.But if article have attachment then that attachment is not visible in reply.
#454123 - Ticketing-->Ticket detail page -->check screenshot, if ticket details are collapse then show expand with arrows in downward direction.
#480926 - General--->Rule Engine - Add Rule (Ticketing)--->Add Rule for Create and create a ticket--->Now again open the ticket and make some changes and click on Save--->Update flow is not working as expected ni the Rule.
#480920 - General--->Rule Engine - Add Rule (Ticketing)--->Add Rule for Create and create a ticket--->Now transfer the ticket to different department--->Rule not followed.
#480913 - General--->Rule Engine - Add Rule (Ticketing)--->Add Rule for Create and create a ticket--->After ticket is created, resolve the ticket, this activity does not follow the Rule created for Resolve.
#480902 - General--->Rule Engine - Add Rule (Ticketing)--->Add Rule for Create and create a ticket--->Once the ticket is created, it does not follow the Rule as added by CA.
#433921 - Time Tracking--->Audit Rule--->Add Audit Rule--->In user guide, Auditor field and Primary Auditor fields are absent.
#380282 - CRM--->Lead--->Timeline--->it does not give update regarding additional owner association or de association.
#240674 - NU-->Time Tracking-->Flag track entry-->Click on comments icon then “Sorry, You are not authorized to access this section” message appears and no privileges are available in super admin.
#471695 - ticketing-->Canned reply-->Check screen shot-->listing is still not properly mobile responsive only checkbox is visible in listing.
#488153 - Asset--->Check Out List--->Add Check Out--->User can add past times during adding a check out request but he is not allowed to add past time.
#481423 - General--->Custom Fields--->Add--->Double click on Delete trash icon under Language section--->Two confirmation dialogue boxes appear.
#481396 - General--->Custom Reports--->Add--->Goto Column tab and type com in the Availble section and press Enter key - Nothing happens.Same happens on the search bar in the Selected area.
#444552 - General--->Auto Responder--->Add Auto Responder--->Add a record and again try to add same record--->Error comes with text--->"Please change start date, its already exist."--->It needs to be corrected to "Record already exists.
#455915 - Project--->Tasks--->Add Task button is not present.
#492557 - Asset--->Safari--->Product Report--->Product type and product name should be linked, product name should be appear according to the selected product type.
#497826 - Project--->Project Reports-->Project detail report-->From search filter-->after entering date through keyboard input or after clicking on date picker icon,its showing undefined alert then show date in alert.Check screenshots.
#481141 - Project-->Gantt Chart-->scroll on task section is not working.
#492614 - Asset --->Maintenance schedule--->Callibration--->Listing--->Type nor under Location drop down search bar ---> Only one location is shown to the user named Norway --->But there are in fact two locations starting with same keyword.
#490371 - Asset--->Product Assignment--->Listing--->Select a product and click on Action menu and click on Share Product --->In the new pop-up click on Cancel or the cross icon of the pop-up on top right corner--->When user cancels.
#455286 - Time Track--->Flag Track Entry--->In the listing, first column is having time icon listed next to Select All button--->design issues and nothing happens if user clicks on this icon.
#478069 - Safari--->Timer--->The Full Menu is aligned on the left side of the screen vertically.
#481375 - General ---> Custom Reports - Listing - Left Search ---> Type 123 and press Enter key ---> Nothing happens.User does not has any option to search.
#478752 - project-->resource Scheduling-->search user-->show free hrs,allocated hrs and overload hrs if selected day is company holiday or weekend.
#489121 - asset--->Manage Product-->add/edit product-->2) deploy product-->add deploy product-->3) related information-->click on unique name/code-->all information saved while deploying the products is not visible.
#344049 - Event Management--->Venue--->Select check box 'Choose Location from Map,Here mouse hower on Map 'check box and text design should be proper
#489494 - Asset Management-->Product type-->Update-->Option of delete should not be there.Whose compartment are used.
#477554 - Project-->Safari--->Project details--->task--->Add child task, assign a user, allocate time for task pop up, Fields appearing pre filled.
#494342 - Project-->to do list-->check screenshot, highlighted legends are not visible in card view and Kanban view.
#465466 - Full menu-->General-->Add Report-->there should be some alert message that like 'You can't access this tab.Please fill the general setting first".
#356547 - Integration--->Outlook ( Gmail )--->Spam Mail--->When we forward any spam Mail it shows Same emai id in both from and To Email.
#391035 - Storefront Subscription--->Select no. of licenses and goto next page--->Final screen" Package detail" --->Billing Anniversary Date--->Suppose Current Date is 10 and Month of 30Days , Now if we selected "1st of Month" in Billing Anniversary Date.
#465414 - Full menu-->Asset management-->manage product-->related information-->bulk change barcode-->no checkbox to change bulk barcode.
#416147 - Project--->Edit Project--->Tasks--->Export to Excel--->Cloned project--->few tasks are present on exported excel file but not present on task listing.
#492818 - Asset--->Safari--->Product Write Off--->Listing--->Search filter--->Location drop down--->mouse hover on locations, few location appears in bold and few not and count appearing over the location name.
#398113 - Project Management-->Projects-->Task ,edit task-->select tag-->save task/project.-->selected tag for task are not visible on time tracking screen under tag name field.Also tag under project are those tag which are added for HR module.
#479925 - Project-->task-->filter section-->apply filter-->click on x icon next to searched text-->it clears that filter field but result is still visible on listing page.Should work as working on other listing screens.
#477452 - Project--->Safari--->Project Road Map--->Filter the records by using date range filter and then try to use date filter again, user not able to select date range.
#432509 - Project--->To do list--->Kanban view--->Click on Kanban view then click on List view, on list view pagination is not available.
#492768 - Asset--->Safari--->Product Write Off--->Add--->Search a product--->product filter not working correctly, if user enter invalid data in product field and click on search system should show no record found.
#458900 - Project--->Resource Scheduling--->Resource filter--->Open the department dropdown and close it without selecting any department, system start showing users.
#458889 - Project--->Resource Scheduling--->Resource filter--->Search in resource tab then change the tab to Project, User list should show no record found.
#456468 - Project--->Project Road Map--->Select a date range and click on search, System keep showing loading.
#445686 - Event Management--->Edit event--->user is not able to set No to "Is Recurring".
#480050 - project-->Task-->Kanban view-->no task is visible under pending .Either show pending status under task status dropdown or show all active task under pending task.
#479430 - Project-->Project Road Map-->Search Project-->admin no able to edit phase and stage of project because there is not edit button.
#380202 - CRM--->Product type--->it shows wrong breadcrumb ( Lead --->Itemtype ).
#464848 - Asset--->Manage Product--->Deploy Product--->In Manufacture name field should only accept special character as per talygen standard.
#433901 - Time Tracking--->Audit Rule--->In Left Search bar - in User field, type 'm' to search with users containing 'm' character in their names--->It gives result including names "nik encloud" which does Not has 'm' in their name anywhere.
#478134 - Project--->Safari--->Project details--->Tasks--->scroll not working, when there is not record present.
#489513 - Asset Management-->Product container list-->Add-->Select Product type and location-->In container drop down, container should be in serial wise.
#461911 - Full menu-->Time Tracking-->Bulk time entry-->If user fills the details and click on save.It always show Loading message.
#382642 - Project--->edit project--->Import Task--->Design of the Team dropdown is not proper in the listing.
#492625 - Asset--->Maintenance schedule--->Callibration--->Listing--->There is an option provided to the user to resize the Edit icon column size.
#453341 - Time Tracking(stage)--->Login with CA and open Time Report--->User Report--->On Left search bar - open Project drop down--->Here many projects shown to the user are not added anywhere in the company---->In rher company, there are only two projects.
#467827 - project-->To Do List--->Add manually--->if user select any past date and click on save button, nothing happens, and if user select current date time, system shows validation "future date not allowed".
#476302 - Timer--->Time Tracking--->Work Diary--->Right click on Time Track on content menu and click on "Open Link in New Private Tab"--->the new tab opened shows the Login screen.
#473891 - Timer--->Time Tracking--->Stop Time can be selected lesser than Start Time.
#481436 - Company Setup--->Safari--->Company Setup--->Canned Reply--->Edit--->user is able to add same name records.
#474865 - Timer--->Login via NU and goto Timesheet--->User can add time entries for future--->in this screenshot--->today is 16-01-2021 but user is able to add hours for 17-01-2021.
#474860 - Timer--->Login via PM and goto Timesheet--->Open the user drop down--->It contains CA user as well--->PM user should not have access to view CA timesheet.
#453282 - Time Tracking--->Login with NU and open Time Track--->Select Project andn start timer and then pause it after 2m20s--->Login via PM and open Time Track--->Now click on Team Status and click on team member name--->Time Tracked is shown as 2m21s - but time in actual is tracked 2m and 20s--->1 second is extra added.
#432015 - Project--->Goto General--->Tags from full menu--->in this listing, disable any one tag--->Now goto Project Overview listing - The tag which is already associated when it becomes Inactive should not come in the listing.
#432003 - Project--->Open Tasks from full menu--->In the listing, click on Add Task from action menu--->It does not do anything and the link is broken--->User can not do anything.
#488653 - Company Setup--->CA--->Safari--->Search vendors--->Search vendors, associate vendors, vendor listing, scroll not working properly.
#490299 - Asset--->Product Assignment--->Assign Product--->Userguide point no. 6 stated that there is Add to Product button--->but in fact, there is no Add to Product button in the screen.
#465632 - Project--->Project Overview--->Task Tab--->Click on Add Task or click on Edit Task button--->The column headers are mismatching with respect to their values--->Table is distorted with inner boundaries.
#454296 - Time Track--->Login with sunpharma and goto Time Track--->Timesheet--->Click on This Week--->Item is clickable but nothing happens when user clicks on it.
#454248 - Time Track--->Login with sunpharma and goto Time Track--->Timesheet--->Remarks column value is not adjustable --->The adjustable icon is not working.
#434593 - TimeTrack--->Timesheet Approval--->Left Search--->Date Range field has improper design - There is no week information which user selected when he clicks on any of the left or right arrows.
#434587 - TimeTrack--->Timesheet Approval--->Left Search--->User field does not has any reset functionality and multiple users can not be selected.
#459061 - Billing-->Invoice report-->Check screenshot, design of report should be as per new design.
#489762 - Billing--->Safari--->Flag Records--->All Tabs and queue list--->Fields drop down over lapping with column names.
#489756 - Billing--->Safari--->Invoice--->Add Edit--->Add new row--->date picker not appearing correctly and fields lines are not visible.
#475240 - CRM--->Contact--->Import contact--->after importing excel file , 1 column appears to be blank.
#480652 - project-->To do list-->click on add manual-->user not able to add time for future but user can select and add manual time out of assigned task start and end date.
#462629 - asset management--->Product type-->Click on import product type-->import functionality not working.
#461963 - Full menu-->Time Tracking-->time track-->on user timer , select date should not be there.
#482208 - Campaign-->view-->contact group-->delete functionality is missing.
#482160 - CRM-->Campaign-->Manage view-->after moving all fields to selected fields, some fields showing checkmark on sortable field(it should be same for all fields).
#478023 - Project--->Safari--->Project details--->Expenses/ files--->Add/ Edit/ delete--->Success message, close button is not in correct place.
#482735 - Company Setup--->Safari--->Company Setup--->Priority--->Delete a record and then add a new record with same display order, display order of next record gets increased which is wrong.
#477954 - Project--->Safari--->Project details--->Add Milestones--->column header appearing outside the pop up.
#481938 - Company Setup--->Safari--->Company Setup--->Training Feedback--->Add--->Delete buttons should be aligned.
#476371 - CRM--->Safari--->Lead--->Listing--->Select a record and click on send email, System keep showing loading.
#475091 - project--->project detail page--->files tab--->upload files--->1)Shared file is visible to all CA type team members even if it is no assigned to that user.2)File upload activity under overview tab visible to all team members should.
#476515 - Project-->Login by NU user type-->project detail page-->overview tab-->All Project activity are visible to nu i.e regarding milestone,stage,phase,client but these tabs are not visible to nu type users.
#486338 - When we click on the , sometime it shows 500 error message.
#486345 - reports--->All Client dropdown overlap on header.
#480141 - Doc.Storage--->CA--->Safari--->File Dashboard--->Add a same name file which is already present in folder, System should show a validation message in pop up.
#476509 - project-->project detail page-->message tab-->1) message activity is visible to all team members instead of just selected team members 2)message is added as a draft but still its showing message activity.
#474675 - Project-->project detail-->Client tab-->associate client-->in pop up search filter, auto search is not working properly after enter every keyword its refreshing the screen.
#448669 - CRM-->Vendor-->view vendor-->add note-->it shows success message but added note is not visible under notes tab.
#479442 - Project-->Project Road Map--->Search project-->click on task-->edit task-->instead of redirecting to edit task page its redirecting to project detail page. Check functionality on production server.
#474148 - Project Management-->Global task-->in listing task rate column is not visible.
#479779 - General--->Auto Responder--->Add--->Fill details and click on Save--->Alert Message is shows as "Auto Responder is updated" - It needs to be "Auto Reponder is created".
#475018 - Timer--->Login via NU and open Time-Track icon through top nav bar--->After selecting Project, user is not shown the drop down list and the button to select the task - it is just empty in the Select Task field.
#475013 - Timer--->Login via PM and goto Timesheet Approval and approve a time entry--->Now goto Flag Track Entry listing--->Here no Approved entries are shown - but the color legend states Approved entries will be shown with grey color.
#474892 - Timer--->Login via NU on chrome and zoom out 90% with the window size mentioned in screenshot--->Open Full Menu--->The menu items are all misaligned and design is totally distorted--->Bad UX.
#474854 - Timer--->Approval--->Edit Approval Rule--->Click on the eye icon for the approval chain selected--->Two approvers are added in the approval chain--->and both the users are shown together--->There is no privilege given to user.
#474854 - Timer--->Approval--->Edit Approval Rule--->Click on the eye icon for the approval chain selected--->Two approvers are added in the approval chain--->and both the users are shown together--->There is no privilege given to user.
#474036 - TImer--->Time Tracking--->Pause a time track and goto Calendar listing - Click on List View--->Paused entry is not shown in the listing but in the color legend, it is mentioned the color of paused time track entries .
#473973 - Timer--->Time Tracking--->When user tracks time using Add Manually option and clicks on Save--->Refresh the page and click on Username under Team Status section--->The time entry shown here is previous time entry which was tracked using timer.
#473919 - Timer--->Time Tracking--->Calendar section--->Click on Tasks view--->No data is shown to the user--->but user does have the tasks assigned to him.
#455211 - Time Track--->There are total of 38 active users in sunpharma account but on Add Audit Rule there are showing only 20 users.
#453266 - Time Tracking--->Login with NU and open Time Track--->Select Project and now user can not select Date - the date picker is not click-able on Select Date field.
#453261 - Time Tracking--->Login with NU and open Time Track--->Select Project and click on Start and 2m2s tracked (design task) on 12/5/2020 from 11.20 to 11.22 AM (GMT-7 = User time zone) ---> Now after 2m 2s, click on Stop to stop the timer ---> The total time tracked is 2m 2s ---> Now goto Calendar section, Week view - The date of 12/5 is shown Blue colored for all day ---> But user only tracked time for 2m and 2s
#434626 - TimeTrack--->Timesheet Approval--->Comment pop-up--->User is not shown that the date field is clickable and that previous comment section can be minimized.
#434615 - TimeTrack--->Timesheet Approval--->If comment is showing 2 as superscript to show there are 2 comments posted---> Click on it--->It shows error message.
#434604 - TimeTrack--->Timesheet Approval--->Left Search--->User does not has any option to search all the approvals - pending and approved together.
#433092 - Project--->Project Report--->Weekly Report--->Search with no filter and data comes--->Now click on left and right arrows in Date Range--->Nothing happens.
#432745 - Project--->Project Report--->User Report--->In the report Export button is slightly aligned upwards as compared to rest of icons.
#432722 - Project--->Project Report--->Any report open--->Click on This Week on left search--->Click on.To date--->click on calendar--->it opens calendar on right side.
#431986 - Project--->Global Task--->Click on Add Global Task--->Old design is linked with this link button.
#431969 - Project--->Project Overview--->Tasks--->click on Edit--->Slide the weightage slider to a value--->That value appears in the numbers which are not visible to the user--->design needs to be fixed.
#431255 - Project--->To Do list--->Click on Past Activities from Action menu--->When there are no records found, user clicks on + icon and it shows blank screen.
#431244 - Project--->To Do list - In Portrait mode, in the weekly status section calendar is not shown to the user sometimes and is totally blank--->But in chrome in windows it shows proper calendar.
#431201 - Project--->Project Overview--->Files tab--->click on Add File and a window pops up--->Choose file and click on Submit Upload--->It redirects user back to the Files listing--->But newly added file does not reflect.
#431160 - Project--->Project Overview--->Client tab--->Click on Associate Client--->No records come--->Even though client is present in the client listing.
#431142 - Project--->Project listing--->some columns like Iso code and Project status have underscore instead of space --->They are written as Iso_code and Project_status.
#432704 - Project--->Project Report--->Any report open--->for first time load, it gives blank into the right space of report.
#431136 - Project--->Project listing--->9 projects are coming in the listing which have not even been created by the company admin.
#479274 - project--->Resource Scheduling--->apply filter search user--->on calendar there is not information about approved or pending leave is short leave,half or full day leave.
#457087 - User dashboard--->click on edit--->add shortcuts--->when user add shortcuts for the new group then that shortcuts shows same icons.
#468872 - CRM--->Lead--->convert to contract--->Select template drop down shows the list of projects.
#468861 - CRM--->All listing page--->Even after resizing the column, sort button not visible.
#478661 - project-->resource scheduling-->search user-->assign project and task to nu user type-->now login from that user, that project and task is not visible under time tracking.
#180395 - Asset Management--->Check out--->Pm type user check out the item from all location which is wrong he should check out item only from his location.
#381205 - Project--->edit project--->task screen--->open any date picker and click on the allocate time popup , it shows date picker is overlapping with allocate time popup.
#431613 - Project--->Task--->Add Task--->input task name and click on save button , After that loader starts loading and when we refresh that page it shows record in the task listing.
#397523 - Project--->To Do List--->when we time track automatic and click on stop button it shows two Request time button on a same screen.
#431715 - Project--->Add Project--->Select Project Mode "Hour" and click on next button , it shows validation message on "Project Hours:* and now select Project Mode "FIXED" it still shows Validation message on "Project Hour" field.
#398301 - Project--->View Mode--->First click on Team then click on the Message tab , it shows add team " + " Icon of team tab in the Message tab screen.
#432204 - Project --->Add stage ---> input special character in the description field it shows message "please enter valid description".
#432423 - Project--->Click on Project name--->Add Task--->double click on save , it will save duplicate records.
#432475 - Project--->Click on Project name--->stage--->Add stage--->In which select date more than project date, it shows validation message--->Now close Add stage popup again click on the Add stage it shows error message.
#382670 - Project--->edit project--->project Stage--->Stage name button should be clickable to edit a stage.
#452581 - Ticketing -->SLA-->Violation Time Reminder-->1)Show relative user in dropdown as per selected checkbox on all users. 2) fix the design.
#381561 - HR--->Induction Document List--->Add Induction--->After Adding the induction, record not appearing in list for some permissions.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 9.2 Live June 18th, 2020
Following are the Enhancements for release 9.2:-

1. FSM
  • Sketching tools have been provided in the FSM modules, which will now allow users to annotate uploaded attachment. This feature is available on the web and mobile.
  • Auto Close option is now available in the rule engine, which will allow the user to close the preprocessed tickets as they are received to speed up their handling.
  • Positive responses will be sent to One Call Centre automatically. The Excavator and locator will have instant access to all the positive response messages you’ve sent, and conduct reporting on failed responses. A new option is provided in rule engine to set response status which will be sent to Call center and Excavator.
  • Tech Tracking allows you to track the locator in real-time with the help of GPS enabled smartphone.
  • Incident reporting is now available, and the technician can report the incident before they start working on the site. All the uploaded files will be accessible from the attachment section.
  • Manual tickets can now be created in FSM.
  • Locators can now see ETA data on the map and calculate the time required to reach the site. The default radius visibility is of 30 minutes. Users can switch the radius from three options of 10, 20, and 30 minutes.
  • Create videos from mobile with geotags.
2. Desktop Application
  • We have introduced webcam capture in the work diary, which will allow the admin to enable camera capture for any user.
3. Subscription Enhancements
4. Bug fixing and Optimization.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 9.1 Live May 15th, 2020
Following are the Enhancements for release 9.1:-

1. FSM
  • Map extent as per user requirement.
  • Assign a work order to the team.
  • Technician can now be tracked in real time using the map.
  • Tickets can now be organized and categorized with labels. You can now assign tags to tickets for easy searching and filtering.
  • This Quick view will show the map as per the coordinates of the ticket.
  • Quick view of notes is given on the listing screen to add new notes.
  • We have now provided Accordion to show the tabs in Quick view. You can view the following options; Notes, Activities and Work Order.
2. CRM
  • We brought back the most requested CRM feature where we can add Co-Owner for a lead to provide access to additional person with the ability of custom rights which will be given to co-owner.
  • We have updated the bulk upload functionality and now it supports up to 3000 records.
  • You can now re-open a closed lead. A lead history will now be maintained if in case a lead is reopened.
  • You can now add notes to closed to leads.
  • You now get a detail Pop Up in the listing screen to have a quick view(Detail) of the lead.
  • You can now view and add notes from the listing screen.
  • Add Notes screen now support FCK editor.
  • You can now view the lead by clicking on the first name.
  • New search filters are given for CRM search.
3. Project Management
  • Tasks is now linked with Stages. You can now integrate Tasks with Stages.
  • User can update the "Working Days in Week" on Project edit screen.
4. vDesk
  • Now every company can see its own data.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 9.1

#378741 - CRM--->Lead--->Action---> Note--->Add Note from the listing ,but the note count is not updating in the listing.
#378490 - CRM--->Lead--->Lead listing--->In which design of the functionality button are not proper, it shows "delete" button in next line.
#378474 - CRM--->Lead--->Lead listing--->It shows greater than sign with the pagination.
#378467 - CRM--->Lead--->Export to Excel--->In excel it shows one column name Undefined.
#377462 - HR--->Consultant Listing--->User can assign same job to consultant again and again.
#376958 - HR--->Candidate Profile--->Interview--->Submit feedback--->Fix the Design of Feedback pop up.
#376907 - HR--->View Job-->Dashboard tab--->Not working properly.
#377148 - HR--->Talent Pool listing--->Add As Candidate--->After Clicking Save, it needs to redirect to Talent Pool Listing screen.
#377137 - HR--->Job List--->Action-View Job--->Interview Stages - In order to add stage from existing stages, button text is incorrect - "Add More".
#376964 - HR--->Candidate Profile-->Interview-->Submit feedback-->click on save button with out entering comment--> show proper error.
#376901 - HR--->Job List--->Add job--->after adding job it does not show complete name of the "requirement title " in the listing.
#376887 - HR--->Talent Pool--->Add talent pool screen breadrumb is not proper it does not show talent pool list link.
#376705 - HR--->Candidate Listing--->Select a candidate-Make Offer--->Zip code can be put negative.
#376698 - HR--->Talent Pool-->After adding talent as candidate for job, same talent is visible twice in talent pool list i.e if added 7 times as candidate for job then visible 7 times in talent pool listing.
#376612 - HR--->Talent Pool Listing--->Select one candidate and click Action-View--->All the candidates are coming in View screen of that candidate.
#376575 - HR--->Candidate list--->Channel name column is blank for added candidate but this field is mandatory while adding candidate.
#376448 - HR--->Talent Pool--->View Talent Pool---->Side menu---->Place holder in the Annual package is not proper.
#376422 - HR--->Talent Pool--->View Talent Pool----> First time it does not show any attachments in view mode which we have attached while adding talent pool But when click on the candidate name from the side menu it shows Attachments.
#376408 - HR--->Talent Pool--->View Talent Pool----> Bread crumb is not available on the View talent pool screen.
#376370 - HR--->Talent Pool--->Add Talent Pool--->In the CTC field if we can input only alphabet value and it shows success message which is wrong.
#376357 - HR--->Talent Pool--->Add Talent Pool--->Education info Block--->In "Pursuing " field we can select both yes and NO checkboxes.
#376339 - HR--->Consultant List--->Add Consultant--->Blank User guide in the Add consultant screen.
#376217 - HR--->Talent Pool--->Add Talent Pool--->"Currently works here" field radio button is Not working properly.
#376191 - HR--->Full Menu--->Candidate Listing is duplicated with Manage Candidates.
#378287 - CRM--->Lead--->Login as a user which is additional Owner, In the Lead listing it shows 0 count of the Notes.
#378280 - CRM--->Lead---> Action button it shows Quick view popup, In "more Detail" button first letter should be in capital.
#378273 - CRM--->Lead--->Note--->Add Note--->it should show some field name of the note input field.
#378264 - CRM--->Lead--->View Lead---->Additional owner functionality--->If we provide the update functionality of additional owner to User, then User can update it own Additional owner permissions.
#378202 - CRM--->Lead--->Additional owner functionality--->In which we have only given update privilege to the Additional owner but the additional owner is able to delete that Lead.
#378191 - CRM--->Lead--->Close the Lead--->View Lead--->Click on the Reopen Button and reopen button is not working.
#378153 - CRM--->Lead--->Additional owner functionality--->In which we have only given view contact privilege to the Additional owner--->But the Contact are not visible to Additional owner.
#381225 - Project--->Edit Project--->Project stage--->Add stage---->unselect the checkbox it still shows the validation message in the start and end date field.
#381231 - Project--->Edit Project--->Task screen--->Edit task--->allocate time--->In which " Book specific Time" field should be highlighted.
#381139 - Project--->Edit Project--->Project stage--->Add stage--->two task are selected from dropdown, but it does not show the stage hour.
#308214 - Project--->Open Project in edit mode here go to Milestone tab--->Fill all the fields and click on save and generate invoice button it open invoice page here in item filed delete button should come in red in color.
#345396 - Project--->Add task--->Allocate time--->Enter time 00:10 hour for a task and per day time is also 00:15 and now click on the next button it shows success message but when we again click on the allocate time it shows all fields are blank.
#165909 - Project--->Task--->Add Task--->When creating a new task without entering data if user clicks on save then mandatory fields gets highlighted which is correct but when user enters the data still the fields are highlighted. Refer the screenshot.
#363035 - FSM--->List View--->Export to Excel--->File name should be more meaningful like "Field Service Ticket".
#379085 - FSM--->Quick view of any ticket--->Activity tab--->edit delete not working for reply activity but working from ticket detail page.
#377999 - FSM--->Open Quick View of any ticket and goto Work Order--->Column header is incorrect : "Item Name". It needs to be "WO Name" like "WO Number".
#366635 - FSM--->FSM Report--->Researcher Report--->Status filter--->Even after applying Close status filter, system still showing open status tickets.
#366983 - FSM--->Ticket Listing--->click on last page of listing--->on click on change view-->it show no record found.
#366569 - FSM--->In List view--->click on last in pagination--->apply sorting like subject-->scroll down then click on next in pagination.
#362540 - FSM--->Off Hours Setup--->User is able to Save Off Hours by selecting "From Date" less than to "To Date".

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 9.0 Live April 11th, 2020
Following are the Enhancements for release 9.0:-

1. FSM Module
An advanced, feature-rich, Field Service Management (FSM) solution that helps to prepare, plan, fix, document, and invoice all field service activities.

  • Mobile-First Approach - Service technicians can view their schedules and receive dispatches on their phones. They can mark work orders as complete as soon as they finish the job.
  • Real-Time Data Transfer - FSM consolidates data across numerous devices and shares data back and forth in real-time, so the team has updated information.
  • Job Scheduling and Dispatching - With information like customer location, work order, service technician availability, inventory, and more, it can determine the best possible appointment in real-time.
  • 360° Dashboard & Performance Analytics - Intuitive reporting and analytics make life easier for both the technicians and clients.
  • Work Order Management - FSM automatically generates service orders and schedules the best technician for the task.
  • Zone Management – Allows you to create customized zones and assign technicians who receive automated notifications if a ticket is raised in their location. Easy identification of zones without technicians can be made with color-coded maps.
  • SLA - FSM aligns SLAs and contracts with your service operations. The Admin can set the Response Time and Resolve Time alerts.
  • Rule Engine - Talygen's Rule Engine set up rules with conditions and actions that will be triggered after a specific time interval for rules with the matching condition, for specified action.
  • Connected Digital Workflows - With customer data like address, contact details, and service history available on mobile devices, FSM ensures connected digital workflow.
  • Merge - FSM merges two or more tickets into one ticket based on the ruleset. Users can manually merge two or more tickets wherein they can select one Ticket as a Primary Ticket, which will serve as the new Ticket.
  • Dynamic Forms - Make real-time changes to your forms based on user input and pre-populate data to reduce errors.
2. Intuitive Enhancements
  • Map view will now be available on the list view of the FSM listing screen.
  • Log history will be available for Rule Engine, Zone Management, Twillio, User Configuration, and Company Configuration changes.
  • Email parser will now be capturing the date and time of the email received.
  • New Ticket status and Work Order status search filters are added to FSM Ticket Work Order Report
  • New search filter Form Submission is available on the FSM Listing screen to see if a form is submitted for a work order.
  • New Report named Researcher Data is available in the FSM reporting section.
  • Track the work orders if updated from the web or mobile.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 9.0

#370405 - FSM-->Apply filters in combination --->it shows no record found but ticket counting next to tabs check screen shot.
#367377 - FSM Dashboard-->Widget are not visible and when click on add button where is no widget like response overdue, open ticket and ticket overdue.
#367394 - FSM Dashboard-->in response overdue widget in expand still vertical scroll is visible.
#368416 - FSM-->FSM Dashboard-->Delete 'Open Ticket' and 'Ticket Due' widget and again add both widget-->fix the design of response overdue widget check screenshot.
#370473 - FSM--->List view--->in some fields, there is no data but sorting is happening which is wrong like Zip, Comments.
#370420 - FSM-->open ticket 03310-900-028-00-->open work order Nat grid central gas-->select Cast iron present yes-->CI mains enter alphabet with numeric value-->click save -->it show alert pop up Error while saving record(s)!!!-->make this field numeric.
#370399 - FSM-->After applying critical approval filter as approval pending-->in result it shows no record with record counting next to tabs.
#370456 - FSM--->Goto Page 4--->Search with Form Submit-Yes--->Page results will still be in pg4 view which is wrong. It should go back to Page 1.
#370360 - FSM-->FSM ticket listing-->click on tab like emergency-->change to list view-->again click on map view-->page refresh and reset to all tab instead of emergency tab.
#368435 - FSM-->zone management-->pagination not working properly-->no page count is visible, only visible when user click on next when prev. button.
#364320 - FSM-->Zone Management--> user can add zone with same name.
#370028 - FSM-->This ticket 03030-174-009-00 has two work order, both are active --> for first WO no status update and for second WO there is pending approval but its it under result when user form submit filter as no.
#364125 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see track history and on click it opens the track history tab.
#364142 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see claim tab and on click it opens the claim tab.
#364147 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User Can able to see activities tab and on click it opens the activities tab.
#362794 - FSM-->Field Service ticket-->Please trim space from front and back of keyword (what user search) because now it show no record found.
#361473 - Home-->In Company License Report widget module names are visible thrice
#366978 - FSM-->Ticket listing-->scroll on working on MAP instead of scrolling page its zoom-in, zoom-out map--->before this to zoom-in, zoom-out map user have to click ctrl+scroll.
#364299 - FSM-->Zone Management-->click on view zone icon-->Edit button on map not working on click it freeze the screen if there are large no. of shapes like 33. After that page crash.
#364096 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see Merge button and on click it opens the merge form.
#362794 - FSM-->Field Service ticket-->Please trim space from front and back of keyword (what user search) because now it show no record found.
#364069 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see start timer button and on click it opens the time track pop.
#364074 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see add claim bottom and on click it opens the add claims form.
#364085 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see reply button and on click it opens the reply form.
#362608 - FSM-->Zone Management-->Click on view button of any zone--->Now click on any zone-->POP Up window opens-->IN Top-Left of POP up, Instead of Text STYLE should be Name because next text is name of zone. Screenshot:
#362619 - FSM-->Field Service Ticket-->Assigned tickets to that user should in order like lastest assigned ticket should be at top of listing.
#362677 - Project Management---> Tasks---> page footer is coming upwards.
#368443 - FSM-->Zone management-->click on import--->in upload pop-up select GEO Jason file and zone type yard. Click on import it show validation error for email which is correct but it also show validation error for file.
#368472 - FSM--->Off Hours Setup--->From Time can be put more than To Time (for eg. From 03:30PM To 03:00PM) which is incorrect and should not be allowed to the user.
#369727 - FSM--->FSM Reports--->UNY HP Report--->Zoom Out ---> Report borders get destroyed and the text at last column is being cut []
#369735 - FSM--->FSM Report--->Ticket Status Report--->Blank White space is present which is Not upto company standards []
#369857 - FSM-->open any ticket-->click on work order and update Wo status-->enter decimal value in minutes worked and feet located-->it shows both field in red color but didn't show any error and save button not not working.
#369217 - FSM--->Select two tickets-(03290-154-004-00 and 03290-178-006-00) and assign to a User (Anthony Lindo)--->Now goto 03290-154-004-00 and click Merge--->Select both the tickets and click on Merge--->Manually Merge functionality is Not working.
#369210 - FSM--->Select two tickets-(03290-154-004-00 and 03290-178-006-00) and assign to a User (Anthony Lindo)--->Now goto 03290-154-004-00 and click Merge--->Select both the tickets and click on Merge--->page redirects to Ticketing screen.
#369170 - FSM--->Goto any ticket--->Work Order status update--->Update status by filling form--->Now update a status by doing Skip and Save form--->On the WO card, Form is submitted is coming.
#369035 - FSM-->FSM listing-->Map issue still on fixed. Check screenshot on page where records are 2-3 map moves towards bottom of screen.
#368826 - FSM--->Search Filter Form Submit "NO" is NOT working.
#368548 - FSM-->Field service Ticket-> Ticket listing--> Export to Excel--> System showing failure.
#368559 - FSM-->User is able to access the report module through link.
#368407 - FSM--> Field Service Ticket --> Ticket listing -->all filters get reset, if user apply 'change view' functionality.
#368562 - FSM-->Field service Ticket-> Assigned filter--> assigned User not appearing in dropdown.
#368524 - FiveFeet, CastIron users--->Login and goto Home screen---> CastIron and FiveFeet notifications are Not coming. please fix this.
#368517 - Home--->Form Fill Notifications are not in proper format.Also it is not showing for Which Form(UNY_HP,DNY_HP,UNY_PL,DNY_PL,etc..) this notification is sent which is bug.
#368504 - Home--->Form Fill Notifications are not showing which ticket and form view link are Not present[]
#368491 - FSM--->Off Hours Setup--->User text box--->"Type to Search user" is clickable which hangs the selection.
#368484 - FSM--->Off Hours Setup--->Cancel button Not working, please fix this.
#368458 - FSM-->FSM Listing-->use filter-->if any tab has no tickets then in map area it shows oops something went wrong error message.
#368435 - FSM-->zone management-->pagination not working properly-->no page count is visible, only visible when user click on next when prev. button.
#368416 - FSM-->FSM Dashboard-->Delete 'open ticket' and 'ticket due' widget and again add both widget-->fix the design of response overdue widget check screenshot.
#368410 - FSM Dashboard-->User status option is still visible.
#368400 - FSM-->Field service ticket--> Work Order paging --> pagination button should be disable if records are less than 10.
#362513 - Field Service Ticket--> There is showing 0 count of tickets, but in "FSM Dashboard" there are showing different count of tickets. Count should be same on both sides.
#361489 - FSM-->Field service ticket-->click on expand map-->Change the map view to satellite-->Zoom the map-->scroll down to listing-->click on view on map od any ticket--> Map unable to load.
#361493 - FSM-->Field service ticket-->click on expand map--> click on any ticket on map, this scroll down to ticket and highlight the ticket but if I click on view on map of any ticket it doesn't scroll up to that ticket on map.
#368235 - FSM-->Field service ticket-->open aby ticket-->Select user status option is still visible to user on ticket detail page.
#367919 - FSM-->Field Service ticket-->on ticket listing screen scroll down and click on view on MAP button-->instead of showing ticket location it shows 'charles e braker state forest' location (this for first time click) and refresh page same issue.
#365296 - FSM--->List view--->Address column only shows FROM address and Not TO address.
#367345 - FSM-->Ticket Listing-->If user select tickets on page one by clicking check box and change pagination i.e on page 2 check boxes are still selected. (check screenshot).
#361755 - FSM--->Open any ticket--->Click on Assign/Transfer---> Do Not Select any user and click Submit---> Error msg shows "Ticket has been successfully assigned" which is bug.
#364173 - FSM Report--> In all reports--> Search by choosing date--> Now click previous report--> Click on Search button without selecting date--> Records are showing without selecting date range.
#364330 - FSM-->ZoneManagement--> Click on add icon-->while draw polygon-->draw dot-->click on save it show error "An error has occurred while adding a new zone. Please try again." and select that dot and delete also not working.
#366299 - FSM dashboard-->Unassigned tickets after using filter is 21764 and on fsm dashboard its showing 21725.
#366234 - FSM-->Ticket listing-->after every 3 min refresh again map also refresh and reset to New York location.
#366223 - FSM-->Ticket listing-->Increase the view record page to 50-->now scroll the ticket listing down, the not scroll down with listing .(check screenshot)
#365217 - FSM--->Map design Not proper - hiding footer and going out of borders. Screenshot []
#364796 - FSM--->Ticket Status report--->Ticket No. 03030-174-009-00 is coming as 03030-174-009 in the report which is incorrect.
#364474 - FSM--->Ticket Status Report --->03060-543-186-00--->Ticket report query should Only fetch only parent ticket details and Not its child ticket details.
#364468 - FSM--->Ticket Status Report --->03060-543-186-00--->Problem Locate is coming Yes - but for parent ticket "Problem Locate" status has never been entered. It entered for child ticket.
#364462 - FSM--->Ticket Status Report --->03100-195-062-00--->attachment is coming zero; but there is one attachment there for parent ticket.
#364456 - FSM--->Ticket Status Report --->03100-195-062-00--->ticket no. is wrong - 03100-195-062 and it needs to be 03100-195-062-00.
#364325 - FSM-->ZoneManagement--> click on Add icon-->draw multiple polygon-->change the style of one polygon-->save zone-->click on view zone icon--> same style applies to all polygons in zone.
#364320 - FSM-->Zone Management--> user can add zone with same name.
#364196 - Client--> in read only mode--> ticket count is not correct.
#364162 - User is able to use admin modules by typing in URL. Steps: Login with User then type admin accessible url in URL bar. e.g. This module is not available for User, but user is able to access this mod.
#364113 - FSM---> Open any Pending Approval ticket ---> View submitted form---> Checkboxes are clickable which is bug.
#364096 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see Merge button and on click it opens the merge form.
#364085 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see Reply button and on click it opens the reply form.
#364074 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see add claim bottom and on click it opens the add claims form.
#363867 - FSM-->Field Service ticket-->Work order-->submit form for work order-->Click on view status history of work order-->click on view history of work order-->Check boxes and radio buttons should not be clickable.
#363022 - List View ---> Export to Excel---> Ticket due date column is showing incorrect data. It should show the date but it is showing some other data.
#363009 - List View --->Export to Excel ---> Excel file column's header should be same as that of column headers in the listing. Many of the headers are different.
#362677 - Project Management---> Tasks---> page footer is coming upwards.
#367466 - FSM Report-->UNY HP report--> Comment column not showing submitted form comment text.
#366049 - FSM report---> Field service ticket report ---> Critical Approval ---> Approval pending ---> Approval status column is truncated.
#365217 - FSM--->Map design Not proper ---> hiding footer and going out of borders. Screenshot []
#364335 - FSM-->Zone Management-->there is edit button showing on map with selecting any zone--> On click draw a shape and stop draw icons are visible to user-->draw polygon and click on save--> In add zone pop up previous added zone name and description.
#364305 - FSM-->Zone Management-->click on view zone icon-->Click on edit button there is no option to cancel the edit.
#364212 - FSM-->ticket status report--> the columns in the last is shown up blank.
#364147 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User Can able to see activities tab and on click it opens the activities tab.
#364142 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see claim tab and on click it opens the claim tab.
#364136 - FSM--->Search Closed tickets--->Export to Excel Not Working.
#364125 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see track history and on click it opens the track history tab.
#364119 - FSM-->open any ticket-->User can able to see assign/transfer button and on click it opens the assign/transfer form.
#364063 - FSM--->Zone Management --->Add polygon shape--->"Delete Selected Shape" does Not work.
#363687 - FSM-->Work order-->click on history view icon-->comment added by user only visible by hover mouse on it-->there is no read more option.
#363681 - FSM-->Work order-->click on history view icon-->comment added by User only visible by hover mouse on it-->there is no read more option.
#363323 - Mobile web view --->FSM ---> FSM Ticket --->all the tabs are missing except "All" tab (Random issue).
#363317 - Mobile web view ---> FSM --->FSM Ticket ---> "+" button of context menu doesn't work (Random issue).
#363312 - Mobile web view ---> FSM ---> FSM Ticket ---> Design issue on "Due after Tomorrow" option ().
#363134 - FSM--->Ticket Listing--->200580921 has duplicate tickets with two different User.
#363128 - FSM--->Transform Pending--->Goto Page 3--->Search with substring of ticketNumber--->Page No. remians same and now goto page2/1 same records are there; Pagenization is not working with Search which is bug.
#363086 - FSM--->Ticket Listing--->Search bar--->Assigned drop down has all users in it which is bug because it needs to contain user self and his/her subordinates.
#366777 - FSM ---> Rule engine ---> edit rule --->When we try to drag and drop the result type field, it will create the same as "When".
#362354 - FSM--->Ticket listing --->Select multiple tickets and try to assign to user--->in pop-up click "Type to search User" ---> user can Not be selected.
#361461 - FSM-->Pagination not working properly on ticket listing.
#367364 - FSM-->FSM report-->open work order active ticket close report-->search status as active from date as 30/1/2020 and to date 30/1/2020 then click on search--->now clear selection of from date and to date by clicking clear section icon then c.
#367331 - FSM-->Company setup user-->open user configuration setting of any user-->Field service Management setting--->Please remove mandatory validation from Region Access option.
#366996 - FSM-->FSM Report-->cast iron report--> no record found page is different than other reports.
#366783 - FSM--->Rule engine ---> edit target ---> In which add one more row, it show date and time checkbox in it but we have not selected any date column.[].
#363983 - FSM-->Field service ticket-->In this 03020-178-016-00 ticket address is LAKEPORT RD-->if user search LAKEPORT RD in search by location it show no record found.
#363862 - FSM-->Field Service ticket-->Work order-->Don't show user text box if forms not submitted because there is no way user can save the comment.
#363239 - Mobile view--->FSM--->Open any ticket--->Attachments are not opening up.
#363233 - Mobile view--->FSM--->Open any ticket--->Notes are not opening up.
#363221 - Mobile view--->FSM--->Open any ticket--->Activities are not opening up.
#363098 - FSM--->List View--->Many columns like Second Intersecting Street are in ticket text but are Not populated in List view.
#362990 - FSM--->Open any ticket with two work orders--->User should Not able to change the ticket status to Closed after updating status of one work order.
#362888 - FSM--->Ticket type Partial search {e.g: the tickets with this format (03040-549-001-00) cannot be searched without (-) but user can search with 03040 or 03040-549}.
#367394 - FSM-->FSM Dashboard-->in response overdue widget in expand still vertical scroll is visible.
#367377 - FSM-->FSM Dashboard-->Widget are not visible and when click on add button where is no widget like response overdue, open ticket and ticket overdue.
#367372 - FSM-->FSM report-->open work order active ticket close report-->search directly without selecting status and date, it shows tickets having work order status is active and ticket status is open like 01290-547-042-00 but in report its status.
#366716 - FSM--->Work Order--->Platform is coming for the ticket - 03220-154-014-00 if WO status changed on mobile app.
#366674 - FSM-->server error while status update the status of tickets with no work order status update from listing screen
#366489 - FSM---> Ticket list view screen apply any filter which show " No record found" message, now move to the map view and refresh filter it show ticket in the listing but does not show map.
#365511 - National Grid user---> FSM---> this user which is configured only for DSNY tickets can view downstate ticket also. URL copy paste issue.
#365498 - FSM--->FSM reports are visible to nationalgrid users - nationalgrid users are User and so are User but User should not view reports.
#364775 - FSM--->Map is coming upwards where it is not supposed to when scrolling up and down.
#363493 - Form Notification ---> when we user receive notification, its text is not readable form.
#363300 - Ticket listing ---> I am on ticket listing (Map View) ---> In "All", it is showing 928. But when i apply the Filter by clicking "Filter" icon, then All is showing 1400.This seems to be wrong, with filter being applied, number showing with "All".
#363092 - FSM ---> Ticket Listing--->View on Map does not show the ticket location on center of map.
#363022 - List View ---> Export to Excel ---> Ticket due date column is showing incorrect data. It should show the date but it is showing some other data.
#363003 - Map View ---> We searched by subject with "water" as keyword. In search result 450 records are showing, but in the listing tabs (All, Critical, High, Medium, Low), it is showing different count.
#362972 - FSM---> Ticket list view ---> Closed Tickets should also show in the listing. Currently it shows only Open tickets in the list which is bug - existing ticket no. - 200640005
#362966 - FSM--->Search bar --->Assigned search menu has all users to select which is bug; it needs to be only user and his/her subordinates.
#362960 - FSM--->Context Menu---> FSM dashboard, Add Ticket Route , Delete Ticket Route ---> click these links - it says Unauthorized.--->Please remove it from context menu of user.
#362954 - FSM ---> Ticket Listing--->View on Map does not show the ticket location on centre of map.
#362936 - FSM--->FSM--> Transform Pending-->Search working only on page 1, if user search ticket number on page 2, 3. It shows no result found.
#362930 - FSM--->FSM--> Transform Pending-->search with space at front and back of ticket number, it shows no record found.
#362924 - FSM--->FSM-->Field Service Ticket--> click on page 3 to open tickets listing on page 3--->Use filter/search -->Search result show on same page i.e 3 instead of page 1. which is wrong.
#362918 - FSM--->FSM-->Field Service ticket-->after user get result but if user change to list view it will reset the result.
#362912 - FSM--->user can see the unauthorized message in context menu. #362906 - FSM--> filter--> the already exist filters are not shown up.
#362900 - FSM--->The ticket has "SecondIntersectingStreet" shown up in ticket text but not in list view.
#362876 - Map View ---> I was on 4th page of "High" type tickets. Then i clicked on "Medium" type tickets. It should start the listing from the first page. But it started the listing from 4th page. This is not correct.
#362858 - Admin ---> Ticket list view ---> Closed Tickets should also show in the listing. Currently it shows only Open tickets in the list. But in search filter closed ticket can be searched and it shows closed tickets in search result as well.
#362839 - Mac (Safari ) FSM ---> Field service ticket screen ---> it shows Blank screen only shows context Menu.
#362827 - FSM-->Field service Ticket--> click on page 3 to open tickets listing on page 3--->Use filter/search -->Search result show on same page i.e .3 instead of page 1. which is wrong.
#362488 - Blank page on Home link of all Users.
#361755 - FSM--->Open any ticket--->Click on Assign/Transfer---> Do Not Select any user and click Submit---> Error msg shows "Ticket has been successfully assigned" which is bug.
#361409 - Add Error 404 page not found page instead of server error.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 8.1 Live Jun 07th, 2019
Following are the Enhancements for release 8.1:-

1. Project Module
  • Task - User can create multiple tasks along with their child tasks, and can set weightage & progress of the tasks.
  • Currency Management - User can dynamically create the currency and manage add-on functionality.
  • Milestone - User can create milestone on the basis of Project Percentage, Task, and Milestone.
2. Ticketing Module
  • Escalation of ticket to higher level
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage Chain
  • SLA: Manage SLA, Chain and Rule Engine.
3. Client bill Invoice Module: Manage Invoice

4. V-desk
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Enable/Disable HTML5 on Server
  • Virtual desktop collection can be assigned to users or a group of users.
  • Enable new virtual desktop creation based on virtual desktop template.
  • Recreate virtual desktop based on virtual desktop template.
  • Store user settings on a user profile disk with Location and Maximum size.
  • Permanent user assignment to the virtual desktop.
  • Administrative access on the virtual desktop.
  • Specify the virtual desktop storage which includes Store on each RD Virtualization Host server, Store on a network share, Store on a Clustered Shared Volume (CSV).
5. Responsive design of modules in web application.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 8.1

#199316 - Roles--> "Can Apply User Roles" If this role is not given then edit the user, switch to advance settings tab applied role name is not aligned.
#234941 - Time Tracking ---> Bulk Time Entry ---> Enter the Total Hours -12312 and save it then error message get displayed after that Total hours is display -NaN:NaN.
#235284 - Project --> Edit --> Switch to Project phase tab then click on general setting then on footer phase heading are shown it occurs for the tabs (Task, Team, so on ).
#235295 - Time Approval --> Breadcrumb is distorted See Screenshot User--> Time Approval --> Breadcrumb is distorted.
#235307 - Project --> Edit --> Tasks --> All the members are selected from the tasks still users are listed in the task listing screen under Team column.
#235310 - Project --> Add --> Enter Project Hours in 11 digit then pop up message appears 2-3 times.
#235406 - Expense ---> Expense Approval ---> Layout / Design need to be fixed: Breadcrumb should be aligned with same line and Radio button and text overlapped to each other.
#235549 - Project --> Open project in edit mode now go to Message Tab here fill all the fields and click on save button once message save now open comment field here attachment field should come in normal in size.
#235795 - Timesheet Approval --> "You are not approver for time/expense/leave entries.” text size is big.
#235823 - Project --> Click on action button here click on quote button ,now fill quote fields and click on save button here design of the quote is not proper.
#235932 - Project --> Add Project --> Add Member --> Here in search bar place holder should be like this "Search by member name" instead of enter member name.
#236337 - Appointment Calendar --> External Link --> Enter the text in thank you text field and submit it then Thank You Text Field is blank.
#236341 - Appointment Calendar --> External Link --> 2 ":" colon are displayed on header text and Footer text.
#236345 - Appointment Calendar --> Service Appointment --> left side of Today button some is visible and it is clickable and of no use.
#236354 - Appointment Calendar --> Company Setup --> Service --> ":" colon is missing on the description field.
#236366 - Appointment Calendar --> Service Appointment --> Click on any date the service pop up appears on "Till Date:*:"2 time colon is shown up.
#236421 - Appointment Calendar --> Click on service --> then add a new service bu selecting all user and save. It is giving error message "multi select filter" is not a function.
#236425 - Appointment service --> Edit any of the service, it gives Server error message.
#236466 - Appointment Service --> Add course and save it then again open it and scroll the page the design of the page and footer is not aligned.
#236470 - Appointment Service --> Create a course for 8 days and save. It redirect to course webpage, then 8 days different entries are shown in course listing screen.
#236541 - Company Setup ---> SLA ---> Edit SLA ---> In target option , "Alert before Resolve time approaches" filed is highlighted when user un-checked the target row.
#236590 - Company Setup ---> SLA ---> Edit SLA ---> Without selecting any check-box, user is able to select disable targets fields.
#237975 - Asset ---> My Items ---> Click on Action icon and select "Terms and Conditions" option, after selecting the check box then save button is not activated and not clickable.
#238356 - Project Report/Time Report --> 1 Week, 1 month and half Yearly it shows error message while generating the report "The 'Show_Data' parameter is missing a value".
#238364 - Project Report --> Timesheet report --> Apply any search filter then click on Reset button nothing happens.
#238380 - Timesheet --> Send the time entries for the approval then comment section is visible then enter the text in title then click on post new comment then Title field is highlighted with red colour.
#251565 - Project --> View --> Project file --> Here click on upload symbol and without upload file click on save button here validation message overlap with the text available below the field.
#253306 - User --> Add --> Save button icon is missing.
#253335 - User --> Add --> In "General Settings" and "Advanced Settings" tab ,border is required above user guide option.
#253342 - User --> Click on Action button and open the "View User Detail" and open the "Files Uploaded" tab → content should be in proper aligned with borders.
#253373 - User --> Update User--> Review--> Add Goal --> Colour of Save button should be in white.
#253710 - Login page --> Click on Forget password --> fill the email id and click on confirm button, now go to "yopmail" site and click on reset password here design of the password is not proper.
#253718 - Company Setup --> User --> Click on Action button --> Associate Licences --> Layout/Design need to be fixed.
#253775 - Company Setup --> User --> Add --> Advanced Settings --> Functionality of Upload the "Avatar" image is not working.
#253807 - Company Setup --> User -->Edit --> Feedback --> View --> Design/Layout need to be fixed.
#253846 - Company Setup --> User --> Skill --> Click on Title of the Skill --> Design /Layout of "Save" button need to be fixed, same as rest of the application.
#254061 - General --> Provide rights --> login with different user --> full menu module options not shown up correctly.
#254670 - CRM -->CRM Report -->Design need to be fixed: Text should be in Red colour "Sorry, You are not authorized to access this section".
#274182 - Human resource --> Leave --> Apply leave --> if date of joining is not configured then "Date of Joining" it is not aligned.
#274207 - CRM --> Campaign --> For all module --> Action --> View --> Activity --> Associate the contacts and save it then it is not visible in the listing screen.
#274302 - CRM --> For all screen --> Leads --> Add leads and save it then context menu and breadcrumb is shows blank.
#274394 - Deal --> Action --> Follow up -->save button is not working.
#274660 - Company setup --> User --> Add User --> Here click on add user and then click on cancel button here in pagination digit disappears.
#276146 - CRM --> CRM Dashboard --> Click on Add more button only loader loads and nothing happens.
#276409 - Ticketing --> Canned Reply --> Select the check boxes and click on Delete button, alert message layout and design need to be fixed.
#257498 - CRM --> CRM Dashboard --> Remove and zoom out button does not work.
#257505 - CRM --> CRM Dashboard --> Calendar functionality of all fields are not working.
#156205 - Settings ----> Modules ----> Add Module ----> Name and Price text fields are not aligned with other fields. Refer the screenshot.
#157398 - Company Setup ----> SLA Listing -----> Edit SLA ---> When we disabled the SLA even after that SLA is running. As per the functionality SLA needs to be stopped. Refer screenshot.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 8.0 Live Feb 22nd, 2019
Following are the Enhancements for release 8.0:-

1. CRM
  • Leads - A lead represents any person or organization that showed interest in your product and might have the potential to do business with.
  • Contract - A contract is a legally-binding agreement which recognizes and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement.
  • Deal - The term "Deal" designates an opportunity to sell your products or services.
  • Stages - It refers to the different progressive stages of the leads. It includes pitched, new, closed, needs to bill etc.
  • Campaign - Campaign is the planned, customized and complete action designed to achieve the business goals.
  • Quote - It allows users to create quotes from the deals within the Talygen application.
  • Sales Order - Talygen's Sales Order allows users to create sales order for the potential customers.
  • Purchase Order - A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a vendor to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.
  • Price Book - Price Book showcases the different corporate price of the product. It can be either fixed or differential as per the business requirements.
  • Vendor - A Vendor, also known as a supplier, is someone which sells goods or services to the other individual or organization.
  • Contacts - Users can add contacts for a Lead. Contact serves as the mode of communication through which users can easily contact a Client.
  • Item - User can create and manage item(s) as per the selected item types.
  • Item Types - Item Types helps to categorize the different item(s) in the catalogue.
  • Invoices - It facilitates the complex process of paying bills for projects in an automated manner, thereby eliminating paperwork and information management complexities.
2. Vdesk
  • Application Settings - Application settings help to store application-scoped settings on the server. This enables the application to be customized as per user specifications.
  • Application Summary - Application summary provides condensed information of the application such as Application Name, Total Session Time, Session Count, giving the main idea without going into many details. It helps to provide information about the application in a concise manner.
  • Applications - Applications refer to the different tools or resources that can be used by users or clients. Examples of applications include Calculator, Firefox, Remote Desktop Connection, etc.
  • Client Login - It is used to allow clients to have access to the application at any time.
  • Database - It refers to a collection of organized information about the applications and users. Data gets updated, expanded and deleted as new information is added.
  • Desktop Clients - It provides an end user with access to a desktop or application. You can connect to your work PC and have access to all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting at your desk.
  • General Settings - The General Settings let you control some of the most basic configuration settings of the application such as Date Format, Email Frequency etc.
  • Jobs - It gives information about the latest updates done on the application including the application assignment, ending session etc.
  • Jobs Report - This report provides detailed information about the different jobs performed in the application.
  • Logs - It refers to the act of keeping the record the events that occur in the application including user login, log out etc.
  • Policies - It refers to the set of principles, rules, and guidelines designed by VDesk for use and access of its application(s). It helps to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them.
  • Remote Desktop - It is a secure network communications protocol designed for remote management, as well as for remote access to virtual desktops, applications, and an RDP terminal server.
  • Server Details - It displays information about the server running in the computer, including Total Memory, Sessions, Memory Usage, Sunning Status etc.
  • Server Roles - Server roles refer to the roles that your server can play on your network. The details include Server Name, Operating System, Group Name, Description, Running Status, Load Balancing, Gateway, Connection Broker, etc.
  • Servers Group - Server groups allow you to view and manage a smaller subset of all servers in your organization. The details include Group Name, Policy Name, Description, etc.
  • Session Info - It refers to the information about the session of a specific user. It includes details such as Session Id, Session State, Server Name, Session time, etc.
  • Session Report - Session Report displays detailed and insightful information about the transactions made in the current and previous user sessions.
  • Setup - It include the configuration details of the running applications and servers. It includes details such as License Key, Authentication Server and Session Configuration.
  • Vdesk Dashboard - VDesk Dashboard allows users to customize it as per the requirements so that the most used features are just a click away. It includes information such as License, Top Applications Usage, Server Load, Logs, Jobs, Session etc.
  • Server Report - The comprehensive Server report helps to track key performance metrics, such as average CPU Usage, Average Memory Usage, Average Disk Usage to discover the trends and streamline the server performance.
  • Web Client - It allows users to access the application through a compatible web browser. They'll be able to interact with remote apps like they would with a local PC no matter where they are.
3. Twilio Enhancements
  • Company level Twilio configuration.
  • Multiple Twilio accounts can be added and multiple Twilio phone numbers can be purchased.
  • IVR
4. CRM Reports
  • Revenue Report By Channel Source.
  • Revenue Report By Stages.
5. Chat feature

6. Responsive design - for Attendance, Performance Review, Knowledge base, Hiring modules.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 8.0

#179550 - Appointment Calendar-->PM and NU-->View "Service" Calendar link is missing.
#179562 - Calendar--->User Availability--->Add new status on the same date and time of the already existing status it will give a pop up message of user status in which saved record field always show "No record found message".
#179673 - Bulk Time Entry-->If you add time entry of today with Shift timing selected "Full Day" after the shift over then it is highlighted with blue i.e Future entry.
#179678 - Project-->Project Files-->Any of the user type uploaded the note to the project and try to delete the note it receive the not authorized message to the user.
#179689 - Bulk Time Entry-->If you try to save the entry without selecting the shift then user is not able to save the entry it gives Overlap entry.
#179693 - Bulk Time Entry-->If you remove shift and total hours then user can enter time entry manually only start time is editable and stop time is fixed.
#180494 - Item Management-->Related Information-->Here status drop down are not showing for the older data.
#180552 - Expense---> Add Expense---> There is no option to setup the disallowed files in Expense configuration.
#180558 - Expense--->Bulk upload Expense---> Upload a File field is not marked with an asterisk .
#180563 - Expense---> Add Expense--->Task field drop down is blank.
#241914 - Project-->Open project in edit mode here go to Expense tab-->Open expense in edit mode here select other user also here in the max amount field give error.
#241920 - Project-->Open project in edit mode here go to Expense tab-->Search bar-->Here search with invalid data it give no record found now click on clear button it clear only search bar not get back to the expense listing screen with data.
#241936 - Project-->Open project in edit mode here go to virtual user tab-->add virtual user-->When we add virtual user it give pop up message but not open virtual listing screen it should open virtual listing screen after adding virtual user.
#241942 - Project-->Project Message-->Here Sorting is not working.
#241973 - General-->Message Board-->Post a new message-->Here Design of the description field is not proper.
#241998 - Message Board-->Post a new message-->Once we post a message here in message listing screen design is not aligned.
#242010 - Message Board-->Delete a message from message board after delete message successfully "No record found" text is not showing in the message board listing screen.
#242017 - Ticketing--->click on already created Ticket --->Split Ticket and click on the reference id of spitted ticket --->It will open that ticket in new tab, After loading it will shows Blank page.
#242025 - Ticketing--->Add Claim--->Double click on the Save as Draft button it will show 2 Records.
#243529 - Leave Management --> Manage Check in/out --> Add --> pop-up screen will opened and close it, then button are overlapped to each other "Send For Approval" and "Remove".
#243754 - Message Board-->Post a new message-->now delete that message screen does not get refresh which is wrong it should get refresh.
#245828 - Asset-->Item container list-->Add item container-->Without fill any field click on save button all the mandatory field highlighted now fill the item name field still it is showing highlighted which is wrong.
#245840 - Asset-->My item-->View checkout list-->Here assign item status show inactive which is wrong it should show 'active' or 'assigned'.
#245856 - Asset-->Pending checkout-->When we assign or reject the requisition of item here pop up message does not visible because of loader.
#245875 - Asset-->Pending checkout-->Return item-->In penalty field -->Copy and paste alphanumeric character and click on approve button only loader rotate nothing will happen.
#247071 - Company Setup--> User--> Add--> Layout / Design need to be fixed: Breadcrumb should be aligned with same line.
#263066 - CRM--->Invoice --->View--->Product--->Product tab field is Blank it should show available products.
#263159 - CRM --->Contract --->View --->TimeLine--->After adding a new Attachment its detail is not visible in Timeline Tab.
#263517 - CRM-->Campaign-->Open campaign in edit mode here go to contact tab-->here in column listing some extra column showing which is not present under add contact page.
#264289 - Stage-->CRM-->Vendor-->Add-->User guide details is not available.
#265493 - CRM--->Lead--->Convert Lead--->Add Account--->Convert--->Add Contract--->On Add Contract pop up-->Client block--->radio button should be selected.
#265518 - CRM--->Lead--->Convert Lead--->Add Account--->Convert--->Add Contract--->On Add Contract pop up it should show the drop down of payment terms in payment Term Field.
#265541 - CRM-->Manage layout-->CRM-->Campaign name is editable and it is system generated field.
#265557 - Item-->Create a new item by using the same item type then it says Item code already exists and else system generated functionality is not working.
#265747 - Quote-->Edit any quote then change the quantity then amount field does not reflects.
#265782 - Price Book-->Add/Edit any record and multiple time click on save button then validation message appears multiple times and screen goes black.
#265864 - Company setup --->Email template--->CRM--->In which we are not able to create CRM email template, Save button is not working.
#266796 - Leads-->Action-->View-->Convert-->Add deals--> fill all the details and save . It is giving error message.
#267717 - Item-->Add-->Deploy new item by item type "Inventory" then click on related information tab, quantity shows 0 count.
#268579 - Create new user--> save--> login with new user, reset password pop up opens, after submitting data, nothing happens, and user is not able to login.
#270678 - Lead-->Send Email-->In Pop-up screen, different fields are displayed as compare to view leads(Send Email), which is wrong.
#274825 - Purchase Order--->Add Purchase Order --->Input all the mandatory field click on "Save as Draft"--->It shows success message but Purchase order details are not available in the listing.
#275353 - Lead--->Edit Lead--->It does not show user Guide on the Edit Lead screen.
#275381 - Lead --->Add Lead--->Select "Yes" in the Existing client field but the client name input field is not available on the add Lead screen.
#274720 - Vendor---> In Vendor listing when we click on the Sorting button of status field its shows Blank Page.
#275727 - Asset-->Item type-->Import item type-->here download sample file here it is showing CRM item like Vendor, Purchase etc. which is wrong.
#275269 - Quote--> Add--> In Deal drop down, records are shown up, but now user does not create any Deal.
#275194 - Item-->Add Item--> save--> item is not shown up in listing screen.
#236611 - Asset--->Item Assignment---> Request For Return icon Not properly aligned at centre.
#237480 - Event management--->Calendar--->click on the (Birthday, Joining, Absent, Holiday) Link on a particular date--->In which design of the (Birthday, Joining, Absent, Holiday) popups are not proper aligned.
#237496 - Event management--->Calendar--->Click on the Approved leave link on Particular date--->click on the Numeric value (link) in Leave allowed field, design of the Leave pop up is not properly Aligned.
#274481 - Integration--->Click on Cloud Storage --->It shows 500 Error.
#274699 - Company Setup--->Email template-->Add template--->In sub category dropdown it shows "vendor details" it should be "Vendor Details".
#274539 - Vdesk-->Session Info-->When we click on this link it give server error.
#274514 - Vdesk-->Application Setting/Application-->If there is no record in the list it does not showing the border with no record text it should be showing border with no record text.
#274507 - Vdesk-->Here Session info links are showing two times.
#274526 - Vdesk-->Application Summary-->Here Click on application summary link only loader rotate nothing will happen.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 7.0 Live Aug 04th, 2018
Following are the Enhancements for release 7.0:-

1. Context Menu

• Dynamic context-menu to simplify the user interface.

2. Resource Scheduling

• Talygen updated the Resource Scheduling Software is integrated with intuitive Time Tracking system to ensure seamless Project progress like Team's workload, Project assignments, overtime, and time-off, all in one place.
• The Resource availability, capacity and schedule can be tracked using User Availability Statuses - Company Holiday, User Leave, User Busy, and Weekend.

3. Ticketing

• Newly re-designed Ticketing module offers an intuitive and updated UI for an enhanced user experience.
• Automatic Ticket assignment (Round Robin) evenly distributes the Tickets to Agents without any manual intervention.
• Resolvers have the option to select their availability status like Online, Offline, and Busy.
• Ticket Splitting enables the Users to split one Ticket between two or more Tickets.
• Updated Ticketing module enables Users to merge two or more Tickets into one Ticket.
• SLA (Service Level Agreement) to a Ticket is implemented to specify the service commitments.
• Ticket Layout Setting feature in the Ticketing module enables Clients to get Talygen support related to their issue.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 7.0

#189603 - Asset Management --> Checkout --> Test of approved, Approval pending is cut off.
#184161 - Performance review --> skill report ---> header of the report is not shown up correct.
#187537 - Project Management ---> click on the ^ sign of one particular project ---> Task ---> click on the Add Task ---> if we provide space in the task name field we can save blank task name.
#187110 - CRM ---> Prospect ---> Search By client functionality of the lead is not working.
#150639 - Project ---> Action column is too large, See the attached screenshot.
#142419 - CRM ---> Icon to delete the attachments is displaced from where attachments are uploaded.
#183875 - Hiring ---> Add Applicant ---> When adding other files as attachment and clicked on plus icon to add additional file, previously added file is removed.
#183349 - Configuration --> Ticketing --> When trying to enable product as mandatory option and click on save it gives message records saved but when page is refreshed settings switch to non-mandatory again.
#183345 - Configuration --> Ticketing --> When trying to enable category as mandatory option and click on save it gives message records saved but when page is refreshed settings switch to non-mandatory again.
#182284 - Company Setup --> Category option to create expense and ticketing category is missing.
#186090 - Full Menu--General --> When no general license is given still organizational chart is hyperlink is highlighted and clickable. It should not be clickable.
#183535 - Flag Track Entry --> On the flag track listing screen the check boxes for the time entries are disabled.
#183134 - Expense --> Add Expense --> Once the expense imported and submitted for approval it gets auto approved but there is no record for it in the history.
#183126 - Expense --> Import Expense --> When importing an expense it ask for trip in the file, but when it is uploaded it displays a dropdown menu with no details of entered text.
#182562 - Manage Item --> Item List --> If use clicks on view attached file, and delete the attachments, user gets a confirmation of the deletion of file, but if we click on download user is still able to download the file. This should not be happening.
#182365 - Company Setup --> Item Type --> Unable to import the item type using the excel file. Refer the screenshot for the error.
#183130 - Expense --> Import Expense --> Once the expense is imported from the expense file and clicked on validate expense then all the options on the screen become unclick able, then page is reloaded and then again valid expense is clicked then it works.
#148573 - CRM --> Opportunity --> Navigate to the opportunity listing screen send observe that there is no space between import opportunities and change opportunity owner button.
#184170 - Doc storage --> Storage capacity --> infinity% shown up in bar and also available capacity is shown up in negative.
#184263 - Item Assignment --> Share --> Share functionality not working - User is not able to select Employee name. On clicking Add, it gives error message.
#184148 - Time tracing --> timesheet --> old version of timesheet screen shown up.
#148304 - Ticket --> configuration --> "Ticket product" and "Ticket category" configure key is not working.
#183820 - Project --> Go to tasks --> start timer for a task whose project is inactive, timer is going on for inactive project.
#144942 - Roles --> Project --> No roles for Resource scheduling.
#183390 - Client --> Project --> work Dairy --> 500 error shown up.
#183702 - CRM ---> Opportunities --> Import Opportunities ---> click on Import from excel ---> click on Confirm Submit 2 Times ---> It will create 2 same Opportunities record in the list.
#183658 - CRM ---> Prospect----> Import Prospect ---> click on Import from excel ----> click on Confirm Submit 2 Times ---> It will create 2 same Prospect record in the list.
#183726 - Dashboard --> Company setup ---> Event Venue ---> click on the cancel button it will freeze the screen for the 10-15 seconds and no action performed by cancel Button.
#183449 - Client ---> Add Client ---> There is no option to add the Phone Number.
#183416 - CRM ---> Additional Contacts ---> we can Add Duplicate Additional Contact which is wrong.
#182337 - Home ---> click on add report icon, It is shown up blank.
#148283 - Event management --> Add event --> share with google is yes --> google calendar dropdown should have select option by default.
#148779 - Configuration --> Users --> Add user --> without entering the general setting, user should not able to go to the advance setting page.
#145062 - Hiring--> Add post --> Close date --> Date picker shown up Disable.
#182328 - Login --> forgot password--> error message shown up "Error while sending email".
#148556 - CRM --> Opportunity -->Navigate to the opportunity listing screen and then click on the action button and observe the design it is messed up.
#148439 - CRM --> Lead-->Click on the add lead button fill in all the mandatory fields and then navigate to attachments tab in the attach file section '+'button does not appear.
#148562 - CRM --> Opportunity -->Navigate to the opportunity listing screen and then click on add opportunity button then select as yes in the existing client section blank space appears below it.
#148211 - CRM --> Lead/Opportunity --> Edit any lead/opportunity here 'Back to list' button comes in the bottom side, it should be come top right corner side.
#147575 - Project-->In Project listing screen click on action button here assign task comes into second line.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.67 Live Aug 21st, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.67:-

1. Reports

• Change the name of time track report i.e. 7 Days, 7 months and 7 weeks.
• Change the name of DP report to Project detail Report.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.67

#142435 - Ticketing--> Edit ticket--> Claim--> "-" sign for removing attached files does not work.
#142454 - Ticket Report--> Ticket Summary Report--> On the top right corner there are arrows to select date range> If you select 'This month' & click on middle arrow --> the date range shown is of next month. If you select "Last Month" shows date range of this month.
#142508 - Attendance approval --> Edited one of the check-in/out time --> Clicked on save & approve --> Post new popup screen appears with two mandatory boxes to fill --> If you select skip and cancel on the next prompts, the asterisk sign disappears.
#142516 - Leave --> Unable to apply leave for the next month --> Checked the leave type settings, tried decreasing number of days, tried different leave types still unable to apply leave for next month."
#142596 - Message board-->Open a message in edit mode, Description is marked as mandatory but we can update the message even if description is blank.
#142627 - Ticketing--> Edit ticket--> Transfer--> "-" sign for removing attached files does not work.
#142773 - Expense-->While doing the bulk upload entered the project name as it is mandatory but still the name does not reflect in the uploaded data.
#143343 - Bulk time Entry --> Drop down for tasks showing list of tasks even when no project is selected.
#143478 - Password policy --> Half written old question is showing up in the security question box even when its disabled.
#143495 - Company Setup-->Password Policy--> For Factor Authentication if checked both the options but no any settings is made, then on login the user is shown this message after Login, the email delivery has been failed. Check your email address. Whereas the normal user has to do nothing with the emails setting.
#143508 - Company Setup-->Password Policy--> Minimum 5 security questions are required but when user add security question in their profile then there is option to select only 3 questions.
#143594 - Approval-->Time Approval-->In search bar user filter does not show the user drop down list .
#143602 - Password Policy-->Enter 1 value for special character and insert “@#^” insert 3-4 special character it is saving it with successful message, if number is required then only 1 character should be acceptable for the field".
#143655 - Project --> View project --> go to files --> when you upload a file its shows list of project managers which includes NU type users even, they should be excluded or shown in separate column".
#143699 - Dashboard--> Edit--> Check in flag list option is given twice under attendance. See attached screenshot.
#143703 - Dashboard--> Check in flag list option is listed twice on Dashboard. See attached.
#143732 - Project--> Add project--> number of working days wrong are calculated wrong, if we uncheck all the check boxes, it says 8 working days in week.
#143781 - Forgot Password and fill the answers to security questions and submit. Reset the password and login, after login the dashboard is shown blank.
#143857 - HR --> Apply leave --> Gives error on applying for leave that timing should be within shift when putting the time between shift timings only.
#143969 - Project-->Timesheet-->When a user add hours in the timesheet and then send for approval there is no entry for the CA user in the timesheet approval also the corresponding approvers.
#144030 - Project--> Timesheet--> When the users timesheet is approved by the approver then no any notification is received by user but if Rejected then notification is shown.
#144433 - HR-->Working Day-->User is not able to check and uncheck the users in the users box.
#144441 - HR-->Manage check-in-->The comment box does not show the count of the total comments in the comment box.
#144512 - Project-->Time Sheet-->Add Hours-->Firstly click on total time than click on Description, Start Time and End Time fill automatically.
#144521 - Human Resource -->Manage check in/out-->Add-->for PM user type by default not getting the time format in 12:00 (screen shot attached).
#144683 - Leave approval-->First page listing count starts with 25 as per configuration setting.
#144985 - Doc Storage-->Cloud Storage-->NU-->Cloud storage should be visible in configuration only not in doc storage.
#145074 - Project-->Add project-->When a user clicks on the '+'button corresponding tags box a pop appears and when the user clicks on ok the pop up again appears.
#145162 - Role--> apply role on NU and give him privilege to access tickets and reply the tickets. NU is not able to reply to tickets. Whenever edits any ticket it says you are not authorized".
#145314 - Project-->The slider content does not appears in a row(occurs randomly). See the screenshot attached.
#145371 - Client screen--> edit any client--> designing issue on tabs given for client, see attached.
#145805 - Asset management-->Attachments-->Add an attachment then click on save then navigate to some other tab and then come back on the attachments '+' is not clickable second time.
#147076 - Expense-->When expense send for approval, at the approver's end we have to select the expense and click on approve/reject, in this screen there is no need of cancel button and click on cancel button, the button get white in color (occur randomly).

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.66 Live June 09th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.66:-

1. Attendance Dispute

• User can raise dispute on Check In/Out entry.
• New button is available "Send to Admin". Specific record will list to Admin for Dispute resolution.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.66

#268765 - Human resource -->Manage Check in / Checkout --> User is able to save the check in check out for the future time. Current time is 12.30pm but user was able to save the checkout time till 4pm.
#224561 - Human resource -->Track Attendance-->When closing the comment section on the track attendance page, screen freezes and shows a design issue.
#128378 - Project--> Action--> Gantt chart--> Gantt chart page shown up blank.
#298765 - Human resource -->Manage Check in / Checkout -->User is able to check out without doing check in first. Doing check in first should be mandatory.
#289065 - Human resource -->Manage Check in / Checkout -->User is able to do the check in check out for off days as well. As per the shift aligned to user he is having an off on Sat and Sun but user is able to do check in and check out on Sunday.
#260548 - Project--> Edit--> Task--> Add Task--> Save--> Error Message displayed.
#260721 - Project--> Edit--> Task--> There should be pagination on task listing screen.
#261407 - Project--> Edit--> Gantt Chart--> Design is not proper.
#156111 - Human resource -->Track Attendance--> No inbox notification coming when attendance is approved, notification coming for rejection.
#128409 - Project---> Bulk Time Entry--> start and stop time is not updated.
#154321 - Human resource-->Track Attendance--> On the listing attendance listing screen for NU, if an attendance entry is approved no status changed to approved.
#167843 - Human resource -->Track Attendance--> History of an attendance entry is not saved if the entry for the day is deleted.
#165743 - Timesheet/Time Track->Navigate to the project module and then the timesheet click on show timesheet button then add hours on any working day send that particular day entry for approval. Now navigate to the time track screen choose the same project from select your project dropdown and start the timer after few minutes stop the timer a new entry is done in the below which should not happen because the project has already been send for approval.
#261412 - Project --> Add Project --> working days shown up wrong.
#261417 - Project--> Timesheet --> Show Timesheet --> Add hours --> Delete icon require tool tip.
#128399 - Configuration--> Subscription & Billing--> Update Billing--> save--> nothing happens.
#261423 - Project --> Time sheet --> Holiday day is not highlighted with yellow background.
#128419 - Login--> Change Language--> After login, no change in language is shown up.
#260721 - Project--> Edit--> task--> There should be pagination on task listing screen.
#260733 - Configuration --> Users --> view user detail- --> User Activity screen show doc storage allocated 12.00 MB and consumed 0.02 MB but no space allocated to him.
#128374 - Login--> Dashboard, spacing should be correct.
#260739 - Configuration --> Users --> view user detail--> Configuration --> Location tracking --> I am able to find location tracking configuration. If it doesn't exist now please remove it from here too.
#260744 - Configuration --> Users --> view user detail--> Configuration --> offline should be offline tracking.
#128395 - Expense--> Manage expense--> "+" icon is falling down.
#260771 - Project--> Edit--> Client--> Associate--> State/city shown up "\".
#128383 - Login--> Footer--> Site map--> remove extra white space.
#128404 - Configuration-->roles---> copy a role--> validation message should be at proper place.
#128414 - Project--> "Remove project" link should be "Remove".

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.65 Live May 19th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.65:-

1. Manage check in and Check out Feature.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.65

#223058 - Quote--> on listing screen there should be view button to see the preview of quotation.
#232381 - Human Resource--> Passport Information--> View Visa Detail---> back to List button should be at proper place.
#143002 - Event Management--> Create event--> invite friend--> search bar should not hide with scroll bar.
#205718 - Configuration--> Auto Responder-->title should be Auto Response.
#221251 - Approval-->Click on Work Load--> Pop up open the Resource scheduling page.
#128970 - integration-->cloud storage-->Connect to drop box and Connect to google drive is not working.
#456711 - Expense--> import--> error message shown up.
#789654 - Integration--> email--> error message shown up. See the attached screenshot.
#987012 - HR--> Mange attendance In/Out time--> Enter value, message shown up.
#765841 - Asset management--> asset assignment--> Message shown up "you are not authorized to access this section" no role apply on this account.
#765890 - Asset catalog--> Pending Requisition-->Message shown up "you are not authorized to access this section" no role apply on this account.
#346512 - Integration--> basecamp. Fresh book and QuickBooks are redirected to
#158259 - Project-->Edit--> Expense--> Add--> save and create invoice--> Some words shown up in English Language.
#158264 - Project--> Invoice--> Date format is not shown up correct.
#158272 - Project--> View-->Files--> Words shown up in English Language, refer screenshot.
#158276 - Project--> View-->Team--> Edit Member-->in Pop up box. Alias name is shown up in English Language.
#158281 - Project--> View-->Note--> Back to notes and few seconds shown up in English Language.
#158286 - Footer--> Feedback-->issues, Refer to screenshot.
#157654 - Custom Report-->Edit--> Filter--> Design is not correct.
#157659 - Custom Reports-->Edit--->Sharing--> Change users--> Save--> Error Message shown up.
#156090 - Configuration--> Users---> Configure key for assets management is missing. So we are not able to test for Nu and PM.
#149172 - Knowledge base--> Add ticket--> success message, back button should be proper.
#144605 - PTO--> First half have company holiday--> then user(not completed 120 days) apply leave to second half--> there should be a message of “Cannot apply leave before 120 days".
#135246 - knowledge base article ---> hiring ---> manage applicant ---> edit the content as refer in the screenshot . Video is also not complete of this article
#135262 - knowledge base article ---> hiring ---> Add and Approve Requisition ---> dot is missing after many points
#130127 - Custom report--> view--> if user name is large in drop down, design is messed up.
#128387 - Performance review--> question--> Remove white space at the end.
#128391 - Performance review--> all Reviews--> click on any review--> save--> Error Message shown up.
#131949 - Footer--> about us--> broken image icon is shown up in Chrome and IE browsers for PM& NU.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.64 Live April 21st, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.64:-

1. Optimized Outlook Integration.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.64

#109098 - Project-->Work diary---> view comments---> Title shown up twice.
#110824 - Project--> Import--> user guide--> alignment should be correct.
#110829 - Project--> Add Project--> Add team Member--> Save--> again Click on add team member--> save--> alert shown up to add alias name.
#110846 - Project--> View detail--> milestone--> milestone tab is hidden.
#103355 - Hiring--> Add post--> Plus icon should be at proper place.
#103369 - Time Tracking--> calendar have extra space at right corner.
#103384 - Project-->Tasks--> space should be correct.
#103399 - Project--> View details--> files--> Font size should be correct.
#123510 - Reports--> Sort by project--> Select Project and users--> search--> Web page not responding error shown up.
#123520 - Reports--> Alignment should be correct.
#130119 - Custom Field--> Add custom report--> check boxes should be center aligned in all tabs.
#130127 - Custom Report--> View--> if user name is large in drop down, design is messed up.
#130131 - Custom Report--> View--> breadcrumb should be correct.
#135808 - Left Menu--> Full Menu--> hover effect should be same as in top menu.
#135812 - Project--> Time sheet--> Checkboxes and alignment should be correct in IE(8.0).
#135816 - Project--> Edit--> Task--> Edit Task--> Add Member--> Alignment should be correct.
#140477 - Custom Reports--> Add custom report-->Columns--> Add Columns-->Click on verify again and again, success message converted into alert message.
#140481 - Custom Reports--> Add custom report-->Columns--> Add Columns--> field name title should be center aligned.
#140495 - Custom Reports--> Add custom report--> sharing--> there should be a message and scroll bar should not displayed when no record is shown up.
#142990 - Event Management--> Create event--> invite friends--> in notifications and in calendar view, Reject button is not shown up.
#142997 - Event Management--> Create event--> notification--> Accept Event--> notification received, again Click on notification--> accept event--> again notification received by event organizer.
#147490 - Footer--> Feedback--> user guide should be correct.
#147496 - Footer--> Help Menu--> Timesheet link is missing.
#147501 - Project--> Add Client--> send activation email--> click on activation email, Link is expired.
#147511 - Approval--> Judda Menu--> there should be link of audit rule.
#148148 - Assets Catalogue--> Add--> related info--> there should be characters limit and also define warranty format.
#148152 - Assets Catalogue--> Add-->attachment--> save--> nothing happens in IE browser.
#148156 - Assets Assignment---> add--> number of items(7-8 digits)--> save--> nothing happens and also sometimes number of items not shown.
#148160 - Assets Catalogue--> add-->related info--> remove the asterisk line at bottom.
#157784 - Approval-->Time Approval-->Click on "view history" button-->on this screen the "back to list" button should be shown as "Active".
#188588 - Users--> there should be option to make an user HOD of more than one department.
#205731 - Reports--> Approval there should be a tab for expense pending and expense approved.
#232369 - Human Resource--> Passport Information--> Edit Passport--> We are unable to change date of birth.
#176003 - Hiring--> Requisition--> Reject--> comment --> save --> error message shown up.
#176016 - Hiring--> Requisition--> Add/Edit--> Designation(Director)--> save--> error message shown up.
#188171 - Message Board--> Add--> User Listing--> users should have department name with them rather than categories in user types.
#221251 - Approval-->Click on Work Load--> Pop up open the Resource scheduling page.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.63 Live April 07th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.63:-

1.Enhancing Roles and Privileges.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.63

#124565 - CRM-->Prospect-->Attachments tab-->Browse icon is not in proper alignment,see screenshot for further detail.
#126985 - CRM-->Prospect-->Add-->if we click on Additional contract tab directly without entering the data in “Add Prospect tab”, It shows wrong message see screen shot for further detail.
#127898 - CRM-->Prospect--> ”+” Add Prospect-->If we enter the data in search text box, and it does not shows up “No Record Found”.
#125963 - Roles-->Passport Information--> Roles shown under Passport Information are totally irrelevant.
#123658 - Roles-->For Project Files-->the roles are not same for all user types.
#124535 - Roles-->For Project Message Board-->the roles are not same for all user types.
#129875 - Roles-->For the CA user type for "Project request" the roles shown are not correct as it shows Phase roles in it.
#126925 - Roles-->Prospect-->For the role "Can See Prospects Listing" it should be replaced with "Can View Prospects Listing".
#124536 - Roles-->Stages-->The user availability roles should not be shown under stage.
#125636 - Roles-->Timesheet Audit-->Role should be "Can see Audit List".
#456532 - Roles-->Users-->Roles of Company Directory should not be shown.
#112686 - Roles-->Company Directory-->The roles for Temporary rights should not be shown under the Company Directory, also the casing should be proper.
#125986 - Roles-->Company Location-->"Can view Location" should be "Can View Location List".
#125988 - Roles-->Under the "CRM" roles are shown for lead only so it should be renamed to Lead.
#127458 - Home—>Homepage Dashboard(OLD)-->Under the reports sections the last two reports are same and shown twice.
#452565 - Roles-->Expense-->For the Expense Category, Trip and expense the "View" role should have list in its title.
#784512 - Roles-->Global task-->Under Global task, "Can View Global Task" role should be “can View Global task list”.
#788956 - Roles-->Passport-->"Can View Training Detail" this roles is not related to Passport.
#568945 - Roles-->For the "CRM, Opportunity, Prospect" the "Can Send Bulk Email to Clients" roles should have "account/Contract" instead of Clients.
#234556 - Roles-->Outlook Integration-->The roles "Can View Details Of Email" & "Can View Outlook Messages" are same.
#895645 - Roles-->In "hr" the title should be in capital letters and "Passport Information" should be shown alphabetically below the "Packages".
#124556 - Roles-->Temporary rights should be shown alphabetically below "Tasks" module.
#124556 - Appointment Calendar-->External link-->click on Register button then the form is not shown.
#451256 - Roles-->Please check that the sub modules under the modules should also be in alphabetically order.
#451212 - CA-->Roles-->Organization chart-->Under Organization chart, organization chart sub module functionality shows up twice.
#895623 - Configuration-->Roles-->Collapsable search is not working on Roles screen.
#124578 - Roles-->Add Role-->Select Role type Project manager-->Message board privileges displaying two time in Modules and Privileges on add Role screen.
#45126 - Configuration-->Roles-->Add new-->Click on user guide-->There should be space between dot(.) and contents in user guide.
#124535 - Configuration-->Roles-->Edit Role-->Click on Submit-->It takes time to start processing. No loader display.
#451212 - Configuration--> Roles-->Edit Appointment-CA role-->Inactive this role-->login with user to whom this role is assigned-->Links display to user according to this role yet this role is inactive.
#125465 - Configuration-->Roles-->Click on Copy icon-->Click on user guide-->Uses guide is incomplete and formatting is not proper.
#125496 - Configuration-->Roles-->Add Roles-->Leave is displaying instead of PTO in all HR and Approval Privileges.
#789856 - Roles-->CA-->CA type user is able to view Event calendar yet in Role "Can View Event Calendar" is unchecked.
#125456 - Roles-->Tag-->In tag roles related to "Auto responder" should not be shown.
#125460 - Roles-->Users-->"Can Update User Configuration " role should not be provided to PM user as it is not having the user link.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.62 Live Mar 24th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.62:-

1. On leave approval listing screen:

• Count of comments is shown up after clicking on 'Action' Button.
• When 'Approve' button is clicked after selecting users from listing, then post new comment popup will show.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.62

#266081 - Post a new comment popup also viewing in multiple user selection, where it is supposed to be work for single user selection.
#266082 - Select users and click on approve button --> post a comment pop up view --> cancel button should be in 'red'.
#266083 - Select users and click on approve button --> post a comment pop up view --> Click skip --> click cancel on alert button --> asterisk icons from both the post a comment pop up get remove. Only text box get highlighted when you click on post.
#266084 - Select single user and click on approve button --> add comment --> it says "Error occur while saving comments".
#129364 - Configuration-->Integration-->footer design issue.
#153595 - Integration--> Basecamp--> 2014 is displaying in "Copyright © 2014 Talygen." in basecamp screen. Same issue in Freshbook, Quickbooks screens.
#275863 - Human resource-->Manage check in-->Add-->if you edit today's entry and add check in future time entry and save it, then it should not be able to save future entry some validation message should display.
#275864 - Human resource-->Manage check in-->Add--> user should not be able to add check out multiple entries for the same date and time.
#275865 - Human resource-->Manage check in-->Add--> while adding the manual entry click on save button, no successful message is displayed.
#275866 - Human resource-->Manage check in-->On manage check in listing screen comment icon shows wrong count on tool tip.
#275867 - Human resource-->Manage check in-->Tool tip for edit button is missing.
#275868 - Mac-->Human resource-->Manage check in-->select the date in the search bar date striking to calendar icon.
#156037 - Outlook Integration ---> add event from outlook ---> add event from outlook ---> refresh page in Talygen ---> go back to outlook ---> update the time ---> refresh page in Talygen ---> two event are shown now on updating the same event.
#156041 - Outlook Integration ---> add event from outlook ---> add event from outlook ---> refresh page in Talygen ---> check all day event from Talygen ---> it is not updating in outlook and time is wrong shown.
#156054 - Outlook Integration ---> add event from Talygen with all day check and single recurring ---> update the same event from Talygen and check the all day checkbox and change the event to daily ---> event not shown in the days in outlook.
#156060 - Outlook Integration ---> add event from Talygen with all day check and invite member ---> event is not visible in outlook integration.
#156065 - Outlook Integration ---> add event from Talygen with all day check and invite member ---> edit same event ---> click on save ---> in outlook of invited member, event start displaying twice.
#163266 - Deutsch-->Many links in Full Menu are shown in English. i.e. Message Board, Preformance Review, Asset management, Hiring, Expense, Appointment Calendar, Configuration and Integration.
#261479 - Configuration --> Timesheet --> Please check Screen shot for the change.
#261485 - Timesheet --> Show Timesheet --> add hours --> Add hours --> User guide should be there.
#261632 - Custom Field --> Add custom field --> select module name user and add details, data type - text --> click save --> 500 Error.
#261638 - Timesheet --> Add hours --> enter details --> click save --> Loader keeps on rotating but hours didn't get save.
#261644 - Timesheet --> Add hours --> popup also should view the day for which we are adding entry for usability purpose.
#261651 - Timesheet --> Add hours --> Description column get distorted if I drag it.
#261657 - Configuration --> position of Timesheet is too different in arabic culture then English version. Similarly for other modules name too.
#262332 - Message board --> post a message --> click on message title from the message listing screen --> Error 500.
#261819 - Dashboard --> click timesheet shortcut --> Advance timesheet is viewing it should view general timesheet screen.
#261825 - Dashboard --> Add Attendance approval shortcut.
#261830 - Approval --> Add description about Attendance module also.
#261835 - Approval --> Approval Group --> Remove Sorting from description column. No meaning to use sorting on this column.
#262327 - CRM-->Prospect-->Send Quote-->"Save" and "ADD More" tool tip is missing.
#275868 - Manage Attendance --> Click on Detail icon corresponding to any user --> Save button should be of 'Green Color'.
#275869 - Manage Attendance --> Show some validation message to select any value from Location dropdown. As it is mandatory field.
#275870 - Manage Attendance --> Click bulk upload -->click on sample file --> Server Error in '/' Application.
#275871 - Manage Attendance --> Click bulk upload --> choose file --> click open --> "Error has occurred while importing file. Please retry!"
#275872 - Manage Attendance --> Click on Details Icon --> change the existing time --> Click Save --> get the Alert "Entered in Val".

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.61 Live Mar 17th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.61:-

1. Add created date and created by on ticket attachment popup.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.61

#81558 - Talygen Support--> Add Ticket-->There is no characters limit on Description field on add ticket screen. When I entered 11000 characters in Description field and Click on Submit., A blank message display.
#82622 - Configuration-->User--> Edit user-->Step no. are missing in User Guide of Performance Review.
#82632 - Configuration-->User--> Edit user-->"Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." is not displaying on notes screen and Step no. are also missing in User Guide. Same issue on Add Goal, add Feedback screen.
#82637 - Project--> Client--> Edit Client-->Client's tab UI is not displaying properly in IE8.
#82959 - Reports--> Time Tracking-->Client Report--> Required sign is not displaying at proper place.
#83292 - Message board --> Click on Next button in paging--> Second page display--> Same message display on 1st and second page.
#83321 - Knowledge Base-->Tool Tip do not display on Search button and Add Ticket link.
230935 - Dashboard-->Human Resource-->Leave-->Tool tip is missing on search and Reset button.
#230920 - Approver--> Dashboard-->Inbox--> Leave approval receipt--> Date format display wrong.
#231702 - Dashboard-->Human Resource-->Leave-->Click on Comment Icon--> Comments should be display New to Old order.
#231696 - Dashboard--> Human Resource--> Working Day--> Click on Save without entering anything--> Mandatory message do not display for users.
#231952 - Human Resource--> Track Attendance--> Select location and Click on search button--> Details column should be central aligned.
#234024 - Configuration--> Company Setup--> Skill Tab--> Add Skill--> Enter data and Click on Save-->New added skill should display at top in the list. Same issue in question tab.
#234079 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on Feedback updated notification--> Notification content display wrong.
#234231 - Dashboard--> User--> Edit--> Performance Review--> Add Review--> Vertical alignment is not same.
#234258 - Dashboard--> Performance Review--> My Team Tab--> No Record Found message should display if there is no team member.
#235167 - Dashboard--> User--> Edit user--> Add Review--> Review processing options alignment is not proper in IE10.
#235186 - Performance Review--> Training--> Add Training--> Tool Tips messing on Save and Cancel button.
#235340 - Performance Review--> Training--> Update existing training--> Login with Trainer--> Trainer and attendee do not receive training updating notification.
#235345 - Performance Review--> Training-->View Training--> File type image is displaying distorted.
#235387 - Company Setup--> Training Feedback--> Click on Add--> Checkboxes alignment is not proper.
#253933 - Project Request-->While accept or reject any project request, a pop up to enter comments is shown. Please specify that where the comments entered here are reflected.
#254074 - Appointment calendar-->Add service-->on the add form the "Save" button should be in green color.
#254226 - Appointment calendar-->Consumer List-->In the listing the column "content" should be renamed to "Phone No" as it shows the value entered in phone field.
#242996 - Appointment Calendar--> Consumer List--> Design is little distorted.
#242290 - Event management----> Availability----> There is no validation message when start date is greater than till date.
#242403 - Approval---> Approval Group---> Select user(s) drop down is not getting highlighted when kept blank.
#252372 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Manage Auto responder --> List alignment is not proper. See screen shot.
#241889 - Company Setup--> Email Template--> Sorting arrow with Status field is displaying distorted.
#241723 - CRM-->Product and Contract pages and their "Add Forms" are shown without breadcrumbs.
#238445 - Asset Management-->New Asset Requisition-->The "Search" columns are not getting collapsed.
#238478 - Asset management-->My requisitions-->If clicked on View button then it shows wrong message. Also on both the buttons same tool tip is shown.
#243270 - Expense --> Trip --> Newly Trip should be view at the top of the list.
#236271 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Add Leave type--> Enter leave type name, Select leave type Unlimited --> Cancel button is touching border line.
#243253 - Event management-->Manage Event --> click on Add event --> previous date button design distorted.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.60 Live Feb 18th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.60:-

1. Check in Check out button in the Header for Attendance.
2. Ability to add the Check in and Check out time manually.
3. Company Name, First Name and Last Name enhancement for the Clients/Contracts.
4. Bulk record processing in Unprocessed record screen.
5. CRM integration updates. Provided the contract status (Talygen) in the listing screen.
6. Audit Report for billing rule changes.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.60

#260558 - Configuration --> External link --> Tool tip required on copy, view and edit icons.
#260563 - Configuration --> External link --> No meaning of use sorting on URL column. Please remove that.
#260569 - Configuration --> Users --> click on import users --> click on Import from excel file --> wrong validation message --> it should be like "Please upload valid excel file".
#260574 - Configuration --> Users --> click on import users --> upload a valid file and submit --> it list users in list --> when I click on confirmation --> only 1 user get added where there are 4 users listed.
#260585 - Configuration --> Users --> click on user --> Advance settings --> some fields are missing in User guide.
#260590 - Configuration --> Users --> click on user --> Address --> Display in company directory option is missing in user guide.
#260596 - Configuration --> Users --> click on user --> update Address and Note description field upto there max limit and click Add address. Design get distorted.
#260860 - Timesheet --> Click show timesheet --> click Add Hours --> User guide missing.
#254231 - Appointment Calendar-->External Link-->Login the store front-->in the details if updated the “Phone no". Then the same is not reflected after saving.
#254237 - Appointment Calendar-->External Link -->Login the store front-->click on username to go to details then on the "course and service consumption details" tabs if no any info is shown then the message should be "No record(s) found", please rectify it.
#254245 - Appointment Calendar-->Consumer list-->View any consumer details then the field "Time Zone" and "Revenue Currency" are irrelevant and not reflected in user profle at store front end. They needs to be corrected.
#253939 - Project Request-->"Add Owner" -->If without selecting any user clicked on the "Save" button then no any warning message is shown.
#252979 - Configuration --> Users --> User list --> mutilple tool tip is viewing on single column --> Moreover tool tip is only required on icons or content where further action need to take or in large content.
#252986 - Configuration --> Users --> User list --> tool tip should be like "Click to edit user".
#252991 - Report--> HR --> User Experience report --> for users whos's date of joining is not set. here it by default picking current date it should consider date when the record enter.
#252881 - CRM--> Lead--> Edit--> Communication/conatct/address-> Visible to Client--> Background should be yellow.
#252886 - CRM-->Lead--> Edit--> additional contact--> when checkboxes unchecked, Deassociate button should be disable.
#252892 - CRM--> Sent Email--> Error message shown up.
#252867 - Innvoice --> Quote --> Sorting Arrows overlapping the column content.
#252872 - CRM --> Leads --> company name is missing in leads listing under lead name column. It happen only once if you edit the lead and click back to list the comapany name appears.
#252564 - Configuration --> Users --> select any user --> add communication and check Display in company directory --> it is not viewing in company directory.
#252568 - Client --> Project --> select any project --> Click on team tab --> select user from drop down --> 'Loading…' message viewing twice.
#252573 - Client --> Project --> select any project --> Click on team tab --> besides team list is missing.
#252582 - Full Menu --> Configuration --> External link is not coming in alphabetical order.
#252394 - Home-->Event management-->Add event "User guide font changed to Italic in few points".
#252340 - Integration--> Cloud Storage-->Google Drive--> add folder--> not shown up without refreshing the screen.
#252344 - Integration--> Cloud Storage-->Google Drive--> select folder to to upload a file, slected folder should be highlighted.
#249469 - Appointment --> Add Service --> Save button should be green.
#249466 - Custom Reports --> Add custom reports --> User guide tab should view at top right of middle pannel as in other pages of app.
#249370 - Project --> Bulk Time entry --> Exceed one day limit discription is missing from User guide.
#244001 - Expense--> Add expense with maximum value in the "Amount" field then after saving, edit same record it shows blank amount value.
#244006 - Expense--> If in Configuration "allowed maximum files size is 0mb" even then the user is able to upload image files in new expense record.
#243669 - Email Integration --> Click on delete --> Wrong information in User Guide.
#243471 - Project --> Gantt Chart--> Select child Task and Click on insert below--> Click on unindent--> Child arrow do not removed. Again when we click on Unindent then child icon arrow get removed.
#243477 - Project --> Gantt Chart--> Edit Task--> Click on Dependencies Tab--> Select task and enter 9999 in days--> "You can not perform this action" message display. This message need to be modify.
#243483 - Project --> Edit Project--> Task Tab--> Change Task date --> Go to Gant chart of same Project--> Project End date get changed.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.56 Live Feb 03rd, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.56:-

1. Disable Timesheet from Web/Desktop App
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.56

#227439 - Knowledgebase-->Configuration--> It is allowing duplicate entries for article name when same article is copied twice.
#230102 - Knowledgebase---> view --->Here the edit icon should be transfer icon because on cliking it we can only transfer the article.
#230112 - Knowledgebase---> Attachment ---> It should perform upload operation on clicking open button rather than on clicking save button.
#230119 - Knowledgebase---> Attachment ---> It is not showing the name of the file after uploading and saving the details.
#230132 - Knowledgebase---> Copy---> It is appending the text when already copied article is copied again instead it should show the numeric value rather than appending the text.
#235228 - Hiring---> Add Requisition---> If from value is greater than To value in Annaul salary field then it should display message at that time not on clicking Submit button.
#235234 - Hiring---> Add Requisition---> If From value is greater than To value in Experience field then it should display message at that time not at the time of clicking submit.
#239935 - Configuration---> Locations---> Add location---> User guide should contain details of all the fields in the page.
#227963 - Project--> Time Track--> All Buttons, tool tip messages are missing.
#228272 - Human Resource--> Manage attendance listing--> Pagination (page no-2)--> some comment box shown up mandatory, when click on "Save" Button.
#228277 - Human Resource--> Manage attendance listing--> Leave option does not categorize "short" ,"Half" and "Full Day" Leave.
#229116 - Projects-->Gantt chart--> Task--> Edit --> "Is billable" check box should have alert message.
#229121 - Project---> Gantt chart--> Dependency column--> not able to understand the value.
#229189 - Project-->Gantt chart--> Select a row--> Move up and then Move down, Loader is going on.
#230855 - Project--> Time track--> Overlap entries are saved in listing when overlap entries are disable.
#230863 - Project--> Time tarck--> Start entry--> start time shown up in AM in afternoon,see the attached screenshot.
#231255 - Project--> Time tarck--> Select "24 hour"--> enter Start time "9:00" and Stop time "9:00"--> then save--> time entry saved without time tracked.
#231279 - Appointment calendar-->Company setup--> Service--> There is no notification sent for subscription to the user who is handling the service.
#231291 - Approval--> Leave Approval--> Edit any Record--> shift timing of working day is not matched with the user shift timing.
#231415 - Human Resource-->Manage Attendance--> Select location and Click on Search button--> Select user and Click on present--> Click ok on pop up--> Click on Save--> Comments required message display . If we click direct on Save button without.
#231420 - Human Resource-->Manage Attendance--> Select location and Click on Search button--> 10 Records are displaying yet default paging is 15 records per page.
#231832 - Custom Field--> Tag--> sorting for status is not working properly.
#234030 - Configuration--> Company Setup--> Review Template Tab--> Add Review--> userguide--> Training description is missing in userguide.
#248715 - Appointment Calendar--> Add Service--> "Accrual Bassed" Text is dispalying in place of "Paid".
#249552 - Approval--> Leave approval--> Click on action icon--> Edit--> Enter comments and Click on approve--> Leave approval screen do not refreshed. Approved record still display on screen.
#261501 - Company Setup--> Shift--> Add shift--> Enter data --> Min shift hours display 0.
#261550 - Dashboard-->Human Resource-->Leave types--> Replace tool tip "Go" with "Search" on search button on Leave types screen.
#261557 - Dashboard-->Human Resource-->Leave types--> Add Leave type-->Fields mentioned in screenshot should not accept values in minus.
#261565 - Human Resource-->Leave type--> Edit leave type-->Description field has no characters limit. And on leave type listing, all description is not displaying in tool tip.
#261573 - Users--> Click on Actions icon--> Click on Assign Bonus leave--> NAN displaying in Leave Taken total.
#261580 - Approver--> Leave Approval--> Click on action icon then click on Edit--> Click on Userguide--> Wrong userguide display.
#261600 - NU--> Human Resource--> Leave--> comments count should display on comment icon.
#261709 - Human Resource--> Apply leave--> Update same leave--> Login with apporver--> Approver do no receive Leave updated notification.
#261722 - Approver-->Dashboard-->Time is not displaying in leave canceled notification.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.55 Live Jan 27th, 2017
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.55

1. Anonymous Feedback
2. Training Feedback Days

#252217 - Project-->Resource Scheduling->If we add new task and save it then reload a page then task is invisible from the list and again add same task then it will show you previously added tasks and newly added task after clicking on save button.
#252229 - Project-->Bulk Time Entry-->it shows an overlap entry and one new entry is entered at 09:05 am with current and date 8:00 am to 09:00 am show an error "Please correct highlighted errors!"
#252377 - Flag track entry-->"when we select normal entry for unflag entry an message pop up display"entry has been successfully saved" while when we select normal entry for unflag an pop up message should be pop up with "Only flag entries can be unflag"
#252383 - Bulk Time Entry-->if we delete any row pop up "close" tool tips is not working.
#252389 - Dashboard-->Contribute a better Translation-->" Suggestion" Text box asterisk is there but no message is shown and tool tip message for save button is missing.
#252400 - Home-->Expense-->list "Comment count is not visible on comment section".
#252518 - Project-->action-->view detail-->files-->User Search filter is not working.
#252533 - Project-->Resource scheduling-->after uncheck the "working on off days" tab calendar check off days should be cleared.
#253001 - Approval-->"Active" Column name should be replaced by "Status".
#253010 - Approval-->By changing the rule status from "ACTIVE" to "INACTIVE" still rule is working,it should work by changing the status to "INACTIVE".
#253125 - Approval-->Time Approval-->"Comments count is not visible on Comment Icon".
#253129 - Knowledge base-->My Articles-->add new article to a category and upload more than 2 mb file then click on save button, loader will continuously moving and file is saved, no message pop up to the screen that file is successfully saved.
#258529 - Approval-->Attendance Approval-->Attendance Approval list comment count is not working and wrong Count is displays.
#260848 - Hiring-->Applicant-->Approver approve the applicant then add applicant as user, Wrong message is displayed "NotAllowtoAdd".
#260853 - Hiring-->Requisition-->Reject column-->Click on Reject button, then dialog box will appear Close button and Save tool tip is missing and save button should be in green color for consistency in the application.
#261436 - Knowledge Base-->manage category-->Add New-->Dialog box with Save and Cancel button tool tip is missing.
#261586 - Knowledge Base-->My Article->Transfer-->Dialog box with Save and Cancel button tool tip is missing.
#262956 - Users-->Advance settings-->Assign Bonus leave-->Comment section asterisk sign is missing as per it is necessary.
#262961 - Users-->Advance settings-->click on send account credential page loads for few second no message is displayed.
#226977 - Global Issue --> occurring on whole application --> if you paste text on field like in date field and save the concern record or screen then either alert highlight saying Error or refresh the same page. See attach screen shot.
#227958 - Approval Module --> Time Approval --> Approval List --> count on comment is missing corresponding to time approval record.
#230840 - Asset Management --> Asset Catalog --> update asset --> User Guide need to add more information see attached screenshot.
#230851 - Asset Management --> Add asset --> add uniqueness too --> click related information tab --> search not working on enter button.
#231017 - Asset Management --> Requisition --> Sorting missing for status Column.
#231022 - Asset Management --> Requisition --> Add requisition --> content not required --> see screen shot.
#231232 - Global Issue --> User Guide --> User guide must contain purpose of the feature at the top.
#231634 - Asset Management --> Catalog --> Add New --> Add data in add asset tab fields --> Click attachment tab --> upload a file then click '+' button to upload next file --> the uploaded file replace previous added file.
#232340 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Company Holidays --> Click on Add --> simply click on save button for name field validation message didn't highlight.
#233225 - Configuration --> Shift --> check box should get disable for those shift which are applied for users.
#231240 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Shift --> if I select multi shifts and delete it says some shifts are in use where in all over standered we didn't show any check box for record which are in use.
#239805 - Quote --> Add Quote for Client and send--> Login with Client, no notification regarding quote. Neither quote available in quote section for Client.
#243262 - Performance Review --> click on Add training --> previous date button design distorted.
#243266 - Expense --> Expense category --> Newly added category should be view at the top of the list.
#243274 - Asset Catalog --> Add Request new asset --> Add request click multiple time on save, multiple assets get added.
#243332 - Event Management --> Weekly recurring event created for 3 hours, but in calendar weekly view it shows event time for all day.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.54 Live Jan 20th, 2017
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.54

#231543 - CRM--->Additional contacts--->Add---> user guide is missing.
#231895 - CA --> Configuration --> Company Setup --> Announcement --> Add Announcement --> User Guide changes See screen shot.
#258911 - Ticketing--> Disable Email notifications--> still emials received.
#260634 - CA-->Company setup-->Ticket Category-->Edit any category-->Change the status and click on save. Update successful message is shown but the status is not updated.
#261971 - CA--> Company Setup--> Category--> Ticketing already added cateogries are not dispalying in the list.
#261952 - CA--> Company Setup--> Category--> Add--> Enter data and Click on Save--> No message display.
#261940 - CA--> Company Setup--> Category--> Add--> Click on Save without entering anything--> No astirk sign and mandatory message display for Category. Also user guide is missing.
#261946 - CA--> Company Setup--> Category--> Add--> Select Category-->Click on Userguide--> Remove Save and Close step from userguide. Or add Save and Close button on add pop up.
#260579 - Configuration --> Users --> click on user --> general setting user guide --> Please check Screen shot.
#254361 - CA-->Roles-->for the CA roles some role names need to be corrected. Roles like : billingcategory, BillingService, ClientInvoice.
#252528 - Project-->action-->quote--> " Discounts "Is stacked & Is Sequential"radio button is not in proper order format.
#261755 - CRM-->Prospect-->attachments tab-->Browse icon is not in proper alignment , see screenshot for further detail.
#245694 - HR--> Leave type--> Mange leave type--> accrual based is written as Accrual Bassed (Spelling mistake).
#243248 - PM --> Hiring --> Click on Apply --> upload PDF file --> where pdf's are allowed file type.
#238901 - HIRING--->Arabic language----> Page is not loading in time tracking report in firefox browser in windows 8 OS.
#236036 - Hiring---> Applicant---> On clicking number of applicant link it should show the list of same number of applicants as on link ie. with show data as all approval and status as select.
#235740 - Hiring---> Copy link---> Here the text should be "Press cntrl+c to copy the link".
#235440 - Hiring---> Add Post---> Approval Chain and Reviewrs are not highlighted when kept blank.
#235222 - Hiring---> Requisition--> When To value is kept blank and form is submitted at that time it is replacing by 0 which is invalid.
#234495 - Hiring---> Job borad Layout Settings---> Allignment of Text is not proper.
#234375 - Hiring---> Manage Applicants---> It should give appropriate message when Rating from value is greater than Rating to value.
#259859 - Approval-->Attendance Approval shows 500 error.
#231050 - Configuration --> Roles --> Add role for PM --> allow all access for client bill section --> now apply role on PM and login with PM --> select any invoice and click to cancel --> cancel pending design distorted.
#259207 - Store fornt--> Pricing and Sign up--> Error message shown up on submission in IE browser.
#225200 - CA--> Company setup-->Feed--> Should not allow 2 feed name with same name.
#258650 - (DEL)-->NU-->Manage Check In-->selected or Check more than one records and click on “Send For Approval” button to send all the records in once. But only first record of all the records selected is shown as affected, rest of the records are same.
#258643 - (DEL)-->CA-->Approval-->Edit the “Attendance Approval” rule he selected users are not displayed there or the users list is shown blank.
#258664 - (DEL)-->PM-->Approver “edit” any record and click on “Approve/Reject” after that if click “Edit” button for any other record then it shows no response.
#258677 - (DEL)-->NU user, If any entry is rejected, Edit that entry then it is not showing the “save” button to Save changes.
#258683 - (DEL)-->NU-->Manage Check IN-->For any rejected record the “Check box” in front of record is not appearing.
#248026 - Reset Password for client is not working.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.53 Live Jan 13th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.53:-

Approval Module
Approval Group Sequence
• On add Approval Rule screen the users will now see "Use Sequence" field.
• The users can check the Use Sequence to sequentialise the review process between different groups.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.53

#93732 - Chat--> Click on Group tab--> Click on Group name--> There is no space b/w comma and usernames.
#93751 - Chat--> Message count display wrong.
#161540 - Chat-->If user is chatting with multiple users then switch the users tab-->”Connection slow” message is shown.
#165934 - Chat ---> chat between two users --> unwanted text is forwarded to other user .
#177449 - Socialize-->While chatting the other user is shown as typing even if not typing.
#177475 - Socialize-->Click on “View logs” for any chat, a new pop up is shown. Close the chat window (not the Logs)-->Again open chat and for some other user click on view logs-->then Other “View logs” is shown. Similarly multiple windows can be opened.
#223798 - Custom Field--> Add custom report--> column --> checkboxes are not correct and propely aligned in IE.
#224457 - Dashboard-->Performance Review--> Provide Feedback--> Submit button is displaying in Red color.
#226499 - CA-->Roles--> Applied the role for editing the limit, when editing a limit with specific user and click on save getting error "Sorry an error occurred while processing your request".
#227399 - Project--> Edit-->Task/Team/ Expense--> delete--> Loader is shown up behind the pop up.
#227416 - Project--> Edit--> client--> Associate Clients--> save-->Client listing page should have pagination at bottom.
#227954 - CRM--> Additional contact--> Add--> title of the page is missing.
#228180 - Approval--> Rule --> Create Rule for user base now login with user and edit the entry only mark that entry to billable --> Approver got the notification but no record is there.
#228199 - Project--> task--> Team Members---> Last worked on--> date is missing.
#228282 - Projects--> Bulk time entry --> "PM"&"AM" for Start and Stop time is not shown up,time entry is not saved.
#229456 - Project--> Configuration--> After 15-10 minutes do any change--> Click on "save",Error message display.
#230505 - CRM--> Prospects--> Add Existing client--> click on Next--> Error message shown up.
#230510 - CRM--> Prospects--->add--> enter "Money value and Contact number"--> Next--> design messed up.
#230514 - CRM--> Prospects-->--> Pagination is not working properly.
#230997 - Projects--> Edit--> Milestone-->Edit --> The percentage bar is visible over the user guide. Please refer to the attached screenshot for reference.
#161988 - Socialize--> Select user--> Send message to user--> Go to chat app from that user--> Click on Message count display in user tab title.--> Nothing happen.
#161993 - ocialize--> Select user--> Send message to user--> Go to chat app from that user--> Message do not display to him. Again Go to Chat app of CA account--> Connection slow message display--> Close app--> Open Chat again from CA--> Message display to CA himself that he sent to user.
#162004 - Socialize--> Users are dispplaying online yet they are not online. They are login in web app only
#162008 - Click on Socialize icon--> Click on User--> Click on View log--> "No Record Found" message do not display
#162015 - Click on Socialize icon--> Loader should display on Socialize screen.
#162059 - Socialize--> Select user --> Send message to him--> Check message from that user. And Click on text area.Go to Chat window of CA--> Undefined display in message area.
#162076 - Socialize--> Open chat tabs by Click of Usernames--> Close Chat app-->Again open-->Old chat tabs display opened
#162090 - Socialize--> User is displaying Typing yet he has already Closed the Chat app.
#162163 - Socialize--> User groups--> Message bubblin display in Chat group tab, but not with Group name in which message is sent by other user
#231002 - Project--> Bulk time entry--> enter multiple entries for same date, time, Project and task--> save--> overlap entry is disable from configuration setting--> still entries are saved and shown up in listing.
#231321 - Project--> Edit--> Expense--> edit--> tile of the page should be "Update Expense Limit".
#231405 - Custom Field--> Add custom field--> User guide--> Black line shown up.
#231640 - CA --> Asset Management --> Bar code search is not working
#232345 - Custom Report-->Add--> filter--> user guide--> numbering should be correct.
#235149 - User->Perfromance Review--> Click on Review name--> Click on Feedback Tab--> Click on Feedback--> Created by is not displaying properly.
#235275 - CA --> Approval --> Add Rule for Project base/Time Entry and approval type as both, select client name and chain --> Client didn't get any notification when user submits time entry,neither added to Time approval entries.
#239579 - Configuration --> Clients --> Add Client --> Send Activation email --> Activation email is not working
#240032 - Configuration --> client --> Add Client --> click on send activation mail --> getting error "Failure in sending email"
#240102 - Auto responder -->Edit auto responder --> copy url --> login with PM on different browser --> paste url here and edit the auto responder --> it show successfully updated and no auto responder available in list --> it should not allow to edit response
#81061 - Socialize-->Some times the user list display in user groups tab.
#102794 - Socialize--logged in from multiple users but shown only one
#102798 - Socialize--chat time format not correct
#102808 - Socialize--pointer allignment for month needs to be proper
#102812 - Socialize--two chat windows for 2 different users show typing message at the same time.
#102821 - Socialize--number of chat messages received is not proper
#102827 - Socialize--already logged out user shown as online in chat window
#102835 - Socialize--timeout message shown if window idle for some time whereas the app is not timedout

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.52 Live Jan 06th, 2017
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.52:-

1. Billing rule changes tab under view history button on billing rule listing screen.

1. Now CC User can also transfer the ticket, if HOD option is enabled for the user.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.52

#143873 - Human Resource--> Apply leave--> Edit same leave--> Login with approver--> Dashboard--> Approver do not receive notification for Leave updated for approval.
#136796 - Human Resource-->Company holiday--> Edit Company holiday-->Enter maximum data in description field and Click on Save button-->Description validation message display--> Validation message is not proper.
#222005 - Company Holidays--> Add Holiday--> Click on Save without entring anything--> Validation message need to be proper.
#136851 - Human Resource-->Leave type--> Add leave--> Description field should have characters limit or implement CCk editor on it.
#136874 - Human Resource-->Leave type--> Add leave--> Select Divide leave by Custom--> Enter 2 in textfield and select Weeks in dropdown list and click on Save--> Login with Human Resource-->Available leaves display wrong.
#129706 - Users--Advance setting--add shift--not shown after saving the same.
#95867 - Review submission Also when the message on Review Submission Detail is truncate We need to show full message"" → ""Review submission Also when the message on Review Submission Detail is truncate".
#89486 - Full Menu--->Click Configuration under Message Board---> Disable Default Notification to Company admin, CA is still able to receive Posted message notification.
#205034 - Asset---Pending requisition---assign the asset to the user---click on save---the error message is shown.
#188178 - Users---view---files upload---the message board files are showing the files uploaded by project message and not global message board.
#188187 - Message board---add message from message board and attach a file---edit the same and try to delete the file---the option for deletion does not work.
#167382 - Users-->Edit User, goto Notification tab, after that notice that the Save button is replaced with Submit button and also on clicking Submit button wrong message Notification saved successfully is shown.
#176990 - Temporary rights-->Add-->Click on Save then warning message is shown. In this message From and To should be Assigned from and Assigned To.
#176256 - Password strength---text gets truncated and password max limit message is not shown.
#162262 - Project--> Edit--> Client--> edit --> Save--> error Message shown up.
#157579 - Support-->Video Center-->Message Board-->Both the videos Post Message and Message Board shows same steps of Post a new message.
#155997 - Project--> Edit--> Custom Field--> Save--> error message shown up randomly.
#146037 - Company set up->Add user--->Add maximum value in user hourly rate. Error message is coming on screen. There should be a validation.
#145554 - Project ---> Global task ---> click on search, refresh or select pagination ---> message generated that you cannot enter more than 100 characters.
#139421 - Roles--CA--Doc storage--delete option not showing any message in PM when unchecked from CA.
#263641 - CA-->Billing Rules screen-->For any rule click on View history--> Go to changes tab and select the most recent version then it shown one pane blank. Refer to “Testing rule” and select version 2.
#263648 - CA-->Billing Rules screen-->For any rule if only one changes have been made, then go to History screen and go to changes tab, here only “Current version” is shown and not the old version is listed.
#263655 - CA-->Billing Rules screen-->For any rule click on View history--> For the “versions” it shows “version 2” directly instead of “Version 1”.
#263668 - CA-->Billing Rules screen-->For any rule click on “View History” and then select “Version” and go to “Changes” tab and click on “Collapse” button for any rules then it expand and collapse multiple times.
#262358 - PM-->Dashboard--->Click on Accounts link--->Then error message displayed "No records displayed"
#264589 - Account Privilege --> In certain Roles Normal users can see Accounts.
#263556 - CA-->Invoice-->Billing Rule-->Action-->View History-->Changes-->the view and alignment of rules is not proper.
#263562 - CA-->Invoice-->Billing Rule-->Action-->View History-->Changes-->Billing rule changes-->if we add new rule to billing rule then all below rules are considered as new added rules in the current version tab update.
#263731 - Ticketing-->Click on any ticket “Reply button and some code is visible” to the user.
#263568 - Ticketing-->A ticket is placed and the user is in CC and User is HOD and has a permission to resolve the ticket but till user is not able to update the status by clicking on “Update” receive an error message.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.50 Live Dec 10th, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.50:-

1. Virtual Users
2. Sync Project Progress
3. Automatic Working hour

1. Asset Requisition Countdown

1. Multi- screen functionality for screenshot

1. Announcement Acknowledgment

1. Multi-Select Search Drop Down
2. Enhanced Notes Privacy
3. Product and Category Field Mandatory
4. User friendly Listing Screen
5. Rearranged Column of Ticket Listing
6. User Ticketing Setup

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.50

#260934 - Roles--> Add Role-->Modules & Privileges are not displaying.
#260728 - Project--> edit--> task--> add--> Edit--> date format should be same on the page.
#260700 - Ticketing--> Reports--> Tickets detail report--> Last Activity date format is displaying wrong.
#260619 - Company setup-->Ticket category-->Breadcrumbs are missing.
#259466 - Ticketing-->Add/Edit any ticket--> In the "CC" dropdown the name of assigned user and ticket creating user should not be shown as they will receive the notifications automatically.
#259444 - Users--> Add user--> Advance setting--> Project Owner check box is missing.
#258887 - Email Notification--> when ticket status changed form Open to waiting--> No email Notification received.
#258401 - Invoice listing screen --> Edit invoice --> Add new line item ---> asterisk should be there on mandatory fields like Status Code and Utility ID.
#253430 - Invoice --> Billing Rule --> paging is not working properly.
#252558 - Configuration --> Users --> Active column should also have sorting.
#252496 - Configuration --> clients --> getting error while adding client "Error has occurred while updating Client. Please retry!" see screen shot.
#249471 - CRM --> Prospect --> Add prospect --> Milestone Tab --> Add "+" is not working.
#235198 - Hiring---> Applicants---> From value can not be greater than To value in Rating field.
#234097 - Roles-->PM type roles-->Expense Category role is unchecked but the user is able to make Category Active/Inactive in the listing screen.
#231321 - Project--> Edit--> Expense--> edit--> tile of the page should be "Update Expense Limit".
#230962 - Human Resource-->Leave types--> Edit Leave type--> Select Custom in Divide Leave By--> Textbox display highlighted but no mandatory sign display with it.
#223807 - Custom field--> Tag--> Search--> Drop down design is not correct in IE.
#223798 - Custom Field--> Add custom report--> column --> checkboxes are not correct and propely aligned in IE.
#119229 - Message Board-->Normal user ---> post message ---> file ---> text is not correct".
#145900 - CRM ---> edit propsect ---> go to custom field tab ---> click on cancel ---> user is navigated to manage leads page instead of prospect page".
#78387 - Expense-category/Trip search with invalid value and just click on sorting the application showing the same message that its not valid value instead of sorting data".
#142503 - Reports--approval--timesheet pending by approver--error message comes".
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.49 Live Nov 12th, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.49:-

1. Replace autocompleteto multiselect dropdown in Ticket Reply is added.
2. Made category as global and merged ticket category, billing rule category, work code category and expense category into one category screen. Now when user is adding a category the user will have to select the type of the category .
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.49

#232375 - Human Resource--> Passport Information--> View passport--> Delete one attachment--> All Attachments get deleted.
#238419 - Configuration--> Client--> Add--> Enter Email and Click on Next--> Save and Cancel button display opposite side.
#234060 - Configuration--> user--> Skill tab--> Edit Skill--> Move cursor over Save button--> Save button get fluctuate.
##239875 - Client--> the "Emails" integration link is not given to Client user but in the roles for client the email roles are shown. Also the client user is able to access emails by typing the URL manually.
#236564 - Integration-->Emails-->while sending email, if any error occurred then in validation it shows message in which "Saving should be sending."
#239319 - Emails-->for the configured accounts if clicked on usernames then no any folder is shown neither any loader is shown if emails are getting loaded.
#239415 - Emails -->If configured an Email account then option to remove that account should also be given.
#243690 - Click on already associated account --> inbox emails should automatically populate.
#239830 - Emails-->For the “New emails, Reply and forward” forms the first line of user guide is shown wrong. Please correct it.
#242049 - Company holiday--->if update status of any company holiday from the listing screen then the list gets empty after refresh.
#226624 - Roles --> Add loader on Roles list.
#241816 - Project --> resource scheduling --> not able to select users from drop down.
#232602 - Client--> Add Client--> Client owner--> design is not Correct.
#238029 - Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Click on Download icon--> Leave Page Alert Message.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.41-6.48 Live Nov 5th, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.48:-

1. Under the Attendance Tracking screen, the Bulk Upload button is added.
2. The Bulk Upload button allows the User to upload data records related to check-in time of the Employees.

3. Under the Attendance Tracking screen, you will see a new radio button
4. The Users can add and delete the check-in and check-out time of the Employees.
5. While adding an Approval, you will now see a new option of Attendance in the Select Module field.
6. This allows the users to add an Approval Rule for Attendance.

1. Under the Appointment calendar, you will see a new button- Add Service.
2. Add Service button allows the Users to directly add a Service at a particular time of a specific date.

1. The Manage External Link has many new features such as Thank you text, Background color, Font color and size, Header and Footer text.
2. The users can give their own desired Header and Footer text to the External Link.

1. Under Company setup, a new tab of Ticket Category is added.
2. The Users can categorize their Ticket. These categories will be reflected in the Ticket category field of Add Ticket screen .
3. While editing a Ticket, the users will now see new Thread and Notes tabs format. The tabs have been expanded .
4. The users will have a better view of the Threads and Notes with the Expand and Collapse button.
5. Under the Manage Ticket listing screen, a new column has been made available, called the Last Activity Date.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.48

#232940 - Appointment Calendar-->scheduling service or new course, screen is stuck on the loader. If there is service already created and then schedule a new service for different time then it gets created.
#232214 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Channel --> Remove sorting on Description Field.
#233230 - Configuration --> Shift and Skill --> Remove Sorting from Description column.
#233246 - Stage which is in use with project also get deleted --> Select the stage which in use and click on delete button it get deleted check should not be there for the stages in use.
#235067 - Configuration --> Auto Responder --> Add --> User Guide sticking to the right wall.
#239227 - Configuration-->Subscription and Billing-->Billing information--> Content displaying distorted and opposite. Buttons are displaying opposite side in Talygen account Tab.
#230510 - CRM--> Prospects--->add--> enter "Money value and Contact number"--> Next--> design messed up.
#240102 - Auto responder -->Edit auto responder --> copy url --> login with PM on different browser --> paste url here and edit the auto responder --> it show successfully updated and no auto responder available in list --> it should not allow to edit respond.
#231906 - Company Setup --> Announcement --> Sorting missing on Status Column.
#230997 - Milestone-->Edit --> The percentage bar is visible over the user guide. Please refer to the attached screenshot for reference.
#227399 - Project--> Edit-->Task/Team/ Expense--> delete--> Loader is shown up behind the pop up.
#231911 - Company Setup --> announcement --> Start date and end date column and there data should be centralized.
#231911 - Announcement --> Start date and end date Column and there data should be centralized.
#231882 - Company Setup --> Announcement -->sorting not works on Title is not working for all fields.
#241883 - Support--> Add ticket--> the "Submit & Cancel" buttons are shown opposite. The submit should be on right and Cancel should be on left.
#231888 - Announcement --> some blue color dots are viewing below start date and end date column see screen shot.
#232107 - Company Setup --> Asset --> Remove Sorting from Description column.
#232111 - Company Setup --> Shift Name Column --> on hover break name is viewing name.
#241870 - My Articles --> the options for status and category dropdowns should be in Arabic.
#232183 - Company Setup --> Canned Reply --> Add new canned reply --> select the description and click on cut then click on copy, too much extra space is there.
#232188 - Company Setup --> Canned Reply --> Add new canned reply --> add some information in description and click on search, See screen shot for changes.
#232199 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Category --> Remove sorting on Description Field.
#231645 - Dashboard --> click on projects under activities --> Sino's should be centralized. See attach screenshot.
#241848 - Check the Language it shows "Arabic" but the app is still in English language.
#241717 - CRM-->Client--> the "Action" button shows no features.
#240478 - Event management-->Add event-->if selected any recurring then it shows validation as "The Recurring must be a number" but in field user not able to enter numbers manually.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.4 Live Apr 13th, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.4:-

1. Asset management
• This screen will list all the requisition made by user till date. User also have the options to cancel the requisition, if it is not resolved.

2. Bonus leave pop up in User Listing screen
• Bonus leaves can be assigned to the selected user on user listing screen. Total number of leaves are shown in footer of pop up.

3. Trello
• Boards, cards, members, comments and attachments can be imported from Trello to Talygen. These all becomes projects, tasks, users, messages and attachments respectively in Talygen. It's a one way process.

4. Email Integration
• User can configure his email accounts using POP3 and IMAP settings and can send, receive reply and forward emails. User can set up any number of email accounts.

5. External Link
• A combined page for all external links has been provided by Talygen.

6. Configuration Key
• Provided a new key to set the emails to client while create a new client and converting a CRM into client.

7. CRM
• A new search has been provided on contract listing screen to search a contract by "Bill to" field.

8. Arabic Culture
• Arabic language has been added in Talygen.

9. Client Section
• User can search the client by 'Company Name'.
• Parent client can be selected for a client.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.4

#238407 - Configuration--> Auto Responder--> Add--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#232971 - Ticketing--> View Ticket-->Conclusion Tab--> Enter Root Cause and Corrective action and Click on Save--> Nothing happen for some time. Loader display too late.
#233058 - Ticketing--> Canned Reply-->Add canned Reply--> Screen title is displaying Update Canned Reply.
#237961 - Ticketing-->Add Ticket--> Enter data and Click on Save as Draft--> Back to list button do not display at proper place.
#232516 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket --> Enter all data and attach file of type which is not allowed --> Click on Submit-->Loader display continuously.
#232621 - Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Note Tab--> Click on Submit without entering anything-->Validation message display--> In message Description should be "Ticket note".
#232952 - Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Claim Tab--> Click on Approve button--> Nothing happen. Same issue on Reject button.
#242188 - Integration --> Email --> IMAP --> Imap settings are not working. I am not able to associate account.
#236551 - Integration-->Emails-->If clicked on the "Username" shown in the list then it shows error message. Refer screenshot. Also if clicked on newly added user then it shows "The Imap Client is not authenticated".
#239191 - Emails-->Tried to configure accounts with both imap and pop options but the test account is not configured. Error message like "Web login required" and other messages are shown.
#236684 - Integration --> Email --> cancel button didn't respond.
#236715 - Email --> Sent Email --> either I reply or forward always show Reply button in compose email Screen.
#236727 - Integration --> Email --> if you click on close. Blank Area view, at least message saying "No Account associated" should display with Add icon to add.
#239384 - Emails-->For imap-->the search option is not working, also the "Reset" button shows no effect.
#243590 - Language change drop down --> Arabic should be written in Arabic language. Same issue in login screen when changing language.
#230898 - Roles --> Create role for CA user type --> and use it for CA user --> role didn't get save if you refresh or logout/login again no role was there.
#230982 - Billing Rule --> Node configuration --> dragging one leaf node to other parent node make double leaf node.
#227159 - Invoice --> Billing Rule --> Node configuration --> add no of nodes --> create button not work on enter button.
#227416 - Associate Clients--> save-->Client listing page should have pagination at bottom.
#230654 - Configuration --> Company Setup --> Suppress Status --> Add --> User guide content is not according to screen.
#230659 - Company Setup --> Suppress Status --> Edit and Status hover see screen shot.
#238379 - Ticketing--> Design is displaying distorted.
#240032 - Client --> Add Client --> click on send activation mail --> getting error "Failure in sending email".
#234589 - Ticketing-->given privileges to any user--> two notifications are received by the user.
#228199 - Project--> task--> Team Members---> Last worked on--> date is missing.
#227399 - Project--> Edit-->Task/Team/ Expense--> delete--> Loader is shown up behind the pop up.
#239904 - CRM-->Add record then the "Status" fields options are shown blank whereas there exist many status in the list but they are shown without the "Active/Inactive" status.
#238927 - Approval-->Add Approval Rule--> the design is not proper. Refer screenshot.
#238569 - Invoice-->Add Billing rule then the User guide is shown in English.
#238670 - Invoice -->Add Invoice--> the user guide is shown in English.
#238527 - Invoice-->on the listing screen select any record and if clicked on any Action button then the warning shown is in English and Arabic.
#238491 - Asset Management-->Asset Assignment-->Click on any Asset name and then click on “Save” button then it shows server error. Also the "Save n Cancel" buttons shown on right side.
#238485 - Catalog-->Click on Assign users then click on "Is return" button. On the form shown the "Save & Skip" buttons should be on left side.
#238458 - Asset Management-->Requisition-->Add New-->On clicking "Save" button it shows Loader and requisition is not saved.
#238186 - Human Resource-->track Attendance--> click Details button for any user then in pop up shown the Username and date are not according to Arabic.
#238173 - Human Resource-->Passport-->View Visa--> the "Back to list" button gets overlapped.
#238107 - Ticketing-->Edit any drafted Ticket-->the design is not proper.
#238050 - Message Board-->The Edit, Delete and Comment buttons should be shown towards Left side as per design. Same issue on the comments section.
#237266 - Event Management-->Availability-->the "availability/busy" status should be shown in Arabic also the recurring options should be in Arabic.
#233701 - Dashboard-->On Dashboard link of "Organization chart" is provided but on clicking it loader is shown.
#232060 - Prospects---> Associate clients---> Alignment not proper.
#238575 - Marked drop downs are showing horizontal scroll bar and extra space in report action.
#238895 - Button is not working in follow up tab in lead.
#239957 - Event Management----> Manage Google Calendar---> The tool tip should be Save like other pages for save button.
#241987 - It is not allowing to add Lead, opportunity or prospects on clicking next button.
#238029 - Dashboard-->Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Click on Download icon--> Server error display.
#238023 - Dashboard-->Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Thread and Notes block should be display interchanged.
#239203 - Configuration--> Company Setup-->Work Code Category--> Add--> Enter data and Click on Save--> Close pop up-> Added Category do not display. It display when we refresh screen. Same issue in Work Code.
#237912 - Training--> Add Training-->Enter data and Click on Save--> Fields are not displaying properly on training view screen.
#225177 - Flag records-->In search if selected "All Clients" then on clicking "search" button it shows validation message which is wrong.
#227549 - Billing Setup-->The "Import & Cancel" buttons are shown on the left side instead of right side. Also the "allowed file types" box is not shown under the "Upload file" field as in other modules.
#239255 - Configuration-->User--> Configuration--> Design displaying distorted and configuration detail displaying in English.
#241929 - Company Setup--> Login Authorization-> Add authorization then select authorization and Click on Delete--> All Company Set Up Tabs do not display.
#242963 - Company Setup--> Work Code--> Add--> Enter data and Click on Save and Close--> Wrong screen display.
#227738 - Client-->Edit Client-->the "Additional Info & Billing Details" tab shows tool tip as "Billing Rules".
#227752 - Client-->Edit-->The "Additional Info & Billing Details" tabs the "Update & Reset" buttons should be shown on the right side as per the themes.
#229100 - PM user is not provided access to billing module and invoice but in reports PM user is able to see and generate "Flag summary and Flag Detail Report".
#242078 - Thin Space link-->Post ticket-->the design of Submit and cancel buttons should be proper.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.3 Live Mar 22nd, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.3:-

1. Project Management
• User can unshare the project files.

2. Configuration
• Added new configuration key for client to set the notification for CRM.
• Clients - User can find the client by company name.

3. Client
• Provided the option to client to activate himself for any of the companies with which it's associated.
• No email will be sent upon resetting the client password.

4. Integration
• Trello Integration.
• Outlook integration with IMAP and POP3.

5. HR
• We have given two radio buttons on Manage Leave Type screen which has the options of "Exp. Base or Unlimited" leaves.
• Bonus Leave History: Users can view Bonus Leave(S) history in Bonus popup in User listing screen.

6. CRM
• Provided a "License Key" field on contract form in add contract.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.3

#236786 - Clients--> Add new Client--> Login with that client--> Companies Listing screen do not display company name."
#236799 - User--> Click on Bonus leave icon --> Assign leave and Click on Save--> Leave do not update."
#236805 - Human Resource-->Leave type-->Edit Leave type--> Click on Save--> Loader display and nothing happen."
#235623 - Users--> Click on Bonus Leave icon--> Enter maximum bonus leaves--> Click on Save--> Alert message display-->Message "Maximum Bonus allowed is 365.00." should be "Maximum Bonus allowed is 365.00."
#235629 - Users--> Click on Bonus Leave icon--> Enter bonus leaves--> Click on Save--> comment box display when we click on Save, not when we enter leaves."
#235647 - Users--> Click on Bonus Leave icon--> Enter bonus leaves--> Enter maximum comments and Click on Save--> Error to Save record message display."
#235671 - Users--> Click on Bonus Leave icon--> Assign bonus leave--> Login with that other CA--> User-->Click on Bonus leave--> enter leave and comment and Click on Save--> Again open same screen--> In Comment thread old CA name display who have added first comment."
#235699 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Edit leave type--> Max limit field has no characters limit."
#235705 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Edit leave type--> Enter maximum value in Max. Limit and Click on Save--> Edit same leave type--> Max. Limit field display blank."
#235724 - Configuration--> Client --> In Configuration description mentioned that this configuration is for CRM."
#235950 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Edit Leave type--> Click on User guide--> Leave type, Date range, Max limit are not mentioned in user guide."
#235956 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Edit Leave type--> Select Leave type Unlimited--> Leave allocations should hide completely."
#235962 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Add Leave type--> Enter leave type name, Select leave type Unlimited and select other fields--> Click on Save--> "Please correct highlighted errors!:" message display."
#235976 - Human Resource--> Leave types--> Add Leave type--> Edit Leave type--> Check checkbox apply Date range--> Select Start and End date and Click on Save--> Edit same leave type again--> Start date change to End date automatically."
#235984 - Clients--> Add New client--> Login with that client--> Reset password--> Check email--> Client receive email for reset password."
#236003 - CRM--> Contracts-->Add contracts--> Enter Mandatory fields and Click on Save--> Server error display."
#236261 - CRM-->Prospects--> Convert prospect into client--> Login with that client--> Client is receiving inbox notification but not email notification."
#236283 - CRM--> Contracts-->Add contracts--> Enter Mandatory fields and Click on Save--> Multiple contracts get added"
#236010 - Login with that client--> Blank Dashboard screen displaying to client."

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.2 Live Mar 1st, 2016
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.2:-

1. CRM
• Two new features i.e. Contracts and Products.
• Add CRM owner while creating the Contract.
• Advanced search filters on contracts listing screen.
• Import and export with excel on contract listing screen.
• CRM owner will be converted into client owner if a CRM is converted into client.
• CRM address, company name and contact number will be reflected on client screen after converting a CRM into client.
• Add Contract in client detail, Client’s current status is shown along with his email in drop down.
• Creating a contract, user can select an address from the existing address list of the client.

2. Ticketing
• Add new field named "Product" in search on listing screen for the ticket which are not support tickets.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.2

#223631 - Storefront--> Home-->Download Talygen Apps--> Desktop apps--> Window app--> Remove free trial and Paid trial information from all screens.
#223637 - Storefront---> Home-->Download Talygen Apps--> Desktop apps--> Linux app--> Download image is not displaying completely in all desktop app screens.
#224642 - Invoice--> import invoice-->When importing an invoice Loader is displaying continuously.
#224717 - Billing Setup-->Import any data file then loader is shown.
#225072 - Invoice --> Billing Rule --> Node Configuration --> vertical flowchart and horizontal flowchart are different from Node configuration.
#225206 - Invoice--> Rate Schedule-->Edit Rate--> On editing the date and saving it is showing "please correct highlighted errors" and there are no fields highlighted.
#225344 - Invoice --> Click on Invoice from full menu--> Duration tab above invoice listing --> it show 1 months 'month' should be there and records are not coming according to 1 month search, all mismatch dates records are viewing.
#226949 - Client -->Edit any client for which no previous Rates scheduled-->On the Rate schedule tab Add Rate after clicking on Save it gives success message but the list is still shown blank, the data is shown after switch in.
#226961 - Billing setup-->After exporting the excel file it is showing fields as import_batch, F6, F7 significance of which is not clear.
#228294 - Approval Rule --> Make a Expense rule for which add both (chain rule and client) as approval type --> login with client -->Client didn't get notification for the expense.
#228590 - CRM-->Select any record and click on Send emails for that record. Then the email confirmation pop up does not shows the Name of the receiver.
#230678 - Company setup---> Suppress status---> There is no information regarding suppress status in user guide and other fields are also incorrect.
#231714 - Client-->Edit any client and Go to "Contract" tab then here if user "Add" contract from here, then the "Customer" should be selected by default.
#231735 - Client-->Edit any Client say (Rusk County) and go to "Contract" tab.-->If user searched here for any Contract by "Contract Name, Id or Company" then it does not show any results.
#232607 - Ticketing-->Search is not working with Subject field.
#232669 - Configuration --> Contact Type --> Sorting is not working properly for Status field.
#232808 - Invoice --> Add Invoice --> add invalid data in date field --> Invoice show error message of duplicate Invoice No.
#78679 - Company Holiday --> Add company holiday --> Correct breadcrumb.
#78835 - HR --> work flow need to be updated.
#89533 - Human Resource-->Select location, shift and Click on Search button--> Default CA do not display in user list.
#89572 - Human Resource-->Select location, shift and Click on Search button-->Wrong Alert pop up display when we select absent in status, entered comments and Click on Save button on attendance screen.
#89617 - Human Resource-->Holiday List--> Click on Status icon--> Status changed, but no message display.
#89629 - Human Resource-->Title in Quick links-->Paging functionality is not on attendance screen.
#89644 - Human Resource-->Holiday List-->There is no space between locations after comma in holiday list screen.
#89715 - Knowledge Base--->My Articles--->Add New Article--->In select category dropdown, subcategory is not Displayed in italic font.
#89792 - Human Resource-->Working day-->Add working day for already working date--> Validation message display--> When we click on Cross button on validation message, the page navigation alert pop up display.
#89815 - Human Resource-->Leave type--> Add leave--> Userguide has some issues. Please check attachment.
#90095 - Human Resource-->Leaves--> Assign bonus leave--> "We are currently facing some technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later." message display when we try to give 60 leaves.
#100706 - HR--> Leave--> apply leave--> leave balance is not correct.
#102481 - Human Resource--> Company Holiday--> Add company Holiday-->Company holiday list--> Move mouse over description--> Description is not displaying completely on mouse hover. Also Holiday name has no characters limit.
#119188 - HR---> leave taken should not add value until the leave is approved.
#119263 - Company holiday ---> comma should be removed after location name.
#123153 - HR -- >Cancel Leave--> Login with any CA--> Dashboard--> Click on Leave cancel link in inbox--> Leave cancel detail should be more on pop up.
#123166 - Dashboard---> Inbox-->Click on Leave applied for approval link-->spacing between text is not proper.
#130369 - Knowledge base ---> Manage article ---> add article ---> assign should be set to select user by default.
#130390 - Knowledge base --->NU ---> my article ---> edit ---> space should be after semi colon.
#136111 - HR--->PTO--->User should be able to apply for leave in case there is partial company holiday.
#136438 - Human Resource-->Select Location, Shift and Click on Search button--> Select status leave type --> Leave apply pop up display--> Apply leave--> Login with that user--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on Leave apply link--> pop up display--> On pop up spacing in content is not proper.
#136483 - Human Resource-->Manage Attendance--> Paging should display.
#136810 - Human Resource-->Company holiday--> Edit Company holiday-->Enter 7980 characters in description field and Click on Save button-->Validation message of "The field Description must be a string with a maximum".
#136892 - Human Resource--> Add Leave--> Select Multiday in leave slot--> Try to apply leaves more than balance leaves--> End date get hide and "You have insufficient balance" message display.
#137072 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on leave canceled link-->pop up display--> The message content on pop up is incomplete. It should also contain leave detail.
#137117 - Dashboard--> Inbox-->Click on Leave approved link--> Pop up display--> The content on pop up is wrong.
#137192 - Human Resource--> Leave--> Apply leave--> User is able to apply leave on Company holiday 25/12/2014(Xmas).
#141828 - Notifications--->Inbox notification received to default CA if user cancels multi days leave needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#141843 - HR--->Manage attendance link is not coming even if user is approver for leaves.
#141848 - HR--->Manage attendance--->User is not getting any notification if supervisor approves his leave of previous date.
#141852 - HR--->Replace Leave with PTO for normal user and supervisor in case of premier user.
#142403 - Leave-->notification messages to be correct for approved and rejected PTO.
#143692 - HR--->If there is company holiday for half day then user is not able to apply for leave for second half of that day.
#144605 - Leave--> First half have company holiday--> then user(not completed 120 days) apply leave to second half--> there should be a message of "Can not apply leave before 120 days".
#145767 - Project Message board-->comments already read are again shown as unread.
#156199 - HR-->Leave approved inbox notification-->Leave text to be replaced with PTO.
#156204 - HR-->Leave applied for approval email notification-->Leave text to be replaced with PTO.
#156567 - Human Resource-->Working Day--> Company holiday is displaying for Chandigarh location yet there is no location of Chandigarh.
#156636 - Human Resource-->Leave--> Assign bonus leave--> Click on User guide--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#156646 - Human Resource-->Leave--> Add leave type with Paid checkbox checked-->Leaves do not added in Available leave of user If accrual dates are not configured for the location of user.
#160936 - Human Resource--> Apply Leave--> User leave is getting auto approved yet "Leave Auto Approval" is No for him. This issue is coming for some users.
#167330 - Leave---> apply leave from user between project start and end date. Still information is not showing in work load.
#167686 - Notification ---> leave approved date should be there in the notifications.
#168294 - Leave approval ---> time should not be there with date and deleted project should not be shown.
#187428 - Company setup-->phase-->user guide to be in correct format and stage description to be included.
#197380 - HR-->Immigration-->View Visa details for any passport-->The search option for visa is not working. It shows no records.
#202332 - Resource scheduling-->user guide needs to be proper.
#202429 - General Settings--> Lock Records description is not complete. It do not contain Time tracker, bulk Time entry.
#202514 - Resource scheduling-->the user guide needs to be more descriptive as shown in the screenshot.
#205426 - HR--> Apply Leave--> notification received twice by approver.
#218892 - Human Resource-->Leave Type-->Add-->Click on User guide then the user guide drop down is not shown.
#219747 - Ticketing-->Add Ticket then the description field should have some character limit as currently it accepts unlimited characters.
#220726 - CRM--> Prospects--> edit--> additional contact--> Add contact--> in listing search is not working.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.1 Live Nov 6th, 2015
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.1:-

1. My Dashboard
• User can manage his/her favorite links to dashboard.

2. Quotation
• Quote Management Enhancements & web issues.
• Added Reports for quotation.
• Comment Section will now be visible under report.
• Send mail functionality has been implemented while viewing report.
• Show related information on quotation screen.

3. CRM
• Have the ability of the lead owner to check the status of the project. For example to have a link, to view the project once created lead gets converted into client.
• Paging in the pop up where user can associate the contacts in CRM and client.
• While creating a new CRM, name of the lead/prospect/opportunity is added to additional contacts and associated automatically.
• Paging in the pop up where user can associate the contacts in CRM and client.
• Show company details if select existing client in CRM.

4. Notifications
• Notification to trainer to mark attendance when date of the training is elapsed.
• Never open new window for the notifications, bookmark.
• Have a global email notification setting.
• Mark all as Read in inbox.

5. Outlook Integration
• Inbox, Sent Item folder listing, new email, reply, forward etc.

6. Project
• Timer and timesheet entry updated.
• Move status dropdown from Advance to General Setting, show it in the task listing (View and edit) with the meaning of status and also show the last tracked time entry in front of the task team member.

7. Reports
• Milestone Report

8. Invoice
• Invoice should automatically change the figure entered, for example when we fill .15 in discount flat rate then it should be 0.15

9. Configuration Setting
• Sorting of module headers alphabetically.
• Show module name on top of the setting panel.
• Scroll to top on click of module header.

10. General
• Show client ID (system generated) so that we can maintain the relationship between a lead and client (when lead is converted into client). Will show a link in Client listing from where user can see lead details. The client listing will be shown to NU as well as PM and they can see the details of the client.
• Verifying that emails are sent while a new ticket is created on support page of thin space on Store Front using office365 SMTP configuration.
• Super admin can create trial accounts without filling CC details.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.1

#202221 - Training---> Reminder is not coming to user.
#199062 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Transferred Tab--> Make corrections as per screenshot. Same in Reply Tab.
#199056 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Click on follow up--> Enter characters more than 1000-->"Only 1000 characters allowed in comments" message display--> But when we click on Save--> This message get hide and nothing happens.
#199050 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Add Notes--> User guide--> User guide formatting is not proper.
#185670 - Resource scheduling-->On the scheduling form working ON-OFF days option is provided. This option is not working.
#185705 - Resource scheduling-->delete any existing scheduling and then create a new then on clicking Save button the deleted records are also shown in the scheduling. (However they get removed when refreshed the screen.)
#176142 - Configuration-->Resource scheduling-->added a schedule for user with hours more than 8.-->that schedule is highlighted as "Overload". But after "saving" the overload notification gets removed and "8.00 H free" is shown.
#198340 - Configuration-->Manage Expense-->Allow future date fo expense is set as "No" even then the user is able to create expenses for future dates.
#198329 - Configurations-->Manage Client Bill-->For Default Template no any option is shown, either the option should be hidden or atleast the template name field should be shown.
#198301 - Configuration-->Created new user-->again edit the user and switch the tabs one by one till configuration tab, when clicked on configuration tab the user gets redirected to general setting tab and configurations are not shown up.
#197514 - Users-->Editor screen-->Canned Reply-->Add Canned Reply-->in the editor ,for some options the layout of pop up shown is not proper such options are Link, Anchor, insert table etc. Please correct it as OK and Cancel buttons.
#197404 - HR-->Immigration-->On the Add Passport and Visa details forms the User guide arrow is shown opposite to, as it should be shown.
#197399 - HR-->On the Immigration and Visa listing screens the column for Status should be shown also option to Search with Status should be provided on both the screens.
#202400 - Approvals-->for the Time, Expense or Leave approvals-->If user paste any data in the date fields from the mouse right click then it shows error or blank screen. Refer screenshot.Same issue for Timesheet Audit, Timesheet in Queue & Flag.
#202389 - Expense-->On the listing screen in the Search section in the date field paste any data from the mouse right click then it shows 500 Error.
#202276 - Configuration-->Users-->while making any Approver as Inactive on the Pending for approval tab the Approve/Reject buttons should be properly placed and should not be touching the border.
#156731 - Approval-->Expense Approval-->Click on view history button-->on this screen the back to list  button should be shown as Active.
#195965 - Resource scheduling-->Select Location, shift and users--> Click to add scheduling-->the project and task drop downs should be closed if clicked on the form anywhere. Currently either user has to select any option or click on the drop down list.
#202158 - Training-->For any training having users more than 10 users then on the "attendance" tab the below numbering is shown on right side instead of center. Please rectify.
#201961 - Resource scheduling-->If deleted two records simultanously then after deleting the second record the first record of scheduling appears again.
#195959 - Resource scheduling-->Select Location, Shift and Users--> Click to add scheduling-->In the project drop down, enter text in Search and select any project from searched records. Now when again open the project drop down then only the s"
#215395 - CRM-->In any record if associated the Additional Contact then that Contact is not shown as Contact person in the Follow ups & Notes tab while adding Notes & Follow ups.
#176146 - Configuration-->Resource scheduling-->Added a schedule for user for a new project then the user does not get any notification regarding the assigning of project from resource scheduler.
#156607 - KB ---> manage articles ---> add article ---> assign to user ---> save ---> from normal user , publish the article ---> change assign to again to other user ---> then published article is visible to both the users.
#219596 - Expense--->Add Expense limit---Click on save---nothing happens.
#101988 - Project--->Expense--->There is no status of Inactive in case of expenses.
#83695 - Invoice--> Click on Invoice history link-->Click on post comment-->Save Comment button should be on right side on Invoice history pop up".
#216422 - Sitemap---The titles for the modules should be shown in alphabetic order and the sub-menus under it also for easy navigation.
#204291 - Users---User listing---the text for the Approver users needs to be corrected.
#197997 - Reports---approval---time entry or leave pending by approver---the listing should show in alphabetical order for approval group.
#205047 - Message Board---The date filter for global message and project message is not working properly in ascending or descending order.
#204420 - Users---Edit user---update the user break---the confirm message should have the question mark at the end.
#214641 - CRM-->Convert Lead into Client and fill details---the dropdown for the Select Template should be Select Project Template.
#215093 - Project--->Edit virtual enabled Project--> Virtual user configuration Tab--> make corrections as per screenshot.
#214472 - Sitemap-->In Settings the Manage Asset & Asset Management links both are the same.
#214462 - Sitemap-->In Settings the Manage Location Tracking and Salesforce Integration configuration the links shows a blank screen.
#88374 - Login with user whose review is started(>Peroformance Review--> Note Tab-->Click on Note name--> Status label and Its value value alignment is not Proper in note screen.
#195867 - Google chrome-->CA-->Service schedule-->Open any course--> Click on Add New--> Click on Resource--> Select Resources--> Border of select Resource field do not display.
#150675 - External link--> Submit button should be at proper place. It is too far".
#114973 - Doc Storage---> graph view ---> Radio button and text is falling down to the next line.
#201107 - Project message board-->Select project "Tesing QA Project"--> Post a new message --> In messageboard listing Alias name of himself will be displayed. Also same Alias name of other team members also display.
#174201 - Configuration-->Company Set Up-->Stage-->Add stage--> Userguide formatting is not proper."
#200194 - Bulk Time Entry--> Select Project, user, shif- full day--> Total hours display wrong for this user. --> When we click on Save-->"Please correct highlighted errors! message display for Start time.
#193019 - Human Resource--> Leave--> Click on Leave allowed o in 2015--> Leaves taken count displaying wrong on leave screen. Leaves taken and Balance leaves count do not update on applying leave or cancelling leaves.
#123014 - Reports--> Timesheet Approval pending Report-->Click on Search button-->Right side border alignment is not proper".
#199689 - Users--> Ticketing--> View assigned Ticket--> Click on Conclusion tab--> Click on Save without entering anything--> Mandatory message display which need to be modify like screenshot.
#199678 - User--> Ticketing--> View assigned Ticket--> Click on Conclusion tab--> Add conclusion--> No Information display about user who have added conclusion.
#199670 - Ticketing--> View Ticket--> Click on Claim Tab--> Click on userguide--> In Remove note from step5. Same issue in client section.
#204260 - Approvar--> Approval--> Timesheet Approval--> Comments added by approvar1 while Approving the timesheet do not display to second approval to user in comment box.
#175711 - Configuration--> Resource scheduling-->Select location Chandigarh, Shift Day -->Select users-->Click on Search--> Some user's profile image is displaying distorted."
#175687 - Configuration--> Resource scheduling--> Move mouse hover over select user--> Select user get hide.
#175634 - "Configuration--> Resource scheduling-->Select location Chandigarh, shift Day -->Select users-->Click on Search--> Double click on any Div for any user--> Enter all information and Click on Save--> Click on Save button in top--> Go to Project--> Edit same project--> Team Tab--> User rate display blank."
#209734 - Billing Rule Configuration-->Create new Rule-->Fill the Fields and service type as "Per Ticket" and click on "Save and Next"-->On Node Configuration tab the "Number of Nodes" field should have validations as if user put a large value by mistake then the application stops responding.
#209572 - Billing setup-->Click on "Add Template" button for any Setup then the "Add Invoice Template" screen is shown here the "Setup" should be shown selected by default against which the user has selected the "Add template" button."
#209333 - Billing Setup-->Add new-->Without filling the "Setup name" click on Save button then the validation shown is not at proper place."
#210550 - Performance Review-->Create "Performance Review" for any user and on form select the Reviewers then the Due date for those reviewers is shown disabled and gets active when user selects the "Non-sequential" button and then again switch back to Sequential button.
#209320 - Performance Review-->Training-->Created Training for NU user. Login with NU user and go to training then users is shown Sorry, You are not authorized to access this section” message while marking the attendance. This message should not be shown.
#209239 - Performance Review-->Training-->In the Listing two color options are give for Recurring and Cancelled training, but there is no option to change status of training to Cancelled.
#209231 - Performance Review-->Training-->Add new -->Leave the attendees field blank and fill other fields and click on Save button then the validation of Attendees field is not shown on correct pace.
#210096 - Performance Review-->Training-->Create New Training-->Select all attendees and then click on "department" dropdown, without selecting any option to close the dropdown then all attendees gets unchecked and user has again to select attendees and if again select all attendees then the count of attendees shown is wrong. It increases with the no. Of time the "department" dropdown is opened and closed.
#210765 - Time Track----Select project and start timer---go to other browser and start timer---the message shown is for the update is not understandable.
#209223 - Performance Review-->Training-->Click on the vie button for any exisitng training and go to Attendance tab then the design of buttons is not proper.
#209207 - Performance Review-->Created performance review and selected "Review Processing" as "Non sequential" then the "Due Date" field for Reviewers gets disabled, save it. Edit the same review then the "Due Date" field for the Reviewers gets enabled and date can be selected for the "Non sequential" type as well.
#209192 - Performance Review-->All reviews-->Edit any Review then the design of the screen is not proper.
#209011 - Performance Review-->Training-->The attendance tab is not shown to the Trainer even after the Training time has passed.
#208947 - Performance Review-->Create/update any training and then save it. Now view the same training then it shows Server error.
#208930 - Performance Review-->training-->While creating new Training user should not be able to select the same person as Trainer and Attendees, the person selected as Trainer should not be shown in the Attendee list and vice versa.
#219626 - Dashboard--> Event Management--> Add event and invite client--> Login with that client-->Event management--> open same event --> Event venue display blank.
#218296 - Company Set up---Email Template----Click on status as active and click on save---the status changes automatically.
#210257 - CRM--> Click on Additional contact--> Add--> Enter maximum values in all fields and Click on Save--> Nothing happen.
#210646 - CRM-->opportunity--> Edit opportunity--> Assigning additional owner with Additional Contact permissions no--> Login with additional owner--> CRM--> Edit same opportunity--> Additonal contact tab is accessible to him
#210913 - Time approvals---enter comments for the time entry---the design for the comment when public is chosen its different and when private its chosen is different.
#217401 - Dashboard----login as different user----login as normal user----the alignment needs to be proper.
#210659 - CRM-->Prosepects--> Edit--> Additional contact--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#210627 - CRM--> prosepects--> Export prospects--> In excel file owner id display in place of Prospects owner."
#210584 - CRM--> Prospects--> Edit--> Additanal contact Tab--> Click on Associate--> Enter contact name in search box and Click on search button--> Click on Reset button--> Search box do not cleared.
#208043 - CRM---Add quotation---the alignment for the text boxes needs to be proper.
#210309 - CRM--> Prospects--> Add Prosepects--> Userguide need to be update for Conatact number and client full name.
#210303 - CRM--> Prospects--> Add Prosepects--> Click on Save--> there should be space between Contact and number in validation message.
#210297 - CRM-->Prospects--> Add Prosepects--> Validation message display when we enter contact number less than or greater than 10 digit.
#210276 - CRM--> Click on Additional contact--> Add--> userguide--> make corrections as per screenshots.
#210238 - CRM--> Prospects--> Import Prosepect--> Download file --> in file first and last name fields display in file
#217363 - Dashboard----add module”Click onProject request or Temporary rights link----redirects to 404 page.
#211058 - Quotation---The allignment for the text box validation message to be proper.
#212518 - PM--> profile--> Auth key text is going out side the box.
#215816 - CRM-->Prospect-->Edit any prospect and click on "Notes" tab then the loader keeps on rotating & no action is shown.
#217733 - CRM-->If any NU/PM user addes new prospect or CRM record and convert it into client then for non exisitng clients the "Mail Activation" links should not be provided to NU/PM users and these users should not be authorized to add clients."
#217750 - CRM-->if a user(not CRM owner) "Converted any record into Client" then the Added client is not shown in the list of "CRM owner" included in that CRM record."QA Server-->PM-->CRM-->if a user(not CRM owner) Converted any record into Client.
#198836 - Notification ---> click on provide feedback in notification ---> feedback tab is not shown when user come through link in notification
#193195 - Event management--> Open any added event--> Close the event pop up--> Click on another event--> It takes time to open second event or some time screen get hangdown"
#184591 - Human Resource--> Working day--> Userguide--> There should be space after dot in search step in userguide"
#174258 - Configuration-->Project-->Edit--> Milestones--> Milestone Criteria stage description is missing in userguide"
#174238 - Configuration-->Project-->Edit--> Task Tab--> Edit task--> Advance Settings-->Userguide Stage description is missing in userguide"
#218074 - Outlook--> Full Menu--> Integration-->Outlook--> Sent Items button is wrong.
#216412 - Dashboard--> Client-->Add maximum values in all fields and Click on Save--> "Error has occurred while adding the client" message display.
#214427 - Client-->Profile screen--> here breadcrumbs are not shown.
#202852 - Project( Finance Project)--> Team Tab--> Two same alias names are dispalying"
#199614 - Client--> Ticketing--> view Ticket--> in Conclusion thread Assigned user name is displaying on ticket view screen. Same issue for claim Rejected and approved.
#205398 - Client--> project--> work diary--> Select project--> in user drop down deassociated team members are shown up.
#205407 - Client---> Configuration--> file Dashboard--> Create folder for particular project--> Deassociated users are shown up.
#216412 - Dashboard--> Client-->Add maximum values in all fields and Click on Save--> "Error has occurred while adding the client" message display.
#214427 - Client-->Profile screen--> here breadcrumbs are not shown.
#202852 - Client--->Project( Finance Project)--> Team Tab--> Two same alias names are dispalying"
#199614 - Client--> Ticketing--> view Ticket--> in Conclusion thread Assigned user name is displaying on ticket view screen. Same issue for claim Rejected and approved.
#200813 - client--> Ticketing --> View Ticket--> Conclusion Tab--> Click on userguide--> Userguide do not contain description of Savce as Draft. Same issue in Claim.
#205398 - Client--> project--> work diary--> Select project--> in user drop down deassociated team members are shown up.
#205407 - Client---> Configuration--> file Dashboard--> Create folder for particular project--> Deassociated users are shown up.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 6.0 Live Oct 15th, 2015
Following are the Enhancements for release 6.0:-

1. Performance Review
• Need to have the option wherein we can go for non-sequence option.

2. Appointment Calendar
• Consumer Listing Screen: All the active/inactive consumers will list down on this screen, which includes the detail of consumer like Name, Email, Contact Number, Total Revenue, Status etc. Order No.: 1.
• Consumer History Screen: This screen will be used to display selected consumer’s detail information. It includes the personal detail of consumer provided at the time of registration and Service/Courses subscription history. We will created two tabs on this screen to show personal info and subscription history of consumer. Order No.: 2.
• Bulk Email to Consumers: Add bulk email functionality on Consumer Listing screen, from where the CA can send bulk emails to consumers. Order No.: 3
• My Profile: Create My Profile page for consumers, from where consumer can update their basic information. Order No.: 5
• My History: We need to create a new page on Appointment Calendar from where consumer can view his/her subscription history. Order No.: 6
• Customizable Registration Page: Provide interface to CA where s/he can set custom fields to Appointment Calendar’s registration page.
• Customizable Email Template: Provide interface to CA where s/he can customize the welcome email template, which is being sent to consumer at the time of registration.
• In site Customized Registration Page: Show custom fields selected by CA on Appointment Calendar’s registration page along with predefined fields.
• Legend in store front Calendar.
• Preview email template while sending bulk emails.
• Manage review days for user as well reviewer.

3. Configuration
• Location and department wise search in user listing and other screens.
• Greeting mail to employees on the time of their birthday anniversaries, data to joining etc.
• Virtual User.
• Company Setup single line tabs.
• Stripe Integration.

4. Project
• Task creation option in resource scheduling.
• Total integration and alerts. For example, if an employee leaves, do we get an alert that their Gantt chart or milestones are not valid? Also, what happens if they were the ONLY node in an approval chain.
• As per the discussion with our PM's. Now inactive status for task will be introduce instead of delete task when time is tracking against the task. So there is no need to show the deleted task in any screen and no such status will exists after implementation of this screen.
• Multiple Login use case(Timer).

5. Dashboard
• Add reports link of every module in Full menu.

6. Training
• Show current date time while add new training.
• Show add new skill option while add training.
• Show acceptable file size and file types.
• Show time in venue availability pop up.
• Show attendees department wise in attendees drop down.
• Past time should not be allowed in add training screen.
• Show current and future dates trainings. Give a link for past trainings.
• Date filter in search.
• Add new option "leave" with present and absent in attendance screen.
• Show trainer name in reminder.
• Training creation notification to attendees.
• Show rating in feedback list.
• Change rating options.
• Show feedbacks to trainer.
• Do not count inactive user in average rate if he does not provide the feedback.
• Configuration of feedback closing date. CA can increase this date for particular Training.
• Same as Performance review.
• NU can mark attendance if he is Trainer. All CA options to Trainer.
• Enable/Disable all options in Calendar.
• To take feedback for individual training in case of recurrence. For each recurrence, take the feedback.
• Highlight the training which is having its recurrence in future and showing the legend for the same.
• To take the attendance on the view detail page, where there are tabs for ‘Attachments’ and ‘Feedbacks’.
• Remove the Attendance Column from the listing page.
• Giving feedback link on the listing page from where user can be redirected to the page, where the feedback can be given and keep the feedback tab selected.
• Document upload option on training add screen and listing screen for trainers.
• Show leave automatically on attendance screen, if the user has applied leave on the day when the training is scheduled. Can we show it while selecting the user for the training as well?
• Grey out the feedback area when user is not able to leave feedback (in case if he has already given the feedback).
• Associate training feedback in Performance Review.
• Modify Review Template for Training Feedback.

7. Invoice
• Choose from Multiple Templates.
• Pay now button in invoice View and Milestone in Project.
• Show currency symbol in front of amount fields (universal).
• Quotation management.

8. Human Resource
• Lock the records.
• Show 0.75 in Quarter 3 leave config.
• Accrual Date notification location wise.

9. Reports
• Ticket report should have a setting with off work day excluded.

10. Ticketing
• Conclusion Tab in ticketing.
• Fix canned reply issue of validation.

11. Resource Scheduling
• Show week number in resource scheduling.

12. Asset Management
• Full menu changes the order of asset management links.
• Name of Asset link changed to Catalogue in full menu.
• Audit history also add comment option.
• Show the audit comment count in unique name listing screen.
• Asset assignment listing screen add legend for overdue asset.
• Add asset assignment screen show requisition for select asset.
• Pending requisition listing screen records display by latest requisition date.
• Pending requisition listing screen show legend for expired requisition.
• In notification drop down by default all checked user.
• Add notification for post comment on new purchasing.
• New purchasing asset authority set by CA particular user.
• Add new privilege for asset return.
• If user has not privilege for Asset Management than not open Asset Type screen.
• Return asset notification sent to user.
• Asset Pending Requisition listing screen show another company records. Issue (Fixed).
• Comment added while Requisition will be shown read only when assign asset.

13. Client Section
• Notification subject should contain posted by name (universal).
• PM names in project overview should have space.
• When financial information is disabled for PM. While editing the team member in project, the PM is getting error to fill rate with no option visible to fill rate.
• Show client status while associating in project (active, inactive, pending).
• Change pop up heading while associate client in project (Add client to Associate client).
• Alignment of controls of edit client screen should be proper.
• While client association with company client details should not be editable.
• Color of client communications which are visible to CA should not for CA.
• User guide for convert CRM (universal).
• If email id is already exists then show messages to user while converting CRM to client.
• Company details should be in client activation email and change the content of email.
• If a client is activated for first time then the activation link will redirect to the reset password page where he/she can create own password. (I assume that no email is being sent to Client unless deliberately sent from Client list and that too by the person with privilege to do so. Meaning any person may create a project or Client directly or through CRM. But email will only be sent by the privileged person only and in absence of this step Client is not able to see details).
• View detail link in project associate notification popup.
• Show project list on client dashboard.
• "Unassigned Task" in project task list should be linkable to view team who tracked time. We need to show a message in the pop up about what unassigned task is.
• Change screenshot flag comment screen. We need to update the comment screen universally.
• Flag screenshot notification to CA who is in project team.
• Flagged time entries should not be import in invoice.
• Need a screen where the users can view only flagged screenshots.
• Activity log configuration should be project wise.
• Sorting in message board.
• Client should get only one Alias name for multiple users.
• Dissociated team members should not be visible to client.

14. Approvals
• When an approver rejects the time entry/leave/expense, then the rest of approvers will get the notification.
• Remove Rule Based Type option from Time Approval screen and optimize it.
• Time approval screen to show comment box in pop-up, instead of redirecting to new page.

15. Integration
• Drop Box integration.

16. Reminder
• Some kind of notification sound on reminder.

17. Event Management
• Show event venue availability on manage event screen and training module.
• User availability in Calendar.

18. Footer
• Sitemap updated.

19. CRM
• In CRM there will be single Lead/Prospect name field in spite of first name and last name fields.
• There will be a new field for Phone Number in Add Lead/Prospect form and it will be display in listing screen.
• We are removing close and delete buttons from CRM listing screens but they will remains as it is in header.
• We are implementing Contacts feature like Dynamic CRM and other CRM. In this Module CA can add any contact with name, address, email, phone number etc. information. He can attach this contact with CRM and client section.
• Contacts can be managed by opening "Additional Contacts" under CRM in Full menu.
• There is one new tab "Additional Contact" when we edit any client, lead, prospect and opportunity.
• These contacts can be associated with any of the entities mentioned above as per requirements.
• Contacts can now be edited directly on the listing screen (where associated contacts are).

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 6.0

#199843 - Configuration-> Client --> Edit client--> Addresses Tab--> Add address--> Go back to client listing screen--> Edit same client and go to addresses tab--> previous added address do not display in list.
#201939 - Project--> Edit--> Milestone--> add--> save--> 500 error.
#196683 - Add asset---remove the same----go to requisition---listing shows the deleted assets also and on clicking add we are able to assign the same.
#191048 - Performance review----post comment button needs to be aligned with the text box.
#189277 - Asset--> asset catalog-->add--> attachment-->add attachment-->Save-->loader continuously going on.
#197987 - Performance review-->Training-->Add new training-->user is able to select the same User in both the Trainer and Attendees. If first select the user in Attendees field and then the same user in the Trainer field and click on Save.
#197976 - Performance review-->Training-->View any training having documents attached. In the attachment section the File type shown is not appropriate. Please correct the file type shown.
#197945 - Performance Review-->Training-->Add New training with recurring option checked but Recurring & No. of Recurrence fields are empty, when click on Save button then it shows loader and it stucks on loader.
#197966 - Performance review-->Training-->View any training-->then in attachment section the option to Choose file , please mention the Maximum per file size: 10 MB & Disallowed File Types: .exe,.com,.js,.php,.asp,.aspx,.txt also.
#197954 - Performance review-->Add training-->Put start time and select venue and click on check availability, it does not show any response or validation for duration hours. Either it show availability response or validation for Duration.
#195446 - Performance review ---> training --->title of the page need to manage into performance review from HR.
#198802 - CRM--> Convert into client--> Whole design is messed up.
#145874 - CRM--> Listing--> Status is not shown up properly.
#196839 - Custom Reports--> Tag--> Apply roles on this feature.
#202665 - Event management ---> check availability ---> add ---> user should not be allowed to enter past time and should not be allowed to select past date as well.
#202692 - Event management ---> check availability ---> click on title name ---> user is not able to make single into over daily or other recurring, there should be option to make recurring changes.
#149726 - Projects --->flag and unflag screenshot ---> notification are not coming to user.
#199080 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Add Notes-->Enter one line then copy same line multiple time and Click on Submit. In Notes block click on Read Description link--> Note content display in bold.
#153695 - Outlook integration--->Update any event from outlook, change time and description, the same is not updated in Talygen.
#202960 - HR-->Immigration-->In the manage passport add new passport details then success message is shown but the details are not displayed in the list.
#197767 - Client ---> create ticket ---> client is not able to ticket because department are not showing in the drop down.
#100669 - Client-->Profile--->Client email id should not be editable.
#188600 - Users--> configuration-->Mange users--> Enable Mobile Login in "No".
#109909 - Bulk time entry-->When I click on Save button to save the bulk entry filled by me, there was no message and nothing happens on clicking the Save button.
#195726 - Doc storage---Google doc----click on google doc and click on folder name---blank page is shown.
#203313 - User--Edit user----configuration---The text for mobile login and IP restriction should be proper.
#130337 - Project--> project detail-->expense limit--> footer is not at proper place.
#132172 - Reports--->IE8--->Leave pending by approver--->Arrow displayed unnecessarily. Refer to screenshot.
#142728 - CRM---> prospects ---> edit ---> additional contact --->edit ---> delete icon is not on correct place.
#130123 - Custom report--> view--> double arrow shown up.
#168298 - Project -->Gantt chart-->change theme to "Blue, Red or Green"-->then the design of Full Menu's not shown properly.
#198047 - Approvals-----Add Approval----Approval chain checkbox to be aligned properly.
#129207 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on Icon before notification name--> Nothing Happen, yet hand cursor display on that icon.
#129197 - Ticketing--> In Ticket listing the Columns Names and their values are not aligned properly.
#171199 - Hiring--> Requisition, on this screen the comments section is distorted and not shown properly. (Refer screenshot)
#201838 - Ticketing--> view detail--> submit reply--> Loader is continuously going on.
#187032 - Configuration---company setup---department---the alignment should be proper for text boxes.
#187052 - Configuration---company setup---Shift---the save and cancel button not aligned properly with the text boxes.
#187075 - Configuration---company setup---priority/contact type---the save and cancel buttons to be aligned and the extra space to be removed from the left.
#189097 - Users---view users---files uploaded---the download icon should be same as its shown for all other modules in the app.
#188192 - Users view---the file upload option have the download file icon different from the icon used in other modules.
#189133 - Projects-->bulk time entry---the pop up text needs to be centrally aligned.
#194842 - Project--> edit--> task--> import--> select member-->design messed up.
#197971 - Event Management--> Add event--> Design should be properly aligned.
#172008 - Roles-->Click on Copy roles button in front of any Role-->In the Name field give a large input without any space-->Then the design of role listing screen gets distorted due to large role name.
#165686 - Dashboard-->Open bi reports in another tab-->logout-->Click on search in bi report--> server error message shown up.
#154507 - Project--> Time tracker--> Week limit graph is not shown up.
#140224 - Custom Field-->Sort by field name--> sorting is not correct.
#130352 - Approval--leave timing issue with shift assigned.
#198030 - Approvals-----user type based---no notifications received by user submitting the time entry.
#194908 - Projects-->bulk time entry/single time entry---notification not shown to approver.
#202214 - Training --->view training ---> feedback ---> delete feedback ---> give feedback again ---> blank page is shown.
#197265 - Ticketing--> update ticket--> Reply-->design is not properly aligned.
#199349 - Event Management--> Reminders--> same reminder shown up multiple times.
#194853 - Project--> edit--> task--> import--> Select Parent task--> design should be proper.
#197721 - Roles ---> client role ---> invoice role is shown twice.
#197553 - Project--> edit--> client--> associate--> delete associated client--> Client is not deleted.
#198022 - Performance Review-->Training-->Add new training, if user leave any one or more mandatory fields blank and click on Save button the loader is shown but record not save. In this case validations should not be bypassed.
#202224 - Training---> recurring is not working. When we create training, it keep showing daily recurring but we created weekly/monthly/annually.
#197256 - HR-->Immigration-->Visa-->On the Add Visa form the "Save" button alignment is not proper.
#197459 - HR-->Immigration-->View Visa details for any passport-->The Back to list button shown on this screen should have Black background with White color Text in it. Similar to the button shown on View project screen.
#197611 - Expense approval ---> client ---> buttons need to be aligned, refer to the screenshot.
#197315 - Add asset---Pending requisition---From and To time format needs to be properly aligned.
#197339 - Asset management----New requisition----no record text to be centrally aligned.
#197333 - Asset management----New asset requisition---view---the title needs to be proper and the text box to be corrected.
#202781 - Ticketing--> Select Department --Development and Status -Reopen in search box and Click on search button--> No Record Found message display. Yet there are re-open tickets for this department.
#155959 - Reports---payroll report---normal user is able to see any other Normal user’s payroll report.
#188133 - Custom Fields--> Tag name is used in any entry--> tag should not be deleted from tag list.
#150826 - User--->Click on Add--->While adding new user ca id is and password is getting prepopulated automatically.
#202209 - Configuration--> client-->add--> associate--> error message shown up.
#195732 - Asset management----asset assignment, Requisition and pending requisition---unresponsive JavaScript pop up is shown on clicking.
#185798 - Ticketing-->In Search the Priority filter is shown on the right side but it is generally on the left side. Please correct it.
#194966 - Roles-->For nu given the roles of Asset catalog and assignment even then the assigned user is shown as unauthorized for those modules. Please rectify.
#201868 - Training --> add training ---> User is not able to add training of future time as well. This happens randomly, refer to the screenshot.
#197222 - Sales Force-->Additional information-->On clicking Save button server error is shown.
#202284 - Configurations-->Users-->While making any Lead owner as Inactive on the Pending For Approval tab if user clicks on Reject button then no action is taken for the pending records.
#209271 - Client--> dashboard--> invoices--> view--> project name field shows us "Error" text.
#204278 - Users---Enter the values in search for department and location and enter on search and then on reset, the values are not cleared.
#206690 - Integration--> MPP files--> breadcrumb is missing.
#207571 - Company setup--> stages--> delete all--> project listing--> stages--> deleted stages are shown up.
#207563 - Company Setup--> stage--> add--> Description (copy and Paste)--> save--> 500 error shown up.
#197245 - Live--> ticketing--> Status--> submit reply--> Loader continuously going on.
#202602 - Project--> edit--> task--> edit--> add members--> Listing should have scroll bar.
#214016 - Project Management-->Task-->Add new Task and fill the required fields, click on Save  button then it shows the server error 500.
#213694 - Company setup--> Payment Gate way type--> stripe option is missing.
#89217 - Invoice--> add invoice with invoice number--> edit--> save-->URL should be correct.
#188157 - Project-->Team--> Associate/Dissociate members--> there should be functionality to sort records.
#197171 - Ticketing--> Canned reply--> Title "Template" should be "Canned reply" at all places.
#205654 - Configuration---Roles---Approval rule----The approval rule for view should be highlighted instead of delete.
#207028 - Custom field--> add custom field-->Url--> save--> validation message is not properly working.
#181842 - Roles--temporary rights---Applied role on PM, gave right for add, update and view for temporary rights. Unable to inactive the temporary right from temporary right listing screen getting message not authorized.
#189291 - Roles---manage users----the option given is invalid for PM as they don't have users tab in menu.
#196084 - Company setup----Announcement---Add announcement---the status is inaccessible and on saving how’s error message.
#202332 - Resource scheduling----user guide needs to be proper.
#160956 - Timesheet---get timesheet---select date for next 5-6 days at a time fast---the timesheet page doesn’t load properly.
#172173 - Project ---> user based rule ---> time entry ---> fill hours on day ---> save ---> click on get timesheet ---> add hour’s option removes for that particular day.
#204747 - Announcement---Add announcement selecting weekly and then daily---the message is not saved.
#206853 - Project Message Board---Client message board---the edit and delete buttons should be of same color as for global message board.
#207696 - Auto responder---select a date for auto response and select next date range for another message it shows the message that the start date already exists.
#198016 - Asset-->Add Requisition-->While adding new requisition saving the title with name " " giving error 500.
#197783 - Roles ---> client role---> project request ---> disallow the comment option in role for project request to client---> When client click on comment icon, some unwanted screen is shown to him. Refer to the screenshot.
#214141 - Performance Review-->Created Review for any user who is also a trainer in any Training. The feedback for that Training is already submitted. While filling the Performance Review the Training Feedback tab is not shown.
#172201 - Approval ---> project base approval ---> time entry ---> entry from time sheet is not going for approval in first time.
#204033 - Project request---Convert the project request into project----click on roadmap---the design for the same is not proper.
#203296 - Projects---roadmap---Clicking on phase or project---the text shown as validation text needs to be proper.
#203325 - Immigration---Add visa details---Add number of entry as single and multiple----click on view---the single is shown as 0 and multiple as 1.
#198390 - User---edit user----Notifications---Task---text to be corrected and options required to be added.
#187434 - Company setup---phase---breadcrumbs missing.
#182403 - Project--> edit--> task--> add Task--> space shown up between text field and calendar icon.
#201944 - Project--> Edit--> Milestone--> add--> title should be correct.
#196470 - Project--> road map--> left meu--> design is messed up.
#203967 - Project--> Work Dairy--> Flagged screenshot screen--> breadcrumb is missing.
#195800 - Project---> Road map--> user guide should be correct.
#195777 - Project--> Edit--> change the project dates--> Pop up open--> "/" are shown up.
#195507 - Project--> Resource scheduling--> hours--> User is not able to categorize the hours and minute Field.
#82907 - Invoice-->Add invoice--> save--> Click on delete icon--> error message shown up.
#156556 - Invoice--> Click view icon of any Disputed /Cancel invoice--> edit icon is shown up.
#149091 - Invoice--> add invoice--> delete any item--> there should be an alert message before deleting any item.
#196821 - Project--> Edit--> task--> edit--> cancel/save--> it should not redirect to "General Setting" tab, it should be on Task tab.
#201918 - Project--> view detail--> Project Manager-->Alignment should be correct.
#197152 - Project--> Edit--> assign task to team members--> notification shown up twice.
#195795 - Project--> Road map--> current date is not highlighted properly.
#78330 - Knowledge Base - Manage Category - View article - Change Keyword to "Short Description".
#195805 - Project--> Road map--> project name should have project start date and end date on screen.
#197240 - Ticketing--> canned reply--> user guide--> titles should be in bold.
#187982 - Resource scheduling-->Resource filter-->double click on any particular date-->hours per day-->user should have option to enter Minutes only without entering the hours, there should 00:00 in hours field.
#205139 - Configuration--> Client--> add client--> save--> click on 3-4 times, client added multiple times nad also in client box multiple notifications shown up.
#197544 - Project--> edit--> task--> add task--> enter hours--> user is not able to add more than 2 digits.
#196830 - Project--> edit --> task--> closed, user get notification of this.
#196825 - Project--> edit--> task--> edit--> back button--> it should not redirect to "General setting tab", it should be on task tab.
#187396 - Configuration--> resource scheduling--> Project and Task start and end date is correct but validation message shown up.
#213102 - Integration-->Cloud storage-->Connect with Dropbox account then the Title of tab is shown as Google Drive instead it should be Dropbox related.
#213521 - CRM-->Additional Contact-->Add any new contact and in listing if searched with both First name and Last name then the contact is not shown.
#196662 - HR ---> Immigration ---> view detail ---> spacing should be proper and no of entry should not save with 0.
#213763 - Invoice-->Billing Services-->If created new Billing Service then after saving the service is not reflected in listing. Please rectify.
#213775 - Invoice-->Billing rule-->Edit any existing rule and on the Nodes tab add a new service by clicking on Add rule in new node on saving error message is shown.
#204444 - Expense-->In Configuration the allow Expense for Future Date is set as NO but the user is able to add expense with future dates.
#202702 - User listing---click on status to deactivate---the title shown in the pop up is incorrect.
#182394 - Ticketing---delete ticket----the pop up message should be centrally aligned.
#206728 - Projects--> view detail---Project Message Board---edit and update any message---the already attached attachments are not shown while updating.
#186695 - Announcement---Add announcement and attach file----edit announcement---the file attached is not shown on edit to the user.
#206876 - Project message board---Roles----The role for post message comment is disabled but still client is able to post comment.
#202751 - User listing---click on status to deactivate---the approve and reject buttons don't work.
#196835 - HR--> immigration--> Apply roles on this feature.
#144366 - Project--> add task--> save, then add time sheet--> task in not shown up in add working hours screen.
#201422 - Reports--> Human Resource--> Daily Attendance Report-->Select location and select date of last month --> Click on Users--> Select User who has no joining date--> Click on Search button--> His joining date.
#201429 - Event Management--> Availability link is shown up disable and also no role for availability for client.
#201433 - Users--> Leaves allowed are displaying wrong.
#201484 - Reports--> Human Resource--> Daily Attendance Report-->Select location and select date --> Click on Search button--> Sort with Employee code--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#201490 - Event Management--> availability--> check availability--> the client is available but status shown up busy, if client have different time Zone.
#201511 - Reports--> Human Resource--> Daily Attendance Report--> Spacing between double colon and textboxes are not same for Choose shift, Users like Designation.
#201519 - Event Management--> Availability--> total records in listing is shown up wrong.
#201530 - Reports--> Human Resource--> Daily Attendance Report-->Select location and select date --> Click on Search button--> Export as word file--> All columns are not displaying.
#201540 - Approval-->Time approvals---enter comments for the time entry---redirects to a new page and then after submitting doesn’t redirect to the listing.
#204399 - Configuration--> roles--> time track--> Description of roles is not proper, user is not able to understand.
#208232 - Project--> Edit Virtual enabled Project--> Virtual user configuration Tab--> user guide is wrong.
#208238 - Project--> Edit Virtual enabled Project--> Virtual user configuration Tab--> Select Virtual user and Click on Save--> Message need be changed.
#208245 - Project--> Edit Virtual enabled Project--> Team Tab--> Select Virtual user and Click on Save--> Alert pop up display which contain 1.
#208466 - Event Management-->Availability-->Created availability with recurring as Daily. Again created any availability status within that period with any status then it is getting saved instead of saying the overlapping entries.
#208472 - Event Management-->Calendar-->the user is shown only the status added by him in availability even if selected All Users in the Calendar.
#208496 - Project--> Click on Message tab--> Click on share-->user is displaying to client for which " Virtual User Track Only " checkbox is checked in the project.
#208502 - Full Menu--> Click on message or Project files under Project--> user is able to post message or upload file in the project in which "Virtual User Track Only" check box is checked for this user.
#208508 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Project assigned notification--> Click on view detail--> Project is accessible to him in which "Virtual User Track Only" checkbox is checked for this user by click on View.
#208583 - Project--> Edit--> Team Tab--> Reset button is not working. Also loader is not displaying while searching.
#208589 - Project--> Edit--> Virtual user configuration tab--> Click on Remove virtual user--> Nothing happen.
#208595 - Projects--> Bulk time entry--> user is able to track time for the project in which "Virtual User Track Only" checkbox is checked for this user.
#208601 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Project assigned notification--> Click on view detail--> Project is accessible to him in which "Virtual User Track Only" checkbox is checked for this user by click on View.
#208836 - Project--> View Virtual enabled project--> In Team tab both users are displaying to him virtual as well user to whom virtual user is assigned in the project in which " Virtual User Track Only " checkbox. #208843 - "Virtual User Track Only" checkbox is checked for user)--> Project--> This user is able to do message or file share with his own profile. #208848 - Project--> Team Tab--> Click on work dairy in front of user--> In user list both users are displaying to client virtual as well user to whom virtual user is assigned in the project in which "Virtual User".
#208898 - Event--->create event with reminder--->the sound effect comes but when we close the reminder and refresh the page it rings again and again.
#208911 - Event--->create event with reminder--->go to other browser---->the reminder pop up is shown on the event browser but no sound affect is heard.
#208925 - CRM--->the user adds follow up, but the follow up pop up sound is not heard.
#208956 - Training--->Training reminder---->no reminder with sound for the training module once training is created.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 5.1 Live Jul 15th, 2015
Following are the Enhancements for release 5.1:-

1. Configuration
• Users- User overview page.
• Auto responder.
• Zip code validation country wise.
• Search needs status option (universal).
• When any Client is deactivated by CA, email should be send to Client.
• If any client is deactivated by CA, after sometime CA wants to be activated, there should be an option to send Activation Email.
• Machine ID based security.
• Need privilege for hierarchy.
• CA can have the functionality to Enable/Disable user to enter time track entries from specific interfaces in Talygen like:
(a) Enable/Disable Online Time Track Entries,
(b) Enable/Disable Offline Time Track Entries,
(c) Enable/Disable Time Sheet,
(d) Enable/Disable Time Tracking From Mobile App etc.
• Tip of the Day.
• Description should not be mandatory in company setup.

2. Approvals
• Temporary Rights with dates.
• Approval rules for hiring.
• Automatically update approval rules on changing the supervisor from user listing screen for premier.
• The tracked hours of pending time entries should not reflect on the places, where we show the time tracked in the project until these entries are approved by the approvers. There should be one separate report for it, in which CA will see the pending entries.
• Time and Expense approval with Client.
• Audit Functionality (need to make it universal).
• When any approver rejects the time/expense/leave entry, then rest of the approvers will get a notification for the same.
• Have the ability to view the approvals.
• Auto approval for time entry.
• Send notification to approvers, when user submits the time entry.

3. Performance Review
• Manager can set some skills, goals for the users and keep an update on what % have been achieved by the user. This helps in development and training of the users.
• Give an option to any user can give feedback to any user. Make it configurable (User can select as many employees from the user to provide feedback).
• Stars marked for the rating purpose in performance review, are not visible to the reviewer in the view tab and shows as greyed out.
• In Performance Review provide review. There should be column of time period for which the review has to provide.
• Automatic scores/weight by the rating.
• Clear Stars from PR Questions.
• Make training program.

3. Custom Fields
• Tags User can define any tag on the way in track entry, project, expense.

4. Human Resource
• Shift not mandatory in leave and attendance.
• Remove shift as mandatory in in/out time screen.
• Calendar for CA type user on calendar leaves applied for 31st December are not shown irrespective of the status whether leave applied is pending or approved.
• Option for 0.75 Leave in HR module.
• Add multi-select Project manager Drop Down.

5. General
• Update the Super admin in progress.
• While free trial sign up need to ask the user which modules the user is interested about free form text asking for comments.
• Have a log where we can check if mail was sent to new registered user for the super admin.

6. Projects
• Need to have the Gantt Chart percent updated without scheduler.
• PM or CA can see employee’s work load at the time of adding him/her to a project team.
• CA -->Login --> Delete role for client -> Delete screen shot.
• If any CA add client in any project then all CA get notification of this.
• Show work dairy link only when screenshot is enabled for that project (Project Overview section).
• Sub task should be available while import of the task.
• Road map of current project.
• Have a functionality that the team members can be added while importing the task.
• Bulk time entry notification.

7. CRM
• Manage Lead/Prospect owner history if we change lead owner.
• While convert prospect or opportunity in lead or vice versa there should be an option to change lead owner.
• Need zip code validation in CRM.
• CRM owner not being able to deactivate from the user listing.

8. Hiring
• Notification mail to related department at the time of hiring of an employee.
• Rip off left side panel from job description example.
• Put job title just like does.
• Put edit button along with delete for notes until "lock my review".
• While a user apply for a post, a thank you message will be send to him/her if SMTP settings are enabled.
• Gender/ title shouldn’t be mandatory on hire screen.
• Provide reference no. for job and provide that to applicant so that they can track the status of applied job.
• On hire screen should have expected join date. Till the applicant is hired he should not be added in our Talygen system.
• Whenever Requisition is created, approved or rejected notification should be sent to CA and to the person who have created the requisition.

9. Invoice
• Option for giving amount (flat rate) in discounts. Currently only % is allowed.
• Add payment gateway in invoice.

10. Knowledge base
• Knowledge base module should have functionality to upload "PDF files".

11. Client Section
• We can add the document storage with the client section. The CA can assign the storage from own company to client for sharing documents.
• Appointment Calendar available to Client wherein the clients can send request to the CA and view the shared calendar. Do we need to give the ability to client to send each other appointment request for free?
• Adding holiday and defining the location of the client company.
• One of the pending functionality with client section has been is Approvals.
• Multi location Address: we have multiple addresses in invoice to client as per the multiple locations.
• Role module screen changes parent child relations.
• When any Client is deactivated by CA, email should be send to Client.
• Share activity log with client.

12. Reports
• There should be an option to filter reports data by PM in time tracking reports.
• Pay Roll Report add new column expense category.
• MTD Report update.
• Upload MTD Excel file and listing screen.
• In Time sheet Report add two new column per diem and category.
• Time entry Approved Report- This report show the Approved entries with name of approver. Report link under the approval report module.
• Leave Approved Report- same functionality as Time entry approved Report.
• Client Invoice Report under the client section.
• Dash Board add Privileges (Roles).
• Financial Information Privilege add on dashboard report.
• Ticket Report show all Status. In earlier show only closed ticket.
• Time Track Reports add Project Manager drop down.
• Timesheet full detail report add new column status.
• Pending tickets in report as well.
• Basic Reports in HR: Like Anniversary Report, Date of Joining Report etc. Calendar data will get exported to excel sheet as well.
• Report for checking who all is H.O.D. and assigned users in ticketing.
• Need to add the formulas on each report.
• There should be an option to filter reports data by PM in time tracking reports.
• Invoice Report for client.
• Project (Milestone) Report for client.
• In Payroll Report add new column for employee Name.
• Payroll Report generated for 01/01/2015-07/06/2015.

13. Ticketing
• Canned replies in Ticketing.
• If any Ticket is closed in drop down the option to Open, Waiting, Reopen etc. are shown up, there should be only one option to “Reopened” and also update button should be at proper place.

14. Document Storage
• Third Party cloud integration like Google docs.

15. Event Management
• Rescheduling of events.

16. Message Board
• Real time translation of message board by using Google API.

17. Desktop
• Should have an option where time tracking can be made mandatory only through Desktop.

18. Asset Management
• Maintain the audit history in Asset Catalog.
• Reminder/ Inbox notification needs to be sent to the users when any asset assigned is overdue.
• Need a comment option when the device is returned.
• We need to come up with the requisition options.
• Need to have inactive status for each unique item.
• Show filter for assets that have been returned or are assigned.
• We also need to save the actual return time.
• Concept of secondary asset assigner for notifications.
• Provide comment option for new requesting.
• Old Asset requesting.
• The text for the check box should be "Check to create unique name listing".
• Need to show Asset catalogue name in asset assignment listing.
• Asset Assignment Report link change from Header Menu.
• Add Department drop-down while assigning asset in Asset assign screen.
• Change Date picker (need to select the year) in add unique name screen.
• In unique Name Screen add new column- model number, brand, model name, bill number.
• Asset Catalogue Listing distinguish by legend.
• In item return pop up change text "Number of item" to "Number of item/Unique Name".
• We need to assign the CA privilege for Asset assignment but not default.
• For requesting new asset, the user will have a screen with title and description of the new asset.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 5.1

#169477 - Asset management--->Asset assignment date and time assigned shows incorrect date and time in the listing.
#129329 - configuration-->users-->import users-->user type is not imported.
#185424 - Asset management---configuration---redirects to blank page of configuration.
#171666 - Configuration---users---edit user---Microsoft exchange---the message shows correct the highlighted but no column is shown as highlighted.
#179216 - Bookmark---click on left view---the icon is shown as duplicate and misplaced.
#83981 - Dashboard-- inbox--> Click on any hiring message--> No view detail button display on Message details pop up".
#172425 - Project ---> view detail ---> task ---> add task ---> add more task with end date ---> user is not able to select add task because end date is not getting select".
#136931 - Hiring--->Search text box needs to be corrected.
#167714 - bulk time entry ---> enter big value in time text box ---> click on save, it start showing some range value . If we enter dot, NaN text is shown there.
#153505 - Outlook integration--->From outlook update time for event, ticket follow up and CRM follow up. In Talygen time is shown 1.30 hrs. less than the time updated from outlook.
#179538 - Dashboard ---> tabs are not properly aligned. Refer to the screenshot.
#179548 - Knowledge base ---> N.U ---> Xp(Mozilla) ---> tabs are not correctly shown. Refer to screenshot.
#179409 - Project-->Import task-->On the Import tasks, choose file pop up the Import From Excel file button should be aligned with the Choose file button.
#185430 - Hiring-->External Link-->It shows error 404.
#167342 - In N.U and P.M ---> top menu is adjusting to left menu again and again".
#156461 - Asset management ---> Asset Catalogue ---> assign assignment --> assign item text (select unique name list) should be changed and text box should be same size".
#176822 - Project ---> detail ---> task ---> add task ---> user guide need to be correct. Refer to the screenshot.
#177168 - Project--> Flag entry--> user guide-->As per the user guide time zone field reflects the time zone of the user where time is entered but there is no time zone listing in any entry which is submitted".
#182224 - Profile---contact numbers---visible to client alignment needs to be proper.
#84007 - Hiring--> Reviewer and applicant do not receive any notification when manager hired the user for job post".
#181586 - CRM-->Additional Contact-->Click on ADD button-->without filling any details click on Save button--> the validations are not at proper place. Refer screen shot.
#179665 - Users---Make user Inactive---the pop up is shown---need the text centrally aligned and buttons to be in color.
#128848 - Projects--->Two clients associated with one project--->Client is getting inbox notification of mile stone updated if invoice is generated from milestone and sent to another client.
#176865 - Project--> Flag entries--> location icon should be hide from screen.
#183309 - Human Resource--> Add holiday with status inactive--> This holiday status display active on listing screen".
#177162 - Project--> Flag entry--> When the time entries are edited from the flag entry screen the changes made are not reflected until the whole screen is refreshed.
#172033 - User profile---Change password---Back button is missing to take user back to the profile page.
#171541 - Announcement---add announcement---click on save the title doesn’t show the mandatory message.
#176572 - Project--> Flag entry--> comment icon should have count of comments.
#146043 - Global Message board--CA posts a message to NU and then deletes the same, but comments are visible for NU even after deletion.
#171210 - Company setup---announcement---user guide---recurring point to be added and buttons to be aligned.
#100384 - Project--Bulk time entry--error message needs to be proper.
#164742 - Reports ---> CRM ---> Text is not converting and design is not correct in Dutch language.
#177174 - Project--> Flag Entry--> Entry is flagged by CA Joe Dante for NU David Newman, David Newman edits the entry and changed the project from testing to smart convert after the entry being flagged and then when checked in CA account entry is now unflag".
#162396 - Message Board-->Post new message user wise--> In the User section Search filter or scroll should be implemented in case of large no. Of users.
#169717 - CA-->Configuration-->In the “company setup” “Location” tab the "State, Country, email and Phone” fields are shown in English."
#120360 - Time Tracking-->Need to show time zone in the pop up in team status".
#176133 - Configuration-->Resource scheduling-->while adding schedule for any user-->On the form the "Project " dropdown is not sorted whether alphabetical or date wise.
#182357 - Resource scheduling-->While making any scheduling for any user and selected a project. In scheduling put the from date same as the start date of project then it should not show the validation regarding the Projects start date.
#176291 - Resource scheduling-->Select location , shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div-->Enter hour 12 hour 07 minutes and Click on Save-->Daily hours display 12.7 which is wrong.
#169544 - Project Request--> On the Add Project Request Owner pop up the design of buttons is not proper. Also the title is shown in English for All Languages.
#171260 - Project Request--> Accept any Project Request created by client and then Convert it into project.-->In the Add Team add some users and save the project.--> now again view the team of that project then only the CA exists there.
#171255 - Notifications--> the Email notification of CA are shown to CA itself.
#150996 - Ticketing --> If the user changed the status of Ticket --> then in notifications the "status" shown to user is not correct. Or it is opposite of correct status.
#177343 - Talygen Support--> Add Ticket--> User guide--> Formatting is not proper.
#156371 - Ticketing--> Delete ticket of any user--> Login with that user--> Check Email notification--> Closed by display in place of Deleted by. Also User department is displaying with user name.
#176310 - Resource scheduling-->Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Previous arrow multiple time -->Click on Div--> Enter all information and Click on Save--> Save message is not display.
#186294 - Profile--> edit profile----click on change password---error while saving is shown.
#96077 - Reports--Entry wise---Blank Pop up issue.
#176287 - Resource scheduling-->Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div--> Remove cancel button from scheduling screen.
#176296 - Resource scheduling-->Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div--> Select Project and Task and Click on save--> Validation message display--> Modify validation message.
#176301 - Resource scheduling-->Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div--> Select Project and Task, dates-->" Working on Off days " label should not display if there is no off day.
#176306 - Resource scheduling-->Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div--> Display Project and Task Start and End date with their names in Project and Task listing.
#176459 - Resource scheduling--> Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search-->Click on Div-->User Guide is missing on Add resource scheduling screen.
#176496 - Resource scheduling--> Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search--> Move mouse hover over screen title in browser tab--> Talygen display two times in screen title.
#182384 - Roles---PM---reports---the text needs to be corrected.
#176517 - Resource scheduling--> Select location, shift -->Select users-->Click on Search--> Click on Div--> Click on Book specific Time--> Remove default times--> Click on Save--> For "To" field validation message do.
#185723 - Doc. Storage-->Client space allocation--> Assigned storage to client--> Login with another company CA having same-->Doc. Storage-->Client space allocation--> Storage assigned to and consumes by client in one company also display same in another company.
#176356 - Live server ---> CRM Report ---> labels are not in all tabs and naming of tabs are not according to module.
#179391 - Project-->Import task from file-->After importing tasks on the “successfully saved” pop up window the "Global Task" column should be removed. (Refer screen shot)".
#179403 - Project-->Import task from file-->If in file the value for “Task rate and Estimated Hours” is in decimals and have only one digit after decimal then it shows warning message and does not accept the value.
#172621 - CRM-->while creating any new record--> the “% of close” field should not accept value more than 100. As if more than 100 is saved then the same is reflected in Sales Force.
#156249 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Add Reply on Ticket--> Select user in CC, Enter all information and Click on Submit Reply--> Login with user selected in CC--> Check inbox and Email notification for Ticket.
#120457 - Invoice--> Add invoice--> Import Tasks--> Rounding off of task hours is not working properly".
#113825 - Project---> bulk time entry --> user is able to select entries on same day and same project.
#109823 - project--> Bulk Time entry-->Stop time is not editable and not able to save the time entry."
#157513 - Hiring--->external link ---> if we allow png extension, it is also reflected in apply form .If user attach png , validation is shown. Png should not be shown in allow attach files".
#83775 - Hiring --> Add Applicant--> Normal user has add an applicant to a job post, but it do not display on manage applicant screen to him".
#186977 - project ---> edit ---> team ---> click on name of member ---> click on save ---> there is not any option add rate but notification is shown to add rate".
#186949 - Custom Field--> Tags-->click on status icon--> there should be alert message before changing the status.
#186378 - Project--> Flag track entry--> Project name is not shown up in listing screen for PM user in IE Browser."
#181741 - Project--> Project Request--> wrong data fetched in Columns.
#186637 - Talygen Support--> Support ticket added by Clients are displaying to CA and CA is able to access and update them.
#189393 - Roles---Manage message board---the same text is shown twice.
#191272 - HR ---> Leave ---> apply leave of future and then try to cancel leave ---> loader keep on running after clicking on ok button.
#191583 - Project--> Work diary--> screenshots--> "," is shown up after keystrokes.
#185016 - Project-->View detail>Team-->Last logged in column, wrong date is shown up.
#185624 - Dashboard--> Activities--> description shown up wrong test.
#186684 - Custom Field--> Tags--> search by tag name, Tag name should be maintained in search result.
#142741 - CRM--->configuration ---> please correct the message as attache.
#142747 - CRM---> prospects ---> edit --->attachment ---> error message.
#186309 - Hiring ---> add post ---> spelling is not correct of approval.
#181699 - Configuration---users---click on manage bonus leave---the buttons are not aligned properly.
#186334 - Configuration ---> resource scheduling ---> according to numbering, point mentioned is not correct. Refer to the screenshot.
#188577 - Invoice-->Flat rate should be displayed in Payment history pop up.
#189404 - Ticket-->Department ---> department which are inactive are visible in ticketing while creating a ticket.
#187423 - Project--> Edit--> task--> Edit--> assign hours to tem members--> task hours exceeding is not shown up every time.
#187848 - Project--> Edit--> Task--> edit--> week limit --> in pop "'/" is shown up.
#187972 - Project--> edit--> phase--> blank screen appears.
#187999 - Tag--> add--> description field should have character limit.
#188014 - Custom Field--> tags--> Search--> search field should have watermark message/tag line with which keywords user can search.
#188019 - Custom Field--> Tags--> time track entry--> update--> description is not updated.
#188025 - Project-->Time track entry-->select tag--> in drop down "select option should not have checkbox to select.
#188031 - Custom Field--> Tags--> update any entry-->page should be refreshed automatically.
#188151 - Project--> Add project--> enter tag name--> save--> record displayed in tag listing--> then go to project remove tag name--> save--> tag entry should be removed from Tag.
#188572 - Users--> view detail--> bread crumb is missing.
#138820 - Project--> bulk time entry-->save--> Action column shown up blank.
#188166 - Project--> Messages--> Add message--> Dissociate members should not displayed in users listing.
#187977 - Project-->Edit-->Team-->click on any member--> alias name is shown up but checkbox to show alias name is disable, Alias name is shown up in client account.
#189127 - Roles---Time tracker---disable view timesheet---still user is able to access.
#189108 - Company set up----Announcement---add----user guide needs short description in the beginning of the steps.
#185912 - Auto Responder----the leave is applied by the user and the approver notification is received but the auto responder message is not received by the user.
#195468 - Performance Review ---> training ---> make attendance ---> now change the users ---> in attendance, it keep showing the previous attendance of users.
#187083 - Configuration---announcement---check the checkbox for acknowledgement and save, the pop up shows the text with "revised" word in each message compiled.
#172473 - Asset Reports-->Generate the Reports -->the font size in report is smaller than the normal font size of report. Also the Font style does not match with the usual reports font style.
#185594 - Time Track-->start tracking and select multiple tags say 4 tags are selected. Now stop tracking and then go to tag page in custom fields. Here the record for single time tracking is shown four time as four tags selected.
#185917 - Auto Responder----supervisor fills the timesheet of user with bonus and sends, the super supervisor has set the auto responder but the supervisor did not receive the message for the same.
#182350 - Resource Scheduling-->while making any scheduling for any user, if selected project and task then there is no option to empty the Task field. There should be option on tap of "Select Task". Similarly with the project field.
#189361 - Client ---> Project request ---> budget is not mandatory but if we leave budget blank, request don't get save.
#191456 - Expense-->Created Expense-->Delete the created "Expense" then server error is shown.
#197389 - Project--> Edit---> task--> import task--> Delete multiple task--> all tasks are not deleted.
#197871 - Roles--> PM--> Project Request--> Add Project request owner privileges is displaying to PM role. Yet when we assign role to PM type user, he is not able to add project request owner.
#140202 - Custom field--> Add Custom field-->"Is Required" checkbox should be center aligned.
#185031 - Announcement--->Edit announcement and change the date range---the new date range accepts one day less than the selected date range and updates the same.
#185052 - Message board---project message---the user guide needs to be in proper format and text to be correct.
#185078 - Invoice--> add invoice--> Loader continuously going on.
#191884 - Ticketing ---> view ---> reply ---> inactive and deleted canned are viewing in the template reply section.
#191888 - Ticketing ---> canned Reply ---> spacing should be proper like in other modules.
#191902 - Client ---> deactivate client ---> If CA deactivate one client, all clients are getting deactivate. Status is not changing to activate after clicking deactivate icon.
#192466 - Configuration ---> time track ---> sequence should be same in both lines and comma should be removed in the line. Refer to the screenshot.
#192925 - Performance review ---> manage training ---> instead of training it should be select date .refer to the screenshot.
#192937 - Training ---> edit ---> change user and try to save ---> blank pop with existing title is shown.
#192951 - Performance review ---> manage attendance ---> make absent and present users ---> click on save ---> no message is shown to user.
#192955 - Performance review ---> user those are absent in the training session, should not be allowed to give feedback.
#193033 - Performance review ---> training ---> detail view ---> click on action ---> click on cancel on skill page ---> user is redirected to user edit page.
#193042 - Configuration tab ---> icon is missing in training tab. Refer to the screenshot.
#193070 - Asset assignment---click on Return--comment pop up is shown---need the pop up aligned and the buttons to be proper.
#193074 - Configuration---> training tab ---> mention file size allowed is in MB, KB or GB.
#193104 - Full menu--> Configuration-->Organization Chart--> server error shown up.
#193121 - Performance review ---> training ---> add recurring training ---> make users present or absent through manage attendance ---> save ---> come back to manage training and edit the same ---> click on save ---> Server error is shown on saving.
#193125 - Project--> Edit--> project phase--> loader continues going on.
#193180 - Asset assignment---update asset---related information---change the status---the pop up message text to be proper.
#193246 - Roles-->Check any child Role then Parent role gets highlighted & validation is also shown. Check that parent role and then again uncheck and click on Save button then no validation shown also the changes are saved.
#193252 - Roles-->If checked any child role then validation to check parent role is shown, similarly if unchecked the parent role then child roles should get unchecked automatically.
#193588 - Custom field-->Tag listing--> add --> latest tag should be shown up at the top.
#193603 - Asset assignment---Add asset---related info---the pop up should be properly aligned.
#193810 - Configuration---tip of day---the text to be modified in configuration and profile.
#193906 - Configuration-->the icon for Training in configurations settings is not shown.
#193938 - Performance Review-->Training-->Add training-->the skills and Users fields are shown as mandatory but it can be Saved without filing any data in these fields. Please rectify.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 5.0 Live Apr 30th, 2015
Following are the Enhancements for release 5.0:-

1. Human Resource
• Paging in Attendance page.
• Human Resource Cancel previous/future day leaves.
• Comment- CA type user is authorized to cancel previous day leave for any user from calendar screen. As per the functionality, user can cancel his/her leave of future date only by viewing the Pending or Approved from leave listing screen.
• Notification- Leave Apply /Leave Approved, there should be a Department Name with user Name.
• When someone goes for a vacation it should be shown on Gantt chart.

2. Timesheet
• Apply Latest Break settings to get timesheet.
• Enable add hours for pending auditing timesheets.
• I can see the hours without having to expand the plus sign for each day.
• The Audit approval email sent to supervisor should have the name of the user whose timesheet is being submitted.
• Premier Specific- Breaks depend upon project on which the user is going to track time.
• New Timer control in timesheet for mobile browsers.
• Premier Specific- Breaks depend upon project on which user is going to track time.

3. Invoice
• Summary Invoice & Detail Invoice for Gabe's Construction.
• Show total amount, advance received in payment history.
• Invoice with multiple project.
• New invoice template for Go Matrix.
• GO Matrix- Client Invoice listing screen bind Template type.
• Need a visual clue for showing the invoice amount received and due (period).

4. Project
• Associate/de-associate user from Project Team.
• Project Request new module.
• Customized Fields for Task and User module.
• Apply Privileges on Gant Chart etc.
• Delete project files when we delete project.
• Tabs for the view project need to be rearranged.
• Inactive project time entries should not be editable (have it universal).
• Freeze scroll of the user availability from title.
• Title on Project > Gantt Chart > Edit Project User (All User/Project User).
• Timesheet changes to make it universal.
• User Listing Screen: Search required by "User Type" also on user listing screen.
• Another thing that will be useful for client is the Gantt view for the projects.
• Project Request enhancements.
• Change Gantt view icon in the work load.
• Remove Is Global from task import and fix date issue.

5. Globalization
• Culture Settings in TALYGEN app with time format.

6. Reports
• MTD report.
• Change name of sort by project report.
• Need to have the status for complete.
• Have the absent/half day etc. filter in monthly report.
• In leave details have all time in search.
• In 7 days report add legend for non-Billable entry.
• Ticket Report clicks on ticket number and go to ticket detail.
• User Storage report changed the legend name on y-axis.
• Ability to edit the time entries and move the screenshot to another project.
• Why is summary report having date in search.
• User Wise report adds two new column Billable and Non-Billable column.
• Invoice report add new filter by payment Date.
• Report for showing who all are HOD and have the privilege to assign user.
• Time track pending by approver.
• Modify existing CRM report to show Total bids per lead owner.
• Modified the Invoice Reports for multiple project for single client.
• Excluding the hours of rejected time entries from reports.
• MTD report.

7. Premier Client
• External link for Premier.
• Invoice billing rule for PSEG.

8. Configuration
• Screen to add Announcement. CA can add Announcements for his company. These will be shown to users after login.
• Display invoice details for a last (X) months. The (X) month should be configurable in the configuration settings.
• Whenever creating a user need to have the default shift, department and location assigned.
• CA screen for notification of other CA.
• Implementing Payment gateways (PayPal).
• Recurring of announcements.
• Company Name while creating client in CA.
• User Listing Screen- Search required by "User Type" also on user listing screen.
• Org chart need to fix the issue that it makes the default CA as the reporting manager for new user.
• Need to get it to the CA who is in top of the change in org chart.
• Recurring of announcements.
• Change User Screen for premier.

9. CRM
• Lead name displayed in detail page like project.
• Remove template categories from add template.
• Need to set the reminder wording like it’s in prior to.
• The privilege to upload and download.
• Need to have company name in search in CRM.
• Channel Search in CRM.

10. Hiring
• Auto select create manager (Select user in manager dropdown who is creating job).
• Scroll to top button on each page.
• Disable add applicant in internal job post.
• There is no specific REJECT button in the hiring module. In the manage applicant if we can include a reject button that can change the applicant status from active to reject would be better.
• Manager(s) for a job can view all the notes of reviewers and/or any other notes; even if they are private.
• Reviewer should not be able to hire or edit job posting.
• When user from applicant screen goes to edit and update/cancel details, they should come back to applicant details, not on applicant listings.
• Can view the employee detail.
• Disable apply for external job post.
• Preview job board layout.
• Reset to default for job board.
• When any requisition is rejected then have a mandatory comment.
• More details in Thank You page of job hiring. Like post name, designation, etc…
• In notification (Inbox) reviewer should get an msg.

11. Client Section
• The number of project needs to have the hyper link to search listing of the project with client search.
• No project should have the screenshot functionality.
• The listing screen of task to client is showing message on hover of the mouse of total hours. Need to show the message without the hover.
• Client requested that when we visit the timesheet approval screen, all timesheets should be listed instead of selecting the desired week and the week's timesheet is shown.
• A notification is required when the expense is submitted for approval. Currently notification gets displayed only once the expense is approved.
• Client requested that he requires a note or a notification during the approval process for the 2nd level approver, which displays what option, has been chosen by 1st approval while approving the expense (Client or Company).

12. Desktop and PhoneGap
• Basic Setting- basic setting should be same in web & phone app.

13. Event Management
• Event Management Calendar "Date of Joining" should have year.
• Event Management Calendar Company holidays in 2015 shown up with previous year like (26 Jan,2015 shown up as 26 Jan,2014).
• Fixed IE 8 calendar issue.
• Google event calendar integration. It has been modified now we use calendar id instead of calendar URL. (Test it again. Make sure google calendar API URL is not blocked).
• Enable Event Management Calendar to Client (Client can create events from EM calendar, can invite CA,PM or NU on the base of Project. Project/Task start/end date will display to client (only billable tasks). Google calendar is also enabled for client.).
• Need to have a listing screen too for calendar. If any user wishes they can see calendar details in listing screen.
• Event Management- the user should be able to view the event even if the DOJ, Shift, etc is not defined.
• In user dropdown list display department name along with user name.
• User name should display on add Feedback screen.
• Enable Event Management Calendar to Client.
• Event filter in calendar.

14. Approvals
• Client requested that when we visit the timesheet approval screen, all time sheets should be listed instead of selecting the desired week and the week's timesheet is shown.
• A notification is required when the expense is submitted for approval. Currently notification gets displayed only once the expense is approved.
• Client requested that he requires a note or a notification during the approval process for the 2nd level approver, which displays what option, has been chosen by 1st approval while approving the expense (Client or Company).
• Rename save to save as draft and put another button "Save and Send for Approval" while adding expense.
• Add user filter in Approval Group screen.
• Add group and user filters in Approval Chain screen.
• Add approver filter in Approval Rule screen.
• Leave approval rules are only user based from now. (We remove department dropdown while creating leave approval rule.)

15. Performance Review
• Need skill proficiency set by CA. Show 2 different percentage.
• Dashboard Click on Performance review in Sub-menu "Review" sub link should be changed into "Provide Review".

16. Document Storage
• In manage folder show the user department as shared with.
• Can CA see all the files upload by an employee in a different module including the document storage module?

17. General
• Password strength.
• Authorize the computer option for login. CA can turn on/off this setting company wise.
• Bulk status change (universal thing).

18. Dashboard
• Key shown in notification screen.
• Bookmark functionality.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 5.0

#116597 - Hiring--->applicant ---> rating is not correct displayed.
#143709 - Projects--> add project--> Edit -->add tasks-->Save--> error Message shown up.
#140188 - Custom Field--> Search--> Search by status is not working.
#148870 - Client--->In inbox notification of project assign. Ticket number is coming to client unnecessarily.
#154519 - Appointment Calendar--> Service--> Add service--> Enter all information except Description and Click on Save-->"Error has occurred while adding Service. Please retry", message display.
#154483 - Appointment External link-> Register new account--> Check Email--> Click on Activation link in Email--> 404 error display.
#144313 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Save as Draft--> Click on Back to List button-->Unwanted confirm navigation pop up display.
#150807 - Outlook Integration ---> follow ups added is not showing in the same date due to different time zone.
#147203 - Time Track-->If user tracks time on different projects on same day and auditor modifies one project entry and supervisor modifies other project entry for same day and clicks on submit button then timesheet should be sent to primary auditor.
#147214 - Asset Catalogue --> Delete any catalogue then confirmation message appears but the records are not deleted.(Same case with Asset type).
#147219 - Asset Catalogue List--> Click on Assigned users for record which is not assigned --> then the "No record(s) found" message should be in center.
#147230 - Assets Management Configuration --> First setting caption name should have space in between.
#147235 - Auditor--->Time sheet audit--->Click on Reject. Enter special characters in comments box. Validation message should be meaningful.
#147549 - Timesheet --audit QA -supervisor rejects both entries and submit----timesheet shown to user but locked.
#147599 - Asset Catalogue & Asset type List--> On the list page --> View Records/page option is usually in multiple of 5, here it's not.
#149743 - Event management--> Add event with no reminder and no invited member--> edit same event and invite one member--> go to outlook of that member--> Event do not display on outlook of invited member.
#150988 - Outlook--> Update event having invited members and recurring single--> Go to Talygen--> Calendar-->Event do not update.
#150967 - Outlook--> open ticket follow up--> update follow up time and save--> Go to Talygen--> open same follow up--> comment label display in comment box. Also when we again update follow from outlook. It do not change in talygen.
#150152 - Auditor--->Timesheet audit--->View any timesheet--->Uncheck break for any entry having more than 6 hours. 6 hours break check is not working for auditor.
#155858 - Outlook integration ---> event added from Talygen is not visible in outlook. Refer to the screenshot.
#127939 - Time approval ---> view timesheet ---> make changes in timesheet like add entry and delete ---> save as draft ---> total is not same on timesheet and timesheet approval listing.
#137697 - Project--> view detail--> files-->search is not working.
#136375 - Project ---> timesheet ---> task is not visible to C.A which are assigned to user, if he putting entry of normal user.
#141886 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> start per diem with dot ---> per diem turns into NaN when we delete 0 and hit dot. Wrong message is shown on entering dot in per diem hours.
#147608 - Asset Catalogue--> Add or Edit any Catalogue--> On the Attachments tab -->The files with .Xlsx , .jpeg and .png files are not uploaded even if the extensions are allowed. They are not shown in Browse option.
#147628 - Asset Catalogue --> Asset assignment --> on the form the Status field has name Status--> it should be corrected --> Moreover it shows no effect on making Inactive.
#147633 - Asset Catalogue -->On the Asset assignment list -->Status column is appearing (It Should be renamed.) --> But the column is not concerned about Status it is related to Transaction in process or Completed.
#147686 - Assets catalogue--->Add--->enter characters in number of items and click on save. Loader keeps revolving and nothing happens.
#147697 - Assets catalogue--->Add--->Related information--->Enter information and click on save now click on asset again the fields are shown blank.
#147961 - PM --> Asset assignment -->Assign any Asset --> After Saving it "Sorry, You are not authorized to access this section", message is displayed to user.
#147997 - Asset-->Add Asset Catalogue -->On the Related Information tab in the Cost field ,enter anything else than Numbers --> Go to Attachment tab and click on Save then Blank message is shown.
#148003 - Assets Management Configuration -->With the First setting name --> Please specify the file size as (in MB) etc.
#148246 - Configuration--->Exchange--->Spacing not proper. Refer to screenshot.
#148252 - Configuration--->Exchange--->Enter invalid exchange domain name. It gets saved there is no validation.
#148262 - Configuration--->Exchange--->Enter invalid exchange user name and click on save. Data saved message comes. There is no validation in username text field.
#142224 - Timesheet--edit hours and per diem in supervisor's supervisor---saves in list but not in timesheet approval screen.
#144328 - Time approval--->Reject any time sheet entry for any user having leaves only for that week. Message comes rejected successfully. Login with that user timesheet for that week is not rejected actually user cannot edit that.
#146314 - Timesheet-->salaried employee--->if salaried employee clicks on get timesheet for any week and after that applies for leave of any day in week then the leave hours and prepopulated hours are summed up automatically.
#152432 - Time-->add hours--send for approval---hours and per diem incorrect in listing for rejected timesheet when resend.
#156001 - Project--> Import--> Confirm submit button is not working.
#160684 - Footer--> about Talygen--> 500 error shown up.
#160690 - Footer--> Term & Services--> 500 error Shown up.
#88011 ->Support--> Enter Internal company ticket reference no. and Email id of user--> Ticket detail display.
#140258 - Timesheet--->If multiday leave is applied and approved for a week that contains company holiday then in timesheet for that day which is company holiday hours are shown as zero.
#145995 - Timesheet--->For a salaried user apply leave for 5 days, in time sheet one day leave is not shown.
#164983 - Company Directory--> Client details are displaying to NU and PM type users.
#165089 - Configuration--> General settings--> company logo is not uploaded.
#148083 - CA --> If user updates the status of any existing catalogue --> then error message shown on saving, though the status gets changed.
#155715 - Asset management config. key for users is not working.
#165480 - Event management ---> In calendar joining date, date of birth is automatically getting select if there is not any date given in advance setting.
#136329 - Project ---> Gantt chart ---> click on insert below ---> insert rows and then click on middle row ---> then click on move down ---> loader keep on running after that.
#139405 - Invoice--> view detail--> Delete any invoice--> blank red color opens, invoice not deleted.
#156219 - Reports--Approval----Audit report---users in the dropdown should get displayed in the alphabetic order for easy search.
#150742 - Unpaid Leave--> Supervisor's supervisor screen--> total track time shown up wrong.
#167672 - Approval ---> if user add time from timesheet then timesheet should be shown in status in approver screen.
#162385 - Message Board-->Post a new message-->Select any .JPeg or .png file in attach files then error message is shown. Refer screenshot.
#164876 - Invoice Report----Invoice details----Enter Amount in amount range in decimals, error and message is shown.
#162562 - Invoice-->add invoice--> save, invoice is not saved.
#168998 - Invoice Listing--->Draft--->View invoice---->In place of project name #error is shown.
#156240 - Ticketing--> Open ticket--> Add Reply on Ticket--> Login with that user--> Open same ticket--> In thread "Ticket Reply Sent By NORMAL USER To NORMAL USER" is displaying.
#156389 - Ticketing--> Open Client Ticket--> Submit Reply on Ticket--> Check Emails of HOD--> HOD is getting two emails for ticket reply.
#156235 - Ticketing--> Check Emails--> Content of message do not display at proper location in support ticket opened email. This issue is in all tickets email.
#156263 - Dashboard-->Default CA is getting Ticket transferred Notification and in Email notification HOD name is displaying.
#173717 - Project-->add project--> add members--> add default CA --> Ca is not getting added.
#171684 - Project--> Gantt Chart--> edit--> Team Members-->Save--> undefined text shown up in pop up box.
#156601 - Knowledege Base ---> manage articles ---> add article ---> assign to user ---> save ---> from normal user, publish the article ---> change the article to draft mode ---> from C.A account click on edit ---> you are not authorized message is shown.
#120388 - Performance Review-->Need to have more clarity for submitting que.
#157769 - Timesheet-->Leave for the approved timesheets, entries can be made from Time track screen by doing manual entry.
#137110 - Expense--> Add Expense--> Send for approval--> Login with approver --> Dashboard--> Inbox--> No notification display for expense send for approval.
#148015 - Add asset ---> enter character more than in validation shown---> click save ---> Syntax error is shown.
#157414 - Asset catalog--> while creating any new Asset--> The related info tab is shown as blank.
#172420 - Configuration ---> user ---> work load ---> duration infront of user name is not required.
#172455 - Configuration ---> user ---> work load ---> SR. No text is not showing completely.
#165934 - Chat ---> chat between two user --> unwanted text is forward.
#102804 - Socialize-->time format in the chat window not consistent.
#177667 - Logs shown date wise should highlight.
#176592 - Configuration--->company setup--->change the status for all the breaks from active to inactive the error message is shown.
#172222 - Asset report-->In the Search filters in Asset type field the deleted Asset types are also shown. For these records Delete should be Deleted.
#176588 - Client--> Project--> Flag entry--> Pending entries should not be visible to client.
#161556 - Project-->time Track-->Check the 24 hour clock and start tracking --> Pause tracking and refresh--> then notice that 12 hours gets added to tracked time.
#141882 - login ---> click on socialize in footer --->link is not working.
#177457 - Socialise-->the user is shown as offline in list but online.
#164991 - Company Directory--> Enter user complete name in search box and Click on search button--> "No record(s) found" found message display. Search is working with first name only.
#175983 - Users---view users---the gender field is shown as Female for all the users even if the field is kept as empty.
#171866 - Configuration ---> roles ---> spelling of directory is not correct.
#171861 - Profile ---> in all three tabs ---> communication, address and contact number --> space should be provided between company directory.
#171846 - Configuration ---> company directory ---> details ---> tool tip is missing on delete icon.
#171841 - Configuration ---> company directory ---> details ---> it should be number instead of numbers.
#148442 - Outlook--> Update "Contact Person, Mode of Communication, Comment in CRM follow up-->Then Go to Follow up tab in CRM--> Updated Contact Person, Mode of Communication, Comments display in comment box".
#148448 - Outlook--> Update Ticket follow up--> Ticketing--> edit same follow up--> Comments label name display in comments box. Blank space display above and below content in comment box. Also content do not update.
#148454 - Event management--> Add event with no reminder--> Go to Outlook--> Open event--> Reminder time display 15 minutes.
#148459 - Event management--> Click on Edit event--> update event subject, time, description and then save--> Go to Outlook--> Event do not update.
#148465 - Event management--> Add event with no reminder and selected location--> Go to Outlook--> Open event--> location display empty.
#148470 - Outlook--> Add event with no reminder--> Go to Event management --> Open same event--> Event reminder display 15 minutes. In description box blank space display above and below content.
#148476 - Outlook--> add event then edit same event-->Go to Event management --> one more event display for same event.
#148586 - Event management--->Add event with no reminder--->Now edit event and add reminder. Reminder is not showing in outlook calendar.
#148592 - Event management--->Add event, Invite any member, Edit same event and remove the invited member. In outlook calendar invite is still shown to user even if he is not invited.
#148596 - Event management--->Add event with Make it recurring on weekly basis--->Now edit event and make recurring as single. In outlook calendar event is still shown every week.
#148635 - CRM-->Add prospect and follow up--->In outlook Subject text needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot. Common issue for all communication types.
#165011 - Profile--> Addresses--> Add address by selecting mandatory fields -->Company Directory--> Details-> Extra commas display in address.
#164997 - Company Directory--> Comma is not displaying after country name, Zip code in Address in address listing in Company Directory.
#119204 - Performance review ---> note---> comment button is not working.
#118884 - Project--> Edit--> add Expense--> design is not correct.
#138186 - Roles--->files upload option--->button to be corrected.
#148166 - Assets catalogue--> add-->attachment--> save is not working properly.
#136675 - Footer is not on correct position.
#140490 - Custom Reports--> add custom report-->all tabs--> check boxes should be center aligned.
#140472 - Custom Reports--> add custom report-->columns--> check boxes should be center aligned.
#164795 - Invoice Report---->Invoice details---->Breadcrumb shown should be Invoice details and not invoice report.
#164771 - Invoice Report---->Invoice details---->Client name filter required for the report.
#136665 - Full menu --->language change-->design messed up.
#140529 - Ticketing-->Create Ticket--> Tab functionality is not working properly. Same issue in all screens of ticketing.
#133915 - Reports--->Payroll report--->If time is tracked on different tasks in a project then tracked hours are not shown correct in payroll report.
#143007 - Event Management--> Create event--> invite friend--> design is not correct.
#140486 - Custom Reports--> add custom report-->filters--> there should be a proper space at both ends.
#145614 - Project--> time track--> Pause--> resume-->stop--> listing--> Click on time entry--> design is not correct.
#149109 - Invoice--> Add Invoice--> design should be correct.
#156361 - Project--> Time track --> Validation message should be at proper place.
#157664 - Custom Reports--> view--> Alignment of text boxes should be proper.
#176583 - Project--> edit--> Add team member-->save-->in bulk time entry project is not shown up in listing.
#143345 - Payroll report--->Entry under lumsum amount is not coming in payroll report if per diem is entered for personal vehicle.
#156524 - Reports--->payroll report checked through CA is not visible in normal user reports.
#138844 - Roles-->PM-->when CA unchecks view milestone, it's still viewable.
#172186 - Time approval ---> when try to approve the time entries with multiple checkbox, some error message is shown (it happened for 3 times).
#179368 - NU--> some screen language selected is Portuguese and Dutch but English language shown up.
#157444 - Support--> Open Ticket--> Click on Status--> Draft display in dropdown list.
#176624 - Resource scheduling--> PM type user is able to access Resource Scheduling.
#178327 - Reports-->Client Report-->The "Select Client" field is marked with asterisk and is mandatory so the message "Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." should be shown at the bottom of this page.
#176883 - Reports--->time tracking--->timesheet hourly report--->the report tab should not be shown for non-premier as it shows incorrect data.
#90592 - CRM-->Edit any Lead--->Click Additional Owners--->Select 1 owner from Lead Owner drop down and mark Check All box then click Submit--->It makes all Owners present in Lead Owner as Secondary Owners.
#120309 - Time approval ---> when timesheet is approved by approver, then that timesheet should be shown as approved to the normal user.
#92715 - Future entries for present day future hours is saved.
#151983 - Audit Report--->Submit timesheet from user, from auditor accept all entries but do not click on submit button. In audit report Timesheet status should be Pending by Auditor.
#151996 - Audit Report--->In report timesheet status is shown as pending by auditor even if user has not sent timesheet for approval.
#152011 - Audit Report--->Reject any approved timesheet from CA, in report CA name is not coming and Timesheet status is also not correct.
#152017 - Audit Report--->If sup. Supervisor approves timesheet having conflicted entry and bonus hours then in report status should be Pending by Primary Auditor.
#152241 - Outlook integration--->Update comments for any CRM follow up from Outlook. Updated comments are not shown in Talygen.
#152246 - Outlook integration--->From outlook user should not be able to delete mandatory fields like Mode of Communication, comments etc. Refer to screenshot.
#152250 - Outlook integration--->From outlook change time for any CRM follow up. In Talygen time shown is wrong even if time zone is correct for all.
#152279 - Outlook integration--->update the ticket follow up comments and time--> Go to Talygen--> Ticket follow up do not update.
#152300 - Event management--> Add Event with recurring weekly, Timing time 11:20 Pm to 11:50 PM --> Go to Outlook of user or invited member--> Event do not display every week. It display with gap of one week.
#152753 - Timesheet-->Edit timesheet from auditor and click on submit. Now from default CA reject the same timesheet. Instead of user the timesheet is sent to primary auditor.
#152758 - Timesheet--->Timesheet in queue--->Click on reject timesheet without selecting any record. Error shown on page.
#152768 - Approval--->Send timesheet for approval--->From auditor edit any flagged entry, From supervisor edit same entry, from primary auditor approve timesheet, not from CA reject timesheet, Instead of user the timesheet is sent to primary auditor.
#154015 - Appointment calendar--->Service Schedule--->In paid service, cost is not accepting value between 0 and 1, it should accept values greater than 0.
#154019 - Appointment calendar--->Service Schedule--->Add service--->In external link provided time of service is showing different.
#154024 - Appointment calendar--->Payment gateway type--->User guide is not complete. Refer to screenshot.
#152022 - Audit Report--->If sup. Supervisor rejects timesheet having conflicted entry and bonus hours then in report status is shown as wrong. Refer to screenshot.
#152181 - Audit Report--->Edit any flagged entry from Sup. Supervisor, in report the edited entry not shown.
#152228 - Outlook integration--->Add CRM follow up, enter time as 11:59pm, same follow up is shown next day also.
#152232 - Outlook integration--->Add CRM follow up, Update follow up from Talygen, unselect the contact person. In outlook mode of communication gets removed automatically.

Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 4.1 Live Jan 13th, 2015
Following are the Enhancements for release 4.1:-

1. Dashboard
• Design change on NU, PM dashboard or time track page (Calendar in full width).

2. Configuration
• Configuration setting to send receipt when user applies PTO of another user.
• Integration
1. Outlook Integration.

• User
1. Ticket Auto Assign configuration setting: configuration key HOD wise in ticketing named as "CAN TICKETS AUTOASSIGN". When its value is YES, then ticket get assign automatic to that HOD. If it’s NO then it does not get assign to anyone, If there are more than one HOD, if all key value YES then among of them which have minimum ticket goes to that HOD.

3. Project
• General time sheet
1. Per Diem drop down has added some new following categories.
(a) Lodging
(b) Personal Vehicle
(c) Other - User can type in a reason for the per diem.
(d) If the user selects Per Diem for Personal Vehicle he would need to enter Daily Mileage (user needs to enter the amount of miles driven within that day).

2. While adding working hours, there is an option to save call out, callout type and ticket number.

3. Break start time, break duration is by default populated in timesheet screen. Also user can change the start time and break duration while sending it for approval.
(a) If user has not taken any break previously, then the break, which is assigned to that user will auto populated in timesheet screen.
(b) But, if user has taken any break previously, then the latest break entered by him/her, will auto populated in timesheet screen.

4. If the break is billable, then there is no change in cumulative hours.
5. If the break is non-billable, then break hours should be deducted from cumulative hours.
6. Round-off correction in timesheet.
7. Break is billable for salaried users and non-billable for hourly users.
8. If total time is less than or equal to 6 then break should not be mandatory.
9. In the Per Diem Option for the Personal Vehicle nothing needs to be populated next to per diem. User can enter any amount he wants to.
10. Per Diem category "Lodging" is editable. That is when selected "NO" amount pre populate automatically.
11. Another Per Diem Category "Meals and Incidentals" is added and 30 should automatically populate and it is editable.
12. Allow the submission of timesheet having only PTOs.
13. Send email notification to the supervisor's supervisor, when the supervisor assigns the bonus hours to the user and approve his timesheet.
14. When supervisor submits the timesheet for the user under him, then timesheet should be auto approved.
15. Added one column named Personal Vehicle in add hours screen for locators.
16. Correct Name in email notification when supervisor submits timesheet of another user.
17. Team according to supervisor.
18. Timesheet approved with PTO only can be rejected and user can submit it again.
19. Vehicle number is mandatory for hourly locators, having no personal vehicles.
20. Vehicle number is not mandatory or visible to the salaried users.
21. Timesheet Auditing feature for hourly users.
22. Super-supervisor should not be able to add, update or delete entries of user, he can only make changes in bonus and can approve or reject the timesheet.
23. If a salaried user applies PTO for the date on which there is already tracked hours but timesheet is not send for approval, then we delete the track entry for that date on applying PTO.
24. If a salaried person applies PTO for the date on which there is already tracked hours and timesheet is send for approval or approved, then we shows the message to user, that he/she can’t apply PTO for that date.
25. Timesheet auditing with 15 minutes Grace period in start and stop time.
26. Timesheet will be flagged if vehicle is idle for more than 30 minutes.
27. Auditor/Supervisor can reset his changes.
28. Timesheet auto populated for salaried user will be removed for the day if his PTO is approved.
29. When auditor rejects time entry for any hourly locator either by using Reject All button or rejecting individual entries using reject radio button then timesheet to be sent to Locator’s supervisor instead of user.
30. Timesheet in Queue screen for pending and in queue timesheets.
31. Radio Button for search for Pending (After Scheduler Run) and In Queue Timesheet (Before Scheduler Run).
32. Sync GPS data Button to sync GPS data of in queue Timesheets.

• JDE Scheduler Services for customize services client.

• Enhancements in Task Weekly Limit with option "Stop Date".
1.Earlier there were no way to stop a weekly limit, but now with this option user can specify the stop date of a weekly limit.
2.This field is non-mandatory, so that user can PTO it blank if he/she doesn’t want to mention any stop date. In that case the weekly limit functionality will work the same as earlier.

• While creating project the limit for project description has been increased to 1000 characters.

• Project description will not be visible to client.

• Allow the Company Admin to update the client information, if the client is associated with one company (Company Admin’s company should be same with that of client’s company). If the client is associated with more than one company then he cannot update the client information.

4. Invoice
• New Invoice billing Rules for customize services client(Brook haven National Lab, Open Access, Cable Vision, Western Nassau Water (WNW), Plainview Water District (PLVWD), Calpine).
• Invoice templates related to Western Nassau Water (WNW), Plainview Water District (PLVWD), and Calpine billing rules.
• New invoice billing Rules for Customize services client (Stem Brothers Inc. (SBI, AmeriGas Propane (AMG), Eastern Propane (EPC), North Jersey District Water (DWS), Caldwell Trucking Company (STS), AES Wind Generation (AES)).
• New invoice billing Rules for Customize services client (United Water, Enervest Operating in PA & NY, Kriebal Gas (KMI), Seneca Resources (SEN), Sharp Energy (SEI)).

5. Assets Management
• Add/Edit asset types.
• Add/Update asset catalogue.
• Assign catalogue to users.
• Catalogue detailed report.

6. Human Resource
• HR attendance screen is open for every user (NU, PM, CA).
(a) In case of customize services client, all the sub-ordinates will list down in this screen for every supervisor.
(b) In case of non-customize services, project team will list down in this screen.

• PTO is automatically approved when Supervisor or approver enters the PTO on behalf of the USER.
• Edit PTO Functionality on PTO Approver Screen.
• Employee can cancel the future PTO (pending/approved).
• Grant Add Time in Timesheet for another User.
• Bonus PTO Feature. By it CA can assign and deduct bonus PTO in user’s PTO balance for specific PTO type.
• Unpaid as a PTO dropdown option and it will not be shown into cumulative hours in timesheet as well as in payroll report.

7. Approval
• Timesheet Auditing approval Rule.

8. Reports
• Payroll Report
(a) The pay type code 330 is added for miscellaneous and the others should be using the Per Diem Pay type.

• Un-submitted Timesheet Report.
• Timesheet Report.

9. Client Section
• Alias name is shown in inbox notification, but not in Email notification.
• Client get notification if task is deleted by CA as he is getting in case of milestones.
• Changes in ticket notifications to client. Client will get only ticket reply, ticket status change and ticket delete notification, If any user reply on client ticket then client get "Company Admin" in Email notification and an Inbox notification.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 4.1

#98708 - Hiring--> Manage Applicants--> Click on Any applicant name--> Edit the applicant--> Now again Open applicant detail screen by Click on that applicant name--> Date display on applicant detail screen display modified date instead of applicant applied date.
#90168 - Project--> import project--> confirm save is not working.
#102266 - Full Menu--->Integration--->Freshbooks--->Import from Freshbooks--->Check email received by a user (who imported records from Freshbooks) for all users password format, there is an grammatical mistake.
#101886 - Full Menu--->Integration--->Basecamp--->Import from Basecamp--->Check email received by user (who imported records from basecamp) for all users password format, there is an grammatical mistake.
#82481 - Billing and subscription process--> Paid account--> Update users & storage to 1000 or 500, Error message shown up.
#150123 - Auditor--->Timesheet audit--->Users not showing in user listing to auditor.
#118180 - Subscription--Thankyou message text to be corrected.
#118198 - Subscription--Choose package--message to be corrected and text box highlighted.
#148093 - while “Assigning Asset” f user put invalid value in the “No of items” field and clicks on "Save" --> then validation appears --> but after that if user put valid value even then the record is not saved. Validation keeps on appearing.
#148078 - On the Asset Assignment list column “Is Return” appears --> if hover on the values under this column then it shows "wrong" tool tip.
#148072 - After assigning any Asset --> Assigned list appears --> On the list "Title bar" "Add" button should appear.
#142759 - CRM--->opportunities ---> edit ---> user guide ---> text should be changed to opportunities instead of lead.
#142734 - CRM---> prospects ---> edit ---> notes ---> click on view note after adding a big note ---> then click on delete ---> note still visible after deleting note.
#142722 - CRM---> prospects ---> edit ---> additional contact ---> message should be removed as validation is shown on the text fields.
#142694 - CRM---> prospects ---> user guide ---> text should be changed to prospect instead of lead ." → "live server ---> CRM---> prospects ---> user guide ---> text should be changed.
#142687 - CRM---> add prospect ---> hover on add prospect owner ---> shows lead instead of a prospect.
#142676 - CRM---> add lead ---> page title should be changed to Lead Detail instead of CRM.
#140462 - Custom Reports--> add custom report--> user guide--> there should be space after full stop.
#136949 - Hiring--->Click on add applicant--->User guide for job title point needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#136863 - Hiring--->Requisition--->User guide needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#136641 - Hiring--->Job board layout settings--->User guide needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#129346 - Configuration--users--Review template--user guide point missing.
#129340 - Configuration--users--communication--user guide issue.
#129334 - Configuration--users--contact numbers--user guide issue.
#123061 - Projects--Bulk time entry--user guide---some text for icons is missing.
#123046 - Hiring---Add applicant---user guide job title needs to be corrected.
#149750 - Outlook--> Add event and invite member-->Login with invited member in Talygen--> Event Management--> Calendar--> Added event do not display to invited member yet it display in outlook of invited member.
#149582 - Timesheet-->Enter timesheet and sent for approval. From auditor approve timesheet. No if user applies for leave and if leave is approved then it is not shown in user timesheet and also not in Supervisor screen.
#145859 - Global Message board---No notification in inbox for deleting the Message posted by user if the configuration is set as Yes.
#136593 - Hiring--->Add post--->If job hidden type post is added with closed date as current date then job is not visible to users.
#142385 - Message board--global message board--need asterisk sign for Visible to option while we post a message.
#141823 - Subscription and billing--->Error is coming while updating credit card information.
#133614 - Login--> footer-->our mission--> design is not correct.
#140373 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Logging with default CA--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Ticket notification is not coming To CA if configuration "New Ticket Notification To Admin" is Yes.
#132254 - Ticketing--> Transfer ticket--> Check ticket Transferred email for default CA --> He is getting Ticket transferred email. Default CA should not get Ticket transferred email if ticket is transferred by HOD.
#140421 - Ticketing--> Create HOD--> Edit user--> Configuration--> manage Ticketing--> Assign HOD Access to user--> Login with that user--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> User should get notification that HOD access is assigned to him. Same thing if Ticket resolve access is assigned to him.
#144290 - Ticketing--> Click on Delete button--> pop up display--> Ok and cancel buttons are displayed in English. Also content on pop up is not displaying properly.
#144318 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Enter data and also attach file--> Click on Save as Draft button--> then edit same ticket and submit it--> View submitted ticket--> Attachment count display 1 but there is no attachment.
#146881 - Ticketing--> Close any ticket--> Login with CA--> CA is unable to reopened same ticket.
#83285 - Add a message in message board --> login with normal user and add comment on same message.--> Add comment on Same message by CA user-->Check message board--> Message display two times when we add two comment on it.
#146223 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket--> Click on Transfer Tab-->Select/Enter data and Click on Submit--> Again change Assign to User and Click on Submit--> Syntax error pop up display and when we click OK on pop up.
#140511 - Message board---Save as draft---edit---uncheck few option and save the options are not saved.
#130776 - Doc. storage --->add folder ---> semicolon should be removed after asterisk.
#136630 - Hiring--->Click on apply--->Enter details and click on submit--->Error is coming on page.
#144675 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket-->Click on Transfer Tab--> Enter data and Click on Submit--> Loader display continuously and website get hang down. This issue come whole night. Only 2-3 times Transfer function.
#144300 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket-->Transfer tab--> Click on Userguide--> Userguide formatting is not proper.
#144276 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Enter data and Click on Save as Draft--> < / b > tag is displaying at the end of message.
#145849 - Global Message board---deleting the comment not asking the confirm message before deletion.
#140521 - Ticketing-->Unassigned Tickets--> Click on Any ticket--> Click on Delete button--> No Loader display and after "record deleted successfully" message ticketing screen display instead of Unassigned tickets.
#130765 - Doc. Storage ---> add files ---> text should be aligned accordingly.
#129870 - knowledge base --->my articles ---> content should be shifted toward left.
#81232 - Project--> view--> files-->description box--> user is not able to go to next line by click on Enter button on keyboard.
#81078 - CRM--> Add Prospects/" → "CRM--> Add Prospects/lead/Opportunity--> Multiple records are added on multiple click.
#121593 - Dashboard--->Billing and subscription--->Click on manage subscription--->Click on next button, CA is not able to upgrade subscription users message is displayed.
#118105 - Subscription for paid account--> step-3--> alignment should be correct.
#102423 - Project--> task--> add task--> validation message should be at proper place.
#102123 - Approval----> Time entry approval ---->check checkbox---->click on approve--->cancel button should be of red colour.
#98061 - Full Menu--->Click Expense--->Add new Expense--->Click “+” icon to add more files--->Too long space between Browse button and +, - buttons. And correct the spacing between Browse buttons.
#91883 - Subscription and billing-->Manage Subscription--> Change user and Proceed--> Click on Confirm button-->"Object reference not set to an instance of an object." message display.
#147276 - Click on my profile ---> 500 error is shown.
#136920 - Hiring--->Requisition--->Approve and reject should be given with add new and delete button, there should be a status column for requisition whether it is approved or rejected. Refer to screenshot.
#129242 - Ticketing--> Open assigned ticket--> Click on Reply Tab--> Enter all Data and Click on Save as Draft--> Click on Edit to edit reply--> Icons do not display properly aligned.
#102916 - Knowledge base ---> My Article ---> Add Article ---> Check-box is not on proper.
#102852 - Knowledge base ---> My Article ---> Tool tip is not provided on copy, move and delete button.
#102044 - Approval---> approval rule ---> time app test--->Select Approval Chain--->View icon ---> heading should start from the same place of the column entries.
#102005 - Project--> edit--> design should be correct.
#101552 - Expense--->Bulk upload expense--->There should be space in beginning of each title as it is in Date.
#101537 - Approval- heading and listing should start from the same place.
#101101 - Project--> task--> import task--> calendar icons overlaps.
#100995 - Expense--->bulk load expense--->Size of Import and Cancel button is not proper.
#100986 - Expense--->Edit any trip--->Size of save button is bigger than size of cancel button.
#100798 - Expense--->Edit any expense--->Replace view files link with a button.
#100785 - Expense--->Add expense--->Design gets messed up if we are adding more than one files.
#98742 - Hiring-->Add Post --> Annual Salary and experience labels formatting is not proper in add post screen.
#141868 - Login page ---> support ---> chat icon is not working.
#101057 - Project--> add task--> design is not correct.
#90151 - Human Resource-->Leave Type--->Add--->Leave Allocations---To add a new row there are two icons having the same functionality.
#92190 - Login-->Time Zone pop up display--> update button is not properly aligned.
#96593 - Reports--Weekly timer report--Search buttons need alignment.
#96758 - Review--question--design alignment required.
#98069 - Full Menu--->Expense Approval---> Approve any listed expense--->in "Reimburse by" pop up, make alignment corrections.
#101106 - Project--> task--> week limit--> user guide--> font size is not same.
#101119 - Project--> task--> week limit--> user guide--> background should not be transparent.
#101214 - Approval--> Approval Chain-->Approval chain should be in the middle of the bar.
#101220 - Approval--> Approval Rule-->Text should be in the middle of the bar.
#101636 - Project--> edit --> milestone-->correct title tab and validation messages should be at proper place.
#101654 - Project--> view detail--> messages--> alignment of test boxes should be correct.
#102450 - Project-->task--> add task-->user guide should not have transparent background.
#102495 - Approval ---> Approval Chain ---> action ---> column name and listing in column.
#102499 - All Modules--> user guide should not have transparent background.
#128986 - project ---> view detail ---> tasks ---> icon should be set under middle of text like search icon.
#144408 - Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Then check emails--> Support user are getting emails for internal ticketing.
#144420 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket--> Transfer ticket to other user test5--> Login with --> Dashboard--> Ticket Transferred notification is not coming to assigned user.
#79123 - Reports - Expense report - Expense over limit report - not showing correct Report.
#88618 - Project--> view Project--> files--> Add File, Description field should have characters limit.
#90491 - Default PM--> project--> view detail--> overview-->there should be a Gantt chart icon.
#96201 - Reports--->User Report--->Once a global task has been deleted from project, its status should be shown as deleted in user report also, instead of active.
#101294 - HR-->Click on Human Resource title on Quick links--> Apply leave of any user--> Enter comment and Click on Save--> Wrong content display on alert pop up.
#120346 - CA-->CRM-->After Closing Lead must be option to View.
#120439 - CRM-->Checkbox do not display with Leads after converting them in to client. User is unable to send email.
#120483 - CRM-->Need to have the converted client viewable.
#136406 - CA-->Human Resource-->Resource-->Select Location, Shift and Click on Search button--> Select status leave type --> Leave apply pop up display-->Click on User guide--> Leave slot description is missing in user guide, user guide should display according to status of "Allow Leave Slot".
#137078 - Human Resource--> Leave--> Apply Leave--> Apply leave for Second Half Slot--> User leave balance do not change--> Login with approver--> Dashboard--> Inbox-->Click on Leave applied for approval--> Pop up display--> ON pop up Full Day time display instead of Second half day time--> Approve that leave--> Login with same user--> Leave balance do not change.
#140614 - Human Resource--> Apply leave--> Apply leave of second half--> Edit same leave--> Select Multidays--> Select End date and Click on Save--> Leave balance display wrong.
#95864 - Review submission--whenever anyone submits the review. Need to show the message that this is the final submission and no changes can be done.
#136043 - Reports--->Payroll report--->Pay type and account is not coming in report if leave is applied or there is company holiday even if Home business code is assigned to user.
#109885 - Drill-->Time Tracking Report-->Users listing not appears on click of Select user.
#133633 - Project--> task--> week limit--> validation message should be at proper place.
#120382 - CRM-->In CRM the lead value should have more value i.e. we should.
#135691 - CA---> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on Dropdown arrow in Leave apply or leave updated notification--> Notification content is wrong.
#108900 - CA--->Document Storage--->Add folder--->Enter long text in Description and click on save. Error message is coming while adding a folder.
#131939 - "CRM--> ADD lead/prospects/Opp--> Add Money value in decimals--> save, it is not saves error message shown up.
#109893 - "Drill-->Time tracking Report-->All, Departments and the Name field was not selectable.
#136525 - CA-->Human Resource--> Manage Attendance-->Select Location, Shift and Click on Search button--> change status and enter large comments . Click on Save--> Attendance saved message successfully display--> but when we select same location, shift, date and click on search button--> Already added comments and status do not display.
#109601 - Login with user whose review is started -->Performance Review-->Skill Tab-->Click on First skill--> Skill pop up display blank for some seconds-->Close pop up--> Click on another skill--> Previous skill detail display.
#90267 - Manager--->Hiring---> Manage Applicants--> Click on Applicant name--> Edit applicant--> Enter values in all address fields and Click on Update--> Go to Applicant Details screen--> Address display empty." → "Live Server-->Manager ---> Hiring---> Manage Applicants--> Click on Applicant name--> Edit applicant--> Enter values in all address fields and Click on Update--> Go to Applicant Details screen--> Address display empty.
#101406 - Login--->Management--->Breadcrumb is not correct on Pages of "Calendar", "Calendar URL" and "Event Venue.
#102138 - Login with default pm-->Project--> view detail--> task-->click on task name--> task rate should not visible to PM.
#133768 - Project--> task--> week limit for old weeks-->track time manually--> graphical message is not shown up.
#127741 - Non Premier--> Time Approval--> Timesheet entries are not displaying in Time approval screen to approver.
#109120 - Edit User--> Note Tab--> Add Note-->"Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." message is not displaying.
#90100 - Roles—Login--->Roles--->Edit CA Roles--->In "Message Board" and "Project Message Board" Role "Can View Message Board details" not reflecting changes any where.
#109556 - Performance Review-->Extra comma is displaying in manager names on review list screen.
#96423 - Project-->Add Project--> Userguide-->Userguide is not acc. to new changes.
#96609 - Project-->View detail --> Files -->Upload a file--> Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. message is not display on Upload a File screen.
#119149 - Normal user --->doc storage ---> manage folder ---> description should be marked mandatory.
#96683 - Project-->View detail -->>Notes tab--> Add note--> Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. message is not display and User guide formatting is not proper.
#98724 - Hiring--> Hiring--> Manage Applicants--> Click on Any applicant name--> Edit the applicant--> Userguide steps are not in same order as field labels.
#96701 - Project-->View detail -->Notes tab--> Click on Read More--> Breadcrumb do not display on notes detail screen.
#69791 - Review --> Roles --> Manage HR --> correct wording.
#96452 - Configuration--> users--> Click on work load icon--> blank page is shown up.
#88556 - Login--->Full Menu--->Expense--->Add New Expense with Attachment--->Edit Expense--->Attached file link “View file” should get displayed under Attachments label. And it should be names as “View Attached File(s).
#100979 - Full Menu--->HR--->HR--->Manage Attendance--->Select Location and Shift then click search---> Make Corrections as per Screenshot.
#82826 - Project-->Team--> Week Limit--> Tool tip is not displaying on Save and Cancel button" → "Live server -->Project-->Team--> Week Limit--> Tool tip is not displaying on Save and Cancel button on Week limit pop up.
#100709 - Dashboard--->Expenses--->Tool tip is missing for edit and send for approval if they are editable.
#100991 - Expense--->Edit any trip--->Tool tip is missing for Save button.
#100718 - CA--->Dashboard--->Expenses--->Tool tip for send for approval not correct(approval spelling mistake).
#100739 - CA--->Expense--->Edit any expense--->Tool tip missing for save and cancel button.
#100423 - LOGIN--->NORMAL USER --->HR-->Company holidays which are inactive by CA , are still visible to normal user.
#65894 - Review:-Help section-All are old videos please change them.
#138172 - Roles—CA--uncheck Send message to client--PM still able to send.
#121833 - Live Server -->Normal user ---doc storage ---> manage folder ---> add ---> mandatory filed not mentioned with asterisk and message should be on left side.
#143618 - live server ---> timesheet ---> (Mozilla)---> add hours ---> in time hit dot ---> click save ---> wrong message generate.
#140193 - Custom field--> Add Custom field-->Length field should not accept "0" value.
#129865 - (Windows) ---> IE browser --> knowledge base ---> manage category ---> click edit button ---> nothing showing in pop up.
#128545 - project ---> view detail ---> task tab ---> edit ---> add member ---> rate should be left aligned.
#122164 - N.U ---> calendar ---> select project in calendar ---> on pop up ---> buttons are not correct position.
#121843 - Normal user ---> performance review ---> note ---> post comment button not on proper position and status is also not centered.
#121838 - Normal user ---> performance review --->goal ---> alignment is not correct.
#120317 - CA-->Performance Review--> Footer is not displaying at proper place.
#100734 - CA(Linux)--->Expense--->Edit any expense--->Design of attachment not proper. It should be center aligned.
#120157 - Login with PM--> Full Menu should be as per new requirement like Normal user.
#101527 - login--->Time Entry- checkbox are not on proper place. It should be parallel to the web icon.
#98532 - project--> view detail-->Files--> design is not correct.
#97876 - CA(Linux)--->Notifications--->Space missing between words.
#89411 - Custom field--> user guide should have detail of all the fields,when select different data type.
#95123 - Support--->Knowledge Base Article--->Message Board--->Post New Message--->In video, no talgyen logo screen is displayed.
#123070 - Projects--mange weekly limit--validation message issue.
#89177 - (Design)Login--->Full Menu--->Event Management--->Icon for “Pending Leaves” is not highlighted.
#143605 - Notification received by second supervisor if first supervisor enters timesheet for a user is not correct. Refer to screenshot.
#92044 - Login--> default image is not shown up and some icons colon not changed on mouse.
#90177 - Project-->configuration--> design is not shown up properly.
#96312 - Reports--user report--entries incorrect.
#142967 - Approval---update approval rule--rank button not shown.
#119755 - Normal user (windows, chrome, 1366*768) ---> profile ---> check box for mark all don’t get select when user mark all boxes in listing.
#102117 - Project--> edit--> task-->Add task--> task rate field should not displayed--> if in user setting --> Pm can see financial info is "NO".
#132344 - project ---> assign task to normal user ---> login with normal user ---> notification ---> click on assigned task ---> when user click on assigned task , add task screen open.
#129618 - Check email for Ticket closed and Locked--> User is getting same email for Ticket closed and locked as he is getting for Ticket Closed. Also HOD is getting same email as user whose ticket is closed and Locked.
#122795 - Client--->Dashboard--->Projects--->Post a new message--->Validation message for select project not at proper place.
#102521 - Project--> task--> add task--> Add members--> error message shown up.
#102512 - Project--> task--> add task, Validation message shown up twice.
#105785 - Login with CA--->Message Board--->In Message title, Format for "Posted month" is not same.
#133740 - CA-->Ticketing--> Click on Status select dropdown list--> Draft status is missing in dropdown list.
#133752 - CA---Ticketing--> Select Assign to PM and Select multiple status and Click on Search button--> Ticket listing display--> Now Click on Reset button--> Unassigned Tickets screen display.
#133780 - CA-->Ticketing-->Unassigned Tickets-->Open any Tickets-->Click on Back to List button--> Ticket listing screen display instead of Unassigned ticket listing screen.
#136000 - CA--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on Ticket Follow up notification--> Pop up display-->Close the pop up--> Refresh the Dashboard--> Ticket Follow up notification again display as unread.
#102039 - project--> view detail--> message--> comment--> attach files, browse should be properly aligned.
#136199 - live server--> superadmin--> Ticketing--> Click on Delete icon-->Pop up display--> Click ok on Pop up--> "#(text)" message display.
#102016 - project--> view detail--> message--> comment--> validation should be at proper place.
#101640 - project--> add clone project, Success message should be correct.
#101070 - Project--> task--> Team Member--> tool tip should have correct message.
#101066 - project--> task --> edit task--> week limit should have tool tip message.
#140362 - CA-->Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Logging with HOD--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Ticket notification is not coming.
#101061 - project--> edit--> task--> tool tip message should be correct.
#140386 - CA-->Ticketing--> Add Follow up with 1000 characters--> Follow up do not save and Loader keep revolving.
#96696 - Project--> edit--> task--> edit--> Team member should have proper tool tip message.
#100964 - In Project Wise Message Board---> Make Corrections in User guide.
#98953 - message board--post new message--user guide.
#96751 - Project--> Clone Project-->Enter Project name and Click on Save --> Project Cone creation message display after it Clone Pop up Do not Close Automatically.
#96711 - Project-->View detail -->Notes tab--> Edit Note--> Userguide content is wrong on Edit Note screen and Also Mandatory message si missing on note update screen.
#89237 - Ticketing--->Click on any ticket--> Add Follow up ---> Go in inbox in Dashboard--> Ticket follow up notification title display "Ticket" only."
#136646 - Hiring--->Job board layout settings--->Validation message needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#136869 - Hiring--->Add Requisition--->In Annual salary and experience fields validation is not correct and text field also needs to be corrected, they are accepting same range from and to values.
#136881 - Hiring--->Requisition--->Search for any job now click on clear button. The search box does not get cleared.
#136909 - Hiring--->Requisition--->Click on view button--->Fields needs to be edited. Refer to screenshot.
#136925 - Hiring--->Requisition--->Select any requisition and click on delete button. No alert pop up message on page.
#138161 - Message board---post new message--need asterisk sign as visible to is mandatory field.
#136659 - Hiring--->Requisition--->Tool tip for remove requisition needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#136768 - dashboard---> confirm message to end with a question mark.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 4.0 Live Oct 16th, 2014
Following are the Enhancements for release 4.0:-

1. Dashboard
• Performance improvements in Dashboard reports.

2. Configuration
• Removed the mandatory from email id in company location module.
• In configuration changed the call time zone as company time zone.

• Roles
(a) Implemented Roles in Report.
(b) Only available links and button are shown in case a role has been applied.
(c) CA has the complete visibility of their company. Every thing is visible for every screen if no role is applicable.

• Integration
(a) Design changes in Quick Book, Fresh book and Base camp integration apps.

• User
(a) If user has no shift, then while creating User Break he will get an alert regarding shift setting.
(b) While we add new user Default CA will be his reporting manager. It is changeable.
(c) The title and gender not mandatory while adding a user.
(d) Whenever creating a user the default shift, department and location are assigned to him.
(e) User break tab is added. Company level breaks display in user break tab by default. CA can edit them and also can add new break for particular user.

• Company Setup
(a) Default templates setup for questions and Review templates.
(b) Company level break tab is added. CA can add/edit company level break. Company level break is applicable on all users.

• Organization chart is available to all company users but only CA can update it.

• Talygen Support
(a) Talygen support module is open to all active company users to raise support tickets to Talygen support departments (Sales, Billing, Technical and Privacy). Now Company Admin will be able to view all support tickets raised by their company users in ticket listing screen and can perform all actions on behalf of user raising support ticket.

3. My Profile
• Contact Number and communicational address tabs.
• Check box to make any one record primary. Then this record displays to client.
• Message on CA profile screen about where to change company time zone.
• Middle Name is added in General settings tab in profile screen.

4. Project
• General time sheet
(a) Expense with Zero amounts will not save from timesheet.
(b) Enable break for customize services. By Default break is mandatory for customize services users.
(c) Last selected project and task will be default project and task for the user.
(d) User can save any week timesheet (working hours, break and per diem).
(e) Start time is shift start time in timesheet entries.
(f) Per Diem is added in Timesheet. It is allowance or payment made for each day.
(g) There is a user level setting for break enforce. Now break is mandatory for each user. If break is non billable then break time is deducted from user tracked time.
(h) Break is company level and user level, if user level breaks is not available then company level is applied on users.
(i) User can modify company level break and make it particular. Break may be billable or not.
(j) 24 hours saved from time sheet. User can not save more than 24 hours in a day.
(k) For customize services - Paid/unpaid break is dependent on home business code. If business code null then depend on user configuration setting.
(l) Show proper message of more than 24 hours when time track from other screen (time track or bulk time entry).
(m) Enable Break key is shown to customize services account too.
(n) If Customize services client add new user then default value of Enable Break key will be ‘yes’.
(o) In General timesheet, save button is disabled after save timesheet. It will be enabled only after Get Timesheet button clicked.
(p) Show default home business unit code for customize services user as the default project.
(q) Show 8 hours for salaried employees (pre-populated) in timesheet.
(r) Bind user dropdown with supervisor in timesheet screen.
(s) Merge approved leave and holiday in cumulative hours.
(t) There is the bonus concept in the timesheets. While approving the timesheet the approver will be able to fill the bonus for particular day to the user. The bonus will be based upon the default rate set in the configuration. Then we will have another option of the flat bonus wherein the approver will be able to fill the flat bonus amount of the user for the day. For Customize services: There is another rule set wherein when a supervisor fills the bonus for a user then that timesheet is further sent for approval to the supervisor’s supervisor.
(u) Auto approval for timesheet, expense and leave. We have a user wise configuration setting for all these types of auto approval. So if there is a user for which timesheet auto approval is yes, then the timesheets submitted by that user will be automatically approved.
(v) Imported projects are mark as billable by default.
(w) Bonus column is displayed on approval screen.
(x) Expense description text area is added in add hour's popup. Description will not be shown in listing. It shows only on add/edit popup.
(y) In General Timesheet, there is an option to choose expense category from dropdown. If there is an expense limit created for this category, then per diem textbox will be disabled.

•Advance timesheet.
(a) Break and DA are display in advance timesheet.
(b) Force break functionality is applicable on save button in advance time sheet.

• Project has the configuration settings wherein the CA can select if the PM user type should have the ability to view the financial information related to project or not.
• Correlate the project total hours to tasks hours.
• Milestone has create invoice option while adding milestone.
• Alias name of user display in client work diary where user dropdown is shown.
• There are blank date type fields in Milestone and other modules. User can clear selected date by date picker clear button.
• Text of add client in project is changed to Associate Client.
• In add location have Name, country and city as mandatory. Also pin code is changed to Postal code, Address 2 to City and make it mandatory and remove mandatory from email and phone field.

• Single PM for the project
(a) CA can set any Project Manager OR CA type users to as Default Project Manager in add team member screen in project. Any other users which are not set as default manager behave like normal users. Team status will work same as its working previously(i.e. latest track entry will be shown for the team members irrespective of the project).
(b) PM who is not a default PM will only see the details that are visible to NU type user for that project.

• Tasks
(a) The task has the ability wherein the hours are divided into different users.
(b) The allocated time column is display in the task list of a project.

• Weekly limit is only project based. It's not on the basis of the task.
• The CA is able to view Project based messages.
• In Project detail view screen when user will add or save anything in any tab he will be redirected to same tab instead of project listing screen.
• Project wise user alias name. Users can have different alias name for different project.
• Buttons are added for add edit task and add team in project views.
• Option to add members while task creation.
• Amount more than 5 digits is allowed in project.
• In configuration screen interval time is in drop down list.
• Custom fields for project and Merge project add tab(General and advance in one tab).
• The global task hours defined. The PM can change the task hours as per project. The global tasks flow is that when the PM is adding any task in the Project, he/she can select from the already created global task.
• When CA add new client then confirmation message display if CA click on ok then add client with activation awaited status otherwise pending status. One more column 'send mail ' in client listing for sending mail next time and update status activation awaited. In CRM when a lead is converted to client then that client will be inactive and activation email can be sent from client listing.
• Calendar is merged on Timer Screen.
• Time zone is display in the pop up in team status on Time Tracking screen.
• Like PM's Project Financial check is implemented to CA also.

• Gantt Chart
(a) While adding team in task If hours applied to users are greater than task hours then a confirm box will display which says, want to increase task hours yes or no, if user clicks on yes then task hours are also updated or if user clicks no then he need to update hours divided in users.
(b) User can assign alias name for the team members in Gantt chart.
(c) New columns for Hours are added in project and task.

• GPS Tracking:
(a) GPS tracking track user location and shows it in track listing page with map.

5. Invoice
• New invoice user interface for customize services.
• Invoice template with BI. Now invoice can be downloaded in doc, pdf, xls. Reports>Invoice Report> View invoice.
• Detailed template for customize services.
• Summary template for customize services.
• Invoice templates for customize services.
• Special template for Columbia for summary invoice.
• New Invoice Rule for customize services client (DMPL, LEVEL 3, Com Cast).
• Dashboard Notification to client is sent on invoice send not at invoice creation.

6. Events Management
• Event reminders for calendar Events and CRM and ticketing follow ups.
• Venue availability is checked at the time of event creation.
• In Manage Calendar URL is in upper case.
• Change the recurring option from per week, month to daily, weekly, monthly, annually.
• Status column is removed in the title for selecting the user.

7. Message Board
• Message board has all messages even the project message. Message board has the dropdown as message for me and all projects. The CA drop down will show the entire project.
• Configuration key to ENABLE GLOBAL MESSAGE BOARD and Project wise messages.
• There is an option in message board for deleting the file.

8. CRM
• While converting the lead into client there is option of choose template which show all project in drop down. This work as clone project.
• Notes are also in view mode in CRM. There is View button in every row in note list.
• Select all option in Secondary Owners giving option for check all in additional owner screen.
• Increase character limit in CRM notes and increase pop up and text area size.
• The import excel have notes column.
• CA configuration where CA can define the status and % of close.
• Money value can have more value in add lead in CRM. We can add 100000000000 as value.

9. Human Resource
• PTO Rules for customize services.
• For customize services users PTO is display instead of leave.
• Allow team time selection in HR (Configuration settings in HR module allow leave time selection to enable time selection).

10. Ticketing
• The option of adding another user (CC) to whom we need to send the ticket when we reply to the ticket is there.
• Removed the characters limit in Ticketing and support section in add/notes/reply/transfer, also added Read More/Hide in threads and notes listing.
• Support ticket form is same as ticket.
• Phone number is auto populating when raising ticket.
• While replying to a ticket from client then TO is corrected. We show department name to which ticket has been raised.
• Save as Draft option to save ticket in draft mode.

11. Doc. Storage
• Space is display up to 2 decimals in doc storage.
• Single screen for Files Allocation Space, screenshot Allocation Space and Doc. Storage Allocation Space in Storage management.

12. Approval
• While creating or editing leave approval rule, when the CA add new department, then all previous users remain selected.

• Timesheet Approval
(a) For handling the timesheet approval, there is configuration setting wherein the approvals are either timesheet based or time entry based.
(b) Added the button named Send for Approval by using which user can send his timesheet for approval.
(c) If a user sends weekly timesheet for approval, then that weekly timesheet will be locked.
(d) There is a screen in which approvers can view the weekly timesheet entries which come for approval and they can either approve or reject it in one go.
(e) There is also an option to view the full details for a particular weekly timesheet entry in popup.
(f) In Approval Rule Screen, There is an option to add an approval rule for timesheet.
(g) Timesheet approval is user based only.

13. Performance Review
• User can edit review after review started.
• Change Post review list" with "Past review list" in performance review.
• The past review is open in new tab.
• There is separate tab for review submission.

14. Expense
• In Add expense Save is renamed to save as draft and there is another button “Save and send for approval” in adding expense.

15. Custom Reports
• Merge custom field Module for CRM.
• In Custom Report, there are some new features in Calculated Field Section i.e. now CA can use custom field while creating calculated field. And also CA can add/divide/multiply/subtract any numeric column by any number or decimal. CA can concatenate two strings and separate them by any number of characters inside single quote. CA can remove multiple columns in the columns tab while creating custom report. Now we define the type of column also.
• URL data type is added in custom fields.

16. Reports
• DPR Reports
• User Break Report
• Alias Name Report
• Payroll Report
• Time Sheet Approval Pending Report
• Approved Time Entries
• Leave Pending by Approver

17. Notifications
• Real time notification shows when a user get new message, leave approved, assigned in project or task, ticket assigned in web app.
• Email notifications display for all modules. Notifications emails are user manageable. Whenever user gets an inbox notification, he will get email notification too. And User can manage notification type.

18. Responsive design and new themes.
• Design of web application is responsive for all system resolution. There are four themes spring, summer, autumn and winter for web application.

19. Client Section
• Project total hours are shown in Project Overview and also in Project Listing page.
• Project name and filters are display in milestone tab.
• Project name display in task listing in task tab.
• SMPT missing message is not display to client.
• When client select no company on dashboard then 'sorry, you are not authorize' message is changed to any reasonable message.
• Designation is removed from team on project.
• Total hours are shown on project overview.
• While replying to a ticket from client then TO is corrected. Now department name display to which ticket has been raised.
• Alias name is shown in notification area.
• If no member in team then 'Company Admin' is shown in notification otherwise alias display. (Basically if any “CA user type” person adds team/task in the project then Indian name is reflected and we have hide it with a common alias "Company Admin").
• All unread message show in inbox to the client.
• Payment option is on milestone, Invoice and future invoice screens.
• Total hours are display in task tab and project screen.
• In milestone listing invoice number is hyper-link and redirect to invoice detail.
• Alias name is shown in work diary.
• Tracked date is highlighted in calendar.
• Alias name is shown in message board.
• One more status 'Paid' is added in milestone.
• When client reply to any ticket then show team member alias name in CC.
• For milestone notification, milestone name display.
• On dashboard, milestone listing is sort on due date.
• Invoices are sort on due date wise by default.
• Status is second last column in project listing screen.
• Show tracked hours on project listing.
• Replaced the zero tasks allocated hours to N/A in task detail tab.
• Different alias names can be shown for different client. Alias name of team member is project wise.
• Company name is removed from recent invoice listing on client dashboard.

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 4.0

#82535 - Custom Reports-->Column--> Calculated columns page have tool tip messages.
#82545 - Custom Reports-->Add report--> sharing tab "No record found" Message should be there.
#82553 - custom field/custom report-->Delete button should have consistency.
#82835 - project--> Import Project-->save-->design is not correct.
#82211 - Time sheet--> Advance time sheet is messed up.
#82087 - project --> time sheet--> design is messed up.
#77985 - project module--> Import project--> CA is not able to enter Future Plan end date.
#86784 - Project--> Edit--> Milestone--> add/edit,Errors are shown up.
#78900 - Project--> Edit Project--> Expense limit --> comma should not shown up at the end of the user name.
#78301 - Review-Message board-Attach any file and post the message just give space bar in description box, application will show attached error.
#80252 - KB--> Add Artical--> validation message shown up twice.
#82610 - Event management--> Event venue--> Capacity field should have correct validation.
#82588 - Event management--> Event venue--> title of page have spelling mistake.
#82558 - Event management--> Event venue,tool tip message have spelling mistake.
#78689 - HR--> Track Attendance attendance--> Breadcrumb missing.
#78436 - HR--> Manage attendance--> Sorting by icons do not work.
#78611 - HR--> CA--> Leave approval history--> Search by Bonus leave does not work.
#79843 - quick links--> Post message--> Message is shown up before success message.
#82425 - Company Setup-->Break-->Add break --> Message "Break start time and break end time should be between shift start time 08:00 PM and shift end time 05:00 AM" display when we Enter break start time 12;00 AM , End time -1
#82434 - Configuration--> Company Setup-->Break--> Billiable and Active sorting is not working on break listing screen.
#82438 - Configuration--> User-->Select any user--> Wrong Tool tip display on User break tab.
#82430 - Configuration--> Company Setup-->Break-->"Error has occurred while updating Break. Please retry!" message display when we click on Billiable icon in breaks list on break screen.
#81197 - configuration--> Company set-up--> break--> Alert message shown up to make break billable or non billable.
#86821 - liveserver-->NU-->Ticketing--> Add ticket--> Add 10,000 characters in description and click on Submit--> Characters limit message display and ticket do not added.
#78736 - CRM--> Prospects-->Status drop down-->Closed option is not shown up.
#77023 - Approval-CA save added manualy or bulk time entry but application not showing it as pending on time tracking screen and in the approval section even there is a rule in which CA himself as approver.
#78378 - Review-Expense-User download the attachment which upload with any expense, and close the popup window after download the application refresh the page and shown the message 'Expense has been successfully added.' it should be not shown any message on refresh.
#78507 - Approval - Send expense for correction - correct message which should be "Expense has been sent for correction successfully.
#78528 - Approval module - Add approval group/chain - max character limit does not work.
#78959 - Project--> view --> Files--> Description field should have characters limit.
#78549 - Approval - not showing comment count to second approver, when first approver approve multiple entry by with comment.
#81311 - CRM--> Prospects/opportunity--> Add Prospects, success message should be correct.
#78597 - Approval module --> Expense approval history -- change text in dropdown.
#80099 - Hiring-->Applicant detail page-->back to list button is not working.
#80847 - Chat-->NU--> Click on user--> crash display some times.
#80852 - Chat--> NU-->Click on User tab--> Crash display some times.
#82422 - CA-->Configuration--> Company Setup-->Break-->Add break --> Alert message do not display when we Click on "Is billiable"checkbox.
#82605 - CA--> Configuration--> Company Setup--> Break--> Add break--> Step no. are missing in User Guide of Company Break.
#87172 - CA -->Messageboard--> Add amessage with accessiblity to Everyone--> This added message do not display to other users.
#82244 - Login -->Approval-->Time Approval-->Select Entry and Click on Approve-->User guide icon hide when we approve time entry.
#79704 - Project--> Edit Project--> Expense--> Drop down options shown up twice.
#86881 - Login--->Full Menu---> Message Board--->Click tab Project Wise--->Click Search and Clear Botton, Error 500 page appears.
#82531 - Custom Reports-->Column--> Delete button should have tool tip and alert message.
#82454 - Live server--> CA-->Configuration--> User-->Select any user--> User break--> "then" should be "than" in message "Break start time should be less then break end time".
#81418 - Custom reports-->Normal user section Tool tip message not shown on disable edit option.
#87624 - CRM--> Add Lead---> Save(more then one time)--> Leads added more then one time.
#79777 - App will crash while accessing below links in free trial.
#66479 - Configuration >>Roles >>update roles ,Error message is displayed when user update any module.E.g:-"Manage department,Mange CRM,Manage Designation,,,etc.
#82461 - Configuration--> User-->Select any user--> User break-->"Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." message should display in User break add box not in bottom of page.
#86538 - Login--> footer--> sitemap-->Title of Module is missing.
#78885 - Project--> Edit project--> Task--> import task is not working.
#81361 - Custom Field--> Add--> Select data type(integer,decimal, long integer etc)--> error shown up.
#83493 - NU-->Dashboard-->inbox--> Click on Article assigned-->Close the pop up--> Assigned article link do not display as readable link in inbox.
#78515 - Invoice--> Tax & discount--> Records order is not correct.
#79804 - Time tracking-->enter time manually--> save,after saving entry, time and date fields should be blank.
#82575 - CRM-->Add Opportunity-->edit--> custom field, Design should be correct.
#81213 - Project--> Time Sheet--> Off day color box is not shown up.
#82238 - Project--> click on time sheet, 500 error message dsiplyed.
#80863 - Click on Socialize button--> Time out message display some time.
#86524 - Login--> feedback--> save--> crash shown up.
#86613 - Login--> user Profile, Default Image is shown up.
#84049 - Invoice--> add invoice--> save--> partially Paid--> Cancel--> error message shown up.
#83330 - IE8 -->CA-->Knowledge Base-->Click on Languge select box, It do not open in IE8 on Knowledge base screen.
#83335 - CA-->Knowledge Base-->In Search box extra text" formatting, account, email display in "Search by Short Description (formatting, account, email)".
#87693 - Login --->Dashboard--->Message Board--->No watermark message in Date Field.
#80350 - Quick books--> Login screen shown up old logo.
#87026 - Reports--> DPR Report--> Download PDF, Excel, Word file of Report--> Total count display wrong.
#82811 - Live server--> External link-->Click on + icon in attach file--> Remove icon is not dispalying in attach file in External link screen.
#81117 - Bulk entry-->add --> Delete any record--> cross icon is not shown up.
#88545 - User--> Edit user having no shift--> User Break--> Add user break-->Thers is no space after(.) in alert message.
#80940 - Advance sheet--> Click on User guide-->some times Cross icon is not shown.
#82449 - Configuration--> Company Setup-->Break--> "then" should be "than" in message "Break start time should be less then break end time".
#81179 - Configuration--> Roles--> Delete button should not be highlighted.
#82976 - Reports--> Time Tracking-->Entry wise--> Comma display b/w username and its designation.In place of comma there should be brackets.
#81249 - Time sheet--> Advance time sheet--> total hours should be correct.
#78606 - HR - Leave - Apply leave - Space missing after comma.
#78382 - Expense-Category and Trip search with invalid value, information text should be correct as attached.
#82442 - User-->Select any user--> User break--> Is billiable is displying required field but no message display for it when we clik on Add button without entering anything.
#83276 - Project-->task-->Advance --> 5th Point in User guide is not correct.
#83448 - Project--> view detail--> Messages--> Post message with Large description, Design is messed up.
#88443 - Login--->Full Menu--->Message Board--->Click Post New Message--->Select Department and Save as draft--->Now edit Saved Message, Previously Selected Department not get displayed.
#87364 - Configuration--> edit user--> Add break--> Is billable should not be mandatory.
#86551 - In Left menu--> click on Profile iamge,left menu is automatically changed into top menu.
#86890 - Project--> Time sheet--> general time sheet--> Save, Nothing happens.
#77621 - Ticketing module - user is ca not able to add ticket as description box is not getting opened in editable mode.
#86555 - In header Menu shown up "Top" but in user profile image, it is shown up "Left" by default.
#87110 - Login--->Full Menu--->Project--->Click Client--->Add new client, Access is denied and message get displayed, even if user is authorized to add client.
#88120 - Project--> Gantt chart-->Edit Project Team-->alias name should be mandatory if user select alias check box.
#88398 - Project--> time sheet-->enter hours--> save--> Please enter hours validation message.
#88077 - Project--> Add Task--> Enter hours-->Add Members--> Delete members--> again add members,Hours shown up wrong.
#88082 - PM(Not Defualt Pm)-->Project--> View--> user is not able to edit project.
#88085 - PM(Not default Pm)-->Project--> Clone Project button should be disable.
#88856 - Ticketing -->Add Ticket--> Open that Ticket--> Click on Delete button--> Error has occurred while deleting Ticket. Please Try! Message display. After it website stop working . We cleared cache.
#88924 - Ticketing -->Click on Follow up icon in Ticket listing--> Enter dates, Time, Comments and Click on Save ---> Nothing happen.
#88219 - Project--> Gantt Chart--> Project/task --> user is not able to enter morethen 3 didgits in hours field.
#88228 - Project--> gantt chart--> task--> team members--> hours shown up wrong,if any changes done in project settings.
#78684 - HR - Company Holiday - tool tip missing.
#92697 - Ticketing--> Click on any ticket--> HOD of deparment is able to view Notes added by CA, User.
#81593 - Ticketing--> Create Ticket screen --> User guide display on Thank you message screen when we create a ticket.
#78695 - CRM-->Prospects--> Add Contact--> Design is not shown up correct.
#79964 - Project--> time sheet-->Entries on time tracking -->design is not correct in IE(8.0).
#89757 - Ticketing HOD-->Ticketing--Open ticket and assign to himself Then go ticket listing screen--> again open same ticket and assign ticket to other user--> Update button display,but status field display disable.Ticket detail.
#81184 - Custom Field-->Design is not correct in IE(8.0).
#82412 - Project--> Expense limit--> design is not correct.
#82526 - Project--> Add Global task,Design should be correct.
#82563 - CRM--> ADD lead/Opportunity--> Next and save button is not working.
#82567 - CRM--> Add Opportunity--> contact detail--> edit--> Cancel button is missing.
#89063 - Ticketing--> Add Follow up--> Follow up Reminder do not display.
#88541 - Login-->Project--> view--> Milestone--> add milestone--> Crash.
#89969 - Message board--> post message-->Message title not accept special characters.
#89438 - Expense--> Project name is not shown up on mouse over.
#89066 - CRM-->Add follow up-->Reminder is not shown up.
#92070 - CRM-->Edit--> additional owners--> check all is not working properly.
#89364 - Project--> bulk time entry-->delete--> alert message should have title.
#82571 - CRM--> Add Opportunity--> edit--> attachment--> add attachment,Error message shown up.
#87549 - Project--> View--> Files--> Description should be displayed on mouse over.
#93297 -> Contact us-->Technical support email is wrong.
#83437 - Project--> View Detail-->Milestone--> Design is not correct.
#82753 - Project--> Time sheet--> design should be correct.
#83087 - Configuration-->users--> Communication,Design is not correct.
#81240 - Time sheet--> if projects are same,validation message should be correct.
#81065 - Message Board--> When we edit message already selected user and attachments do not display.
#67297 - Add Project--> Edit project--> Client-->Add clients, check boxes should be properly aligned with text in chrome.
#92891 -> Click on Free trial--> Cancel button name is wrong. Also menus names are wrong.
#92181 - Notifications--->The Types of Notifications check box should be checked by default as all other types of notifications are.
#81580 - CRM--> Prospects--> Add prospects,Design is not correct.
#79114 - Reports - Expense report - Give space after comma in approver names.
#88998 - PM(Not default Pm)-->Project--> view detail--> milestone option should not visible.
#88623 - Project---> view--> notes--> read more button is not working and also shown up broken image.
#93746 - Chat--> Click on Group tab--> Click on Group name--> It redirect to user list with user group tab selected.
#89194 - Invoice--> add invoice--> add time/expense,time expense with 0.00 rate should not import for invoice.
#88387 - Login--->Full Menu--->Message Board--->Click Project Wise Tab---> Click Post New message--->Attach a file and Save as draft--->Now edit Saved Message, no attached file displayed.
#88450 - Login--->Full Menu--->Message Board--->Click Post New Message--->Attach File and Save as draft--->Edit Saved Message--->Click Attachment Link--->Now click Plus icon---> Two Browse Buttons gets Added and Alignment is also not proper.
#89383 - Login--->Full Menu--->Message Board--->Create a Draft Message by Selecting users--->selected users receives Message Notification for draft message.
#89392 - Login--->Under Message Board click Configuration---> Disable Message Board--->Click Post a New Message, User is directed to Post Message Page.
#89402 - Message Board--->Post New Message--->Create message with Attachement--->On Posting Error Message All Files are Valid get displayed.
#89434 - Message Board--->Click Configuration--->In fields Per file Size and All Files total size in validations are not working.
#89442 - Full Menu--->Click Expense--->Click Calendar icon of Date Range--->Unable to select Year.
#83374 - Knowledge Base-->My Articles-->Add Article--> In Title,Short Description field Charceters limit work, but character limit message do not display.
#83387 - Knowledge Base-->My Articles-->Add Article--> Chacters limit do not work on Description field in Add article screen.
#83637 - Invoice-->Add Invoice--> Select Client and Project--> unselect the client-->Click on Project select box--> Project names display in project list without selecting client.
#89167 - Ticketing--> Open an ticket and change its status drafted--> In ticket listing screen Ticket status displaying "Ticket Reply drafted" and in ticket detail screen status is "Drafted". Both titles are different.
#88689 - Event management--> Calendar--> Add Event--> Event Reminder is not working Fine.
#89086 - Ticketing-->Click on User dropdown in search box--> " Active" is displaying in place of "Departments" in user list.
#89092 - Ticketing-->Add Ticket-->In Userguide there is no space between dot(.) and text in add ticket screen.
#89097 - Ticketing-->Add Ticket-->Fill all info and Attach file having Size more than 2 MB.--> Ticket is submitted--> No message display if Attached file size is more than 2 MB.
#83222 - Message Board-->Post a new Message --> Some Time an extra line display below User guide on post a new message screen.
#83258 - Message Board--> Message details--> Characters limit is not work on Comment fields. User can add any no. of characters. But after submiting comment only some part of comment display.
#86533 - CA--> live website is not working fine.
#86649 - Live server-->CA--> Messageboard --> Users are not dispalying in select user in search box.
#86920 - Talygen Support--> Add Ticket--> Error occurred while sending email message display with Thank you message. No Such message display when we add internal ticket.
#80857 - Chat-->click on user group--> Typing image display when user do not enter anything and user group status display offline.
#89105 - Ticketing-->Click on Follow up icon-->Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." message do not display on Follow up screen.
#89110 - Ticketing-->Click on Follow up icon--> In Comments filed When we click on Enter button on Keyboard to go to next line, the loading display and Follow up pop up get closed.
#89199 - Ticketing-->Click on any ticket--> Close ticket--> Ticket close email is not coming to user who have close the ticket.
#89230 - Ticketing-->Click on any ticket-->Transfer ticket to other user--> Go in inbox in Dashboard--> Click on Ticket transferred --> Not tool tip display on View Detail button and Some extra content display on message.
#89965 - Message board-->Paste (control V) not working in the post message.
#69825 - Chat-User chat with other user in group application send the message in group and individally also.
#82597 - Click on user profile--> Click on change password--> breadcrumb is missing on change password screen"
#82614 - Configuration-->User--> edit user--> Communication tab--> Communication listing UI is not proper in IE8.
#83227 - Message Board-->Post a new Message --> " Message Board Title" is dispalying as "Title" in User guide. Also Steps no. are missing in Usergiude on Post a new message screen.
#83232 - Message Board-->Edit Message -->Userguide contents are wrong in update message screen.
#83237 - Message Board-->Edit Message --> Charcaters limit is not working in Message Board Title and Description fields. No limit message display.Due to which User enter unlimited text in both fields which make Ui distorted.
#83246 - Message Board-->Post a new Message --> Unwanted message "All files are valid" display when user click on post this message button.
#83250 - Message Board-->Post a new Message --> Edit message --> Already selected departements do not display selected when user edit the message.
#88115 - Talygen Support--> Add ticket-->Check ticket email-->Message label is not at right location in email.
#81569 - Talygen Support--> Update Ticket screen-->Notes-->Characters limit on Ticket note field is not working properly. It displaying message "Only 1000 characters allowed in Ticket Note" if I entered 991 characters in Ticket note and click.
#81895 - Invoice-->Create Invoice screen> "Invalid column name" message display when we click on Save button in IE8.
#89507 - Ticketing HOD-->Ticketing-->Click on any Ticket--> Click on Transfer Tab--> attach attachment--> Click on Clear button--> Attachment do not clear on Click on Clear button.
#83254 - Message Board--> User can see the comments of messages for which he is not suscribed by accessing direct Url of message and he can add comment for that message.
#89287 - Approval--> Click on Approval group link in Quick links--> Click on Group1--> unselect selected user and click on Save--> Status field display enable.
#89298 - Approval--> Click on Approval group link in Quick links--> Click on chain1 having status field disable--> Select groups having same users--> Status field display enable with "You cannot add two Groups having same.
#89313 - Approval-->Expense approval--> Click on Send for Correction icon--> Tool tip is not dispalying on Skip and Post anew comment buttons.
#89327 - Expense-->Add Expense--> Sent expense for approval-->Tool tip display on disable Send for approval icon and Send for approval disable icon is clickable. user can click it multiple time.
#75621 - support--add ticket from store front-->super admin-- not able to fill description field under reply tab in IE(8.0).
#81508 - Talygen Support-->update Ticket Sscreen--> Reply tab--> Step numbers are not displaying in User guide.
#69853 - Chat-While chatting application will show different time format as shown in attachement.
#82819 - Configuration-->Talygen Support -->Add ticket--> User guide display on Thank you message screen.
#78326 - Kb - Edit category --> enter category name with max words - save - error.
#81378 - Talygen Support-->Add TicketSscreen--> Step numbers are not displaying in User guide.
#80239 - Hiring--> Add Post --> extra line is shown up.
#80922 - staging-->Advance sheet--> select any Project--> Click on Save,Message displayed.
#79784 - Project--> time Tracking is not working properly for Normal user.
#69832 - Chat- If user create any group and group name is same with different users application will show Group name already exists' but if group name is same and user also same application should show information mess for that also.
#70299 - Configuration Module-->Configuration-->Gernal,Payment link for company.
#92052 - Talygen supoort--> Add Ticket--> open same ticket--> Phone no. do not display on ticket detail screen.
#83723 - Project-->Task--> Edit task--> Select Previous year and date, user is not able to correct in present year.
#84030 - invoice--> add invoice--> Save--> extra lines are shown up in PDF.
#84035 - invoice--> add invoice--> Preview--> design is not correct.
#84044 - invoice--> add invoice--> save--> check boxes should be properly aligned.
#88216 - Project--> Gantt Chart-->user update hours,it is not reflected in project detail.
#88232 - Project--> Gantt Chart--> user update any information from Gantt chart(Like Project name,Date, hours) are not reflected in project details.
#86858 - Custom Reports--> Add-->search--> Crash is shown up.
#79023 - project--> work dairy --> next date button is not working.
#80195 - Project - Time sheet - Field should get clear on clicking save button.
#90477 - Project--> add Project--> Working days are not shown up correct.
#82600 - Event management--> Event venue--> Location drop down options shown up twice.
#82120 - project --> time sheet--> task drop down shown up wrong values.
#81475 - Time sheet--> advance sheet--> error message shown up.
#83455 - Project--> view detail--> Post message--> Click on read more--> comment--> there should be a Character limit.
#77636 - Invoice--->Add Invoice--> Preview--> Design is not shown up correctly.
#78451 - Invoice--> Preview invoice--> Design should be correct in IE(8.0).
#79921 - project--> time sheet--> Add button should be in Project time entries box.
#82540 - Custom Reports-->Add Calculated columns--> Column--> edit icon should have tool tip message and also more high lighted.
#88291 - Full Menu--->Click Project---> View Datils of any listed Project---> Click Notes tab---> Click Add Note--->Access is denied, whereas no such role Exists.
#89242 - Full Menu--->Message Board--->In Listed messages, read more is mentioned twice.
#89322 - Full Menu--->Message Board--->Create a Draft Message--->After 5minutes, open draft message and post it. The time of posted message is the time at which draft was created.
#89450 - Full Menu--->Click Configuration under Message Board---> Make “Per file Size and All Files total size” as 0mb, User can still upload files upto 999KB.
#89459 - Expense--->For Expense which is already sent for approval, click on Sent for Approval Icon, it agian sends it for approval and message get displayed.
#89463 - Expense--->add new Expense--->comment icon is enabled while expense has not been sent for approval.
#89867 - Full Menu--->Project--->Edit Project--->Click Task Tab--->Add new task--->Every time user refreshes page, Notification Task added successfully' gets displayed.
#89872 - Ticketing--->Click Follow Up Icon--->an unauthorized user is able to open Follow up Pop up window.
#90353 - Login--->Click Reports--->In User report select My Department”---> Click Search---> An user of other department is displayed in result report.
#90357 - Login--->Click Reports--->In 7 Week select My Department---> Click Search---> An user of other department is displayed in result report.
#90361 - Login--->Click Reports--->In 7 Weeksselect My Department--->Click Search--->Users displayed in Select Users drop down List and in Result Report are different.
#82446 - Configuration--> User-->Select any user--> User break--> Alert message do not display when we Click on "Is billiable"checkbox on User break screen.
#81407 - Custom field--> Add Custom field--> Field name(50 characters), design is messed up.
#83430 - Project--> Task--> Add Members--> search is not properly working.
#89379 - Project--> bulk time entry--> error shown up,there should be a proper message.
#90784 - project--> time sheet--> user guide-->Note-->point 3 should be correct.
#89051 - Project--> time sheet---> hours--> there should be a limit to enter numbers.
#80224 - Hiring--> add Post--> Add Applicant is not working in IE(8.0).
#90552 - Login--->Dashboard--->In Projects' and Container Statistics error screen is displayed.
#88070 - Project--> view Project--->Milestone--> Add Mile stone-- crash.
#93870 - Login with any user--->On Dashboard, in right top corner there is a Button Close.
#88123 - Project--> Gantt chart-->Edit Project Team-->alias name should be mandatory if user select alias check box.
#87607 - Configuration--> user--> Add break--> "Is Billable" should not have asterisk sign.
#78561 - Approval module - Approver status - Keep only first letter uppercase of "Pending" to maintain consistancy
#92945 - Full Menu--->Ticketing--->In Listing click Follow Up Icon for any ticket--->In pop up window, Current time is not Displayed.
#93885 - Full Menu--->Ticketing--->Add Ticket--->In Attachement field, there is no button in case user need to add more files.
#95639 - Time sheet--> general time sheet--> save,page is not refreshed.
#83266 - Message Board--> Message details--> When we try to upload 2.36 MB file in comment attachment. First Page unrespnsive message display , then All files are valid message display after it nothing happen. No message display that only 2 MB Fil.
#83272 - Message Board--> Message details--> When we try to upload 10 MB files in Message's attachments. The All files valid messge display and nothing happen after it.
#83621 - CRM-->Prospects/opportunity-->Edit-->Existing client(No to Yes),fields should be shown up blank-->again click on No without save-->Existing data should be visible..
#83704 - CRM-->Prospects--> User guide,"Enter" text in 1st point should be deleted.
#83708 - CRM-->Add Prospects--> User guide,"Lead should be converted into Prospect".
#83713 - CRM>Prospect>Status>Add status>"status description text " should be "Description".
#86542 - Login--> footer--> sitemap-->URL and Breadcrumb of this page is wrong.
#87627 - CRM--> Add Lead---> Save(more then one time)--> Leads added more then one time.
#94970 - Login--->Full Menu--->Message Board--->Delete Message--->there should be alert message before deleting.
#89997 - Project--> add Project--> project should not saved before adding at least one member.
#89944 - project--> edit--> task-->While showing the team member names in the task listing, we need to have space after each name.
#89940 - Project--> task-->Why are we showing the task type in the task listing screen.
#89936 - Project-->task-->Designation not being shown while adding the task team.
#94464 - Project--> view detail--> files--> add--> file title should have characters limit.
#70109 - Ticketing --> correct message in thread and notification.
#93096 - Users--->Click on any user--->Configuration--->There is no content in user guide for Time Tracker, manage Users, Manage Ticketing and manage location tracking.
#93203 - Login-->Click on Forgot password--->Go to inbox--->Click on Change Password--->Validation message not proper.
#93292 - Hiring-->Add Applicant--->Points in user guids are missing.
#93386 - Projects--->Configuration--->Content needs to be corrected.
#96447 - Project--> Edit Project--> Task--> Edit Task--> Add team members--> Click on member name--> Assign Task hours--> Task hours exceed message display--> Click on OK--> Save--> Task Total hours do not update.
#88550 - Full Menu----> Expense Module--->No watermark Message for Date Range Field.
#89369 - Full Menu--->Message Board--->Click Project wise--->Create a Draft Message by Selecting Users--->Login with CA Account, CA is able to view draft message in Project wise Tab.
#89850 - Full Menu--->Roles--->Copy any Role to a New Role--->Now delete any Role---> No Notification of Successfull Deletion gets displayed.
#92907 - Full Menu--->HR Module--->Working Day--->In User Guide there is a Long Space between Heading and following points.
#95064 - Client--->Ticketing--> Add Ticket--> Project field display, but this field do not displayafter adding ticket on ticket detail screen.
#95368 - Project--> Edit any Project--> Add Task and Assign to all team member--> login with any team member--> Advance timesheet--> Select Same project--> Added task do not display to that team member.
#96025 - Project--> Create global tasks--> Add createde global tasks in a project--> Delete that global tasks from that project--> Global tasks are also deleted from global task screen.
#86723 - Menu-->Hand cursor do not display on Top and Left in menu. Also tool top do not display on Menu, Top, Left.
#96442 - Project--> Edit Project--> Task--> Add one Task--> Again Click on Add Task button--> Loading display and it do not stop.
#96516 - Project--> Edit Project--> Expense limit--> Userguide--> Userguide formatting is not proper.
#96525 - Message Board--->Project Wise message--->Edit message--->Message content not showing properly in CK editor.
#96544 - Project-->View --> Messages --> Post a new Message -- >Go in Messages--> Click on Attachment link--> Attached file display on left side.
#96557 - Project-->View detail --> Messages--> Click on Read More link--> Website hangdown when we Click on Unsubscribe link.
#89733 - Group2 Approver-->Approval-->Time Approval-->Select Rule type and Search--> Click on Comment icon in entry which is approved by group1-->Breadcumb do not display on comment screen.
#92037 - Projects--> Edit Project--> Task--> add Task--> On Add task pop up There is no limit on description field, But after saving when we edit Same task and goes in advance setting, characters limit message display on.
#92359 - HumanResource--> Working week--> Page title is missing.
#93669 - Chat--> Click on user name--> Click on View log--> Click on log link--> It do not close when we click on it again.
#93732 - Chat--> Click on Group tab--> Click on Group name--> There is no space b/w comma and usernames.
#94212 - Message board--> Project wise--> Post a new message--> There is no space b/w dot and text in user guide.
#86817 - Configuration-->User-->Edit user--> Configuration tab--> There is no user guide in Configuration sub tabs.
#87564 - Click on Time Approval in Quick links-->Approver status display in Disable mode--> Click on Comment icon-->Breadcrumb do not display on comment screen.
#88007 - General issue--> Remove Astrick sign from status field as Active display in status by default.
#95521 - Dashboard--->Ticketing--->Enter a particular ticket number to search and click on search button--->All the tickets raised comes on the screen.sev---2dev.
#95950 - Dashboard--->If client has raised ticket and CA transfers ticket to another user then, time of ticket transfer is not correct in the notification recieved to client on dashboard.
#97100 - Dashboard-->Configuration--->Add User--->User type--->It should be select user instead of User.
#97103 - Dashboard-->Configuration--->Add User--->Department--->It should be Select department instead of department.
#97107 - Dashboard-->Configuration--->Add User--->Designation--->It should be Select designation instead of designation.
#97125 - Dashboard-->Configuration--->Projects--->Page displaying all the projects do not fit the screen.
#97135 - Dashboard-->CRM--->Leads--->Message should be No record(s) found.(Common issue.)
#97146 - Dashboard-->CRM--->Prospect--->Add Prospect--->Prospect owner--->It should be Select Prospect owner.
#97150 - Dashboard-->CRM--->Prospect--->Add Prospect--->Set Existing client as “No” >Fields in add prospect screen do not have any message about what type of data is to be entered.
#97153 - Dashboard-->CRM--->Prospect--->Add Prospect--->Add contact for any existing prospect--->Save without entering details--->Error message for every field in form is wrong(Common issue for leads and oppurtunities.)
#97164 - Dashboard-->Expense--->Send expense for approval--->User is able to edit expense once after sending it to approval.
#97167 - Dashboard-->HR--->Apply Leave--->Click on leave type--->It should be select leave type instead of leave type.
#97121 - Dashboard-->Configuration--->Client--->Add client--->No Watermark message in password and confirm password text box.
#89130 - Click on Unassigned Tickets link in quick links--> Unassigned tickets screen display--> When we click on Sorting arrow on unassinged ticket screen, it redirect to ticketing main screen which contain all ticket.
#89133 - Click on Unassigned Tickets link in quick links--> Unassigned tickets screen display-->Breadcrumb display same as ticketing main screen on unassigned tickets screen. Assigned to field in search box on unassign.
#89146 - Ticketing-->Open any ticket-->Click on Transfer Tab--> Click on userguide-->Userguide content is wrong.
#92961 - Login--->Full Menu--->Knowledge Base--->Enter any Value to Search, click Clear a Button, it does functionality of "Search" button in First Click.
#93880 - Full Menu--->Ticketing--->Add an Ticket--->When Ticket get sucessfully created a reference no is given, on this page, there should be Back button, which should redirect user to Ticket listing Page.
#96155 - Full Menu--->Doc. Storage--->Breadcrumb is not correct.
#71236 - PM ---> Time tracking screen --> tool tip missing.
#88026 - Full Menu--->Click Project--->Edit any Listed Project---> Click Expense Limit Tab---> Delete any listed Expense Limit entry---> Error Screen gets displayed, while user is not authorized to do so.
#88032 - Full Menu--->Click Project--->Edit any Listed Project---> Click Expense Limit Tab--->Page gets open even if access for View is denied.
#88171 - Full Menu--->Click Project---> View any listed Project---> Click File tab, Unauthorized user is able to download Project File.
#89894 - Dashboard---> In header menu Working Days link not get disbaled.
#98466 - project--> view detail-->gantt chart link not shown up blank.
#99451 - project--> time tracking--> tool tip message shown up at wrong place.
#88672 - Invoice-->Add invoice-->Add Discount/tax with decimal numbers( i.e 9.999)--> save,invoice is not submitted.
#98519 - project--> view detail--> Gantt chart link is not shown up.
#99383 - Project--> work Dairy---> screen shots--> click on screen shot--> crashed.
#92818 - Project--> time sheet--> Keyboard tab button is not working.
#96001 - Reports--->User Report--->Search any project report--->Global task is displayed two times.
#93649 - Chat--> Click on user name--> Click on View log--> No message display if there is no View history.
#96959 - Reports--Expense--date filter not working.
#93178 - Custom Reports--->User guide--->Content not correct.
#89155 - Ticket creation email come to user who have created it only.
#89251 - Ticketing-->Ticketing Configuration-->"New Ticket Notification To Admin" setting is not working properly. We set it "Yes "and created a ticket by another user but CA do not receive any email.
#93130 - Ticketing HOD-->Ticketing--Open ticket and assign to himself Then go ticket listing screen--> again open same ticket and assign ticket to other user--> Then again go to ticket listing screen--> Open same ticket--> Assign to himself--
#96213 - Project--> Task When we edit non billable task--> It display as Billable
#96463 - Project--> Edit Project--> Task--> Edit Tasks--> Working days are displaying different in different task yet they have same start and End date.
#100377 - Message board--->Comment on any message--->Click on Comment dropdown arrow--->html coding is coming instead of message.
#100651 - Invoice--->There should not be an option to send invoice in Draft mode for CA to client.
#113833 - Judda tabs display on screen are not acc. to that screen in whole app.
#100808 - Hiring--applicant--applicant detail--not able to hire.
#101645 - project--> import project--> Confirm submit button is not working.
#96013 - Reports--Sort By project--click on filters--error pops up.
#86835 - invoice--> add tax and discount--> user is not able to add discount and tax.
#79956 - project--> Time sheet--> time is not shown up correct in time tracking listing.
#78819 - CRM--> Lead-->Import Lead/opportunity--> Date of contact is not shown up correct.
#66299 - configuration>>User>>reset and send password>>click on Reset,Message displayed "Password has been successfully reset, Error in Mail Sending".
#82583 - Click on user profile--> your company logo is not displaying on profile screen.
#89184 - Click on any ticket--> Click on Reply tab--> Send reply--> Check email--> In Email name display wrong to user who have sent the reply.
#100370 - Projects--->Track time for any task in project. Log
#96784 - Full Menu--->Message Board--->Comment on any listed message, user is getting notification for his own comment. No such scenario should exist.
#98820 - Ticketing--> Unassigned Tickets--> Click on Search button--> Page breadcrumb will be changed.
#100373 - Custom reports--> click on status drop down--> drop down opens at bottom.
#100633 - Normal user and CA are receiving notification of its own comments.
#98603 - Ticketing--> Open Client ticket--> Project name is not dispalying at proper place in Ticket detail screen.
#102428 - Project--> task-->Add member--> Search--> watermark message should be "Enter member name".
#99749 - Login--->Full Menu--->Ticketing--->View any listed ticket--->In Comments, delete as shown in screenshot.
#89158 - Ticketing--> Transfer the ticket to other user-->Ticket transfer emails come to user who have transfer the ticket. Also in Email username display wrong.
#94481 - Every tab have tool tip message should have proper message,now title of tab is shown up,that is not user friendly.
#82740 - Project--> expense limit--> comma should not displayed.
#68334 - Project module -->Project-->Import project is not working fine.
#94381 - Ticketing--> Click on Reply Tab--> Click on Userguide--> "Submit" should be "Submit Reply" in userguide in Reply tab.
#83196 - Message board--> Search box--> "Search by" should be "Search By" in serach box like Date Range.
#83204 - Message Board--> Post a new Message -->"Post this message" button name should be" Post This Message" on post message screen.
#83209 - Live Server --> Message Board-->Post a new Message --> "Message board title" should be "Message Title" in Post a new message screen.
#83218 - Message Board-->Post a new Message -->"Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory." message is not on Post a new message screen.
#100432 - Add Ticket with any user--> Check Email form Default CA--> In Email there is a label Phone no. which Do not display User phone no. yet that user has phone no. in user profile
#102489 - project-->task--> add task--> validation messages should be not proper place.
#115003 - Dashboard: Reports are not loading, due to which site is hanging.
#98621 - Click on menu in Profile dropdwon--> Move mouse cursor over Top Then on Left. Again move mouse cursor over top--> Tool Tip of Top menu display on left menu.
#96824 - Project--->Select any task--->Click on weekly.
#91861 - subscription Process--> refer code--> save--> it is not working in IE(8.0)
#116182 - Project--> Client--> Add Client--> Check Account activation email--> Font family of email content is wrong.
#114791 - Entry Wise report--->Tool tip for location not correct.
#115436 - Timesheet--->Enter hours in timesheet, save the entry, refresh for new entry for the same week, shows more than 24 hours.
#118052 - Reports-->Project Report--> Click on Search button--> Wrong content is displaying and in PDF Talygen logo is wrong.
#117541 - Work Diary--->Select any project--->For client all the users of company get listed for any project selected.
#102114 - Approval----> Time entry approval ----> check checkbox---->click on approve---> Error generate when user enter a long title in the title box of approval.
#102478 - Approval ---> Expense approval ---> when user or C.A add comment with a long title in Leave approval,comment don't get add in the listing.
#100358 - Configuration--> users--> click on work load icon, blank page is shown up.
#118343 - Timesheet--->Make entry in General Timesheet and Click "Send for Approval" ; timesheet not received by its approver. (it is received in case of Advance timesheet).
#118369 - Timesheet--->Make entry in Advance Timesheet and Click "Send for Approval", timesheet not get saved and locked and on clicking "Get Timesheet" for same week, all filled data gets cleared.
#89960 - project-->Gantt chart is not showing the project dates up till the end date.
#89359 - Project--> bulk time entry-->description--> save,Message shown up please correct.
#89862 - {Roles}Login--->Project--->Edit Project--->Click Task Tab---> Unauthorized user is able to delete task.
#94703 - Projects--->View detail--->Click on Milestones--->Select any milestone->Nothing happens after clicking on userguide icon.
#65954 - Project>>global tasks >> task rate USD data should be left aligned.
#83666 - Invoice-->Add Invoice--> Invoice PDF--> Invoice PDF has some UI issues. Please check attachment.
#95911 - Reports--->Search drop down not get.
#96503 - Reports--->Entry Wise report--->Search any project report--->Date format not correct.
#96509 - Reports--->Entry Wise report--->Search any project report--->Tool tip is missing for Location icons.
#99356 - Dashboard--->Projects--->View detail--->Click on Milestones--->Select any milestone->Exact project completion %age is not displayed.
#102025 - Messageboard--All messages--search module needs loader.
#102050 - Messageboard--Project wise--post message--validation message to be correct.
#114977 - Dashboard--->CRM--->Leads--->Convert any lead to client--->Send activation mail from client screen--->Click on activation link, wrong message is displayed.
#101940 - Project--->View detail--->Status of tasks given in search are not correct.
#78498 - Invoice--> Preview,PDF,Print--> Double quote are displayed in client address.
#100611 - login--->R and D of read description are in small letter in message board .
#100615 - login---> Hide description is showing only hide in message board.
#100622 - login--->In messages in message board, comments tool tip shows numeric and in project wise it showing comments in tool tip.
#100636 - login--->In Normal User account unread messages are not showing correct result .
#100654 - login--->In reset password of Normal User , P should be capital of password in watermark message.
#101230 - leave approval ---> user is not able to read the reason of leave . There is not any option to open reason.
#102021 - project--->client--->add client---> N should be capital of name and validation message should be near to the block.
#102077 - Project----> bulk time entry ---> Not able to understand the reason that why entry is not saving because alert is showing on stop time and it is not editable.
#102906 - (Normal user) Knowledge base ---> My Article ---> Edit ---> text is not wrapping and starting from center of the box.
#109728 - CRM---> user guide ---> guide should be correct.
#109769 - CRM---> prospects ---> additional owner ---> user guide ---> guide should be correct.
#101614 - Help section--->Screenshots in help are not matching current design of application and content also needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshots.
#101594 - Messageboard--add comment--description box needs to be proper.
#101627 - Messageboard--Post message--Duplicates the message posted to number of users.
#96330 - Reports--user report--same task shown twice in filter.
#119619 - Dashboard--->Click on Unread inbox messages---->Click on any message for ticket--->Error message is displayed.
#101603 - Messageboard--inbox--new message not shown in messages under notification.
#96968 - Reports--Expense--the amount shown duplicates.
#96552 - Reports--->Entry Wise report--->Location icon is missing if time is updated by clicking on date.
#102420 - Project-->Timesheet--> Select Task in task list--> Website hangdown for some seconds.
#118133 - Live Server-->> Click on Free trial--> web page is not available sc.
#120290 - Live app ---> login ---> select user ---> select week ---> make 2 or 3 entries in diff days ---> send for approval ---> hours are entered for 3 days but still alert is showing when we click on send for approval.
#122138 - Live Server --> (C.A)---> configuration ---> manage project message board ---> enable message board ---> if set to no , then message board is disable for c.a only , but normal user is able to read messages.
#122168 - project--PM--add channel--redirects to login page.
#122176 - project--PM--add member--subscription page shows up.
#120327 - Dashboard--->Custom reports--->Click on view button of report--->Now search report and click on Export to pdf. Error 500 is coming.
#118364 - expense approval ---> send for correction ---> error occur.
#122008 - Dashboard--->Design of full menu is distorted if menu is left aligned.
#86709 - Login with Trial Account--->Click Upgrade--->Price Mentioned is wrong and Package.
#122502 - Projects--->Click on view detail of any project on which time has not been tracked--->Tracked hours and hours left are shown as N/A to client.
#122541 - Dashboard--->Invoices--->Paynow option should not be clickable for client if he has already paid for a particular invoice(same for cancel status also)
#121566 - Reports--->HR--->Payroll Report--->Account and paytype not coming in report.
#118162 - Subscription--Expiration date in CC details--text boxes need to be proper.
#118190 - Subscription--CC details--validation message to be proper.
#118346 - Live Server --> user ---> skill ---> instead of form something else open.
#96947 - Reports--DPR report--total hours issue if enetered from timesheet.
#109322 - CRM---> follow ups ---> In reminder , end date is not correct of project.
#96009 - General time sheet--->success message should be in centre.
#119250 - IE Browser--->Timesheet--->While selecting an Project or Task--->No Page loader.
#92446 - Live--Ticketing--Add ticket---submit message---incorrect text shown to user.
#102849 - socialize--no option for deleting an attachment in chat.
#89890 - Dashboard---> In header menu “Users” button not get disbaled.
#102893 - socialize--attachment gets sent without clicking on send button.
#102002 - Messageboard--add attachment--no option for deletion.
#91264 - Generate invoice--> save--> in user address,communication service shown up wrong.
#120492 - Project--> edit--> add new task--> Delete button is not shown up.
#100619 - login--->CA is not able to delete or edit message.
#101599 - Messageboard--message to be bold when unread under inbox.
#122738 - timesheet--add hours---edit the hours and click save multiple times more than 24.
#81369 - Live server-->CA-->Talygen Support--> Add Ticket Screen--> Priorities names are not in proper order and also names are confusing.
#78621 - Configuration setting --> users-->Import user is not working.
#96539 - Project-->View --> Messages --> Post a new Message -- >Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. message is not display on Post a new message screen.
#101630 - project--> edit--> milestone--> tool tip message should be correct.
#119009 - Project --> Task--> Import Task--> Task rate column display to him Yet he is not authorized to view Finance information.
#127849 - Timesheet--reject approval from PM without bonus hours--still shows for CA.
#98871 - Knowledge base->Time for knowledge base article is not correct.
#120516 - Project--> Client--> communication tab--> "Add" & "Delete" button is shown up.
#89355 - Project--> bulk time entry-->description with "&" keyword--> save, nothing happens.
#120169 - Configuration--> time tracker--> there should be space between the text.
#102473 - project--> client--> client listing--> mouse over on client name--> tool tip message should be "Click here to view client info".
#96648 - Project--> edit --> Task--> edit--> edit member,Task hours should not mandatory.
#101187 - slogin ---> When we check the checkbox , delete option dont get highlight .
#102460 - Approval---> Expense approval ---> If approval enter a long title in comment box , then it is not listed in the comment list.
#120312 - Live App---> login --->Timesheet ---> working day should be written as working days . As it include 7 days.
#121483 - live app ---> timesheet ---> Enter hours and user ---> set select user again ---> click show timesheet ---> add hours ---> 500 error is shown.
#121120 - timesheet---Time entry overlapping error message shown.
#101658 - Messageboard--reply comment not received by normal user from CA.
#121124 - Timesheet--Expense limit not working for premier.
#121154 - Timesheet--premier(normal user type)--total time entered is incorrect.
#120177 - Timesheet--add working hours--the timesheet--shows error but still saves the hours more than 24.
#120187 - timesheet--cumulative hours are not proper if entered in decimals.
#123056 - Talygen support--Add Ticket---Validation message to be proper.
#120227 - Project--->Timesheet--->Enter time entry and click on send for approval--->Message needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#120298 - login ---> select user ---> select week ---> If user take a leave in same week of timesheet which is send for approval, then leave block is not shown to CA .
#121585 - Reports--->Login with PM---> No report displayed under "User Break Report" tab.
#118865 - Clients--->In case of Inactive Client after sending activation mail status should change to activation awaited.
#118872 - Clients--->Watermark message in Search box should be By Client Name.
#119347 - Dashboard--->Milestone--->Click on any milestone--->Update text is not required.
#119352 - Dashboard--->Milestone--->Status of milestones given in client section are not matching with actual status of milestones given in project details.
#119358 - Dashboard--->Milestone--->Tool tip missing foe search and clear button.
#122013 - Client--->Select any client and click on communication--->Click on Add button. Nothing happens after clicking on add button, CA is not able to edit client.
#122018 - Client--->Select any client and click Address--->In user guide it is mentioned to edit or add information about client but CA is not having any option to add or edit information.
#122024 - Dashboard--->Profile--->Visible to Company Admin checkbox do not work, details are shown to CA even if box is unchecked.
#122033 - Dashboard--->Projects--->Click on View->Go to team->Search and reset buttons are missing.
#122037 - Dashboard--->Projects--->Milestones--->Draft mode invoices should not be visible to client.
#122041 - Dashboard--->Projects--->Milestones--->Client should be able to see invoice generated from milestone on dashboard even without sending mail from CA.
#122045 - Dashboard--->Invoices--->If CA comments on any invoice then alias name is not shown to client in comments.
#122049 - Dashboard--->Client is getting inbox noification of invoice recieved of same invoice again and again if CA changes status of invoice wihout sending i to client.
#122308 - Dashboard--->Project--->View detail--->Total hours left in the project should be shown to client.
#122332 - Dashboard--->Inbox notification--->If CA comment on any message sent by client then in client notification posted by name of client is coming instead of CA.
#122507 - Projects--->Click on view detail --->Click on Tasks--->If time is tracked for any project with out selecting task then in task pop up no information is displayed.
#122510 - Projects--->Click on view detail --->Click on Tasks--->CA is able to view time tracked for tasks even if in project config. Show time tracked to client is set as no from CA.
#122529 - Dashboard--->Click on Reports--->Reports page should open in new tab for client.
#122809 - Dashboard--->Messages--->If CA posts message to every one then client is getting list of all users of the company.
#122514 - Projects--->Inbox notification--->Message time is not correct even if timezone is same for CA and client
#116074 - Ticketing--> Click on Ticket having follow up--> Delete follow up by Click on Cross Icon--> Follow up icon display green instead of light black.
#118972 - Project --> Add Task--> Task Rate column is displaying to him and one column value is dispalying in other column, yet he is not authorized to view Finance information.
#121721 - Normal user ---> project ---> project details ---> task detail---> status is not shown and edit should be removed as N.U is not authorized.
#119657 - Email notification is not working for CC option in ticketing "
#86737 - Configuration--> company setup--> Click on location--> Location fields has no all values which are entered at the time of subscription.
#127837 - Supervisor-->Time approval--> View--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#127842 - Timsheet--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#118037 - Create ticket--> Ticket creation notification is going to all CA.
#83309 - Project-->View project-->Notes,there should be description limit.
#101998 - project--> Edit-->Location and week off days fields shown up disable.
#121529 - live app ---> timesheet ---> Enter hours and user ---> add hours in float value.
#122722 - timesheet--if time entered is in xx.07 it takes as xx.06
#66556 - HR --> Attendance -- correct design.
#68437 - Hiring-After adding extension in configuration try to upload xls and submit.
#78714 - Hiring-When user apply for any external job and if with same email id use.
#79254 - Dashboard--> Package Statistics --> Active project shown up negative value.
#122765 - timesheet--add hours for same user on different system--click get timesheet--500 error.
#122774 - timesheet--add hours for NU---save---add leave---approve---leave not shown up.
#66029 - Review:-Configuration >>Genrnal >>logo, If user try to upload the bigger image,no image uploaded.
#128966 - full menu---> project file ---> user drop down --->select test 2 or xyz x ---> click search icon ---> Error 500 is shown on page.
#127902 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> select category on which limit is set ---> then edit the same entry and select category on which limit is not set ---> then it is not getting update on timesheet due to which cumulative hours.
#127908 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> select category on which limit is set ---> then edit the same entry and select category on which limit is not set ---> delete the same entry ---> cumulative per diem gets into mintue.
#92211 - Project--->Click on Add project--->Enter the details-->Ca is not getting any notification and mail when he is adding a new project.
#121289 - Timesheet--->If project is selected by default then No task gets listed under Task list.
#128366 - Invoice configuration--> Preview current template--> "Code corrupted" message shown up.
#92177 - Notifications--->There are duplicate records in Types of Notifications.
#97887 - Notifications--->Leave applied notification.
#97894 - Notifications--->User is geeting two notifications.
#94388 - Projects--->View detail--->Click on messages--->Post a new message--->Message posted by client is visible to all team members of project even if they are not default recepients of client message.
#122076 - user ---> work load ---> blank page is showing.
#127892 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> click save button with zero total hours , loader comes with pop up.
#128782 - Dashboard--->Projects--->NU should be able to send message to client if he is included in project team.
#96144 - Login--->Full Menu--->Integration--->User guide--->Under Basecamp Export, point 4. is not correct.
#95643 - project--> edit--> edit task--> add member--> tool tip is not correct for clear.
#98132 - Check an Email Notification of an user---> Subject of Email is not Understandable.
#98136 - Login--->Mouse Hover to Profile Pic--->Click “Notifications” from list--->There is no notification settings for Client Module.
#117805 - Invoice--->Add an Invoice and send through mail, error message appears and mail is not sent.
#127920 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> delete total hours ---> enter same again ---> it is not excepting same hour again .eg. Delete 8 which is auto popluated and enter 8 again.
#127915 - Timesheet ---> add hours ---> select category on which limit is set and then delete ---> when again enter same category then limit exceed message is shown .
#130552 - Time-sheet date range disturb when we click on arrow icon multiple time and then don't get reset.
#130036 - Create Ticket--. Login with HOD--> Transfer that ticket to other user--> Check Email with NU--> He is not getting ticket transferred email.
#130045 - Ticketing-->Emails are working for all ticket status except Waiting.
#128863 - NU--message board--comment shown as unread even after read.
#123187 - Timesheet--PM account---salaried---hours get double.
#128867 - NU--message board--sender subscribed but not receiving the message.
#122472 - project--PM--add lead--user guide text to be corrected.
#130568 - Project message board---delete attachment needs confirmation message.
#101650 - Messageboard--reply comment not received by CA account.
#127897 - Time approval ---> view entry which came for approval ---> Company Admin is not able to see the timesheet.
#127925 - Timesheet ---> add hours --->select task ---> enter total hours ---> save ---> edit again same entry ---> task again sets to unassigned task.
#131786 - Talygen Support--> Add Ticket--> Enter data and Click on Submit-->"An error occurred. Please try again" message display.
#121611 - Login with PM account---> In Full Menu, under Project, Tool Tip of "Work Diary".
#118597 - Nu--> Full menu-->CRM--> there should be a link to add prospects.
#95440 - Dashboard--->Click on Workdiary--->Error message gets popped up on screen.
#101030 - Knowledge Base->In kmnowledge base articles there should be titles whether ir is tille, subject or description.
#101607 - Inbox notification--->Project name should be displayed in Inbox notification to client in case of invoice and ticketing.
#101978 - Project--->Expense Approval--->Click on Comment--->Enter large text in comment title and description and click on Post comment--->Error is coming on screen.
#119373 - Dashboard--->Inbox Notifications--->Client is not getting inbox notification if CA comments on invoice from invoice history.
#129261 - Paste Url of Sales Deprtment Ticket --> Ticket detail screen display-->User of Devlopment Department can access ticket of other department by Direct Url access.
#129230 - Dashbord--> Inbox--> Click on "Ticket Created " notification--> Ticket detail screen display--> Click on Back To List button--> Nothing Happen.
#129237 - Ticketing --> Add Ticket--> Login with HOD--> Transfer that Ticket--> Again login with NU--> Dashboard--> Inbox--> Ticket transferred notifcation display--> Check Email for NU--> Ticket transferred email do.
#130040 - Ticketing-->Unassigned Tickets--> click on Reset button--> Assigned Tickets also get display.
#129218 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket--> Click on Transfer tab--> Click on Userguide--> Make corrections as per screenshot.
#121350 - Client----Design font for CA is not proper.
#119445 - Live server--> Send Email and Inbox Notification to Client if New Task is added.
#132259 - CRM--> Lead--> Edit--> Note--> Code corrupted error shown up in IE(9),firefox.
#132307 - Project--> Timesheet--> show time sheet--> crash.
#131922 - CRM--> Add Lead/Prospects/Opp--> Clik on add tab--> 500 error shown up.
#102445 - Approval---> Expense approval ---> text is not together in project and amount should start from left side.
#129723 - Ticketing--> Add Follow up on a ticket--> Move cursor on same follow up icon--> Tool tip display Wrong.
#129695 - Ticketing--> Click on Follow up icon in front of Ticket having status Closed and Locked--> Follow up pop up display--> "Sorry, This ticket is closed " message should display when user click on Follow up icon in.
#128148 - Client---->Login page--->Click on login without entering credentials--->Watermark message shouls be Email instead of enter username.
#128433 - Projects--->Task--->Task serial number should not be clickable.
#128447 - Dashboard--->Inbox notification of Invoice received needs to be corrected. Refer to screenshot.
#128455 - Dashboard--->Client is getting different inbox notifications if invoice is generated and sect by mail and if invoice is marked as sent from invoice listing screen.
#128466 - Dashboard--->Client is getting incomplete inbox notification in case of ticket replied.
#128471 - Dashboard--->Knowledge base--->Client is getting inbox notification even if KB article is saved as draft and the same article is not coming in KB articles listing for client.
#128764 - Dashboard--->Projects--->Time tracked for team is shown as 0 if project is not selected.
#100401 - Reports--->Entry wise report--->Tool tip not correct for location tracking icons.
#127860 - Reports--->Approval--->Time sheet pending by approver--->Space missing. Refer to screenshot.
#128479 - Dashboard--->Workdiary--->Calender--->Dates are not highlighted for which screenshots have been taken in case of Client.
#129202 - Check ticketing emails--> Depratment HOD is getting same email as user who has created that ticket.
#129249 - Ticketing--> Open assigned ticket--> Click on Reply Tab--> Enter all Data and Click on Save as Draft--> Click on Edit to edit reply--> Click on Submit Reply--> After submit reply the Download and Delete icons in front.
#129256 - Dashboard--> Inbox--> Click on "Ticket Replied" in which he is in CC--> Pop up display--> Click on View Details--> Ticket Detail screen display--> Disable Add Note, Reply and Transfer tabs.
#129543 - Ticketing--> Open any Ticket--> Unwanted blank space display on right side of description text.
#129576 - Check Email for Ticket Closed--> HOD is getting same email as user who have created ticket for Ticket Closed.
#118094 - subscription for paid account--> design is messed up.
#129604 - Ticketing--> ReOpen Closed ticket--> Check Email-->User is getting two emails for ticket reopened.
#84115 - Invoice--> add Invoice-->add task and expense--> delete,design messed up.
#129623 - Ticketing--> Reopen Closed ticket--> The department name display in place of user name in thread block for ticket reopened.
#132131 - Reports--->Approval--->Time sheet pending by approver--->Export report to any format company logo is missing.
#118185 - Subscription--Welcome message text to be corrected.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 3.4 Live May 15th, 2014
Following are the Enhancements for release 3.4:-

1. Dashboard
• User redirect to corrosponding page when users click on view Detail button on notification pop up on Dashboard.

2. Configuration
• Company Setup
(a) Default shifts, departments and designations display to CA in the initial setup of company.
(b) Company level breaks for time sheet entry.

• Users
(a) User Break

• Integration
(a) Quick Books
(b) Base Camp
(c) Fresh Books

3. Custom Fields
• Add Custom Field
• Custom reports
(a) Add custom Reports
(b) Report listing

4. Roles
• Add Privilege for calendar viewing in HR.

5. Talygen Support
• Only the support users can view the department support tickets.
• Default manager manage all support tickets in super admin section.

6. Ticketing
• Need to lock the ticket status after specific time so that user can't reopen the ticket.
• Show user department in ticketing who raised the ticket.

7. Project
• General time sheet with shift break.
• Advance timesheet

8. HR
• Leave will be available in the following month.

9. Project
• Bulk Time Entry
• Time Sheet
(a) General Time Sheet
(b) Advance Time Sheet
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 3.4

#66621 - Review --> HR --> Company holiday --> tool tip missing for add company holiday button.
#69486 - HR --> Track attendance --> breadcrumb missing also correct title of page in title bar.
#69503 - Review --> HR --> working day --> confirmation message is missing on deleting working/non working day.
#80876 - Bulk Time Entries-->User is not able change Start and Stop time.
#80894 - Bulk Time entries-->User guide icon is not display when we uncheck" Is billable" checkbox.
#80870 - Bulk Time entries-->Total hours time format is wrong.
#80900 - Bulk Time entries-->Tool Tip is not displaying on Fill Time Entry, Add, Reset and Save buttons.
#80887 - Bulk Time entries-->User can not enter half shift time entry.
#80890 - Bulk Time Entries-->User guide content should be different to CA, NU, PM. Currently CA user guide is displaying to NU and PM.
#80162 - Time Tracking screen-->showing invalid message while adding time entry manually.
#79697 - Project-->Edit Project-->Team--> Search, Design is not correct.
#78340 - Client-->My Profile-->Communication services, Latest records should be displayed at the top.
#79018 - Project-->Client-->search, "By user name" should be "By Client name".
#77523 - Project-->Milestone-->Edit Milestone--> Amount due(USD) is not editable.
#78830 - HR-->Track attendance-->Correct title.
#78964 - project-->view-->files, Notes-->Description box-->user is not able to paste any description.
#81068 - Configuration-->Custom field-->Tab Title is not correct.
#81087 - Custom Fields-->Save-->CRM-->Custom Fields-->Save--> Error message is shown up.
#81092 - Configuration--> Custom Fields-->Select data type--> Alert Messages are not shown up.
#79788 - Breadcrumb is not correct, Home icon is missing."-->"Breadcrumb is not correct, Home icon is missing for NU and also for PM.
#78566 - Configuration setting --> General setting --> update Time format (24)& Default user rate is not reflected in modules.
#67366 – Project -->Project view --> Milestone -->view milestone, showing client screen to Company Admin.
#81052 - Talygen Support-->Technical support's Ticket status is not update from " " account.
#81236 - Page loading icon does not stop after page loading in Firebox.
#81202 - Page loading icon does not stop after page loaded.
#81100 - Time Sheet--> Breadcrumb is not shown up.
#81030 - Configuration--> Users are not added. Some message display.
#80915 - Project--> Time sheet--> Advance sheet--> when user delete any record then Total time should be updated.
#80931 - Time Sheet--> In Overlap tracking Message, there should be a space after full stop.
#80928 - Projects-->Time sheet-->Advance time sheet--> Get time sheet--> Pop up Message shown up.
#80918 - Advance time sheet--> if user add time more then 24 hours then Message should be "Time must be less then 24 hours".
#79960 - Project--> Time sheet randomly hanged.
#79969 - Project-->Time sheet--> Leaves--> Blank row is shown up.
#79939 - Project--> Time sheet--> when user refresh any time entry, total time should be also refreshed.
#79912 - Project--> Time Sheet --> Alphabets and Special characters should not be accepted.
#79916 - Project--> Time sheet--> when user select same project in time sheet, proper validation message should be displayed”.
#79926 - Project--> Time sheet--> when user add colon (:) in time entries, total time is not shown up correct.
#81175 - Ticketing-->User is unable to reopen ticket before 1 day.
#69572 – CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Add Lead, when user changed existing client from "Yes" to "NO”, information not changed.
#78345 - Invoice--> Add Invoice--> Preview--> Phone number is not shown up correct.
#78674 - CRM--> Communication---> Watermark message is not displayed in search box.
#68345 - Project Module--> Client--> Edit client, (Communication, addresses, contact number etc) edit functionality is not working and also no information is displayed.
#79007 - Time tracking screen --> give space between link and text.
#79013 - Project---> Client--> tool tip is not shown up.
#79692 - Project-->Edit Project--> Task--> Import task--> Design is not correct in IE (8.0).
#79930 - Project--> Time Sheet--> when user add wrong format of time, there should be a proper validation message.
#79935 - Project--> Time Sheet--> when user add colons (:) in time entry, nothing happens.
#80749 - Project--->Edit project--> Add Team--> Design is not correct.
#80935 - Company Setup--> Break--> Add Break--> When break end time is less then start time, there should be a validation message.
#80746 - Free trail a/c--> Click on upgrade, it should redirect to sign up for paid user.
#80925 - Projects-->Time Sheet-->Advance sheet--> add more then two rows--> Total hours are shown up.
#79948 - Project--> Time Sheet--> no user is displayed in drop down for PM A/c.
#80741 - New CA paid account, Staging-->Paid a/c, Tip pop up box have wrong content.
#79973 - Project-->Time sheet-->Leaves--> time is not shown up correct.
#78326 - Kb --> Edit category --> enter category name with max words - save - error
#80757 - Ticketing--> Close ticket, Success message is not shown up correct.
#78523 - Invoice--> Recurring--> Design is not correct in IE (8.0).
#82496 - Billing and Subscription process-->Paid/Ref account--> Manage subscription tab-> Pro rata calculations are miss matched.
#82642 - CA--> User-->Edit Normal user-->Performance Edit Second Review-->Remove Company Admin from Reviewer and select other and Click on Save-->Select Reviewer message display when we already select a reviewer.
#82646 - login with --> Performance Review--> Provide CA Start a review for normal user but no Review display to normal user when normal user goes to Provide Review screen.
#70114 - Ticketing --> Ticket saved as draft by user is visible to other user.
#65873 - Talygen app--> We have found that is very slow, please do needful.
#77768 - Bulk Time entry --> overlap in bulk time entry is not working fine.
#78290 - Knowledge Base --> My article --> view article --> correct spacing.
#78295 - Knowledge Base --> My article --> view article --> tool tip missing.
#78306 - Knowledge Base --> CA has to refresh page after coping/moving multiple articles IE (8.0).
#78718 - Hiring-while posting jobs the salary field -->'To' field data should always.
#78889 - Project--> Edit Project-->Add client--> design is not properly aligned.
#78973 - Ticketing --> Add Note --> User is not able to submit note with large data and even there is not character limit shown".
#80761 - Chat-->click on user group--> Click on user, App will crash.
#81048 - In Mac Default company logo image do not display in all browsers except Mozilla.
#81055 - Socialize-->Some time Chat Application hang down when normal user click on Users Tab.
#81593 - login with --> Ticketing--> Create Ticket screen --> User guide display on Thank you message screen when we create a ticket.
#81126 - Project--> Time Track-->By PM user on Time Racking screen comma (,) display in Team member's full names.
#81430 - Custom reports--> search--> design is not correct.
#81096 - Ticketing--> Configuration--> update--> Logo is not shown up.
#81193 - Chat--> click on Users tab, Chat will be crashed.
#81121 - Bulk Time entry-->Click on Billable-->Confirmation Pop up message is not shown up.
#78480 - Invoice--> Send invoice--> Message --> text limit is not working in IE (8.0).
#78703 - CRM-->Prospects--> Follow up--> Add Follow up-->comment--> Validation message is not shown up.
#78815 - ADD lead /Opportunity--> ADD Follow up-->Comment--> Comment limit is not shown up in validation message.
#80269 - Project-->Team--> Week Limit--> Design is not correct.
#78924 - Project--> Import Project--> Plan start date and Plan end date is not correct.
#81189 - Configuration--> Break Tab--> Check boxes alignment should be correct in IE(8.0).
#79943 - Project-->Time sheet--> Design is not correct.
#80184 - Configurations-->users--> Export to Excel, error message shown up.
#81224 - Project-->Task--> Add member--> buttons should be at proper place.
#81260 - Time Sheet--> Advance sheet--> Time tracking--> Mobile icon is shown up.
#79193 - Reports -- > HR --> not showing correct number of bonus leave assigned to user.
#81465 - Project--> Time sheet--> Advance time sheet--> total should be displayed in round off."
#81597 - Configuration--> Company set-up--> shift, design is not correct.
#81614 - Project-->Time sheet--> design is not correct.
#79187 - Reports -->HR -not showing leave type bonus leave".
#82673 - Custom Reports-->Column-->Add Calculated columns--> save--> edit--> again Save, error message shown up.
#82663 - Custom Reports--> search--> error displayed at the bottom.
#79249 - Reports --> HR --> Monthly report --> not showing bonus leave in monthly report, user is shown present.
#82549 - Custom Reports-->Add Calculated columns--> Column--> edit, Code is shown up.
#81588 - CA-->Talygen Support-->Update Ticket screen -->Reply --> message "Error has occurred while sending reply for Ticket. Please retry!" display if I entered 991 characters in Description and Click on Submit Reply button.
#79770 - Project--> work diary--> screenshots--> Flag/Unflag, comment box design is not correct.
#81388 - Login by Sales user (>Enter in URl-->Sales Support user can access billing ticket if we put direct Url of Ticket.
#79088 - Reports-->Invoice--> design is not correct in IE (8.0).
#66370 - CRM --> Prospect --> Secondary prospect owner is able to make changes in Prospect even he doesn’t have permission to update.
#66403 - CRM --> opportunity/prospect --> create --> save --> convert to client --> go to project --> not showing project files.
#81513 - Project--> client-->Edit client-->Different tabs--> if no information display” No record found message should display.
#79093 - Reports-->Invoice--> Invoice status-->draft option should not displayed in drop down.
#78934 - Support-->super admin user updates the ticket status but ticket status is not update at all and shown same status.
#82659 - Custom Reports-->add reports-->Edit--> Column-->blank columns and error shown up.
#71993 -, In Credit card details-->country, Html tag is shown up in country name.
#79398 - After login -->Click Help link -->Click Quick start guide link -->crash.
#79429 - Add user --> advanced setting --> add shift --> correct design".
#79607 - CRM--> prospects--> convert prospects--> pop up shown up blank.
#81668 - Time sheet with daily allowance--> save is not working.
#81676 - Project--> Expense limit--> edit, selected user is not shown up.
#81679 - Invoice--> Click on Invoice title in Quick links-->"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. “Message display on invoice page.
#81689 - Time Sheet--> General time sheet, design is not correct.
#81707 - CRM-->Leads--> Collapsible search is not working on leads screen.
#81711 - CRM-->Opportunities--> Collapsible search is not working on opportunities screen.
#81760 - Custom Field-->Add--> Select data type from bottom to top, default value is shown up in length field.
#81770 - Custom Fields-->add custom reports-->columns-->add custom column-->verify, nothing happens.
#81801 - Custom reports--> add custom column-->Expression, there should be a proper validation message.
#81863 - Custom reports-->add multiple filters-->search is not working.
#79405 - Message board in quick links-->click on configuration-->not shown the options for configuring message board.
#79569 - Hiring- Quick link hiring configuration page not shown the configuration options" --> "Staging server-Hiring- Quick link hiring configuration page not shown the configuration.
#81703 - KB--> Manage Category screen-->Collapsible search is not working on manage Category screen.
#81722 - Configuration-->Roles--> Collapsible search is not working on Roles screen.
#81744 - Human Resource-->Click on Track Attendance in quick links--> Collapsible search is not working on Track Attendance screen.
#81748 - Approval-->Time Approval-> Search box contents are not displaying properly on Time approval screen.
#79160 - Quick books---> time entries--> design is not correct.
#57854 - Articles --> Clear button is not working after selecting the value in IE (10.0).
#32092 - CA --> Advanced Reports --> Select project and user --> click hour spent link --> 500 Error.
#32092 - CA --> Advanced report --> Project --> Select department --> click hours spent --> not showing record for particular department.
#32825 - CA --> Advanced report --> Project --> Team field --> click on member name --> link is not getting opened".
#33469 - CA-->reports -->advance report not showing project manager in project managers in project manager dropdown.
#33474 - PM --> Reports --> PM Should not be able to view entries of other users For No Project".
#33631 - PM/NU --> Reports --> always shows Project Report as selected even user is on Weekly or any other report".
#34074 – PM/NM --> User report --> expand collapse button does not work when user select group by project.
#34078 - PM/NU --> it is not showing weekly report correctly.
#34070 – PM / NU--> Project report -->it is not showing data in group by client.
#34083 - CA -->report --> task --> client wise -->it is not showing data".
#34087 - PM/NM --> when user select any particular date range (e.g in project report) than move to other report, it showing time for selected date range, but not showing that date range".
#34126 – PM --> reports --> Time entries --> all time --> not showing same data".
#31978 - Storefront --> There is spelling mistake on landing pages.
#32075 - Reports (PM) whenever project manager and Company Admin try to see the detail pop-up not show the assigned task".
#32112 - PM --> Project report/user report/ time entry --> not showing All time report --> showing 500 error.
#31991 - More resources --> landing pages --> contact us form is getting submitted with html tags".
#32117 - NM --> Project report/user report/ time entry --> pie chart is missing.
#32306 - Manage Project --> edit project configurations --> correct text".
#33626 - CA -->Track Entries --> entry wise report --> it is showing blank white screen".
#33635 - CA --> Reports --> Task Report --> Click any project --> showing task as undefined in Pop up title".
#33655 - PM/NU-->now showing date box where user fills date manually"
#31263 - CA --> Reports --> Team --> User wise/Project wise -->it is not showing all PM in user dropdowns.
#31266 - CA --> Track entries-> entry wise --> click any entry having project and task --> it is not showing task as unassigned task".
#31504 - CA --> Reports --> task --> project wise/client wise --> showing wrong field name".
#31759 - PM/NU --> Reports --> Weekly report --> not showing time tracked correctly".
#31779 - Client--> From the dashboard in case of only one company the client not able to see the report".
#32054 - Reports (NU)-->Show the wrong time clocked with the date range selection.
#32064 - Reports (PM)-->When we select the option client group by the application not show the correct time and clients".
#32070 - Reports (PM)-->Option dropdown project and task show the wrong time".
#32081 - PM --> Reports --> not showing correct data in all reports".
#32136 - CA --> Reports --> Projects/Advanced Reports --> select project and project manager -->it is not showing correct data".
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 3.3 Live February 27th, 2014
Following are the Enhancements for release 3.3:-

1. Bulk Time Entries

2. Job Requisition

3. Subscription process

4. Invoice

5. Approvals
• In case of All Approval CA can view prior approvals.
• Forcible/override in history section.
• Activities Section --> Click on Time Approvals --> it will redirect to time approval screen --> But, no records are getting displayed. (Because we need to select one mandatory option).
• In Time Approval Screen, add an option of user guide. Information regarding My Approvals, All Approvals and Rule Based upon should be shown on the click of user guide.
• In Approval Module, where long text has been truncated, there should be option to view that complete text in popup.

6. Support
• User can know whether this is existing client or a potential new client.
• Secondly, in case of our existing client, I would like to know if Client is using trial version of Talygen or Paid subscription.
• When Client creates a ticket, he fills out a form. It would be great help if the same is visible to me while sending initial reply.
• The edit for reply thread is not working. Please cross check.
• User was bit confused as the message ADD Ticket prompt me to add email id and ticket number.
• Transfer ticket not working in Super admin.
• Add Notes not working in Super admin.

7. HR Module
• Changes in Working/Non-Working day: now it will implement on user bases.
• Performance Review starting/stopping will be shown on the calendar.
• If CA applies a leave on behalf of some other user then that user shouldn’t be able to edit that leave.
• If carry forward is checked then only maximum number of leaves to carry forward should be displayed.

8. Report Module:
• Review in Progress
• Current Job Openings
• Attendance Summary
• Expense Summary
• Invoice Summary
• Ticket Summary
• Recently Added Accounts
• Pending Approvals
• Leave Detail Report in HR Module
• Summary Report in HR Module
• Experience Report in HR Module
• Skill Report in Performance Review Module

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 3.3

#46404 - Bulk upload expense --> import sheet --> clear button does not work (IE 8).
#48064 - Ticketing/Expense module --> button to add ticket and expense is missing.
#59614 - Doc. Storage --> There should be only one link like in reports. Firefox
#49881 - Expense --> Added expense is not displaying on top of list. (IE 10)
#59570 - Expense Approval --> Invalid message is displaying. firefox
#40369 - Expense --> add expense --> clear button does not work.
#50837 - PM --> Task --> add task --> Save --> saved task is not getting listed on task listing screen.
#48748 - PM --> Dashboard --> All details of leave should be display in detail like leave.
#50300 - Invoice --> Due amount is displaying but there is no invoice displaying according to that.
#57531 - Work diary - Date/Day should get highlighted in calendar.
#46214 - Reports --> Detailed Reports --> User Reports --> Link should be highlighted.
#61148 - Storefront --> More resources --> Click Blog link in footer --> page is not getting opened.
#49386 - NU --> Proper message should be display on clicking the "Messages" link.
#50191 - Tickets --> The loading is not displaying as correct. It looks like the system.
#48698 - Project --> Project Detail --> Messages --> No action is performing on clicking.
#50427 - Invoice --> Incorrect spelling in client login. (IE 10)
#50840 - Store front --> Click link Available on android market" --> URL not found.
#56090 - File Dashboard --> Add Folder -- tool tip for buttons missing , content missing.
#60660 - Storefront --> Support --> correct design of form -- browser (IE 10) windows – 8.
#60142 - Time Track --> It is suggested to change these colors as it's very difficult to distinguish between them. (IE 9)
#56882 - Dashboard --> showing error on Dashboard win xp - (IE 8)
#58754 - Create Project --> Add member - Add user - save - save project - 500 error.
#52782 - Apply Leave --> Invalid error message is displaying on clicking Save button.
#57835 - Leave --> Super CA is not getting any leave balance after making leave type.
#57864 - Expense Limit --> Invalid data is displaying. (IE 10)
#50409 - Invoice --> Add icon is missing in PM login. (IE 10)
#57831 - Users --> Super CA should not able to covert him as PM/NU.
#57728 - Login --> Invalid text is displaying. (Opera)
#52348 - --> Crash occurred by click on that.
#50026 - store front --> free registration > JavaScript error (xp IE 8).
#50209 - Ticketing module --> Ticket created by CA in particular department is not visible.
#49876 - Expense --> There is no maximum length. (IE 10)
#51113 - NU/PM --> Button to add expense is missing.
#49397 - NU --> Messages --> Invalid error message is displaying. (Chrome).
#50560 - Doc. Storage --> Alignment of validation is not correct. (IE 10)
#50574 - Doc. Storage --> No action is performing on clicking Add files button.
#50058 - Tickets --> Error message is displaying on clicking Ticketing link. (IE 10)
#46818 - KB -> My articles --> tool tip missing for search and clear button.
#40560 - Linux Mint: --> Set the design of attachment.
#39499 - Lead --> Add Notes --> Three records are displaying on adding one record by click.
#37638 - file --> select project --> upload file --> same project remain selected.
#60655 - Doc. Storage --> Design is not correct in 1024*768 resolutions. (Firefox)
#59887 - Activation Link --> URL is missing. Display it proper. (Chrome)
#59638 - About Us --> Design of page is not correct. (Firefox)
#59794 - Client --> Spelling mistake. (Firefox)
#59630 - HR --> No error message is displaying for these radio button. (Firefox)
#59619 - Department --> Design is not correct. (Firefox)
#59580 - Expense Limit --> Invalid text is displaying. (Firefox)
#59575 - Expense Approval --> Tool tip is not displaying. (Firefox)
#59490 - CRM --> Alignment is not correct. (IE 9)
#59479 - Activities --> Sr. No. should be written. (Chrome)
#59474 - CA Dashboard --> GUI issue on resolution 1024*768.
#59080 - Time Track --> click 24 clock - start entry - start time will be shown 1 hour exceeded.
#75400 - Invoice module --> Generate invoice --> Preview, Client name and project.
#69642 - CRM-->Opportunity-->Change opportunity owner, Success message is wrong.
#69630 - CRM-->Opportunity-->Add Opportunity, text should be properly aligned.
#69625 - CRM-->Opportunity--> convert lead-->Validation message is not correct.
#69195 - CRM-->Prospect-->Send mail--> error message shown up.
#68445 - Invoice-->Search--> Bed debt is displayed in received (USD).
#68440 - Invoice-->Invoice status, space between select status.
#68426 - Invoice-->History,"No record found" message should be displayed under.
#68393 - Invoice-->Add invoice-->Preview page,"Name","Payment terms" and "Project".
#68388 - Invoice-->Add invoice--> template review and also preview page, Net total.
#68383 - Invoice-->Add invoice--> template review and also preview page, Amount.
#68348 - Project Module--> Work diary, in calendar screenshot date should be high.
#68337 - Project Module--> Global task--> Add--> Submit button added global task.
#68321 - Review --> Project module -->Project detail--> Notes(ADD/EDIT),Success message.
#68313 - Project module -->Project detail-->Team, search is not working fine.
#68274 - NU Dashboard --> Click on task under activities --> pop will be opened --> correct design.
#68228 - Project module --> Project-->Clone project, Success message should be there.
#68222 - Project module --> Project-->Edit Project-->Milestone--> Copy any milestone.
#68212 - Project module --> Project-->Edit Project--> Milestone,"Amount due".
#68203 - Project module --> Project--> edit project---> Milestone-->Generate.
#68180 - Project module --> Project-->Edit Project-->Team, Delete functionality.
#68152 - Project module --> Contribute a better translation, characters limit.
#68132 - Project module --> Project-->Team-->Action-->work diary, total time.
#68309 - Project module -->Project detail-->Files ,Search is not working.
#68297 - Project module -->Project detail-->Milestone-->Draft mode-->Net total.
#68292 - Project module -->Project detail-->Milestone-->Draft mode-->Amount show.
#68280 - Project module -->Project detail--> Messages, there should be "Title" in place of verified project in second line.
#68115 - Project module --> Add project--> Add members--> Rate USD is not update.
#68062 - KB --> Manage article page --> sort by "Created At" does not work (IE 9).
#68058 - KB --> Manage category page --> correct tool tip for delete button.
#69756 - Project-->Project view--> "Messages,Files,Notes"-->"No record found".
#68417 - Invoice-->Add invoice-->send invoice-->send, Error message is shown up.
#67374 - Project's --> Edit project's --> Task's --> Import task link have unauthorized access.
#68042 - KB --> PM/NU --> Add/Edit article --> correct user guide for PM and Nu.
#68720 - Doc storage --> File dashboard page design disturb when we upload some files.
#68683 - Doc storage-->On file dashboard page the text 'you are in' should be 'You are in'.
#69170 - CRM-->Prospect-->Follow ups-->Sucess message should be there.
#68639 - Project module-->time tracking,User is not able to select date.
#69606 - CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Notes count is not correct.
#69586 - CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Additional Users--> "Submit" button should be aligned.
#68486 - Event Management-->Manage event page design should be properly aligned.
#68454 - Invoice->Amount(USD) should be properly aligned.
#68449 - Invoice-->Edit->preview/PDF/Print page-->design is not correct.
#68412 - Invoice-->Add invoice-->send invoice page design is not correct in IE(8,10).
#68366 - Approval module --> correct width of Date boxes on search time/leave/expense.
#69637 - CRM-->Oppertunity,text should be properly aligned.
#69137 - CRM-->Prospect-->Additional Users--> "Submit" button should be at right.
#68288 - Hiring-->Text field should be having space as shown in attachment.
#69594 - CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Follow ups--> success message should be display.
#69590 - CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Add industry type, error message is shown up.
#69971 - Configuration Module-->users--> contact numbers(add/Edit).
#68148 - Expense- Text title should be aligned exactly to the field in (IE 8).
#70514 - Initial setup-Initial workflow rapid>text under the Add new user and Add new project should be exactly aligned to the boxes as attached.
#70172 - Configuration Module-->Subscription and Billing--> payment history.
#70139 - Ticketing --> CA --> correct images shown in Work Flow.
#66633 - Doc storage --> correct design - chrome win xp.
#68233 - Project module --> Project-->Clone project -->save, Validation message.
#69611 - CRM-->Lead--> convert lead is not working fine.
#70571 - Ticketing --> view any ticket --> correct tool tip for update button.
#70134 - Ticketing --> Client --> button name should be Create instead of Add.
#69165 - CRM-->Prospect-->Add notes--> records is not shown up "save as draft".
#70100 - Ticketing --> Full menu --> create and submit ticket links are redirect.
#66339 - CRM --> Prospect --> Add Prospect --> On clicking add channel/Status/Industry type dirty check pop should not be displayed.
#70169 - Configuration Module-->Subscription and Billing-->billing information.
#69784 - Support --> CA --> While replying ticket after attaching attachment and submit.
#69549 - Support --> Application showing error while attaching any file from store front.
#69545 - Support --> Application showing error while submit ticket as attached.
#69542 - Support --> Application showing error while submit ticket as attached.
#70770 - CRM --> Add Lead --> User is able to add project in CRM which is already added.
#69122 - CRM-->Prospect-->Attachments--> Validation messages should be at proper place.
#69576 - CRM-->Lead/Opportunity-->Follow ups-->Schedule date should be "Schedule".
#69772 - Project--> design is not correct.
#69056 - CRM-->Prospect-->Add Prospect, design should be properly aligned.
#69302 - CRM-->Prospect-->Add prospect-->Add Industry type, Success message should be there.
#70028 - Configuration Module-->users--> Performance review, Edit review is not working.
#68702 - Event Management-->Calendar->Invitation, there should be a "Reject" word.
#66652 - event module --> user is not able to add event , also user is not able to add.
#68693 - Event Management-->Calendar, Start date and end date is not changed.
#68166 - Expense --> After uploading the expense excel sheet, filled valid tasks is not fetch on the screen.
#68127 - Expense --> On mouse hover, hand cursor should not show as describe in attachment.
#68475 - Approval module --> when approver check comments of entry on search app.
#68142 - Expense --> Search button should be having Search tool tip instead of Go for consistency.
#68363 - Approval module --> Search by date does not work.
#70163 - HR reports --> showing user attendance of month/year before he has joined.
#69803 - CA --> Dashboard --> click recently added user --> configuration --> crash.
#69746 - CRM --> Email Template-->Search Calender,user is not able to change year.
#70765 - User --> Give same employee code to two user --> 500 error.
#69821 - configuration Module-->Company setup-->Industry type, Error message is displaying.
#66386 - CRM --> Prospect --> convert prospect to client --> showing error to convert.
#66399 - CRM --> opportunity/prospect --> add --> CA is not able to proceed further.
#66379 - CRM --> Prospect --> CA is not able to close prospect/change lead owner.
#69798 - Roles --> correct user guide.
#68711 - Approval module --> Non-Rule users --> Search by &# --> crash.
#68069 - KB --> Manage article page --> correct alignment of fields.
#66357 - CRM --> Prospect --> convert prospect to client --> correct validation message.
#68136 - Expense --> Information text should be having consistency it should be either in camel case either in first letter caps as describe in screen shot.
#66343 - CRM --> Prospect/opportunity --> add Prospect/opportunity- add attachment --> correct message.
#66334 - CRM --> Prospect --> replace lead owner by Prospect owner.
#68271 - Approval module --> Expense approval --> when approve any expense which don’t have trip selected, it is not shown in history of approver.
#66329 - CRM --> Prospect --> Add Prospect --> correct design.
#66270 - Company Setup --> Department --> Location --> Shift --> Designation, Design of tab should be properly aligned.
#65967 - Reveiw --> Expense --> Bulk expense page the title upload a file is not exactly aligned to the field in (IE 8) see attached screen shot.
#65943 - Hiring --> Job post listing page search by keywords not working.
#66613 - HR --> working day --> sorting does not work.
#65959 - Expense --> Trip listing page the delete button always highlighted, in whole application delete button will highlight only when we select any record please correct as same.
#65921 - Event module --> add event location --> showing invalid message.
#66021 - Reveiw --> Expense --> (IE 8) user not able to download the expense attachment which one uploaded at the time of add expense.
#68707 - Approval module --> Full menu --> Non-Rule users link is missing.
#66588 - HR --> Attendance --> CA is not able to change status using bulk action.
#68375 - Approval module --> Search Time approval page --> click comment button, correct alignment if validations-(IE 9).
#68263 - Approval module --> Expense approval --> when approver view any expense.
#66583 - HR --> working day --> correct design and user guide.
#66609 - Full Menu --> HR --> Working day link is missing in HR.
#68724 - HR --> Apply leave on holiday (off day ) --> showing Leave start date.
#65890 - Project --> Export to Excel --> User click on Export to excel application open a new window.
#69476 - HR --> Leave type --> Now Click "Human Resource" in breadcrumb --> 500 error.
#69462 - HR --> Company Holiday --> Add --> CA is able to add company holiday.
#65884 - CRM-Import Leads-Import leads not working fine.
#65621 - Invoice --> Create --> save --> Preview - Click on print icon - blank page is shown.
#64522 - Support-Search is not working in (IE 8).
#67009 - Add Support Ticket --> User is not able to add ticket.
#64556 - Support-Add ticket page the field design not proper.
#63165 - Hiring-Apply pop-up having Design issue in safari latest.
#62054 - CRM --> Tool tip should be display for confirm button. (IE 10).
#67966 - CA --> Project listing screen --> correct design.
#73713 - Hiring Module--> requisition --> reject link is not working.
#73710 - Full Menu-->Hiring--> requisition link is not given.
#73831 - Reports --> PM --> Expense Report. All fields are cleared when click on "Clear" button.
#73803 - Reports --> CA --> Hr module --> Summary report --> field name missing.
#73822 - Reports --> CA --> Hr module --> Leave Detail report --> direction of arrow should get changed on clicking it.
#73836 - Reports --> CA --> Expense report --> Search by project does not work.
#73843 - Reports --> PM --> Performance Review --> Skill report --> Clear button is not working.
#73775 - Reports --> NU --> Leave detail --> clear button not working, title of field is not shown.
#71531 - Support --> Super admin while submit the notes not working at all as attach.
#72083 - Calendar --> open performance review pop up --> correct alignment.
#74598 - Approval module --> Expense approval --> approver sequence is changed for send for correction entry.
#73281 - Approval --> Time approval --> Time approval --> click comment button this screen will appear --> post comment publicly --> click back to list button --> will show error on listing screen.
#72734 - Reports --> CA Dashboard --> Pending Approval report --> remove full stop.
#72066 - calendar --> correct text for "Performance Review" icon as "Task".
#71828 - HR module --> Working day --> correct design.
#71815 - Approval module --> Leave approval --> user is not able to approve leave.
#71806 - Approval module --> view expense approved/rejected by approver --> correct title shown in screenshot.
#71555 - Approval module --> view approval rules --> click users --> remove extra space in pop up.
#71789 - Support --> Store front-showing js error on support page.
#71727 - Support --> Store front- showing error while submit ticket with attachment.
#71721 - Support --> Store front- showing error while submit ticket with attachment.
#74937 - Opportunity --> Add opportunity --> Correct design.
#73141 - Approval --> Time approval --> approve/reject entry --> comment popup will open --> correct design.
#72351 - Bulk Time entry --> Breadcrumb missing.
#72218 - Bulk time entry --> tool tip missing on refresh/clear button.
#71800 - Approval module --> search leave/expense approval --> correct design and tool tip. Correct tool tip in time approval also.
#73692 - Bulk time entry --> User is not able to save entry.
#73683 - Bulk time entry --> fill data - showing error on selecting am/pm.
#72232 - Bulk time entry --> Nu and Pm are able access bulk time entry.
#72222 - Bulk time entry --> not showing all project in project dropdown to ca.
#73687 - Bulk Time entry --> if user enters something invalid, and click save.
#72204 - Bulk time entry --> showing error on page in (IE 8).
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 3.2 Live January 16th, 2014
Following are the Enhancements for release 3.2:-

1. Expense section:- In Expense configuration --> Change the True/False to Yes/No.
2. Logo:-Uploaded new logo images.
3. CES page icon changes.
4. Approval: Notification message changed for PM & NU.
5. Approval - Quick Links of Normal User and Project Manager is updated with two new options which are Add Prospect and Opportunity.
6. Approval Chain:- Change order.
7. Org. Chart:- Design Improved.
8. Performance review:- Automatic notification to current reviewer in performance review.
9. Used BI Reporting. 10. Company Admin dashboard is updated.
11. Approval: Rules are defined on priority basis in approval user guide.
12. Approval --> Time approval rule is also applicable for CA now.
13. Expense --> Bulk expense uploaded is sent for approval now, even if approval required per transactions is set to no.
14. Expense Limit --> Add(+) icon is given in expense limit to add new category directly here.
15. Support --> CA can send ticket to Talygen support team.
16. Human resource --> Track attendance functionality is given in HR.
17. Approval - Improved Design.
18. Approval - Now CA can be able to view detail of chain in approval rule.
19. Human resource -->Improved Design of Working Day

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 3.2

#61437 - In whole application every screen in the app have tool tip "Please select one/multiple check boxes to activate the button."
#61479 - Crash by filling &# in comment field on Feedback form.
#61491 - Unread messages link to be provided in inbox should be having tool-tip.
#61495 - Once lead is being converted to project show pop up box show the notes & documents.
#61498 - CRM: Color code when note is in draft and remove the icon and have the working edit draft.
#61517 - Roles-Copy feature-Need to shown a tool tip, copy role.
#61601 - Invoice --> the invoice number should be editable - (need to customize the link position “Switch to Draft Mode” and “Click to generate Invoice number."
#61609 - In quick links every heading needs to have the config link - missing in Knowledge base and Message board.
#61612 - Ticketing - In tickets, while replying change the submit into submit reply and the main "submit" button into update button.
#61980 - Company Setup --> Design is not correct. IE10
#62049 - CRM --> NU --> CRM --> This column shouldn't be display. IE10.
#62085 - Quick Links --> Tool Tip for the link is correct IE10.
#62362 - Skill --> Tool tip is missing. IE10.
#62646 - Approval module --> Create approval rule --> Correct Limited Duration checkbox design - IE 9.
#63035 - HR --> Apply leave of multidays in night shift --> update it it to single day --> not showing correct date to approver on dashboard inbox message.
#63152 - HR --> Leave module --> Leaves --> Click on leave allowed link --> not listing all the leave types.
#63312 - Approval module --> Leave/expense/time/history approval --> correct.
#63317 - Message board --> Before comment on the message, user can edit to whom the message should be sent and it should be clear from the previous receiver message board.
#63398 - Message board --> Message design not correct IE browser showing error see the attached screenshot.
#63555 - Configuration --> Manage Expense --> Change "Allow expense for future dates" value to "Yes" or "No".
#64569 - Support --> After submit the ticket there should be a complete message.
#65006 - Storefront --> Sign up for Free trial producing error while edit and submit information
#65422 - Upgrade expired account --> Login --> Change profile information --> save --> CA is not able to save information.
#65438 - HR --> Bonus Leave --> No action is performing on clicking save button.
#65455 - Performance Review --> No data found message should be display.
#65534 - Performance Review --> Names should be in sorting order. Chrome.
#65559 - Client, Store Front --> Alignment is not correct. 1024*768 in firefox.
#65569 - HR --> Leaves --> Design is not correct. Chrome.
#65583 - PM --> No action is performing on clicking it.
#66285 - Client --> Alignment is not correct. Firefox.
#67145 - Project--> Project view --> Add client--> Milestone, showing client screen to Company Admin.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 3.1 Live December 28th, 2013
Following are the New modules/functionality for release 3.1:-

Performance Review
Organizational Chart
Integration with Freshbooks and Basecamp
Message Board
Live Support

Following are the Enhancements for release 3.1:-

Approval Enhancements
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 3.1
#61737 - Freshbook --> Estimate hours should be import from freshbook.
#61971 - CA --> My Profile --> Check box should be display clicked on clicking edit icon of primary address.
#61985 - Client --> Ticketing --> Data should be in sorting order.
#61994 - Edit Project --> Week Limit is not displaying on creating it.
#62008 - Client --> Client is not able to change gender. IE10
#62012 - Client --> Default logo should be display. IE10
#62021 - Dashboard --> Message should be more understandable. IE10
#62026 - Client --> Design of inbox will change on changing the date. IE10
#62030 - Client --> Notification count is not displaying for this. IE10
#62041 - Dirty Check --> CRM --> Pop up is displaying on clicking previous button. IE10
#62215 - Client --> Ticket --> Unwanted status should be deleted. IE10
#62267 - Company Setup --> This should be Company Setup. IE10
#62343 - Skill --> Deactive skill is displaying on update user page. IE10
#62352 - Skill --> Sorting icon is missing. IE10
#62413 - Approval module --> CA should not be able to delete user, if user is assigned in any approval chain.
#62426 - Approval module --> Chain accepts two approval groups with same user.
#62443 - Add Review Template --> One thing should be mandatory. No use of creating empty review template. IE10
#62460 - Approval module --> Approval Group --> CA should not be able to make rule active, if any entry related to rule is pending from any approver.
#62477 - Performance Review --> Update User page will be redirected on clicking Save Button. IE10
#62519 - Performance Review --> Already Set Reviewer is not displaying. IE10
#62527 - Performance Review --> Comma shouldn't be display. IE10
#62544 - Performance Review --> Search is not working. IE10
#62583 - Performance Review --> Invalid breadcrumb is displaying. It should be Update User > Review > Add Review. IE10
#62599 - Performance Review --> Already set reviewer is not displaying on clicking Add icon. IE10
#62605 - Approval module --> Time entry approval --> Time entry is not getting approved in case of pause resume entry.
#62625 - Approval module --> Create time approval rule --> Project Based/User Based --> User sequence checkbox is missing.
#62637 - Approval module --> Time approval listing screen --> click Prior Approver button --> inset comma and space between usernames.
#62642 - Performance Review --> Field will be disabled on selecting any user. IE10
#62661 - Performance Review --> Particular user will never be his own reviewer. IE10
#62665 - Performance Review --> Some space should be there between the names and data should be alignment. IE10
#62670 - Performance Review --> Message is same review are different. IE10
#62680 - Performance Review --> This question is displaying to candidate in his review. IE10
#62684 - Performance Review --> Successful message is displaying on clicking Submit button without filling any data. IE10
#62688 - Performance Review --> These checks is working oppositely. IE10
#62694 - Performance Review --> User is able to add duplicate note. IE10
#62703 - Performance Review --> Private note notification is displaying to candidate. IE10
#62707 - Performance Review --> At least note title should be display in notes notification. IE10
#62724 - Performance Review --> Spelling Mistake. IE10
#62732 - Performance Review --> Accessibility should be on Add Feedback screen. IE10
#62736 - Performance Review --> User shouldn't able to add 2 reviews in same time period. IE10
#62742 - Performance Review --> Invalid records are selected on clicking "Check All" box. IE10
#62746 - Performance Review --> Dirty check is displaying on clicking it. IE10
#62757 - Approval module --> Expense approval --> In override option there should not be sent for correction option.
#62768 - Performance Review --> Progress should be change without refreshing the page. IE10
#62786 - Performance Review --> After deleting the skill Add icon is displaying to candidate. IE10
#62832 - Performance Review --> This check should be works for 1 user. IE10
#62840 - Performance Review --> Links are not working in all tabs. IE10
#62858 - Performance Review --> All reviews is completed and should be display as 100%. IE10
#62876 - Performance Review --> Notification of completing the review of any user should be displays. IE10
#62915 - Performance Review --> Skill is 63%. IE10
#62919 - Performance Review --> Progress is displaying 1% when its actually 0%. IE10
#62923 - Performance Review --> These shouldn't be display as link. IE10
#62957 - Performance Review --> Title of page is missing. IE10
#63001 - Performance Review --> Private Note is not displaying to reviewer. Chrome
#63056 - Performance Review --> Same user shouldn't be display whose feedback is asking. IE10
#63060 - Approval module --> All Approval module should not be bounded with Rule Type dropdown.
#63064 - Approval module --> Time Approval --> Listing screen will appear --> Click on comment button --> option to post comment is missing.
#63068 - Performance Review --> User is not deselected on saving the record. IE10
#63074 - Performance Review --> Comments should be display. Chrome
#63090 - Performance Review --> Already marked progress should be display. IE10
#63094 - Performance Review --> > sign is missing. IE10
#63099 - Performance Review --> User is not able to change status of current date review. IE10
#63103 - Performance Review --> Candidate is able to mark the inactive review. IE10
#63107 - Performance Review --> 3 stars should be selected on clicking 3rd star. IE10
#63112 - Performance Review --> User is not able to give star in points like 1.5, 2.5, etc. IE10
#63117 - Performance Review --> Error message is displaying on clicking Submit button in green color. IE10
#63212 - Performance Review --> No earlier review is displaying. IE10
#63298 - Approval module --> Time/Leave approval --> ca --> My Approval --> not showing approve button
#63321 - Approval module --> view approval rules --> Search by any field --> Clear --> Clear button does not work in IE9
#63370 - Approval module --> Add approval chain -->mandatory sign is missing for Approval Group
#63656 - Performance Review --> Edit skill should be display. IE8
#63664 - Performance Review --> User is not able to edit the review template. IE8
#63690 - Performance Review --> It should be Yes/No. IE8
#63697 - Performance Review --> No mail is generated on creating a performance review.
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 3.0 Live October 4th, 2013
Following are the New modules/functionality for release 3.0:-

Event Module
Project Notes
Socialize(User Chat)
Request Quote/Extra Discount

Following are the Enhancements for release 3.0:-

Project Gantt chart
User Gantt chart
Activity: (daily activity on ca dashboard)
Time Track dashboard
CRM Enhancements
CRM email templates need more columns
Ask for password before any approval
Need a filter of status while managing attendance
The layout of the role screen will change
Client needs to have the section where he can view future and previous invoice
CA can overwrite any leave
Fraction of bonus/deduct leave
The CRM follow up needs more details like lead name, contact etc
Message Board and file share
Button to start the time entry from the task listing
Invoice Templates.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 3.0

#51237 - Project --> Alignment is not correct.
#51246 - Projects --> Working days should be display.
#51251 - Project --> Project should be billable by default.
#51257 - Gantt chart --> Camel Case should be use.
#51262 - Gantt chart --> Tool tip should be display.
#51267 - Gantt chart --> Bar shouldn't be close automatically without clicking anywhere else.
#51272 - Gantt chart --> Design of header is not correct.
#51281 - Gantt chart --> Data should be aligned.
#51286 - Gantt chart --> Company logo is not displaying.
#51290 - Gantt chart --> There is no maximum limit.
#51295 - Gantt chart --> User is able to add invalid data.
#51299 - Gantt chart --> User shouldn't able to add data in date fields.
#51304 - Gantt chart --> Tool tip should be display in camel case.
#51309 - Gantt chart --> Design of pop up window should be same in whole application.
#51314 - Gantt chart --> Invalid value is accepting.
#51319 - Gantt chart --> User have to click save button twice to save the one record.
#51324 - Gantt chart --> Button name should be Edit team.
#51329 - Gantt chart --> Hyphen (-) shouldn't be display.
#51349 - Project --> User is able to add invalid date of project as compared to task from edit project page.
#51472 - Extra discounts:-Ref Code is showing in Edit information
#51476 - Extra discount: - in customer care message, unable to send you mail message is showing.
#51480 - Extra discounts:-Ref code can be used more than once.
#51499 - Edit Task --> Alignment of fields is not correct.
#51504 - Add Task --> Working Days should be display.
#51519 - Extra Discount: User is able to use & register ref.code more than once with extra discount
#51986 - Event Module --> Calendar --> Create event --> not listing members on clicking Invite Member Checkbox
#51990 - Event Module --> Calendar --> Create event --> correct design of Invite Member checkbox
#51996 - Event Module --> Calendar --> User is not able to view/edit already saved event
#52001 - Event Module --> Event Location --> showing server error while deleting event location
#52006 - Event Module --> CA -> Calendar --> select location and user from dropdown --> Page keeps on loading
#52025 - Event modules --> NU/PM --> Calendar --> Page keeps on loading
#52119 - CRM --> Data shouldn't be selected on Double click any fields.
#52125 - CRM --> These fields are not present on company details page.
#52129 - CRM --> Proper message should be display for reason of not sending the mail.
#52133 - CRM --> Full information is not displaying according to information displaying in Inbox.
#52145 - CRM--> User is not able to add data in between the entered data by double clicking the link.
#52150 - Tasks --> This will Start New Time Entry after stopping the previous one, (if any).
#52155 - Task --> Task assign to PM is not displaying in PM's login.
#52168 - Approvals --> Approval Security should be display.
#52178 - Event modules --> PM/NU - Calendar --> Page keeps on loading on selecting user from dropdown
#52187 - Event module --> Sending updating notification for each newly created event, when user create new event
#52190 - Event module --> design issue -- view any event detail by clicking on event --> correct alignment
#52196 - Event module --> design issue - calendar - week/day view - --> correct design –
#52203 - Event modules --> Calendar --> week view --> comma missing
#52218 - Event module --> Create event --> Select other in "Location dropdown" --> User is able to save event without filling Other location - Linux mint Mozilla
#52233 - Event modules --> Reminder functionality does not work
#52255 - Resolutions --> Design of header become incorrect in 1024*768 resolutions.
#52312 - Messages --> CA should able to post a new message to anyone from the team even he is not included in project team.
#52366 - Event Module --> Event Location --> User guide --> venue misspelled
#52379 - Event modules --> Calendar Url, Event Location --> Breadcrumb missing.
#52385 - Event module --> Create event --> in member listing Search should not be case sensitive
#52393 - Event Module --> CA --> Quick links --> correct tool tip for Event Location
#52423 - Dashboard --> User is able to overlap the entries when he is not allowed to do it.
#52463 - Notes --> Pagination is not working.
#52484 - Roles --> PM and NU should not have privilege "Event Management"
#52677 - Gantt chart --> User is able to add invalid data.
#52734 - Notes --> Design of page is not correct.
#52829 - Event module --> create event (with user without assigned shift) --> showing locations which are deleted by CA in "Location dropdown"
#52835 - Notes --> Data is displaying in Bold on notes page.
#52848 - Gantt chart --> Message should be "Task Name is required".
#52852 - Gantt chart --> Message should be "Task Name is required".
#52903 - Event module --> User is not able to view event created by other user if it time format of both user is not same
#52912 - Event module --> event location --> delete --> on pointing cursor on delete button, hand cursor should be there
#52918 - Event modules --> Create event --> showing same location multiple time in Location dropdown
#52926 - Gantt chart --> Sr. No. should be display fully.
#53003 - Notes --> Message shouldn't be display in bold and italic.
#53012 - Event module --> suggestion --> Calendar --> click any event to view --> there should be "Name field to represent name of user who has created event
#53150 - Task --> Alignment is not correct.
#53192 - Extra discounts --> Request a quote form --> accepting special character and showing 500 errors in win xp.
#52060 - Extra Discount --> Remove extra text in Alert message by click on previous button
#52085 - Extra Discount --> Wrong message is showing after confirm
#53192 - Extra discount --> Request a quote form --> accepting special character and showing 500 error in IE8 win xp
#53204 - Extra Discount --> pricing and sign up form --> step 3 --> showing name invalid according to data type string
#53757 - Extra Discount --> Request a Quote form is not submitted, only Processing is showing.
#53832 - Extra discounts --> Request a Quote --> After approval from Super admin, not able to get an email.
#53835 - Extra Discount --> Request a Quote --> Processing is showing on submit button, when user not fill some mandatory fields.
#53840 - Extra Discount --> Click on Previous button > Remove extra space in Alert message
#53845 - Extra Discount --> Correct the design of Additional Packages.
#53850 - Extra discounts --> Some validations are missing on Account detail field set
#53943 - Extra Discount --> Request a Quote --> User is not able to submit the form. Processing continue in safari, i.e., chrome, opera in xp
#53984 - Extra Discount --> User is not receiving an email of ref. code in chrome and safari browser
#53991 - Extra discounts --> here link is not working in ref. code email
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.1.2 Live June 20th, 2013

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.1.2
#39982 - Store Front --> Click on 7th button on Home page --> Click on Image --> Application
#39536 - Manage Working weeks --> Reset button is not working
#40168 - Report --> showing error message
#40180 - Reports --> page keeps on loading
#39599 - Ticket --> Invalid error message is displaying
#37530 - Ticket --> normal user and pm do not have option to create ticket
#40157 - Ticketing --> Click aby ticket --> Transfer --> information added is not getting
#37592 - Ticketing module --> not displaying hours on editing already added follow up
#37421 - Click ticket --> view ticket --> click ticket name --> unassigned ticket --> cra
#37469 - CRM --> Import Lead from Excel file --> Application is getting crashed, 500 Error
#40573 - --> Click on Delete button, wrong valid
#40556 - Linux Mint: --> Wrong validation is display
#37372 - / Step 3--> Click on edit the detail button-->
#37386 - Leave modules --> user is able to apply leave above quota
#37381 - Invoice Module --> Parameter value is out of Range, Alert is showing.
#37399 - Invoice --> Premium --> Add Percentage --> Error occurred.
#37430 - CRM --> click import lead button --> click download --> 404error
#37416 - CA --> add client using invalid data --> error
#38681 - Storefront --> user is able to register twice with same email id
#38849 - Login with CA --> subscription and billing --> Talygen account --> download PDF
#38761 - Update user --> configuration setting --> page keeps on loading
#38944 - Store Front --> --> Bottom
#40351 - Clients --> login --> 500 errors on dashboard
#40185 - Showing error
#40145 - SA --> not able to update email template
#40149 - Add/Update Project --> Project Add update issue with date format dd/MM/yyyy
#39883 - Department --> on some pages two buttons are displaying and on some pages there
#39708 - Store Front --> At Bottom in whole store front, is showing, Rep
#38704 - Login with ca --> 404 errors while upgrading package
#40175 - Storefront -> More resources --> a complete business solution --> crash
#40096 - Store Font --> More Resource --> click link given to download android app
#37390 - Milestone --> CA is not able to delete Milestone.
#37435 - User Listing --> Wrong message is showing.
#37452 - Doc storage --> CA is not able to copy and replace file in same folder
#37447 - Category --> CA is not able to delete category
#37439 - Creates CRM --> click contact detail directly --> it is showing detail of previous
#37456 - Time tracking screen --> not showing billable sign while updating billable entry
#37481 - Error message is displaying on submitting the Template
#37465 - Company holiday --> CA is not able to add company holiday
#37478 - Expense --> expense added are not getting listed
#37474 - Add Trip --> Search by trip name --> clear --> redirecting to wrong page
#37489 - s\Search Holiday --> User is not able to add Full day Holiday for another Location
#37486 - Projects -->Expense limit --> expense limit is not getting updated
#37556 - CA is not able to update milestone
#37505 - Email template --> error while submitting email template
#37501 - Add user --> add department and add shift pop up are not getting properly
#37497 - Expense --> Normal user don't have option to add expense
#40420 - Work Schedule --> delete option does not work in all fields
#38213 - Company Holiday --> ca is not able to search holiday by particular date range
#38658 - Storefront --> free trial account --> page should not get refreshed on clicking
#39019 - Design --> Files --> click button to see old version --> correct design
#38672 - Storefront --> showing wrong warning message each time, when user deselect any a
#37642 - Message --> select project --> delete message --> same project remain selected,
#38695 - Storefront --> register free trial --> login --> click upgrade now --> not redirect
#37638 - File --> select project --> upload file --> same project remain selected after f
#38150 - CA is not able to delete client
#38139 - Email Template --> Delete template --> showing email template listing form twice
#37610 - CA is not able to delete project members
#37622 - CRM --> add note --> note added is not getting listed, ca has to refresh page
#37572 - Files --> upload a file --> option to select multiple user does not work
#37618 - Project --> Task --> add member --> not able to select all member
#37614 - Project --> Team --> option to select multiple options does not work
#37626 - CRM --> add follow up/ notes --> each boxes --> there should be some water text
#38306 - Upload bulk expense --> there should not be confirm button present, until user
#37646 - CRM --> after changing lead owner to client, when ca select lead owner again
#37650 - Project --> expense limit --> option to select multiple expenses does not work
#37596 - Shift --> user is not able to type in fields while adding shift
#37568 - Messages --> option to select multiple member does not work
#38691 - Storefront --> register free trial --> user is not able to activate company using
#37584 - PM and Ca do not have option to upload bulk expense
#37564 - Messages --> user should remain selected on editing message
#39541 - Update Project --> Team --> Week Limit --> page is loading continue sly on pressing
#37634 - Messages --> post a new message --> clear button does not work
#37459 - Bulk upload Expense --> Import --> Application is getting crashed, 500 Error occur
#39484 - Trip --> User is able to add duplicate trip
#38400 - Invoice --> search by enter does not work
#40192 - Location --> CA is able to add duplicate locations
#38629 - Article --> search dropdown --> user is not able to select category from dropdown
#38181 - Configuration setting --> screenshot functionality --> CA should not be able to
#37630 - Project --> Client --> add client --> Ca is not able to search client
#37560 - Expense limit --> search and clear button does not work
#37606 - Create project --> add team -->search does not work while adding team members to
#38190 - after clicking on dashboard icon or logo, blank screen is displayed sometime due
#37588 - Roles --> not able to select multiple role
#39863 - Update Project --> "Cancel" button is not working
#38939 - Design --> Project --> team --> click any user --> correct alignment of button I
#38930 - Design --> add user --> advanced setting --> add department --> correct design
#37443 - Calendar is opening at incorrect location
#38974 - Design --> Task --> edit --> advanced setting --> not showing images for fields
#38949 - CRM --> add contact --> correct alignment of validations and buttons
#38500 - locations --> accepting alphabets in Phone number
#38910 - Designs --> Create Project --> Correct validation alignment
#39009 - Design --> Messages --> correct alignment of attached files
#38964 - Designs --> CRM --> correct field's alignment on listing screen
#39004 - Designs --> Messages --> Post a new message --> correct alignment of buttons
#38994 - Designs --> My articles --> view articles --> transfer --> correct spelling
#38989 - Designs --> Add article --> correct alignment of validations
#38954 - Designs --> CRM --> Add Note --> correct alignment of validations
#38959 - Designs --> CRM --> Follow ups --> correct spacing between the fields
#38919 - Designs --> correct task --> correct asterisk alignment
#38979 - Designs --> Add Email Template --> correct alignment of validations
#38924 - Design --> Create user --> advanced setting --> date of joining dropdown -->> ca
#38999 - Designs --> My articles --> copy article --> correct spelling
#39474 - Expense Approval --> One radio button should be selected by default
#39014 - Design --> messages --> read more --> correct alignment and design
#40068 - Full Menu --> Caption is missing
#39028 - Designs --> File dashboard --> correct text alignment
#40382 - NU --> Expense --> correct design
#39023 - Design --> Messages --> read more --> attachment --> correct design
#38798 - Options to select multiple option is shown selected by default
#38414 - Location --> CA is not able to select and delete location even which is never us
#39830 - Store Front --> In Comparison Chart Correct Spell mistake.
#39835 - Store Front --> Correct Spell in comparison chart
#40392 - Expense --> checkbox to select single and multiple record does not work
#38872 - CA --> add shift --> location --> not able to save location
#40387 - Leaves --> apply leave --> correct text in dropdown "Current Project"
#37411 - Follow Up --> Error is occurred while saving Follow Up
#39494 - CRM --> Notes --> Design of Search button is not correct
#38484 - Invoice --> contact link given in invoice does not work
#37408 - Invoice --> create invoice --> delete --> error
#37494 - Invoices --> showing invalid data in invoice
#39447 - Time Tracking --> Empty boxes are displaying on clicking 24 Hour Clock check box
#39604 - Configurations --> Emails --> Some SMTP setting are missing. User is not able to
#40360 - Timer --> user is able to update entry in future time by changing time zone
#38775 - Invoices --> button to add more recipients does not work
#40625 - --> Click on delete button --
#40643 - --> User is not get
#39646 - Click project --> project detail will be shown --> not showing time tracked for
#39662 - Store Front --> Click on Google + --> Correct the Design
#40238 - Update Project --> Alignment is not correct
#40629 - Linux Mint: Ticketing Module --> Search button should be in green colour.
#37043 - Doc. Storage --> CA --> System doesn't allow to rename the same file name with d
#35331 - HR module --> Mange --> HR --> Company holiday --> Add holiday --> add holiday b
#38676 - Add Lead --> Contact Detail --> Add Contact --> No field is highlighted for the
#38714 - Articles --> Invalid text is displaying on the page
#38818 - Calendar --> Invalid title of page is displaying
#39263 - Reset Password --> Invalid design is displaying
#39107 - Add Project --> Add Team Members --> Add icon is not displaying
#39363 - Time Tracking --> Arrow icon should be aligned to "Today"
#39369 - Update User --> Advanced Settings --> Design of check box is not correct
#39374 - CRM --> Add icon is not displaying at correct place
#39386 - Add Invoice --> Separator shouldn't be display
#39315 - Dashboard --> Alignment is not correct
#39353 - Expenses --> Space required between the fields in grid
#39273 - Shift --> Design of page is incorrect
#39379 - Add Invoice --> Add icon is not displaying at correct place
#39334 - View Invoice --> Links under "More Actions" should display under it
#36238 - Doc Storage --> File Dashboard --> duplicate file names should not be allowed
#35317 - Hr module --> user should be able to view leave of only his team members in calendar
#39391 - Client Invoices --> Alignment of icons is not correct
#39396 - Store Front --> Design of page is not correct
#39400 - Normal User --> Design of page is not correct
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.1.1 Live June 4th, 2013

Release Notes: Following are the Enhancements for release 2.1.1
New Enhancements:-

Work Flow pages
Initial Setup
Integration Page in Store Front
Full Menu
CA,PM and NU Reports


Company Admin Billing, Billing information
Company Admin Billing Talygen Account
Company Admin Billing Payment information
Company Admin Billing Payment history
Company Admin Billing Invoice pop up
Timer Timer
Timer Edit entry,   Pop Up
User Listing
User General settings
User Advance settings
User Communication
User Address
User Contact Numbers
User Configurations
User Reset password pop up
Clients General settings
Clients Communication
Clients Address
Clients Contact Numbers
Clients Advance settings
My Profile







Task Type

Work Diary
Project Module

Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.1.1

#40192 - Location --> CA is able to add duplicate locations
#40185 - Showing Error
#40180 - Reports --> Page keeps on loading
#40175 - Storefront -> More resources --> a complete business solution --> crash
#40168 - Reports --> Showing error message
#40162 - Ticketing --> Click any ticket --> add note --> correct validations
#40157 - Ticketing --> Click ticket --> Transfer --> information added is not getting cleared after submitting the form
#40153 - Ticketing --> Ticket created by user of particular department in any other department is not visible to user
#40149 - Add/Update Project --> Project Add update issue with date format dd/MM/yyyy
#40145 - SA --> not able to update email template
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.1 Live May 30th, 2013
Following are the Enhancements for release 2.1:-

Store front:-

Change in Packages subscription.
Change in registration process.
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.1
#38190 - After clicking on dashboard icon or logo, blank screen is displayed sometime due to JavaScript error
#38213 - Company Holiday --> ca is not able to search holiday by particular date range
#38227 - Invoice --> CA is not able to access invoice
#38306 - Upload bulk expense --> there should not be confirm button present, until user fill all mandatory fields
#38319 - Invoices --> showing error message while sending invoice
#38328 - Showing all the values in dropdown selected by default
#38400 - Invoice --> search by enter does not work
#38414 - Location --> CA is not able to select and delete location even which is never used
#38484 - Invoice --> contact link given in invoice does not work
#38500 - Locations --> accepting alphabets in Phone number
#38629 - Article --> search dropdown --> user is not able to select category from dropdown
#38658 - Storefront --> free trial account --> page should not get refreshed on clicking saving button until all the mandatory fields got filled
#38672 - Storefront --> showing wrong warning message each time, when user deselect any add on
#38681 - Storefront --> user is able to register twice with same email id
#38691 - Storefront --> register free trial --> user is not able to activate company using link given in email
#38695 - Storefront --> register free trial --> login --> click upgrade now --> not redirecting to correct page
#38704 - Login with ca --> 404 errors while upgrading package
#38719 - Login with ca --> upgrade --> showing add-ons in subscribed list, even which are not taken by user while registering
#38740 - Login with free trial account -->upgrade now --> cancel all subscribed add ons --> next -> error
#38761 - Update user --> configuration setting --> page keeps on loading
#38775 - Invoices --> button to add more recipient does not work
#38784 - Upload bulk expenses --> clear button does not work
#38798 - Options to select multiple option is shown selected by default
#38823 - Time tracking screen --> showing error after deleting entry
#38849 - Login with CA --> subscription and billing --> Talygen account --> download PDF in ie --> error
#38872 - CA --> add shift --> location --> not able to save location
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.0.2 Live May 28th, 2013

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.0.2
#37600 - Roles --> sort by user type --> crash
#37606 - Create project --> add team --> search does not work while adding team members to project
#37610 - CA is not able to delete project members
#37614 - Project --> Team --> option to select multiple options does not work
#37618 - Project --> Task --> add member --> not able to select all member
#37622 - CRM --> add note --> note added is not getting listed, ca has to refresh page
#37626 - CRM --> add follow up/ notes --> search boxes --> there should be some water text in search box to let user know with which field he should be able to search
#37630 - Project --> Client --> add client --> Ca is not able to search client
#37634 - Messages --> post a new message --> clear button does not work
#37638 - File --> select project --> upload file --> same project remain selected after file got uploaded
#37642 - Message --> select project --> delete message --> same project remain selected, when message got deleted
#37646 - CRM --> after changing lead owner to client, when ca select lead owner again, button to perform multiple action does not get enabled
#37650 - Project --> expense limit --> option to select multiple expenses does not work
#38139 - Email Template --> Delete template --> showing email template listing form twice
#38150 - CA is not able to delete client
#38181 - Configuration setting --> screenshot functionality --> CA should not be able to save time in fraction
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.0.1 Live May 23rd, 2013

Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.0.1
#37592 - Ticketing module --> not displaying hours on editing already added follow up
#37596 - Shifts --> user is not able to type in fields while adding shift
#37600 - Roles --> sort by user type --> crash
#37606 - Create project --> add team -->search does not work while adding team members to project
#37610 - CA is not able to delete project members
#37614 - Project --> Team --> option to select multiple options does not work
#37618 - Project --> Task --> add member --> not able to select all member
#37622 - CRM --> add note --> note added is not getting listed, ca has to refresh page
#37626 - CRM --> add follow up/ notes --> each boxes --> there should be some water text in search box to let user know with which field he should be able to search
#37630 - Project --> Client --> add client --> Ca is not able to search client
#37634 - Messages --> post a new message --> clear button does not work
#37638 - File --> select project --> upload file --> same project remain selected after file got uploaded
#37642 - Message --> select project --> delete message --> same project remain selected, when message got deleted
#37646 - CRM --> after changing lead owner to client, when ca select lead owner again, button to perform multiple action does not get enabled
#37650 - Project --> expense limit --> option to select multiple expenses does not work
Version Type of Release Date of Release
V 2.0 Live May 18th, 2013
Following are the Enhancements for release 2.0:-

#37509 - Remove designation for the Project.
#37512 - Project Rate changes
#37515 - Change the target starts date/end date to start billing/last billed on
#37518 - Currency setup
#37521 - Password policy
#37527 - Digital display of time tracker in the time tracking screen
#37533 - Milestone for invoice
#37536 - Need sorting for the listing on time tracking screen
#37539 - Global Task within a project
#37542 - Round off the time sheet 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour. Default to 0, all in CA settings
#37545 - Weekly Hour Limit
#37548 - Time format in 24 hours

Following are the New modules/functionality for release 2.0:-

Expense Module
Bulk Upload

HR Module
Leave type
Manage attendance
Company holiday
Working week
Monthly report

Approval Module
Time approval
Expense approval
Leaves approval

Ticketing Module
Create HOD
Assign Users
Unassigned tickets

CRM Module
Create lead
Email- template

Invoice Module
Create invoice
Taxes & discounts

Knowledge base
My articles
Manage categories

Document storage
File dashboard
Storage management
User storage
Storage report
Release Notes: Following are the Bug fixes for release 2.0
#37359 - Search Lead --> Values in Dropdown list are selected by default and "Uncheck all" option does not work
#37363 - Invoice Module --> Recurring --> not showing option for Recurring Invoice.
#37367 - Add Email Template --> Select Category Invoice --> Save --> Application is getting crashed.
#37372 - / Step 3--> Click on edit the detail button--> Server Error are getting occurred.
#37377 - Time tracking screen --> showing error while selecting project on time tracking screen
#37381 - Invoice Module --> Parameter value is out of Range, Alert is showing.
#37386 - Leave modules --> user is able to apply leave above quota
#37390 - Milestone --> CA is not able to delete Milestone.
#37394 - Ticket --> add follow up --> click delete follow up button --> click cancel --> page keeps on loading
#37399 - Invoices --> Premium --> Add Percentage --> Error occurred.
#37403 - CA --> Roles --> search role by using enter --> crash
#37408 - Invoice --> create invoice --> delete --> error
#37411 - Follow Up --> Error is occurred while saving Follow Up
#37416 - CA --> add client using invalid data --> error
#37421 - Click ticket --> view ticket --> click ticket name --> unassigned ticket --> crash
#37426 - Save Invoice --> CA is not able to delete Invoice, Error occurred.
#37430 - CRM --> click import lead button --> click download --> 404error
#37435 - User Listing --> Wrong message is showing.
#37439 - Creates CRM --> click contact detail directly --> it is showing detail of previous added lead
#37443 - Calendar is opening at incorrect location
#37447 - Category --> CA is not able to delete category
#37452 - Doc storage --> CA is not able to copy and replace file in same folder
#37456 - Time tracking screen --> not showing billable sign while updating billable entry
#37459 - Bulk upload Expense --> Import --> Application is getting crashed, 500 Error occurred.
#37465 - Company holiday --> CA is not able to add company holiday
#37469 - CRM --> Import Lead from Excel file --> Application is getting crashed, 500 Error occurred
#37474 - Add Trip --> Search by trip name --> clear --> redirecting to wrong page
#37478 - Expense --> expense added are not getting listed
#37481 - Error message is displaying on submitting the Template
#37486 - Projects -->Expense limit --> expense limit is not getting updated
#37489 - s\Search Holiday --> User is not able to add Full day Holiday for another Location
#37494 - Invoices --> showing invalid data in invoice
#37497 - Expense --> Normal user don’t have option to add expense
#37501 - Add user --> add department and add shift pop up are not getting properly
#37505 - Email template --> error while submitting email template
#37530 - Tickets --> normal user and pm do not have option to create ticket
#37551 - Not showing correct time tracked on project listing screen
#37556 - CA is not able to update milestone
#37560 - Expense limit --> search and clear button does not work
#37564 - Messages --> user should remain selected on editing message
#37568 - Messages --> option to select multiple member does not work
#37572 - Files --> upload a file --> option to select multiple user does not work
#37576 - Ticketing --> search by department does not work
#37580 - Ticket > ticket posted by user is not visible to all the ca of same department
#37584 - PM and Ca do not have option to upload bulk expense
#37588 - Roles --> not able to select multiple role