Time tracking apps: business empowerment

As businesses environment is changing with time, technology is constantly evolving to cater to new needs. Time tracking apps empower managers to track time and organize their business efficiently.

Emails cannot keep track of how much time an employee spends on a particular project, for that kind of work more sophisticated and specific time tracking software have gained popularity. These software’s help the management manage their employees as well as clients. Inbuilt start, stop and resume timers, keeping a log of employee time, generating reports and performance charts help execution of plans in an efficient manner.

Talygen provides user friendly and powerful apps for business related time tracking. A web app and its two extensions, one for Android and the other for the iPhone can be used to monitor employee time spent on various projects and reports generated, which can be shared with the client for appropriate billing. All information is synced with the web app, which apart from being used to generate reports can be used to analyze performances and separate billable time from the non-billable.

By helping monitor employee time spent on various projects, it also helps meet deadlines and further leaves managers with more time at their disposal to look into other needs of the company. Talygen apps promise to help you deliver performance on your fingertips and you can now try the demo version, get the feel of how it can help you in different ways and if satisfied, you can upgrade to the full version.

It helps the managers cut down time spent on monitoring employees on a one-to-one basis, rather it goes beyond that and even generates usable information based on logged data, so that they have more time at their disposal to expand the business. Talygen offers a demo version before you decide on investing in the full-version.