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Time tracker software: the manager’s assistant

Technology is changing fast, adapting to new needs and making the old ones more efficient. Time has always been equated with money and with businesses crossing borders both in terms of clients and employees, tracking time, and therefore your money, is quintessential to running a well-organized business.

Sending emails for communicating with employees is coming of age, managers and owners need a more efficient method of tracking their employees. They need a clearer picture of how much time is spent on particular projects in order to bill the clients more efficiently, consequently also generating greater client satisfaction.

Time tracking software’s have gained popularity as they take the burden off the management to manage their employees as well as their clients. Features like inbuilt reminders to start, resume or stop timers, log employee time, generate reports and analyze performance help the company to efficiently execute all the promises made to the clients.

Talygen offers easy-to-use and potent apps for time tracking for businesses. Talygen offers a web app and its extensions, the android app and iPhone app to log and monitor employee-time spent on different projects. All the information is synced with the web app, which allows you to generate information in the form of reports, performance charts and segregating billable and non-billable time.

It helps the managers cut down time spent on monitoring employees on a one-to-one basis, rather it goes beyond that and even generates usable information based on logged data, so that they have more time at their disposal to expand the business. Talygen offers a demo version before you decide on investing in the full-version.