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Now Manage your projects with a single Project Management Tool

Gone are the days, when you had to scuffle between boring emails and spreadsheets and other manual tools to keep your projects on track. Manage your project from its initial phase till its culmination with Talygen.

What is Project Management Tool?

Project management tool helps businesses to plan, strategize, manage and execute projects from day one to its launch. If an organization works with best project management tools, it will help them to streamline communication, coordinate work load, share project goals and provide a clear picture of the work, so that team members can finish the right tasks at the right time.
Reason of Using Project Management Tool:
Managing large a project is not an easy task even for large size organizations. And if you are not using any project management tool or software or caught up in between multiple tools, very soon, you will loose track and it will become very difficult to stay on top of tasks. Then, things start moving against your plans.

Therefore, you need a single online project management tool to streamline the project management cycle and your team effortlessly focuses on its ultimate goals.
Key Features of Talygen's Project Management Tool
Talygen offers an enterprise level Project Management tool. Its advanced features help businesses to successfully finish projects before their assigned deadlines. Organizations can easily establish and reinforce client relationship, assign tasks, monitor employees and much more.
  • Time Tracker: Track your time anywhere.
  • Screenshots: A feature rich screenshot tool to manage productivity.
  • Gantt Chart: Uncover insights using data rich visualizations.
  • Client Overview: Allows your clients to see what is happening on their project.
  • Resource Scheduling: Make the most efficient use of your resources.
  • Project Details: Detailed reports help in analyzing projects and their progress.
  • Project Request Feature: Get repeat work from your clients.
  • Project based Message Board: Seamless communication and collaboration between your team and clients.
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