Online Invoice Management Software

Start managing your invoices with ease in Talygen. Why? No human errors, no paper wastage and less manual work for your team with online invoice creator. You can manage your invoices in snapshot and keep a record of all the payments from your client, all at one place. Talygen gives the option to send an invoice to the Client through the online invoicing software. The invoice can be created automatically from the expenses entered into the system for a project and the time billed in the project. The invoices can be recurring in nature i.e. the application will automatically generate on a scheduled frequency.

Key Features of Talygen Invoice Management Tool

Manage Invoice Online

Talygen can be used to send invoices to your clients. Its online invoicing tool can send invoices with different line items to the clients. The default taxes and discounts can also be set by the users for the invoicing. The invoice numbers are also automatic and can be changed manually.

Recurring Invoice

With Talygen's invoicing software, users can set recurring Invoices as well, i.e. they can set the frequency for the invoice along with number of re- occurrences.

Import Expense and Time Tracked

While creating the invoice the user can import the time entries and expenses from the project. The entries can be imported from the customized time duration as well. This allows for immediate and accurate invoicing



  1. The Invoice has two sets. One is normal invoice and the other will be recurring invoice.
  2. Filter option to view the listing. The filters include the Invoice number, Draft (any saved invoice is draft), sent, paid, disputed, bad debts.
  3. User can also view the invoices within particular amount range, date range.
  4. A filter for project and the client is also available.
  5. User can also download the list of the invoice as CSV.
  6. User can perform a number of actions on a specific invoice like view, edit, download, send and make copy of the invoice.
  7. The user also have different options available like mark invoice as sent, paid, disputed, partial paid and bad debt, i.e. the user will be able to change the status of the invoice.
  8. User can fill in the item title, description, unit, rate and the price. Along with the line items user can fill in the subject, due date, issue date, taxes, and discounts, customize the orders of the rows and comment on the invoice.
  9. View parent/child invoices generated via recurring.
  10. Allows partial entry of amount received against invoice and maintains its history.
  11. Select different templates for invoice before sending it to client.
  12. Can define any number of taxes/discounts as default for each invoice.
  13. Rounding off period is defined by company admin.
  14. Rounding of time is available in invoices "ONLY" while entering time tracking details.