Managing business from your desktop

In today’s world, you need time tracking software that keep you updated on all employees and project statuses in real time. Talygen offers a powerful desktop time tracking software for all the time tracking needs of your business.

Talygen enables you to supervise tasks and employees at different levels. You can now store, access and manage time entries, manage/log different tasks at any time of the day from your desktop.

The Dashboard on the desktop app is place where from a single page you can glance over critical information, capture screenshots, performance stats and download reports based on different parameters, which you can share with colleagues and clients. Importantly, you can monitor project progress, time spent by employees on billable and non-billable tasks and charge your clients accordingly.

Using Talygen’s turnkey services, you can schedule start and stop time of projects, manage milestones to oversee project advancement. It allows you to generate, print, share documents, reports and spreadsheets. You can find out each team member’s contribution to the project in real time.

Talygen possesses a Client Control Panel, a portal where your clients can not only view progress on their project but also interact and share files with the concerned team of your company thru the Message Board.

Talygen provides a user-friendly interface to manage your business from your desktop. It is a complete time tracking software solution that manages, projects to boost the productivity of your company. A trial version can be downloaded from the website to try out how it can help your company and if you’re satisfied, this can be upgraded to the full version.